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Best Blender Courses Online

Blender is one of the top-notch platforms that can be used to produce AAA-quality models. These can conveniently be exported to any 3D printer, game engine, or software. Blender can help you:


  1. Express yourself via 3D artwork.
  2. Design your car, dream house, etc.
  3. Make distinguished 3D printed gifts.
  4. Design assets for video games


Hence, knowledge of Blender can prove incredibly helpful in the long run and can take your career to a whole new level.


However, to acquire the right Blender knowledge, you must look for Blender courses online that give you both practical and theoretical knowledge. On the internet, you have multiple platforms that offer Blender courses online.


So, how do you select the best Blender course online from the wide variety? Well, we at TangoLearn did some research for you and, in consultation with multiple experts, narrowed down a list of the top Blender animation courses. Now, let us get started and address these courses one by one.


7 Best Blender Courses Online

  1. Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners – (Udemy)
  2. Creating 3D environments in Blender – (Udemy)
  3. Blender Character Creator v2.0 for Video Games Design – (Udemy)
  4. FREE – Blender Tutorials – (Blender)
  5. Blender 2.8: Your first day – get the basics right – (Skillshare)
  6. Blender 2.83 Essential Training – (LinkedIn Learning)
  7. Blender Fundamentals – Pluralsight


7 Best Blender Course Online With Informative Classes

1. Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners – (Udemy)

Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners


At number one on our list for the top Blender courses online is this Udemy course. It is a bestseller course, and around 2,40,000 students have availed of it and positively appreciated the course.


Each of the resources you get with this Blender certification course comes with lifetime access. So, be it today or ten years from now, you can go back, and revise the lessons, as required.


This also means that if there is a concept update course from the instructor in the future towards this course, you will have access to that, too, at today’s price. Also, as it is an online course, it comes with flexible timelines. You can view it on the go on your TV and mobile.


One of the significant facts about this course is that it is continually updated, keeping in view student suggestions. At present, it is updated to Blender Version 2.8 or above.

Another remarkable thing about this course is that it is project-based. It implies that whatever you learn in this Blender certification course can be practiced immediately via the multiple exercises and practice questions to help you solidify your knowledge.


In addition, you will find a plethora of powerful diagrams, talking-head videos, quality screencasts, and a lot more.


Rating 4.6 based on 47000+ reviews
Certification Yes
Paid/Free Paid
Recorded/Live Recorded
Duration 36.5 hours
Instructor Team, Rick Davidson, and Grant Abbitt
Return or refund policy 30-days moneyback guarantee
Cons There’s a lot of repetitive talk and that results in unnecessary time waste.

Learning Outcomes

Some of the things that you can expect to learn with this Blender animation course are:

  • The know-how on use, cause of Blender.
  • Understanding the Blender interface
  • Learning animation basics
  • Creating 3D models using simple colors.
  • UV map and unwrap your models.
  • Understanding modeling principles.
  • Curating and creating your own materials.


The standard pathway followed through the course

In this course, for every model, there is a standard process followed:

  1. The instructor will challenge you to construct the model using the learnings of the class.
  2. The instructor will should you the step-by-step process to build the model.
  3. You will be motivated to apply the knowledge routinely.


Prerequisites, if any:

There are no complex prerequisites to take this Blender animation course. All you need is a PC or a Mac that can support the Running Blender Version 2.8 or above. More so, the instructor starts from the base. So, even if you have little to no knowledge, you can easily progress through this Blender certification course.

Is it the right course for you?

This is the best Blender training program for:


  1. Complete beginners who aspire to work hard and excel.
  2. Game developers who want to expand their skill set.
  3. Artists who desire to bring their assets to life.
  4. Students confident and competent with computer.


Review Said Abugattas Abusada:

The course has been updated several times, there’s a lot of people to answer questions in the Q&A including TAs, and it has some really good sections. I’m not giving it 5 stars because some of the content could be slightly better when compared to free tutorials (not single videos) on YouTube. But it’s just some of the content (specific topics). With the updates that the course has had lately, I assume that the content will soon be worth of a 5 star rating.



2. Creating 3D environments in Blender – (Udemy)

Creating 3D environments in Blender

At number two on our list for the Blender classes online is another Udemy course. This is a popular course and has been availed by over 75000 students.


There is an array of resources included in this Blender certification course, and each of them comes with lifetime availability. So, you can view them even years from now.


Also, if ever, there is a new update introduced by the instructor for this Blender certification course that, too, will be accessible to you. It is a 100% online course. So, you can start and take the course on your own time.


Rating 4.6 based on 9400+ reviews
Certification Yes
Paid/Free Paid
Recorded/Live Recorded
Duration 66.5 hours
Instructor  Rob Tuytel and Erik Selin
Return or refund policy 30-days return policy
Cons The audio is a bit off. Also, some concepts are rushed through, but more explanation was needed in there.

Learning Outcomes

With this Blender training, there are a couple of things that you will learn. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Creating beautiful and unique environments.
  • Organizing your workflow to create large environment scenes.
  • Building over 250 unique 2k and 4K textures.
  • An array of medieval references pictures.
  • Six characters fill up the scene.
  • E-Book – Old Masters Unveiled
  • Baking the models and importing in Unity 3D
  • The complete course documentation for the Blender basics chapter.
  • All scene assets, such as trees, grass, rocks, buildings, and a lot more.


Prerequisites, if any:

All you need to enrol for this set of Blender courses online,include:


  1. A computer with min 16 GB RAM.
  2. Blender version 2.81 or above


Who should take this course?

This Blender certification course is suitable for:


  1. Environment artists
  2. Game level artists
  3. Beginners with no prior experience or knowledge
  4. Artists who aspire to boost their workflow


Review Patrick Manoukian:

The teacher is just perfect for explanations. I wish the Section 10 would have been at the beginning of the class instead of near the end, as it explains all the basics that we have to “guess” when we follow the class in the proposed order.



3. Blender Character Creator v2.0 for Video Games Design – (Udemy)

Blender Character Creator v2.0 for Video Games Design


Ranked at number third on our list is the Udemy course. It is a bestseller certification course, which over 31000 students avail.


Apart from the Blender certification, you also get lifetime access to all the study material. So, you can revisit and revise anytime as desired. In addition, if any new updates are added, they will be included in today’s price.


This is a project-based course, and this makes it one of the best Blender courses online. It implies that you will get thorough practice of whatever concepts you learn through this course. There is a bunch of powerful diagrams, quality screencasts, and talking-head videos.


A remarkable factor about this one of the best Blender training course is that it comes with a free, optional community site, wherein you can share your 3D models and games as you connect with several thousands of other like-minded students.


Further, you also get access to the Q&A sessions with the community, teaching assistants, and instructors in this Blender certification course, who will answer your questions and motivate you on your success.


Rating 4.8 based on 4400+ reviews
Certification Yes
Paid/Free Paid
Recorded/Live Recorded
Duration 16.5 hours
Instructor Team, Rick Davidson, and Grant Abbitt
Return or refund policy 30-days refund policy
Cons You cannot download the classes for offline viewing. In parts, the course may feel a little boring. Student queries aren’t answered quickly.


Learning Outcomes

A few things that you will learn with this best Blender training course are listed below:

  • Building a character from start to finish with Blender.
  • Blocking out the basic character shape using a standard box modeling approach.
  • Employing the sculpt tools to add fine details to the character.
  • Utilizing the sculpt tools to shape the broad-level details of the character.
  • Animating your character.
  • Adding your character into the unity game engine.
  • Adding bones to your created character so that it can be animated.
  • Texture paints your character to give it more details and colors.


Prerequisites, if any:

If you need clarity on the fundamentals, the instructor will help you with that too. However, there are two prerequisites to take this one of the top Blender courses online. These include:


  1. Ability to use PC at least at a beginner level.
  2. A 3-button mouse with a scroll wheel.


Process followed by the instructor throughout this course

In this Blender certification course, the instructor follows a standard process, which will be the same across these Blender classes online.


  1. Firstly, the instructor will challenge you to build a model by yourself.
  2. Second, you will be shown a step-by-step method to help you create the model.
  3. Third, you will be motivated to employ the knowledge on real-life projects.
  4. Lastly, you will be supported and encouraged all across your journey.


Is it the best Blender training program for you?

This Blender certification course is meant for:


  1. Someone who wishes to learn Blender 2.8, particularly for character creation.
  2. You have a character that you want to transfer into the game engine.
  3. Someone who aspires to learn to animate and rig a character that you have already created.


Review Greg Boudreau:

I found this course to be a really great way to learn Blender. I did have a little familiarity with the program and 3D beforehand but was pretty lost when trying to do anything before this. They do talk and move fast when modeling and you will need to frequently pause to follow along but I really did find myself picking the program up faster than I expected.



4. FREE – Blender Tutorials – (Blender)

FREE - Blender Tutorials
Ranked at number fourth on our list of the Blender courses online is this Blender course, which is offered to you by Blender itself. This is a compilation of three Blender courses online, and comes absolutely free.


Rating N/A
Certification No
Paid/Free Free
Recorded/Live Recorded
Duration Variable (Compilation of three courses)
Instructor Blender
Return or refund policy No
Cons There is no certification included. You will have to pick your own pathway here as there are multiple courses here.


Part 1

Learning Outcomes

The first part of this overall best Blender training course is suitable for a beginner with no background. This part is further divided into 4-part Blender classes online. It will enable you to metamorphose your default cube into a beautiful owl.

Who should enroll for this best blender course?

This part of the Blender training program is meant for beginners without prior knowledge of Blender.


Prerequisites, if any:

The instructor will start from scratch. So, you will need a computer with a stable internet connection and Blender installed. Beyond that, there are no prerequisites for this part of Blender classes online.

Part 2

Learning Outcomes

Part 2 of this Blender animation course comprises Blender Fundamentals 2.8x. In this official series, you will be thorough with Blender 2.8. With this one of the top Blender courses online,you will become familiar with every new concept and interface via concise, clear, and short videos.


Who should take this course?

If you are new to Blender training or have existing knowledge and want to build on it, this part of the Blender training will be helpful for you.


Prerequisites, if any:

The instructor will start with clearing your fundamentals. So, for this part again, you require a computer with a stable internet connection and Blender installed. Beyond that, there are no prerequisites for this part of Blender classes online.


Part 3

Learning Outcomes

The last part of this training is the ‘Learn Grease Pencil Basics.’ In this part of the Blender classes online, you will study the basics of the new 2D workflow in Blender 2.80.


The instructor of this course Matias Mendiola conducts this best Blender training and ensures that every concept is explained in detail via this Blender animation course. You will learn everything from FX, modifiers, animating, and coloring but sadly won’t receive a Blender certification on completion.


Who should take this course?

Anyone who wants to learn Blender will find this course helpful.


Prerequisites, if any:

The two prerequisites for these Blender classes are:


  1. Computer with an internet connection
  2. Blender installed in your computer



5. Blender 2.8: Your first day – get the basics right – (Skillshare)

Blender 2.8: Your first day
If you have any background in Blender, you must know that the 2.8 version is a significant update. This is invariably different from all the previous versions. In this version, everything is different, and that’s what makes this course unique.


In this best Blender course, you will learn a lot more than just theory. Your instructor with this Blender animation course will provide you with ample techniques and confidence to push you into learning more.


Once you are done with these Blender classes online, you will be thorough with every aspect of Blender 2.8, and you can begin using it professionally and make a career in it. More than 7000 students have availed of this best Blender training and have widely appreciated it.


Rating N/A
Certification Blender certification not provided
Paid/Free Paid
Recorded/Live Recorded
Duration 1 hour 54 mins
Instructor Film VFX
Return or refund policy There is a free trial class, but you can only cancel your membership within seven days of the payment
Cons The lessons are not well-organized.


Learning Outcomes

There is an array of things that you will learn with these Blender classes online. Some of the things that you will know via this Blender animation course are:


  • Knowledge of the working of Blender 2.8 employing the best modeling workflow practices.
  • Building a model
  • Employment of the reference images
  • Setting the camera with thirds’ rule
  • Lighting the scene
  • Shading the model with the different materials and Render


Skills that you will learn

Some skills that you will acquire with this best Blender course online are:

  1. Film Production
  2. Textures
  3. 3D rendering
  4. Blender 3D
  5. Blender
  6. Blender 2.8
  7. Creative
  8. 3D
  9. 3D modeling


Prerequisites, if any:

To take this Blender animation course, there are no knowledge prerequisites. You only need to have a computer, an internet connection, some time, and a lot of motivation to get started with these Blender classes online.


Who can take this course?

Everything from the shortcuts to the behavior of certain tools and interfaces has evolved in this course. So, even a beginner with no past knowledge will find this one of the top Blender courses online.



6. Blender 2.83 Essential Training – (LinkedIn Learning)

Blender 2.83 Essential Training


At number sixth on our list for the top Blender classes online are these classes by LinkedIn Learning. It is the perfect open-source solution for animation, 2D modeling, 3D modeling, post-production, and composting.


Every class of this best Blender course will equip you to have better skill and control, which is required to help you produce professional artwork for different platforms, such as animation, movies, and games.


Over 27000 students have viewed this Blender animation course, and given the reviews received, they have most definitely found these classes helpful.

Check out our specialized selection of 3D modeling courses here.

Rating N/A
Certification No
Paid/Free Paid
Recorded/Live Recorded
Duration N/A
Instructor David Andrade
Return or refund policy 14-days from the start of the subscription
Cons There should have been more practice exercises.


Learning Outcomes

A few things that you will learn with this course are:

  1. An overview of the Blender 2.83 feature set
  2. Practical production techniques, which are an amalgam of the know-how and how-to
  3. Specific techniques, such as scene layout and modeling, sculpting, texturing and shading, 2D and 3D animation, VFX, dynamic simulations, rendering, and character rigging
  4. Performance-boosting tips and tricks to use Blender to render the creations even faster.


Skills that you will learn

A few skills that you will learn with this Blender animation course are:

  1. 3D modeling
  2. 3D Animation
  3. Blender


Prerequisites, if any:

As such, there are no prerequisites for you to take this course. However, if you have the time and will to learn Blender and get equipped with the skills, this can be one of the best Blender courses online for you.


Is it the right course for you?

This course is meant for beginners. So, this can be the best Blender course for someone with no prior knowledge of BlenderSchool teachers, creative designers, students, and software developers can consider this course



7. Blender Fundamentals – Pluralsight

Blender Fundamentals

Finally, on our list for the Blender classes online is this course by Pluralsight. It is regarded as one of the best Blender course online because it is quite comprehensive. This can be a good pick for someone who aspires to get familiar with 3D and Blender.


Rating 4.7
Certification Yes, Blender certification provided
Paid/Free 10-day trial, followed by a subscription fee
Recorded/Live Both
Duration 9 hours and 21 minutes
Instructor Mark Masters
Return or refund policy No
Cons You cannot get a refund if you do not like the course moving forward. However, the subscription can be canceled.


Learning Outcomes

A few things that you will learn in this best Blender course are:


  • Step-by-step process of creating a drone spaceship from scratch to the ground up.
  • Basics of modeling in Blender
  • Fundamentals of navigating in Blender.
  • Rendering
  • Lighting
  • Animating
  • Rigging
  • Texturing
  • Building the drone
  • Process of adding materials and textures to the drone
  • Applying Blender’s dynamics engines to produce a flame effect.
  • Post=production effects utilized inside the Blender’s Compositor
  • Core-features of Blender


Prerequisites, if any:

This is a beginner-level best Blender course. So, as such, there are no prerequisites to take this course. However, with some time to dedicate and will to learn, you can enjoy this course.


Is it the right course for you?

This is a suitable course for anyone who wishes to get familiar with the Blender fundamentals.



So, these are the top seven Blender animation courses online. We have tried to include all the information that we could find about these courses.


However, specific details about these Blender courses are variable and may change from time to time, such as the enrollment date, price, and discount available. So, for that information on these best Blender courses online, you will have to scroll through the links attached.


If you have any questions regarding these courses, or if you cannot pick the best Blender course from the ones listed above, you can write to us. We would love to help you with the choice. Keep upskilling!


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