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To give you the best user experience and continuously improve the site, TangoLearn may use cookies and other such tracking technologies. Some information (once the user gives permission) is collected whenever they visit TangoLearn site via mobile, laptop, or desktop. It is also used to make the site more personalized.


Any changes made to the Cookie policy solely lie with us. We may change, modify, or update the policy at any time because of any reason. The information about the last update can be seen through the details mentioned at the top of the page “Recently Updated.”


We request the users to keep an eye on the update. If you keep visiting the site after an update in the cookie policy, it is assumed that you are aware of the recent changes and have no objections to it.


Why Do We Use Cookies?

The term ‘cookie’ can be defined as an identification code that is associated with every unique user stored on the user’s computer. Whenever the same user visits the site, we keep a track of their interaction. The site uses cookies to store some of your basic information and keeps track of pages you regularly visit.


This allows the site to give the users a more personalized experience in terms of buying items or interested reads, videos, etc.


Kinds of Cookies

Our Cookies

These are necessary cookies needed for the effective functioning of the site. In case you disable them, it will affect the overall site experience. In short, the site won’t function well.


Analytics cookies

These are used to identify how the particular audience landed on the site. It also gathers info about how the user interacts with the site, and what they like/dislike.


Advertising cookies

This records information about your buying behavior and the products you checked out recently. In return, it shows you targeted ads on your social media and other visited websites.


Third-Party cookies

These may be set on your system when you reach a site via a third party. You can turn it off manually from your computer. It allows the mediating site to collect information about you.


Other types of cookies include Personalization cookies, Site Management Cookies, and Security Cookies.


Managing Cookies

Although the browser is set to accept the cookies by default, you may turn it off if needed. Here’s how to do it in the most common browsers.


Privacy Policy

In full disclosure, we have our Privacy Policy in place. You can view it to understand how we collect and use your information. By agreeing to access the website, you agree to the Privacy & Cookie Policy by default.


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