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Alison Course Reviews
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As far as core learning is concerned, being a free platform where you don’t need to spend a penny, Alison is definitely worth it!


Alison has been around since 2007 and has since become one of the world’s biggest free learning platforms, known to offer education to millions of students globally.


As for the Alison course reviews and ratings, most Alison courses have been lauded with positive ratings and are described as “Excellent” on Trustpilot as well.


These positive reviews praise the platform’s extensive selection of courses, affordability, and ease of use learners experience on Alison.


However, scouring through some of the Alison training courses reviews, we found a few users complaining about the quality citing some technical issues. However, fortunately, these are in the minority.


You can find mostly free courses on Alison. But free classes have their limitations. They are self-paced and do not come with free certification. So, Alison has their subscription and paid-for-extras options, which offer a diploma or certificate on completion and many other perks.


Typically, the course quality varies, but most of Alison’s courses are well-structured and informative. Let us delve deeper into this to answer the question – is Alison worth it?


How Alison Works?

Alison is a leading online platform that offers access to over 4000 courses across ten categories, all available free of charge. The platform lets the learners acquire new skills, obtain certifications, advance their careers, and generate income.


Alison has received multiple accolades, including a UNESCO award for Innovation in ICT for Education in 2011 and a World Innovation Summit for Education award in 2013.


Further, Alison has collaborated with renowned companies like Stanford, Google, the University of Cambridge, and Microsoft, to build expert courses in different subjects, one big reason for the many positive Alison reviews.


Alison’s founder, Mike Feerick, started this platform with a vision in mind to make education reach every household via Alison online training courses.


From the last 16 years ever since it started, Alison has attracted more than 30 million registered users from 195 different countries. It has made learning a part of every home globally.


Alison At A Glance

Course Range 4000+ courses in ten categories, including technology, business, health, language, etc.
Ideal for Learners of all levels and backgrounds
Price 1.      Most courses are free of charge

2.      Formal certificates come at an additional cost, starting at $110 for a diploma and $35 for a certificate course

3.      Prices increase depending on whether you want a physical copy or framed version

4.      Alison Premium subscription costs $8.72 per month.

Certificate 1.      Digital certificates: Available immediately after purchasing

2.      Physical certificates: Officially branded and shipped for free

3.      Framed certificates: Offered at a higher price point

4.      Learner Record/Learner Achievement Verification: A free alternative to official certificates that can be shared through your dashboard.

Accreditation Self-accredited, but a few courses have CPD accreditation.
Instructors Industry experts and leading educational institutions, including Google, Microsoft, and the University of Cambridge
Trial No


Alison’s Pros and Cons

Every platform has its share of ups and down. So, let us take the Alison online classes reviews forward by putting forth the positives and negatives to help you form a wiser decision.


Pros Cons
  1. Most Alison courses are free. Hence, they are accessible for learners on a budget.
  2. Vast selection of courses for every learner
  3. Partnerships with renowned institutions
  4. Alison’s self-paced courses let the learners study at their own schedule and pace.
  5. Learners can buy a certificate upon course completion, which can be a valuable addition to the job application or resume.
  6. Many complementary resources are available, such as tools for building a resume, assessing your workplace personality, and evaluating your mental health.
  7. Learn English section includes a free placement test to help you determine your proficiency level.


  1. Sadly, Alison in itself is not accredited by any governing body.
  2. Given the vast course selection available, you will find a general variance in the instructor and course quality.
  3. Alison does not offer extensive support for learners. Hence, those who typically struggle with self-directed learning will face challenges.
  4. Even though classes from Alison are free, they have subscription options and paid-for-extras. Alison does try to upsell these offerings.



Considering The Below Listed Factors – Is Alison Worth It?

Below we will take different parameters and see how Alison fares. It will prove beneficial when you are comparing Alison with its many alternatives.


A. Is free? – Pricing and Value for Money

Pricing and Value for Money

Typically, is a free e-learning platform. It means that you can access all its courses sans any fee, which is definitely a plus worth mentioning in our Alison course review.


But as with everything, even Alison’s free courses come with limitations. So if you need additional services and certifications, you pay an extra fee.


Alison’s digital certificate costs $110 for the diploma and $35 for the certificate course. You may have to pay additional charges if you seek a framed or physical version.


Alison also has a dedicated Learn English section, a standout noted in many Alison reviews. It is free, and you get training curated per the standard English proficiency tests like TOEFL and TOEIC. Even though these courses are not qualification-awarding, they help you pass the standardized tests.


Alison also has a Premium subscription @ $7.99/month, another much-talked-about thing we noted in many Alison training courses reviews. Buying this subscription brings you many exquisite monthly discounts to eliminate all the ads.


It also offers up to 50% off certificate prices for $8.72 monthly. It is an excellent way to contribute to Alison’s mission of making education accessible to everyone while enjoying some added benefits.


Finally, Alison also provides other services such as a resume builder, workplace personality test, and mental health assessment when you buy the paid subscription.


Overall, Alison provides excellent value for money. With over 4,000 courses available for free, including multimedia aspects and formal assessments, Alison is beneficial for learners of all levels and backgrounds.


Plus, with the option to purchase formal certificates and the premium subscription, learners can gain additional benefits and support the platform’s continued growth and development.


B. Course range and depth

Course Range And Depth

On Alison, you can find an extensive selection of courses that cater to different interests and careers, with over 4,000 lectures in 10 categories and additional sections for Learn English and Business.


Each class presents complex information in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner, using a mixture of video, audio, and text-based learning, as well as multiple-choice quizzes and formal assessments to aid retention.


One of the standout features noted in plenty of Alison online courses review is that learners can access the course description, learning objectives, and entire module breakdown before enrolling, providing a thorough understanding of the course content and depth.


While some courses are shorter and more elementary, others are more in-depth and comprehensive, including diploma courses that can take up to two years to complete. Overall, there is a course to suit every interest and level of expertise on Alison.


C. What do you get with Alison’s courses?

Upon enrolling in the Alison course, you get access to a variety of features and resources, such as:


  1. Interactive multimedia content: You will find audio, video, and text-based learning materials. In addition, they have interactive elements like assessments and quizzes.
  2. Course descriptions and learning objectives: Before enrolling in an Alison course, you can read through the course description, module breakdown, and learning objectives. We found many students appreciative of this attribute in the Alison course reviews. In our view, it helps to let the student know what they must expect to help them decide if the course is suitable.
  3. Flexibility: Typically, the Alison courses are self-paced. Hence, you can learn at your pace and schedule.
  4. Certificates: After completing the course, you can buy an official Alison certificate to showcase your newly acquired skills and knowledge to potential employers.
  5. Added resources: Alison also has several additional resources and services, including a resume builder, workplace personality test, mental health assessment, and access to its careers section.


Overall, with Alison, you get a flexible and comprehensive learning experience that can meet the needs of different learners.


D. Is Alison’s certificate accredited & legit?

Basis TGL’s in-house research and experiences shared in Alison reviews from over 6 million graduates, we can safely confirm that Alison is a legitimate platform.


However, Alison’s courses are not accredited by an external accrediting agency. Instead, they are self-accredited, which is common among major universities.

Nonetheless, Alison ensures the quality of its content by subjecting it to review by proficient leaders.


E. Ease of Use: Navigation & Interface

Ease of Use: Navigation And Interface

Many learners have praised Alison’s intuitiveness in the Alison learning reviews. Alison has an intuitive and straightforward interface that is easy to navigate. The homepage features top courses, a search bar, and categories to help you locate what you need quickly.


After you select the course, you will be redirected to the page with a clear course description and learning objectives. The course material is well-organized into modules and lessons, making it easy to track your progress and go back to review previous material.


The platform also has a helpful dashboard to see all your enrolled courses, progress, and any completed certificates. The site is mobile-friendly, allowing you to access your classes on the go. All of this makes browsing through the site seamless.


F. Content Quality

Most Alison course reviews vouch for the high content quality on the platform. The content quality is typically top-notch, as the platform aspires to offer learners world-class learning.


They have reputed experts designing and delivering the courses, including academics from top universities, professional teachers, researchers, and senior professionals who are passionate about teaching.


Further, the learning objectives, course description, and the entire module breakdown are available for viewing before you enroll. It gives the learners a comprehensive understanding of what they can expect to learn.


Lastly, the courses cover an extensive selection of subjects, which makes them accessible to learners from different interests and fields.


They incorporate multimedia, including video, audio, and text-based learning to present complex information in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner.


G. Instructors

In our humble opinion, the most positive Alison learning reviews are courtesy of Alison’s top-notch instruction. Its educators are experts in their respective fields. These individuals belong to a range of backgrounds, including:


  1. Senior executives and leaders from prominent institutions
  2. Professors and educators from well-respected universities such as Stanford and the University of Cambridge
  3. Subject matter experts seeking to expand their reach
  4. Experienced professionals with a passion for teaching and training
  5. Seasoned lecturers, teachers, and researchers


H. Alison’s promotional offers & discount

Alison regularly runs limited-period promotions for some course categories or specific diplomas and certificates. But by and large, Alison’s courses are free. So, you can view the content and learn without shelling out a penny.


For discounts on certificates and diplomas, you can follow Alison on social media or sign up for their newsletters.


I. Trial & refund, if applicable

Trial Refund, if Applicable

Alison has no trial window for their courses. But, as stated earlier, their classes are free to access. They do not have any refunds either, even if a student is unhappy with the content or drops out of it.


But Alison has a monthly subscription. You can cancel it anytime, but you will not receive a refund for the month paid, as per Alison’s terms of use. Alison’s online classes reviews are overall positive, but the no refund policy is not very well accepted by learners.


J. Community support

Alison has several community support options for learners. Every class has a dedicated discussion forum wherein learners can ask questions and share their thoughts with other learners or instructors.


Further, Alison has a dedicated support team available to assist with any queries or issues learners may have. You can contact their support team via the website’s support page, and they aim to respond to all questions within 48 hours.


In addition, another positive of Alison reviews is its blog section wherein you can find success stories, advice, and tips from other learners. It is helpful for you to get some inspiration and motivation along the learning journey.


Lastly, Alison has the Alison Teams feature to allow learners to collaborate with colleagues or classmates. This feature helps learners take courses as part of their work or studies.


Overall, Alison offers a range of community support options that can help learners feel connected and supported throughout their learning journey.


What Other Options Do You Have As Alison’s Alternative?

In the last couple of years, online learning has seen a surge. Today, you have a ton of options to pick from. So, if Alison’s online courses review does not meet up your expectations, you may check out other platforms.


One of Alison’s biggest competitors is Coursera, which partners with industry leaders like Google, IBM, and Meta. It offers over 7000 learning paths. So, you can find a class on every topic/subject.


Moreover, Coursera enjoys a vaster user base than Alison, with more than 92 million learners. But naturally, it is more expensive than Alison, with only a seven-day free trial.


Another Alison alternative is edX, a significant player that partners with prestigious universities like Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard. Though it is pricier than Alison, it has a smaller course library than Alison and Coursera.


But if you seek more pocket-friendly alternatives, you can choose from Skillshare and Udemy. They offer a selection of courses, but anyone can put up classes on these platforms. It implies that the course quality varies greatly.


Further, neither of these platforms specializes in certificate/diploma learning, and you bear a cost associated with using them. While Udemy allows purchasing individual courses, Skillshare has a much cheaper monthly subscription than Coursera.


Ultimately, you must search the different platforms to determine the best fit for yourself.


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Alison Reviews – The Final Verdict!

Alison’s value ultimately depends on your individual needs and goals. As a platform specializing in vocational-based courses and offering diplomas and certificates, it is a valuable and cost-effective option for students seeking further education and qualifications.


But please note that these certifications are not recognized universally and do not equate to college degrees. Regardless, the information imparted with real-life practice can be highly beneficial in jumpstarting a new career.


With a vast catalog and additional resources like mental health tests, resume-building resources, and personality assessments, Alison offers more value even for a free platform, justifying its many positive Alison course reviews and ratings.


Moreover, for learners interested in pursuing hobbies and interests sans the need for a certificate, Alison is a flexible, risk-free option.


Alison is a top-quality resource that must not be overlooked, especially by students who are looking for budget-friendly options. Unlike edX or Coursera, Alison’s courses are free. Hence, there is nothing to lose in checking them out.


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