50+ Top Skillshare Courses That Are Worth Your Time

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Skillshare is an online American learning community meant for people who wish to learn online via educational videos. The courses that are not accredited can be availed via a subscription plan.


All of the top Skillshare classes primarily focus on engaging lectures, not just bland teaching patterns, wherein the primary goal involves learning by completing a project. A great thing about Skillshare is that you can find top Skillshare courses for literally every subject, from technology, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, creative arts, and design.


As a matter of fact, some of their top courses are presented to you by experts from the top and renowned institutes and organizations worldwide. So, enrolling for a Skillshare course gives a guarantee of expanding your horizon that too when you learn from the comfort of your home.


Now, let us address the vital Skillshare training courses for some prevalent disciplines one by one.


Most Popular Skillshare Classes (18 Disciplines Covered)

  1. Online Graphic Design Classes
  2. Online Illustration Classes
  3. Watercolor Painting Courses
  4. Online Film & Video Classes
  5. Online Music Classes
  6. Drawing For Beginners
  7. Online Fine Art Classes
  8. Online Photography Classes
  9. Procreate Illustration
  10. Online Animation Classes
  11. Online Creative Writing Skillshare Courses
  12. Most popular Skillshare classes for Marketing
  13. Digital Marketing
  14. Online Web Development Classes
  15. Online UI/UX Design Classes
  16. Python Programming
  17. Business Planning
  18. Online Lifestyle Classes


Well, let us look at the top Skillshare classes for various disciplines.


1. Online Graphic Design Classes

Online Graphic Design Classes

Do you wish to equip yourself with the techniques and skills necessary to create fantastic designs? Do you want to know everything that is to know about a Design Theory? Has Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop intimidated you?
Did you ever try to learn Graphic Design but never succeed? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then these are the best Skillshare classes for you. We are sure you never tried your hands on Skillshare courses for the same.


A few of their classes to learn Graphic Design are:



2. Online Skillshare Training Illustration Classes

Online Skillshare Training Illustration Classes

Regardless of whether you need a comprehensive introduction to the illustration basics or need a more in-depth and focussed illustrative specific subject, such as digital Animation or fashion designs, you can find the best courses on Skillshare.


Some of the best classes on Skillshare for learning Illustration are:



3. Watercolor Painting Courses

Watercolor Painting Courses

Watercolor Painting classes teach you to paint and polish remarkable illustrations. If you wish to create your illustration or fashion projects, these are the suitable Skillshare courses. Enrolling in the top Skillshare classes will teach you to:

  • Paint on the wet paper
  • Paint on dry paper
  • Mixing primary colors
  • Creating beautiful textures with accessories, such as paper towels and salt
  • Building textures with brushes


Painting is something you will learn with ample practice only. So, your educators in these Skillshare training programs will ensure that you get comprehensive preparation and are ready to showcase your skills to the world.


A few of the best Skillshare classes to learn Painting are:



4. Top Skillshare Courses with Film & Video Classes

Top Skillshare Courses with Film Video Classes

Filmmaking is a challenging art, and it has never been easier. There are multiple components and aspects, which go into it. So, how do you get started with it? How can you equip yourself with all the knowledge needed to shoot beautiful cinematic films?


Whether it is shooting your first feature film for your entry into the film school, the film festival, or your channel on YouTube, you must know the drill to be a pro at it. You can find some of the most popular Skillshare classes to help you.


Some of the best courses on Skillshare to learn Filmmaking and Video Production are:



5. Online Music Classes


Singing and understanding the music can be improved by the right music Skillshare training. You can find the top Skillshare courses to learn to sing, read music, and even train yourself in specific musical instruments.


A good thing about most of these classes is that they focus on providing you with ample practice. Hence, your chosen course will help you be thorough with musical training, even if you are new to the field.


A few of their classes to learn music are:



6. Top Skillshare Classes for Drawing

Top Skillshare Classes for Drawing

The top Skillshare courses for drawing will help you build spectacular art pieces that stand out and qualify as professional work. In addition, the skills you learn in your Skillshare training will prove dramatically helpful in the professional setting if you decide to take the skill as a profession.


You can pick any of the best classes on Skillshare, and they will help you be thorough with the drawing fundamentals. In addition, you will be working on different projects, which will only expand your skillset with every step.


As these are all the courses by renowned organizations and instructors, the tutor will take you through the whole process step-by-step to accentuate your skills and simultaneously teach you several different drawing styles.


Some of the best Skillshare classes for students interested in the drawing are:



7. Online Fine Art Classes

Online Fine Art Classes

Are you new to the field of art and unsure as to how you will maneuver through this challenging field? Did you just finish your art skill and still do not know how to make your mark in the area? Has it been a while that you ventured into this field, but now you want to go back and restart?


Regardless of your reason, there are some best Skillshare courses for you, which can help you progress your way into the field.


Some of the best Skillshare classes that you can take to improve your Fine Art skills are:



8. Skillshare Training for Photography

Skillshare Training for Photography

Photography is a craft, and anyone can be a good photographer if given the proper Skillshare training. These classes will provide you with a foundational understanding of the components, which make for a spectacular picture to elevate the final shot.


You will also find some courses to teach you the editing, light setting, and finding the perfect light to ensure that you produce spectacular images every time.


Taking the most popular Skillshare classes will put you on a global spectrum and help you make supplementary income from this newly acquired skill.


Some of the Skillshare courses you can try are:



9. Procreate Illustration

Procreate Illustration

Some best courses on Skillshare educate you on the simplest and the fastest ways to build professional and sellable artwork with Procreate. The top Skillshare classes are designed to guide you through the design process and help you find a way to strengthen and accentuate your illustration ability.


Such Skillshare courses challenge your drawing skills, add more life to illustrations and build a toolkit that can help you stay cohesive and consistent in your art, taking you through a pathway of success on this digital illustration journey.


Some courses that you can enroll in to learn Procreate Illustration are:



10. Online Animation Classes

Online Animation Classes

Did you ever wish to learn 3D and produce some incredible animations? If yes, top Skillshare classes that teach you Blender should be your go-to pick. Are you new to 3D and have never touched this excellent skill ever? If yes, you can find the best Skillshare courses to equip you with that knowledge.


So, regardless of whether you wish to learn Animation from scratch or build on your basic knowledge on the subject, some of the most popular Skillshare classes are available for you.


These are informative classes, and you can find individual courses covering every aspect of Animation to help you take your animation knowledge to a new level.


A few of their classes to learn Animation are:



11. Online Creative Writing Classes

Online Creative Writing Classes

These courses are designed to educate you with all the knowledge that will come in handy to help you write your drama, poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction.


You can find the best classes on Skillshare for creative writing, wherein you will learn some writing techniques, specialized skills, and literary devices to help you discover, perfect, and share your writer’s voice with the world.


You can pick any of the most popular Skillshare classes, and regardless of the selection you make, you will get hands-on knowledge that will take you a long way in this field.


Some of the classes to equip yourself with the proper knowledge and be a successful creative writer are:



Online Marketing Classes

Marketing involves multiple aspects:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Growing your brand
  • Ads training
  • Learning to handle a brand’s social media or your personal account


No brand can survive the competition sans the proper marketing and promotion. So, if you wish to learn the drill, you can enroll yourself in one of the best Skillshare courses.


It is easier to find the courses that match your needs from the variety available. You can take one or more of the available courses to complete this mandatory bankable skill.


Some of the best Skillshare classes that you can try to educate yourself on marketing are:



13. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Do you wish to grow your business or brand online? Do you want to acquire comprehensive knowledge on the digital marketing strategy to help you amplify your sales, conversion, and traffic?


Do you wish to educate yourself on Digital marketing skills, such as SEO, SMO, Google Ads, PPC, SEM, and alike? If yes, you must enroll yourself in one of the best Skillshare courses.


A highlight of these Digital Marketing classes, which makes them different from the courses on the other platform, is that they promote learning by doing. So, you will be hands-on with the skill and be confident to take it up professionally.


Some of the best Skillshare classes you can take to learn Digital Marketing are:



14. Online Web Development Classes

Online Web Development Classes

Wish to make a professional-looking and career-boosting website? Have you already been coding and aspire to take your skills to a whole new level? Well, it is time to find yourself one of the top Skillshare classes for web development.


Regardless of where you may be in your coding journey, there will be the best Skillshare courses for you. Most classes are full of top-notch quality tutorials and contain all the necessary information to help you excel at the art.


Some classes on Skillshare to learn web development have been listed below:



15. Online UI/UX Design Skillshare Courses

Online UI/UX Design Skillshare Courses

Do you feel excited to venture into the world of UI or UX but not sure where and how to start? Well, it is time you enroll yourself in one of the best courses on Skillshare. Taking the right course will put you in a position to add UX designer as a skill in your CV and get paid for the same.


In these best Skillshare classes, you will find courses that educate you on the differences between UX and UI. Then, to solidify your understanding, you will take on a real-world project to equip yourself with all the necessary knowledge to make the most of the UI design kits.


In addition, you can also find some of the top Skillshare courses for UX or UI design covering the tools needed to create terrific wireframes, such as type, colors, icons, Lorem ipsum, artboards, prototyping, models and popups, symbols, and repeat grids.


Some of their courses to learn about UI or UX designs are addressed below:



16. Python Programming Skillshare Classes

Python Programming Skillshare Classes

Python is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent programming languages in the world. Even the top and renowned companies, such as Google, employ Python in their critical mission apps, such as Google Search.

Moreover, Python is also the number one language for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. To get a top-rewarding job in the field and acquire all the knowledge on Python, you must enroll in one of the best Skillshare courses for Python.

Some of the best Skillshare classes that you can take are:



17. Business Planning

Business Planning

Are you new in business and need to know how to proceed well to find definite success? Well, if yes, you need to understand how to plan things. Planning is one of the most fundamental and quintessential aspects of a successful business. You can enroll in one of the online Planning courses on Skillshare to learn this skill.


Some of the top Skillshare courses that you can enroll in are:



18. Most Popular Skillshare Classes – Lifestyle

Most Popular Skillshare Classes - Lifestyle

Time and again, you must have heard that anything lost can be returned, but the loss of health is often irreversible. This includes both your physical and mental health.


To take care of your overall health, you need to make some changes in your lifestyle, such as meditation, exercising, personal development, and learning some lifestyle skills and hacks, making your life more pleasant.


A few of the best Skillshare courses online are listed below:


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Skillshare FAQs

Ques 1. Do Skillshare have free classes?

Ans. Regardless of whether you are a dabbler, beginner, pro, or master, you can get access to the best courses on Skillshare for free with their free trial that can help you elevate your skill.


However, Skillshare is an educational platform, and for it to continue its operation, it does have membership plans. So, you can start with the free trial and test the Skillshare courses. Then, if you like it, you can buy the membership and learn further.


Ques 2. Is it worth it to subscribe to Skillshare?

Ans. In the free Skillshare classes, you will have limited access. So, if you need unlimited access to the best classes on Skillshare, you will have to buy the Skillshare subscription. As part of the subscription, you will get multiple perks, such as offline viewing and support from the teachers you are studying with.


To buy the subscription, you will have to create an account with Skillshare. This is a cancellable membership. So, you can cancel anytime at your convenience.


Ques 3. Does Skillshare give free certificate?

Ans. Unfortunately, completing Skillshare courses will not bag you any certification. However, there will be a class project included in every Skillshare training. So, once you complete this project, you can use it as a validation of your knowledge on the subject.


More so, completing the project after Skillshare classes will allow you to include it in your portfolio. This makes you more bankable when you go around looking for a job.


Ques 4. Does skillshare do live classes?

Ans. Yes, some of the classes are conducted live. However, these will be instructor-led courses. So, there will be a set time when you take them.

So, these are some of the best Skillshare classes on eighteen most popular disciplines, which the students are usually interested in. Through this guide, we have tried to include the three best Skillshare courses from each subject.


However, this is not to say that the other available courses are not good enough. They are all taught and presented by expert tutors. So, you will not be disappointed. So, if you wish to learn any of the above-listed disciplines, you can pick from our listed best Skillshare classes.


You can aslo click on the annexed link to read more on the listed best courses on Skillshare before choosing one for yourself.


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