Procreate Lessons Online With Complete Training (5 Best Procreate Courses)

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Art never goes out of style, though the platforms through which it is expressed keep evolving. Over the years, digital art has become all the rage, and several apps with robust features have been developed to equip the artists in every way possible. One of such apps that have gained traction is Procreate.


Launched by Savage Interactive in 2011, Procreate is a raster graphics editor designed to explore the artistic possibilities of the iPad for creating digital paintings. Today, it is a top-selling app and the go-to program used by professional illustrators and concept artists to create mind-blowing artwork. You can sketch, paint, import brushes, and edit your drawing using the Apple Pencil and an excellent collection of tools. A prominent feature that makes this app a hit amongst illustrators is its affordable pricing when compared to the other expensive drawing apps available in the market. In addition, the app is highly intuitive and easy to use.


If you are getting started with digital drawing or have been dabbling on other apps for some time, learning to use Procreate can be a great addition to your skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced digital artist, this app is suitable for all levels. Plus, many Procreate classes are offered online that can teach you its powerful tools and help you create some incredible pieces of art.


To guide you, TangoLearn, in consultation with 15 Procreate experts, has compiled a list of the best five online Procreate lessons and courses wherein you will be taught how to use this app to its maximum potential under the guidance of professionals. So without further delay, let us dive straight into our top choices for the best Procreate classes.


Top 5 Procreate Courses With Online Lessons & Classes

  1. Drawing And Painting On The IPad With Procreate – [Udemy]
  2. Best Procreate Classes – [Skillshare]
    1. Learn How To Draw! Fun & Easy Exercises For Nailing Proportion, Shading, And More
    2. Procreate Fundamentals: Everything You Didn’t Realize You Wanted To Know
    3. Illustrating In Procreate: Drawing A Shareable Timelapse
  3. The Beginner’s Guide To Digital Art With Procreate On IPad! – [Udemy]
  4. Procreate: Draw, Sketch, Paint, And Design On Your IPad – [Udemy]
  5. Procreate Masterclass: How To Draw And Paint On IPad Course – [Udemy]


5 Best Courses To Learn Procreate Online


1. Drawing And Painting On The IPad With Procreate – [Udemy]

Drawing And Painting On The IPad

What Is This Course About?

The Procreate classes of this Udemy course will teach you everything you need to learn about the app. This course is one of the best Procreate courses that will give you hands-on drawing lessons to learn by doing. By taking the Procreate lessons of this course, you will develop a deep understanding of the app and its myriad of features. Through the online Procreate lessons, the instructor will explain to you all the essential tools and teach you how to use them to draw on an iPad. You will learn how to make simple comic strips step-by-step starting from drawing panels, to pencils, to inks, to coloring, and creating backgrounds.


This Procreate training will also teach you the shortcuts and options under different tools and how to import custom brushes. Plus, you will learn how to create Speedraw videos, which you can post online. By the end of these Procreate classes, you will have a basic understanding of composing and creating a painting as you combine all the learning for the final project.


The duration of these Procreate drawing lessons is 5 hours and 6 minutes. This course for beginners contains 36 on-demand video lessons and nine downloadable resources. You can enroll in this online class for a one-time fee. This fee is also covered under Udemy’s 30-days money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the Procreate lessons of this course, you can ask for a refund. However, the chances of that happening are next to none.


Purchasing this Procreate training will also give you full lifetime access to its classes. Plus, you can watch your Procreate drawing lessons on your mobile or TV. What more? You will also bag a certificate for this Procreate course free of cost that you can share online or download and print to add to your resume. This Procreate online class has been tagged as a bestseller on Udemy with a rating of 4.7 and 49,412 students on board. This course has been updated to give Procreate classes using Procreate 5.


What You Will Learn

The features and fundamental concepts that you will learn in these Procreate drawing lessons include:

  • Creating a canvas
  • Basics about the brushes and importing brushes
  • Adding layers
  • Color and color palates
  • Selection tool and Quickshape tool
  • Drawing and coloring a comic
  • The text tool and importing fonts
  • Timelapse replay
  • Customizing the app with different options
  • Drawing with masks
  • Isometric and perspective drawings
  • Creating simple animations


Pre-requisites For This Procreate Course

  • Access to an iPad, preferably iPad Air, iPad Pro, or a recent iPad Mini
  • Procreate app installed from the app store
  • Familiarity with using the iPad


Who Is This Course For?

  • These Procreate classes are meant for anyone who owns an iPad and wants to learn how to draw
  • Artists and illustrators learning to sketch and draw
  • Experienced illustrators who are not familiar with the iPad and Procreate


Review Mayuri Sharma:

I am totally new in Procreate thing so with this tutorial it helped me most of options usable which I don’t know yet also they cool way to explained everything in content , very clear examples and resources. Thankyou



2. Best Procreate Classes – [Skillshare]

Best Procreate Classes
Skillshare is another popular platform that is choc-full of the best Procreate courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. These Procreate online classes can teach you things like the basic tools and how to sell your artwork, drawing seamless patterns, surface design tips, hand-lettering in Procreate, drawing people and animals, marbling, creating sketchy doodles, and much more. In addition, every Procreate online course listed on Skillshare will offer you hands-on projects, on-demand video lessons, and access to a community of creators with whom you can share your work and seek guidance. While the list of Procreate classes is endless, we have selected three Procreate courses that we found to have the best learning resources in the lot. You can always check out the other Procreate drawing lessons offered on Skillshare if you are trying to learn a particular skill in digital drawing. However, none of these online classes will provide you a certificate of completion.


You can enroll for any of these Procreate classes with a Premium membership of Skillshare, which also comes with a 7-days free trial. Purchasing a membership will give you unlimited access to any Procreate course free of cost on this platform, plus you can download and watch the lessons offline.


a. Learn How to Draw! Fun & Easy Exercises for Nailing Proportion, Shading, and More


What Is This Course About?

The first Procreate training that we want to feature is meant for complete beginners, which will instill that confidence in you to explore your creative side. The Procreate classes of this course will teach you the techniques to draw proportions accurately and quickly. In addition, the instructor of this Procreate course will provide you with the right tips to get into the drawing zone. The hands-on Procreate lessons will teach shading in detail. You will also learn about shadows, tricks to draw them digitally, and the correct placement. While the lessons are created using Procreate, the teachings apply to traditional mediums as well.


The duration of these Procreate classes is 1 hour and 52 minutes, and there are 17 Procreate lessons to learn from. This Procreate online class is created by Brooke Glaser, an Illustrator, and Children’s designer. More than 22,500 students have already enrolled for this Procreate online course, and around 66% of them feel that these Procreate drawing lessons exceeded their expectations.


What You Will Learn

The beginner Procreate lessons provided through this course include:

  • Drawing anything with the shape method
  • The clock/grid method to draw proportions
  • Drawing from imagination, tracing, or reference
  • Base color and dealing with layer limits
  • Adding shadows and placing them right
  • Shading tips and techniques
  • Line quality and improving color


b. Procreate Fundamentals: Everything You Didn’t Realize You Wanted to Know


What Is This Course About?

This course is another beginner-friendly Procreate training that will teach you everything about the app which other courses might fail to cover. The self-paced Procreate classes here will begin with the iPad hardware, the stylus, the cases and proceed to dig deep into Procreate. On the app side, you will learn about what Procreate is and who it is meant for.


The instructor will familiarize you with the entire interface and get you comfortable with the software through these Procreate lessons. You will then learn about some gestures, controls, how to create a better workflow. The Procreate drawing lessons will also teach you about layers, brushes, and how to make your custom brushes. Lastly, you will learn about color, interface, and blending modes. As an add-on, the instructor has also provided two bonus videos on multitasking and animations so that you can bring your illustrations to life. Plus, as a class project, you will get to feature 2-3 of your digital works that incorporate the tools and techniques taught in this Procreate online class.


The Procreate classes of this course are slightly lengthier than the previous course and can be completed in two hours. There are 13 on-demand Procreate lessons that you can learn from at your own pace. This online class has been designed by Peggy Dean, who hails from Pacific Northwest and loves to be creative. This Procreate drawing course has already been enrolled by 12,697 students, and 72% of the enrollees feel that this course exceeded their expectations.


What You Will Learn

The fundamental concepts covered in this Procreate online course include:


  • Introduction to the software and its interface
  • File types
  • Selecting the correct canvas size and DPI
  • Color interface
  • Working with layers
  • Different selection modes
  • Overlays
  • Alphablock and masking
  • Blending modes
  • Distorting and warping
  • Creating symmetry – mirroring and radial
  • Adding special effects


c. Illustrating in Procreate: Drawing a Shareable Timelapse


What Is This Course About

Once you are thorough with the basics of Procreate and want to take your skills to the next level, you must take the Procreate lessons of this course. This intermediate Procreate course will teach you how to bring your illustrations to life by creating beautiful timelapse. Procreate has an excellent capability of recording all your brush strokes so that when the drawing is complete, you can see the entire process in the form of an animation or timelapse video.


Through this best Procreate course, the instructor, Vashti Harrison, will take you through her personal process of creating digital illustrations. The theme of these Procreate drawing lessons will revolve around creating our childhood dream worlds. You will learn how to plan your drawing, right from sketching your scene to blocking out color to adding light and texture. You will learn the techniques to create whimsical characters and build a dream-like environment. The duration of these Procreate classes is 1 hour and 6 minutes. This training comprises 13 Procreate drawing lessons that you can watch on-demand. This Procreate training has been enrolled by 21,724 students, and 71 % of them state that this course not only met but exceeded their expectations.


What You Will Learn

The techniques covered in these Procreate classes are:

  • Creating the initial sketch
  • Transitioning your sketch
  • Drawing, coloring, and lighting
  • Building background
  • Adding magical elements
  • Exporting your timelapse



3. The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art with Procreate on iPad! [Udemy]

Digital Art with Procreate on iPad

What Is This Course About?

If you are venturing out in the world of digital art for the very first time, the Procreate classes of this beginner course will handhold you through the basics of Procreate step-by-step. This course is one of the best Procreate courses on our list that will teach you how to use Procreate as a powerful digital art tool.


In this Procreate training, you will learn about creating the best workflow that will come in handy for creating different artworks like comics, manga, cartoons, etc. You will learn to create line art and colored illustrations in real-time. As already mentioned, that Procreate has a nifty feature of recording your strokes; through these Procreate lessons, you will learn how to create captivating timelapse videos of your drawings and paintings, which you can share on social media. The instructor of this Procreate online course has also included a copy of the Procreate files that he has used throughout this Procreate training. This course even includes custom and specialized brushes that you can import into Procreate on your iPad. In addition to that, this Procreate online class will equip you with some great tips, tricks, and shortcuts.


These Procreate drawing lessons are created by Kurt Michael Russell, a professional colorist, and art instructor. The duration of the Procreate classes of this course is 3 hours and 25 minutes, and it comprises 29 on-demand video lessons. These video lessons use Procreate 4 and iPad Pro to offer high-quality views of the instructor’s iPad screen and his hands so that you can follow his instructions from multiple perspectives. The skills taught in this Procreate drawing course are also applicable to other applications like Photoshop, Clip Studio, Painstorm, etc.


You can enroll in this training with a one-time fee which offers full lifetime access to these Procreate classes and is also refundable under Udemy’s 30-days money-back guarantee. And, you will receive a certificate for this Procreate course free of cost. This bestseller course has been rated 4.6, and 10,095 students have already enrolled for this course. Just like the other Udemy Procreate classes, you can access this course via mobile or TV.


What You Will Learn

The different drawing concepts that will be covered in this Procreate training are:

  • Importing Procreate files and brushes
  • Different file types
  • Using layers
  • Smudge and eraser tools
  • Brush tools
  • Useful gestures
  • Transform and selection tools
  • Inking your pencil drawing
  • Adding colors to your drawing
  • Cut and grad method
  • Adding special effects


Pre-requisites For The Course

  • An iPad Pro to access the instructor files included in the course
  • An Apple Pencil or any stylus compatible with your iPad
  • Procreate app installed on your iPad


Who Is This Course For?

  • The Procreate classes of this course are apt for anyone who wants to learn about digital art from a professional
  • Anyone who wants to learn to use Procreate to bolster their traditional art skills


Review Loretta:

Very helpful class, well paced and lots of useful information. Will definitely choose more classes from this instructor, he’s a great teacher!



4. Procreate: Draw, Sketch, Paint, and Design on Your iPad [Udemy]


What Is This Course About?

This Procreate course perhaps has the most comprehensive Procreate classes on our list. With around 16 hours of on-demand Procreate lessons, this course will serve as a complete package to bring your imagination to life in the form of digital art.  Whether you are inclined towards sketching, painting, or creating illustrations, this Procreate training will prove to be perfect for you.


We consider this course one of the best Procreate courses because it comprises easy-to-follow tutorials and real-world examples that will teach you all the powerful tools and features of this app in an enjoyable manner. In addition to the tool and techniques, through this Procreate online class, you will also learn how to save and export your drawings, import or create custom brushes, learn shading and advanced tools, and also create timelapse videos of your drawings.


Apart from the self-paced Procreate lessons, this course also contains two articles and 46 downloadable resources. This Procreate online course has been created by Video School Online’s Phil Ebiner and 7th Season Studios’ Jeremy Hazel. You can enroll in this Procreate drawing course with a one-off fee, which is also backed by a 30-days money-back guarantee. In addition, you will get full access to this course until it is available online. Plus, you will be taking away a digital certificate of completion. This Procreate training is also a bestseller on Udemy with a rating of 4.6 and 31,188 students already enrolled.


What You Will Learn

The various concepts that will be covered in this extensive Procreate online class include:

  • Difference between raster and vector-based programs
  • Creating a new canvas
  • Basics of brushes
  • Basics of layers
  • Basics of selection, transformation, and adjustment
  • Techniques related to lettering in Procreate
  • Layer masking
  • Basics of blend modes
  • Making color palates
  • Working with images
  • Creating animations
  • Creating videos and timelapse of your artwork


Pre-requisites For This Procreate Course

All you need is an iPad with the Procreate application installed to begin with these Procreate classes.


Who Is This Course For?

This course is suitable for artists, designers, illustrators, graphic designers, or anyone who wants to draw on iPad.

Review Sheryl Keen:

This course is excellent. It is detailed and clear. The exercises are also fun and help to bring together everything that is taught.



5. Procreate Masterclass: How to Draw and Paint on iPad Course [Udemy]

Procreate Masterclass

What Is This Course About?

The fifth and the last Procreate drawing course on our list is also a beginner-friendly course that will teach you to draw and paint on iPad using the Procreate app and Apple Pencil. The Procreate classes of this course have been designed in a way that will help you learn the app in the shortest time possible, focusing on important techniques while also weeding out unnecessary information.


The instructor of these Procreate drawing lessons has tried to cover the core knowledge and practical theory that will prove beneficial while creating your characters, worlds, comics, paintings, etc. Undertaking this Procreate online class will also speed track your learning of the tools and techniques that will assist you in working with different digital art applications.


The duration of this course is 2 hours and 43 minutes, and it contains 55 online Procreate classes. This Procreate training has been created by Scott Haris, Art Director at Das: School of Art and Design. You can enroll in this course by paying a one-time fee, which will grant you full lifetime access to the Procreate lessons of this course. You can also access these classes on your mobile or TV. Plus, you will be awarded a certificate for this Procreate course free of cost that you can share on social media. Similar to the other Udemy classes, this course is also covered under a money-back guarantee. This best Procreate course has a rating of 4.6, with 13,246 students are already enrolled.


What You Will Learn

Mentioned below are the concepts, techniques, and skills that you will acquire by attending these Procreate classes.


  • Overview of the menu and interface
  • Basics of the brushes
  • Essential layer modes
  • Using selections
  • Perspective guides
  • Advanced brush settings
  • Painting and blending on iPad
  • Adjusting artwork
  • Exporting art
  • Saving videos to post online


Pre-requisites For This Procreate Course

  • An Apple iPad or iPad Pro that supports Apple Pencil or Apple Pencil 2
  • Procreate app installed on your iPad


Who Is This Course For?

  • These Procreate classes are suitable for artists of any level who want to learn Procreate
  • Anyone who wants to learn drawing and to paint on an iPad for personal or professional use
  • People who love creating comics, manga, game art, character art, etc.


Review Pockets McPocketspants:

This was just what I was looking for! Wonderful product! Thank you Scott for your time and effort making this.


This list of Procreate drawing courses will give you enough resources to start your learning process. Even if you are currently not great at using the app, remember that this skill is not inborn and can be acquired with a good Procreate course, some perseverance, and hard work. And once you gain that confidence in presenting your art to the world, there can be zillions of ways to monetize your work. So, enroll in any of these Procreate classes that you feel will serve you the best and begin creating magic on your iPad.

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