TangoLearn’s Review Process Why Trust Us?


At TangoLearn, before we came up with our reviewing strategy, we studied the gap in the industry. We scoured through several online educational product reviews online. Our research included study materials, prep course listings, books, websites, and learning apps. After reading through what these platforms had to say, we concluded that:


They lacked depth. Hence, many plausible learning options never make it to the students, making it challenging for them to make informed decisions.


Hence, we at TangoLearn decided to shift the winds. Before bringing anything to your screens, let us tell you what all we go through.


We perform an in-depth, unbiased assessment to personally evaluate the online classes to ensure that we pick only the ones that give you good value for money. To make it possible, we sit down with a team of proficient experts holding years of industry experience to deep-scan courses and bring forth the most honest review framework.


For us, it is a five-step process. With every step, we ensure that the whole process is transparent. Thus, at no point, any unverified or biased information is pushed through any of our listings. Consequently, we ascertain that every comparison, review, and buying guide published on TangoLearn proves beneficial for every learner who takes our suggestions.


Here’s is what happens before you see the courses we suggest to you:


Initial Screening

First things first, our in-house research team goes on to prepare the course recommendation list. Some of the selection criteria are listed below:

  • Topics Covered
  • Value for money pricing
  • Flexibility to learn
  • Course understandability
  • Up to datedness
  • Relevance
  • Practice tests
  • User support
  • Certification
  • Instructor
  • Accreditation

Contrasting the chosen courses on the above-listed eleven metrics, we narrow down our research and move forward with the list.

In-house Expert Check

Then we present our narrowed list to our in-house team of subject matter experts. They use their understanding and knowledge and test each of these courses to shorten the list further. So, it means we personally take up the courses you see in our review. It is in sharp contrast to most other review platforms online.

Evaluate Student Voice

Employing our initial metric comparison and personally testing the courses, we cross check our selections with the reviews and feedback from the students who took this course in the past. In our view, there cannot be a better source of opinion than users who have used the product or availed of the session. It also means a bigger sample size. Hence, a more accurate selection.


By now, we have 15-20 courses left with us for further review.

Industry Expert Review

Now, we present our selections to the top industry professionals – who work in the same field as the course domain and educators who work with renowned universities and colleges globally. They employ their experience and further shorten our selection, leaving us only 10-12 options.


After we are through with all the data aggregation, review analysis, and testing, we rate every listing on our avant-garde weighted factors, which is how you will see the listings on TangoLearn.


So, that’s how we try to make a difference in every learner’s life. Be it a school/university student or a professional trying to learn a new skill. The kind of filtered information and authoritative advice you get from us is unparalleled.