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Best Courses With Brand Management Certification Online
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Branding can help you create an everlasting impression on your customer’s mind. So, learn about it well before jumping in. For me, Aligning Business, Brands, and Behaviour by LSE had some unparallel insights about branding.


Do you know what’s common among companies like Armani, Coca-Cola, Facebook, or Apple? They are regarded as brands capable of delivering something people love—an exceptional product experience compared to their competitors.


There are things about these brands which only the best of the best brand management courses can teach you.


I have always been fascinated by powerful brands and desired to learn and understand the intricacies behind establishing a brand’s reputation in the industry.


That’s why I pursued my Master’s degree in Branding and now work as a brand manager at a renowned FMCG company. However, I’ve come to realize that brand management is an ever-evolving industry, demanding constant updates to preserve a brand’s value.


To stay relevant, I actively seek out information on brand management in my free time. If you are a brand manager or aspiring to become one, I encourage you to explore these exceptional online courses.


Best Brand Management Courses Online


Course name Best suited for Likes Dislikes

Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour – Offered by University of London (London Business School) – Coursera
Brand managers seeking a comprehensive understanding of the subject from an organizational perspective
  1. Crisp and clear.
  2. Comes with a certificate.
  3. Expert instructors
  1. Lacks structure
  2. Beginning is bland

Brand and Product Management – Offered by IE Business School – Coursera
Those interested in managing products through their lifecycle and delivering on brand promises
  1. Many assessments for practice
  2. Detailed and comprehensive
  3. Many practical and real-life scenarios covered
  1. Not updated, many new trends missing
  2. Subtitles not in sync
3. Strategies That Build Winning Brands – Kellogg School of Management


Professionals wanting to develop brand positioning, create marketing plans, and drive growth
  1. The guest lectures were very informative
  2. Very detailed coverage
  3. A verified digital certificate from Kellogg
  4. Easy to follow


  1. Extremely expensive
  2. Not self-paced, which can be a bummer for many

Brand Management: Build Successful Long Lasting Brands – Udemy
Individuals looking to create unique, valuable, and lasting brands Step-by-step insight into brand creation

  1. Very practical
  2. 100% online
  3. Lifetime access
  4. 30-day moneyback guarantee
  1. Lacks structure
  2. Some case studies dated

Brand Management – Cornell Certificate Program- eCornell
Brand and PR professionals
  1. High-quality instruction
  2. Practical learning experience
  3. Responsive instructor
  1. You may not always get the course enrollment availability.
  2. Expensive

Brand building for startups: how to win consumer mind? – Udemy
Meant for startup owners
  1. Informative and to the point
  2. Affordable
  3. Personalized instruction
  1. Too many grammar and spelling errors
  2. The poor accent of the instructor may be distracting for many
7. Brand Management – UCLA Extension
Individuals interested in maintaining, managing, or building a company’s brand
  1. UCLA has a certain value attached to its name
  1. Expensive
  2. Online + In-person classes

Branding Foundations – Lynda
Beginners looking to define, design, and manage a brand
  1. Knowledgeable instructors
  2. Relatable content
  3. Very hands-on
  1. Too costly

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1. Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour – Offered by University of London (London Business School) – Coursera

Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour – Offered by University of London

What Will You Learn?

The brand management training you get with this course will teach you how to:


  •  Build brands from a broad organizational perspective
  • Lead brand-led culture change with human resource practices at the core
  • Build brands in multi-brand companies across cultures and geographies
  • Measure brand health in new ways, that is, internally in addition to externally
  • Value and capture returns to brands across the organization – introducing the new concept of employee-based brand equity – and how this is different from brands’ valuation as intangible assets.


For me, this has been one of Coursera’s top learning experiences, you will acquire a bunch of skills too. These include:

  • A deeper understanding of the evolving practice of brand management, one that goes further than practiced in most organizations today
  • Motivation to engage in delivering your brands – regardless of where you are in your organization
  • Ability to convert your learnings into action.


Is The Course Worth The Price?



This Coursera course is offered by the London Business School that needs no introduction. It is a very highly rated course with a rating of 4.9, and close to 4 lac students have already enrolled for this course.


It justifies the quality and effectiveness of this class. In this brand management certification online course, you will be learning from Professor Nader Tavassoli of London Business School, a clear indication of the superior quality you will get with this class.



2. Brand and Product Management – Offered by IE Business School – Coursera

Brand and Product Management – Offered by IE Business School

What Will You Learn?

Your instructor for this course, Luis Rodriguez Baptista, is a Marketing Consultant and a professor at IE University.


He will guide you through six modules that look at comprehending the challenge of managing the products through their ‘life-cycle’ and end with learning how to equip your employees with knowledge of how to deliver on your brand promise.


What’s more?

You will also find interviews with industry professionals and consumers covered in this brand management training.
With this course, you can identify the critical information required to develop a product and brand strategy that yields long-term value and quick wins.


After completing this course, you will be in a position to build an activity plan to bring your brand strategy to action, both internally to employees and externally toward consumers.


All this knowledge will prove instrumental in your journey as a brand manager and bag your mega success.



3. Strategies That Build Winning Brands – Kellogg School of Management

Strategies That Build Winning Brands - Kellogg School of Management

What Will You Learn?

In this brand management training program, you have a lot to learn. Some of the things that you will learn are:


  • Develop your brand’s positioning, character, and purpose
  • Evaluating the health of your brand using different approaches
  • Making smart brand portfolio decisions and managing growth
  • Creating a robust marketing plan for a real-world scenario
  • Driving growth and defending against competitive attacks using a financial risk assessment


Is The Course Worth The Price?



It is an online, 6-week long brand manager course that will require about 4-6 hours per week of effort for completion.


Your instructor for the class will be Kellogg’s award-winning program faculty. After you complete this course, Kellogg Executive Education will provide you with a verified digital certificate of completion.


You will be graded as a pass or fail in this program. To pass and acquire Kellogg’s certificationyou must obtain a minimum of eighty percent.



4. Brand Management: Build Successful Long-Lasting Brands – Udemy

Brand Management: Build Successful Long-Lasting Brands


What Will You Learn?

Next is another one of Udemy’s brand management courses online. It begins with the foundations of brand management. It will commence by considering some of the issues involved in nurturing brands.


Further, you will also explore the right way to build more emotion into a brand.


Other things that this course will teach you are:


  1. Planning a successful brand
  2. Growing your brand
  3. Learning how to brand 360 degrees
  4. Developing a valuable and lasting brand


Is The Course Worth The Price?



With this course, your instructor will provide a step-by-step insight into creating unique brands, which will prove instrumental in the long run.
What got my attention about this brand manager course is that it is led by International Thought Leader on Brand Strategy Professor Leslie de Chernatony.


He is also a bestseller author and professor at leading Universities. Further, it comes with lifetime access. So, even ten years from today, if the class sees any updates, they will be available for free.



5. Brand Management – Cornell Certificate Program- eCornell

Brand Management - Cornell Certificate Program- eCornell


What Will You Learn?

Studying at Cornell has always been a dream for me. This program by eCornell made it true. It provides six courses.


With this brand manager course online, you will study the foundational building blocks for your brand purpose by acquiring the target audience’s knowledge and crafting integrated marketing communications.


You will also identify the opportunities and threats that affect your brand’s market position and determine the potential strategies to capitalize on opportunities, strengthening your brand’s position.


Next, you will learn the proper technique to create a brand positioning strategy for your market and identify various vehicles for marketing communications, which could effectively take you to the brand’s targeted market.


Lastly, in this courseyou will also understand the brand assessment and management strategies for adequately allocating resources to ensure brand performance is optimized and brand objectives are met.


Is The Course Worth The Price?



As part of this class, you will earn 60 Professional Development Hours (6 CEUs) and a Brand Management Certificate from Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. Marketers.


This course will bring in massive value for:


  1. Brand managers
  2. PR professionals
  3. Communications professionals
  4. Business leaders and executives
  5. Entrepreneurs



6. Brand Building For Startups: How To Win Consumer Mind? – Udemy

Brand Building For Startups: How To Win Consumer Mind


What Will You Learn?

As a course that offers a brand management certification online, it focuses on building brand equity and perception in consumers’ minds and all related to brand health.


It covers the following:


  1. Why do we need to build brands?
  2. What is a Brand? Brand Management? Brand Building? and Brand Development?
  3. How to build brand equity
  4. Ways to analyze and define market opportunities
  5. How to be differentiated and charge more for it
  6. Process to develop a brand identity brief, logo brief, etc
  7. How to find a professional graphic designer without breaking the bank
  8. Defining a unique value proposition to win
  9. How to set KPIs to evaluate the completion from the agency or freelancers?
  10. Creating brand personality to build a relationship with your customers


Is The Course Worth The Price?

100 percent!


It teaches a very crucial aspect – winning the consumer’s mind, knowledge of which is imperative for success as a brand manager.


Further, it has no prerequisites and contains many case studies and examples that help in the professional sector. Hence, these brand management courses online are worth every penny, a total winner.



7. Brand Management – UCLA Extension

Brand Management – UCLA Extension

What Will You Learn?

I got to learn the following things from this class:


  1. Overview of the history and development of branding
  2. Practice brand development and brand research through hands-on projects
  3. Learn to create brand management structures for sales, marketing, advertising, and promotional purposes
  4. Differentiate between brand equity and brand identity, and examine how to extend existing brands
  5. Review case studies of how brands are won and lost


Is The Course Worth The Price?



It helps you maintain, manage, or build a company’s brand. You will learn all the tools to establish and manage a brand successfully. The course requires as little as 11 weeks for completion.


In this short while, it can bring massive rewards for your future. Thus, it is one of the brand management courses online worth paying for.



8. Branding Foundations – Lynda

Branding Foundations - Lynda

What Will You Learn?

You will learn to:


  1. Define brand.
  2. Explain the significance of brands.
  3. Outline the steps of the branding process.
  4. Identify your core values and purpose.
  5. Create brand drivers.
  6. Design your brand architecture.
  7. Identify and understand customers.
  8. Link brand to product and service.
  9. Manage brand equity.


Is The Course Worth The Price?

Well, Yes!


This course helps you regardless of whether you have an existing brand or you’re starting a new one from scratch.


With this course, you will have all the framework and the tools needed to establish brand equity. It is a beginner-level course with a duration of 30 minutes.


So, if you are a busy professional looking for a quick learning opportunity, this course can help.



My Suggestion for The Best Course!

Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand, and Behaviour – Offered by University of London (London Business School) – Coursera

In my view, this is the best alternative as it has the most comprehensive curriculum, including building brands from an organizational perspective, leading brand-led culture change, and measuring brand health internally.


Further, it equips you with valuable skills and a deeper understanding of brand management.


Taught by Professor Nader Tavassoli, its high rating and enrollment numbers attest to its exceptional quality and effectiveness.


How I Selected These Courses?

I picked these brand management courses online based on the following factors:


  1. User reviews
  2. Content relevance
  3. Cost
  4. Topics covered
  5. Instructor’s expertise and credibility


Hence, you will note that all the classes on my radar have been helpful to students, are regularly updated for relevance, are easy on the pocket, are comprehensive so you do not have to invest in multiple classes and are presented by knowledgeable professionals.


Doubts About Brand Management – Let Me Clear Them!

A. What brand management skills do I need to be successful?

To be a successful brand manager, you need the following skills:


  1. Strategic Thinking
  2. Market Research And Analysis
  3. Creative Storytelling
  4. Brand Positioning
  5. Consumer Behavior Understanding
  6. Effective Communication And
  7. Project Management


You can enroll in a brand manager course online to gather knowledge and acquire these skills.


B. How long does it take to become a brand manager?

The time required to become a brand manager can vary. It typically involves obtaining relevant education (such as a bachelor’s or master’s degree), gaining work experience in marketing or brand-related roles, and developing a solid skill set. This process can take several years.


C. What is the highest salary of a brand manager?

The brand’s managers in top positions at large multinational companies or highly competitive industries can earn substantial salaries. The compensation ranges from $100,000 to $200,000 or more per year.


Please use an image like this. This is the window after the free enrollment page.


Brand Management Courses Online are rated 4.4 and reviewed by 10 Brand Management Experts & 30+ Brand Management Courses Students

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