Craftsy Reviews: Are Craftsy Classes Legit Good?

Craftsy Reviews
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Craftsy is overall a good e-learning platform with affordable membership cost. However, we feel that the course range and depth could be improved.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, Craftsy provides a wide selection of courses in various hobbies, from sewing and knitting to cooking and painting.


Craftsy is the perfect platform to unlock your creative potential and effortlessly create stunning craftworks through its engaging and concise lessons.


If you’re here looking for detailed Craftsy reviews, stay with us till the end to know what’s there to like and dislike about Craftsy.


To look at it broadly, Craftsy is a good option to work on your creative hobbies with very well set pricing strategy. But there are a few things that do not work in its favor like course comprehensiveness and course categories.


The number of categories is not very vast here. It is limited to 20. The courses also seem short focusing on specific item making. For instance, if you talk about crocheting, there are multiple courses to teach how to crochet a particular product like a beanie or cactus garden.


But it lacks a single well-rounded course that start with basic crocheting techniques and tips and then go further into telling you to make specific items.


So, is Craftsy good? Somewhat yes. It has its upsides as well.


Talking about the positives apart from affordable pricing, the option to download lessons and share membership with upto 3 members is a huge plus.


In this review, we will delve into the features, quality of instruction, and overall value for money that Craftsy offers, helping you determine if it’s the right choice for your creative journey.


Is Craftsy Legit?

Yes, Craftsy is a legit website. The platform has undergone significant transformations and now provides various features such as discussion sections, supplementary materials and much more.


Under the ownership of TN Marketing, the rebranded Craftsy is fully operational and ready to serve its users.


What Does Craftsy Specialize In?

Craftsy specializes in providing online courses, supplies, and resources for various crafts and hobbies. Some of the areas they cover include:


  • Knitting and Crocheting
  • Sewing and Quilting
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Photography and Videography


In addition to these core areas, Craftsy also covers other crafts like woodworking, jewelry making, gardening, and more.


Craftsy Pros and Cons

If you are wondering about Craftsy class reviews, let’s take a look at its pros and cons to help you make a better decision.


Pros Cons
  1. With over 60 free classes, you have ample opportunities to explore and discover the right courses for you before committing to a purchase or Craftsy subscription.
  2. Craftsy offers courses in different hobbies, and each class provides downloadable class materials in convenient PDF format, allowing you to access them whenever you need.
  3. Pricing for Craftsy is pocket friendly.
  4. All classes are professionally filmed, ensuring that every technique is demonstrated clearly and is easy to follow.
  5. Premium and Gold subscription holders gain access to Live Instructor Events, providing additional opportunities for interactive learning and engagement.
  6. Craftsy’s free weekly newsletter is a valuable resource, delivering tips, tricks, and insightful advice straight to your inbox.
  7. If for any reason you need to cancel your subscription, Craftsy provides an instant cancellation option, and refunds are available.


  1. The site’s navigation could be enhanced to provide users with an even more seamless experience and maximize their engagement with the platform.
  2. Currently, Craftsy does not remember the classes you’ve started, requiring you to navigate back to them manually.
  3. While Craftsy offers classes for all skill levels, the platform could benefit from clearer identification of each class’s difficulty level, such as categorizing them as beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
  4. Additionally, it would be beneficial to display the total duration of each class before starting it.
  5. Learners wonder ‘Is Craftsy legit’ because of the absence of a class rating system, preventing users from sorting classes by popularity.




Is Craftsy Worth It – Let’s Check Out!

We will look at various parameters to decide whether Craftsy is worth it or not.


A. Course range on Craftsy

Craftsy offers a wide range of courses covering various crafts and creative disciplines like:


  • Fine Arts
  • Sewing and Quilting
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Photography
  • Jewelry Making
  • Home Crafts
  • Paper Crafts
  • Gardening
  • DIY Crafts
  • Home Decor


These categories provide a general idea of the range of crafts that Craftsy covers.

Craftsy must try to include more categories to expand itself.


However, it’s recommended to visit the Craftsy website and online Craftsy reviews before picking anything specific.


B. Craftsy Class quality

Craftsy has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality classes with experienced instructors who might not be professionals but are experts in their respective crafts.


The classes focus on delivering comprehensive and well-structured lessons that cater to various skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners.


However, a new learner cannot assess the class quality due to the absence of Craftsy class reviews on the course homepage.

The classes typically feature a combination of video lessons, step-by-step instructions, downloadable resources, and interactive elements to enhance the learning experience.


Craftsy’s platform allows for easy navigation and access to course materials, and students can learn at their own pace and revisit the content as needed.


The courses also provide opportunities for students to interact with instructors and fellow learners through discussion boards or Q&A sections.


Who Are The Instructors On Craftsy?

Craftsy requires instructors to have a demonstrable level of expertise in any of the topics featured on the platform.


However, becoming a Craftsy instructor involves a different process compared to platforms like Udemy and Skillshare, where anyone interested can easily build and publish courses. Craftsy follows a more selective approach.


To become a Craftsy instructor, you are required to complete a form and undergo an interview-like process with the in-house team. This ensures that the content meets their standards before being published on the platform.


Craftsy’s focus is on recruiting experts who can provide learners with well-curated courses and reliable content. So, is craftsy worth it with these instructors on board, yes, a definite yes.


Although Craftsy may have fewer classes compared to other platforms, the guarantee is that you’ll learn from some of the best teachers in the industry, emphasizing the notion that quality can sometimes surpass quantity.


Does Craftsy Offer Free Classes?

Craftsy offers over 60 free classes, providing a great opportunity to explore the platform without any financial commitment. With zero cost, you can sample their courses and see what the platform has to offer before deciding on a subscription or purchasing individual courses.


While the majority of the free classes focus on cooking and baking rather than sewing and knitting, there is still a substantial selection available to give you a general idea and allow you to learn without spending any money.


Although you won’t be able to keep the classes indefinitely, you will have access to downloadable class materials. Ultimately, whether Craftsy becomes your preferred learning platform depends on your personal preferences regarding teaching styles and course layouts.


If you’re impressed with Craftsy reviews and willing to invest a small amount beyond the free offerings, you can purchase any class or subscribe to a monthly or yearly membership.


Craftsy Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Craftsy courses can be bought individually at $20 to $100. You also get the option of monthly and annual premium membership starting at $10/month or $97/year. The gold membership is priced at $199/year.


A. What are the benefits of a Craftsy premium membership?

With a premium subscription, you gain unrestricted access to over 2000 classes on the platform for as long as your membership remains active. You can keep up to 2 classes indefinitely for lifetime access.


While individual courses typically cost $30+ for permanent purchase, the value of a yearly membership becomes evidently cheaper if you wish to take multiple classes.


So if you are still doubtful about “Is craftsy membership worth it,” here is another advantage of Premium membership – you can share it with 3 family members or friends as well. It also comes with access to LIVE virtual events.


If you discover eight classes that captivate you and you wish to retain them permanently, you have the option to upgrade your Premium Membership to Gold Membership.


This upgrade allows you to keep up to eight classes of your choice indefinitely, in addition to granting you free access to special events and discounts. With gold membership, you can also download and save up to 10 pattern guides or recipes.


It’s important to note that you have the freedom to cancel your membership at any time, giving you flexibility and control over your subscription.


B. Do you get a free trial with Craftsy?

You don’t have a separate free trial here. But, Craftsy offers a wide selection of over 60 free classes for you to explore. The only problem is that you cannot see Craftsy reviews on course homepage before enrollment.


C. Will you get a refund on Craftsy?

There is no provision for refunds on Craftsy. However, you can cancel your membership anytime, but the cancellation will reflect in your account from the next billing cycle onwards.


D. Is it hard to cancel Craftsy membership?

No, you can cancel your Craftsy membership easily. Just go to your my account section on the website and select your Craftsy membership in the subscriptions sections and click cancel.


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Based on User Interface and Ease Of Use  – Is Craftsy Good?

Craftsy offers a straightforward and user-friendly experience. Although it has a smaller library of classes compared to other popular learning platforms, We find Craftsy’s layout to be inviting and easy to navigate.


The classes on Craftsy cover a wide range of topics and are categorized under five main themes, with each theme featuring multiple sub-categories. Craftsy reviews suggest that the variety is truly impressive!


On the landing page, you’ll find two search options: Browse and Resources. The Browse section allows you to explore all the categories, giving you access to the class content.


The Resources section, on the other hand, offers something unique: a complete library of downloadable patterns and recipes. These can be purchased individually or accessed if you have opted for one of Craftsy’s membership plans.


This feature is one of the highlights of the platform and adds to its appeal, regardless of your skill level. Whether you’re an experienced needlecrafter or just starting, you can find a wide variety of patterns for crocheting, knitting, quilting, and sewing.


Craftsy truly caters to avid crafters by providing not only classes and course-related content but also additional bonus materials, articles, and step-by-step photo tutorials.


Are There Any Alternatives To Craftsy?

If you’ve been exploring the realm of online learning for some time, you’re likely to be aware of the numerous platforms available to choose from.


YouTube has numerous crafting videos. If you are short of time and patience to scroll through the Youtube videos, you can try other platforms that offer a diverse range of courses to cater to various interests and requirements.


In spite of being satisfied with Craftsy reviews, here’s a brief overview of Craftsy alternatives that we highly recommend.

Domestika has established itself as a superstar in the realm of online learning, offering captivating, professionally produced, and top-notch content for creatives from all backgrounds.


Domestika remains primarily focused on creative skills, encompassing both digital software courses and traditional handmade crafts.

Creativebug is for those with a passion for handmade crafts or DIY content. It provides an array of resources, including a pattern library, and covers a wide range of themes that align with Craftsy’s offerings.


The platform operates solely on a subscription basis, meaning individual class purchases are not available. The positive aspect is that Creativebug offers a standard “Unlimited” membership for the affordable price of $7.95 per month.

Skillshare is a popular platform if you are willing to spend a good amount of money. It provides an expansive community of creatives across various fields, making it a worthwhile platform to explore.

It boasts an extensive collection of courses, consisting of thousands of tutorial-style videos covering a wide range of topics.


Similar to Udemy, Skillshare relies on its user base, with teachers being individuals who excel in specific skills or professionals who actively create and share their classes on the platform.

Udemy holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most renowned online learning platforms, standing as a reliable and time-tested option.
It offers an impressive selection of over 180,000 courses, spanning a wide range of topics from business and IT to handicrafts and art.


It’s worth noting that the content and course layouts on Udemy can vary significantly, as there isn’t an in-house team curating the courses or recruiting the teachers.


Additionally, Udemy is known for its affordable pricing, offering courses at extremely low prices.


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Who Would Not Find Craftsy Useful?

Craftsy reviews say that the classes may not be useful for individuals who:


  • Prefer live, interactive classes
  • Seek a wide range of academic or professional courses
  • Prefer hands-on, in-person learning experiences
  • Have specific niche interests not covered by Craftsy
  • Require in-depth, advanced-level courses


Final Word: Is Craftsy Worth It?

There’s no doubt about it. Craftsy is worth every cent.


The platform provides exceptional quality video classes taught by skilled instructors, accompanied by downloadable resources, all at an affordable price.


The extensive range of content covering various hobbies ensures numerous classes will ignite your creative talent and help you grow. Moreover, with over 60 free classes available for exploration before committing, Craftsy offers a fantastic opportunity to try it out.


As a newly rebranded platform, there are often discounted membership offers. Craftsy is legit so even if you opt for full-price membership, you can cancel anytime.


So there’s nothing to lose by giving the platform a try. Furthermore, if you become a fan of Craftsy, you can upgrade to a Gold membership and enjoy benefits such as exclusive offers, discounts worth hundreds of dollars, and access to the Ask an Expert program.


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