Privacy Policy

TangoLearn understands the need and importance of privacy. Rest assured, we never share your personal information with others.

To provide you a better website experience, we do ask you for some personal information from time to time but in no way do we disseminate your personal data.
We procure the needed information in an authorised way after seeking your permission. If you ever notice, you will see that we also mention that why are we asking for the information and how is it going to be utilised.
We try to keep your data safe with us as long as we require it to provide you a good user experience. You information stored with us is protected from unfair access and unauthorized disclosure, and theft.
None of your collected information personal or otherwise is shared with anyone until and unless required by the law.
You may sometimes notice the use of external links on our site. We’d like to  inform you that we have no control over those websites nor do we affect their content practices or privacy policy.
You have the option to refuse to provide any personal information which we may ask for. But this will imply that may not be able to enjoy the best of site experience.
If you need further details about how we collect or use personal, feel free to get in touch with us.
This policy is effective as of 03 MAY 2022