5 Flinto Prototype Online Training with Best Classes

Best Flinto Online Classes

To be the best UI or UX designer, you must know prototyping with Flinto. It is a beneficial software that enables the users to produce micro-interactions and create transitions, accurately depicting the project’s functionality.


Consequently, employing Flinto, you can preview the app’s workings before the project presentation or final implementation. Thanks to Flinto, you achieve unparalleled control over every aspect of the project.


Today, Flinto is becoming excessively popular. However, to be thorough with Flinto, you must have a MacBook and enroll in one of the best Flinto online classes for comprehensive Flinto prototype training.


So, how do you find the best Flinto design course? Well, fret no more. We did the groundwork for you and have found the five best courses to learn Flinto.


However, before we get to that, let us clarify an essential thing for you. What made us select these courses over the others? Alternatively, how did we choose these courses from the thousands of courses on the internet? Well, we did not do it entirely by ourselves.


So, we sat down with our design team and searched for the top Flinto courses for developers through the internetThen, we compared the courses on four disciplines:


  • The resources and benefits that students get from the course, including the study material, certification, risk-free guarantee, exercises, quizzes, offline download, and other practice material
  • The fee that you pay for the course
  • The reviews and the rating on the course, which gives us a certainty that people who availed of this course, appreciated it
  • The experience and the knowledge of the course instructor


Then we used these disciplines to shortlist the 15 best online Flinto courses and presented this list to top Flinto users and UI/UX designers worldwide. They deep scanned these courses and gave us the below-listed UI/UX Flinto online classes. So let us get started and address them one by one.


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Best Flinto Tutorials and Courses Online

1. UI Prototyping in Flinto – [Udemy]

UI Prototyping in Flinto

About the course

This is the best course to learn Flinto and create an app prototype. It covers everything you will ever need to begin with your Flinto experience.


In part 1 of the course, you will be working on a practical example, familiarizing yourself with all the vital concepts around Flinto. Then, across the course, you will build a mockup app interface to discover the true potential of Flinto.


On the other hand, in the second half of these design Flinto online classes, you will go through the practical application of Flinto functions to design the animations and transitions.


Rating 3.9
Enrolled 237 students
Duration 5.5 hours on-demand video
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Instructor Greg Rog
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The instructor speaks a little too fast that a few things are often missed. MacBook is mandatory.


What will you learn?

A few things developers will learn in this course are:

  • Working techniques of Flinto
  • Importing the resources from Sketch
  • Tips and tricks associated with Flinto
  • Practical application of Flinto
  • Knowledge of micro-interactions and animations
  • Utilizing the reusable components


What do you need?

This course for Flinto is meant only for advanced users. So, to take this Flinto prototype training, you should have the following:


  1. Knowledge of UI design basics.
  2. MacBook


Who should take this course?


This course is ideal for:


  1. UX designers
  2. Graphic Designers
  3. User Interface Designers


Reviews by Victor Donaire:

“Excellent course. I did the Sketch course (by the same instructor) before this one.



2. Flinto prototyping – Flinto Tutorial – [LinkedIn Learning]

Flinto prototyping - Flinto Tutorial

About the course

The next one on our list for the top Flinto online classes for app prototype is this course by LinkedIn Learning or Lynda. It is a paid Flinto prototype training, which will fetch you a certification on completion.


It is a practical course, wherein the UX/UI designers learn the hands-on mobile prototyping with Flinto. There is an array of exercises in this best Flinto design course, which gives you enough practice to help you solidify all that you have learned.


Instructor Diane Cronenwett
Type Paid Course
Parent Course Hands-On Mobile Prototyping for UX Designers
Level Beginners
Exercise Files Provided


What will you learn?

A few things you will learn in this course are:

  • Fundamentals of prototype
  • Understanding of paper prototype
  • Knowledge of digital prototyping



3. UI Design in Sketch App and Flinto Animation – [Skillshare]

UI Design in Sketch App and Flinto Animation

About the course

The next Flinto prototype training on our list is by Skillshare. In this best Flinto design course, you will learn about the Sketch application.


Further, these design Flinto online classes will also teach you how to create screens for UI design. Additionally, prototyping and animation are also covered in this Flinto prototype training.


Enrolled 88 students
Duration 38 minutes
Paid Yes
Instructor Angga Risky
Cons It is a brief course.


It is composed of short, bite-sized nine lessons of 38 minutes. You will also work on one project in this course.



4. Learn Flinto – [Flinto]

Learn Flinto

About the course


What could be a better way to learn Flinto than by learning it directly from the makers of Flinto? Well, if you agree, this is the best Flinto design course for you.


With these Flinto online classes for prototype building, Flinto will be easy to learn. On the website, you can find over 100 video tutorials. There is also an active community. You can communicate with them and get the requisite assistance anytime you feel stuck.


Further, Flinto has also provided comprehensive documentation, along with video lessons.


What will you learn?

A few things that you will learn in this Flinto prototype training program are:

  • Flinto fundamentals
  • Adding and arranging screens
  • Creating gestures and links
  • Designing screens with layers
  • Working with transitions and behaviors
  • Scrolling
  • Reusing animations



5. Flinto Course – [Learn UX]

Flinto Course – [Learn UX]

About the course

Now, we have arrived at the last Flinto design course. This is more than a theoretical course. You will be working on two practical application projects, where you will learn to implement all you are taught.


In the first, you will be working on a simple app mockup wherein you will familiarize yourself with all the Flinto app’s tools and functions, such as advanced animations, easing, gestures, transitions, and behaviors.


In the second one, you will cover more advanced aspects of Flinto.


The author of this course is Greg Rog. He is a professional designer with over 10 years of experience working with giants like Microsoft, Google, and Adobe.


Instructor Greg Rog
Duration 5 hours 37 minutes
Type Full access to course material with subscription only


What will you learn?

A few things covered in these prototype Flinto online classes include:

  • Working techniques of Flinto
  • Importing the resources from Sketch
  • Animations and micro-interactions
  • Reusable components
  • Designing animations and transitions
  • Flinto tips and tricks
  • How Flinto functions and operates
  • Working with the Flinto tools
  • Practical application of Flinto
  • Creating layers




So, these are the top 5 Flinto courses to learn Flinto and develop a prototype of your mobile app. Our sincere attempt has been to include every detail we could find about these courses on this guide, but you can view the annexed link if you wish to know more about these courses.


However, be rest assured, these are all the internet’s best courses to learn to develop Flinto prototypes. So, regardless of the selection you make, you will not regret your choice.


So, that is all from our end. Hope you got a perfect course to enhance your learning of Flinto. Keep learning and keep upskilling!

Best Flinto Online Classes Reviewed by 10 Flinto Experts 4.8