Pluralsight Cost and How Much Is Its Monthly Subscription?

Pluralsight Pricing
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Pluralsight offers both Individual Plans (starting at $18 per month )and Team Plans (beginning at $399 annually). However, for teams, you do not get the option of monthly installments. It is billed annually.

Pluralsight is one of the top-rated online learning platforms that offer a vast selection of learning paths and video courses to enable individuals and teams to accentuate their technical skills.


With a range of topics, including cybersecurity, data science, IT operations, and software development, Pluralsight offers up-to-date content and comprehensive training to cater to the evolving needs of professionals in the tech industry.


As for Pluralsight pricing, the platform has subscription plans catering to teams and individual learners. Their standard individual pricing plan starts at $18 per month or $148 per year.


Alternatively, many users find the  Premium plan better suited for their needs, as it comes with added features like interactive courses and certification practice exams. It amounts to $28 per month or $222 per year.


They have a Teams plan comprising three subscription plans tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.


You can buy the Starter plan at $399 per year if you have small teams looking to work on their skills collaboratively.


They also have a Professional Plan, and Pluralsight’s cost for it accounts to be $579 per user per year. Lastly, the Enterprise plan costs $779 per user per year.


With variable costs, the platform has something for everyone to access their top-quality technical training and bag the necessary skills to thrive in today’s competitive landscapes.


Read below as we discuss how much is Pluralsight membership costs in detail and what all do you get with it.


Is Pluralsight Free or Paid?

Pluralsight is not a free platform, but you can make a free account. It offers limited access to Pluralsight and its courses. 


In the free version, you can explore the platform and get well-acquainted with the offerings and features before you make a financial commitment.


If Pluralsight pricing seems a bit too much, you can use the free account to browse. With the free account, you get more than 200 skill assessments that evaluate your proficiency in specific skills, giving an overview of your strengths and areas of improvement.


However, please note Pluralsight majorly operates on a subscription model. So, if you wish to experience their entire content and courses, you must pay a fee.


Pluralsight has different subscription plans for teams and individuals, offering unlimited access to its extensive selection of learning paths and video courses.


Pluralsight Subscription Cost Plans Compared

Attributes Individual Plan Team Plan
Standard Premium Starter Professional Enterprise
Pricing $18 monthly or $148 annually $28 monthly or $222 annually $399

(paid annually)

$579 (paid annually) Variable (paid annually)
Free trial 10 days 10 days N/A 30 days 30 days
Certification No Yes No Yes Yes
Paths Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discussions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Assignments & Exercises Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
App Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offline access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Badges Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Practice test for certification No Yes No Yes Yes
Projects No Yes No Yes Yes
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Note* Pricing may vary with location and is subject to discounts as well. Visit Pluralsight to know the exact cost at the time of purchase.


How Much Does Pluralsight Cost and What Do You Get Within That Price?

On Pluralsight, you can find different subscription plans to cater to the diverse budgets and needs of organizations and individuals.


A. Individual Plans on Pluralsight

Individual plan Monthly Yearly
Standard $18 $148
Premium $28 $222


Pluralsight has two subscription plans for individuals – The Standard and the Premium Plan.


In the Individual plans, Pluralsight offers a comprehensive library comprising video courses, channels, certificates of completion, Role IQ assessments, and paths.


What Is Included In The Individual Pluralsight Subscription Cost?

In an individual pricing plan with Pluralsight, you get two payment options – a monthly payment plan for $18 per month or an annual payment plan for $148 per year.


Choosing the latter lets you save you a lot. You get unlimited access to Pluralsight’s expansive library with the individual plan. It comprises more than 7500 courses.


The courses take you through different topics and technologies, letting learners find relevant content that matches their goals and interests.


Beyond the vast course library, bearing the Pluralsight cost for individual plans fetches you a certificate of completion for every course you complete.


These certificates work as tangible evidence of the newly acquired skills, and you can share them with employers or add them to your resumes or professional profiles.


Furthermore, in the Pluralsight Pricing individual plan, you get access to the channels and a curated selection of courses centered around specific technologies or subjects.


This feature lets you explore in-depth content related to their areas of interest and offers a more guided learning experience.


Moreover, users can opt for the advantage of paths and structured learning journeys that guide individuals through a series of courses, letting learners form comprehensive expertise in their desired domain.


Individual Plan is Ideal for:

The individual plan works best for self-motivated learners who enjoy an online learning experience and wish for the freedom to explore courses independently.


Pluralsight pricing is well in line for individuals hoping to boost their technical skills and stay updated with the latest industry trends.


It caters to learners of all skill levels, regardless of whether they are beginners seeking foundational knowledge or experienced professionals hoping to amplify their expertise in specific domains.


The plan is flexible. It lets learners enjoy learning at their pace and pick from several courses covering different topics and technologies.


With this fee, you get an affordable option to access top-quality educational content at a reasonable price, making it accessible to a wide range of learners.

B. Team Pluralsight Membership Cost

Team plan Monthly (billed annually) Yearly (billed annually)
Starter $33.25 $399
Professional $48.25 $579
Pluralsight enterprise pricing Contact the Sales Team for Customized Pricing Plan


Pluralsight has subscription plans that cater to the needs of teams and businesses beyond their individual subscription plans. The team plans comprise the Enterprise, Professional, and Starter Plans for different team sizes upto 50 members.


What’s Included In The Team Plan?

Bearing the Pluralsight pricing for the Starter plan, you get a vast library of more than 2500 courses, making it ideal for teams hoping to build foundational skills and knowledge.


It features course discussions, channels, and access to TV and mobile apps. It lets users engage in collaborative learning and access content across different devices.


The professional plan is for organizations seeking a more extensive and advanced learning experience. It comprises an expanded library of over 7000 video courses, offering access to more technologies and topics.


Beyond the features included in the Starter Plan, paying the Pluralsight monthly cost for the professional plan provides interactive projects, courses, and certification practice exams, letting teams engage in hands-on learning and prepare for industry certifications.


The plan’s powerful analytics and user organization tools allow the team managers and plan administrators to track and manage the learning progress of the team members effectively.


Beyond the features included in the Professional plan, the Enterprise plan offers advanced functionalities such as SSO integration, API access, and data export capabilities, Q&A with teachers, role customization, progress insights, etc.


Teams Plan is Ideal for:

Paying Pluralsight cost for the Starter Plan is ideal for organizations seeking a basic yet comprehensive learning solution. Small businesses or teams with specific requirements and learning goals will also benefit from this.


The professional plan works for medium to large-sized enterprises or teams that seek a comprehensive learning platform with enhanced features and capabilities.


Paying Pluralsight pricing for the Enterprise plan is ideal for organizations with complex learning and development needs, including large enterprises and businesses with specific customization requirements.


Further, this plan is best for organizations that require seamless integration with existing systems and workflows and the ability to tailor the learning platform to their needs.


The Enterprise plan is well-suited for organizations focused on flexibility, scalability, and customization in their learning and development initiatives.


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Do You Get A Free Trial With Pluralsight?

Yes, Pluralsight comes with a free trial for users who wish to explore the platform and experience the features before making a financial commitment by paying the Pluralsight cost. The free trial’s duration may vary depending on the subscription plan selected.


Individual users get a Pluralsight trial for ten days. As part of this, individuals can access limited resources and courses to get a taste of the platform’s learning experience.


On the contrary, Pluralsight offers a more extended trial window of 30 days in their Professional and Enterprise plan. It allows the learners to evaluate the platform and its features to meet the development and specific learning requirements.


Do You Get Any Pluralsight Pricing Discounts or Financial Aid?

Pluralsight provides various cost-saving opportunities to the original cost, although they are not labeled as financial aid.


One option is online education for high school students and educators in partnership with With this program, individuals get Pluralsight One, a dedicated platform catering to non-profit professionals.


For educators, discounts are accessible through membership with the Computer Science Teachers’ Association, granting them these cost-saving benefits.


Pluralsight Membership Payment

Pluralsight has multiple payment options. So, you can check Pluralsight subscription cost and pay via methods like:


  1. Credit or Debit Cards (Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.
  2. PayPal


However, please know that you can use American Express strictly in USD. When you sign up for Pluralsight, you input the payment information in the Payment Section, irrespective of whether you opt for a paid subscription or a free trial.


Accepted payment currencies are INR, EUR, GBP, and USD, as Pluralsight caters to different regions. The subscription taxes will vary depending on your billing location and local, state, or country regulations.


You must cancel your subscription before the free trial ends to avoid paying after the free trial window. Please note that canceling the subscription involves taking proactive steps to prevent further Pluralsight monthly costs incurred.


Pluralsight Refunds

Pluralsight does not provide refunds for accounts or subscriptions. Nevertheless, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any point.


Upon cancellation, you will retain access to the platform until the end of the subscription term. Considering the availability of a 10-day free trial with Skills accounts, there is minimal need for subscription cancellation.


How Much Is Pluralsight Monthly Subscription?

Pluralsight offers different subscription plans for individuals. The monthly subscription cost for the Standard individual plan is $18 per month.


The Premium individual plan, on the other hand, is priced at $28 per month.


Is Pluralsight Free For Students?

No, Pluralsight is not completely free for students, and they will have to bear the Pluralsight pricing. However, students can get discounted access to the platform through the different partnership programs.


You can use the platform that grants access to Pluralsight’s learning resources at good discounts.


Further, you can also avail of educational discounts from academic partnerships or institutions like the Computer Science Teachers’ Association. You can find more information on it on Pluralsight’s website.


Competitor’s Pricing vs. Pluralsight

Platform Pricing Model Range of Pricing
Pluralsight Subscription-based $18/month or $148/year (Standard)
Udemy Course-based. Subscriptions available in some zones Variable ($10-$200+), often one-time
Coursera Subscription-based $39-$79/month, free courses also available
edX Course-based Variable ($50-$3000+), often one-time
Skillshare Subscription-based $15/month, free courses


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So, Is Pluralsight Worth Buying?

Yes, Pluralsight reviews indeed make it worth considering for teams and individuals who hope to develop skills and gain knowledge in the tech industry. It can be called fairly priced


However, it is a bit disappointing that you do not have the option of monthly payments in the team plans. You will have to bear the entire Pluralsight cost at once.


If you are unsure whether to buy a subscription, Pluralsight provides free trials that let users explore the platform’s offerings before committing to any plans.


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