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MasterClass Reviews
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MasterClass has a distinct approach with lessons coming directly from famous celebs and industry experts. However, it is not the best option for tech students.


In today’s online learning landscape, MasterClass stands out as a well-known platform offering a unique approach to education. With its roster of famous faces teaching different subjects, MasterClass aims to bring in the experiences and expertise of VIP instructors and celebrities to learners from around the world.


But is MasterClass worth it or just hyped because of its celebrity tie ups?


With more than 180 classes spanning eleven categories, MasterClass allows you to learn from well-respected personalities like Gordon Ramsay, Annie Leibovitz, and Anna Wintour.


So be it exploring leadership and creativity, honoring your culinary skills, or diving deep into photography, MasterClass presents an enticing selection of courses.


Basis many MasterClass reviews, we assessed MasterClass appeals to a broad audience, catering to writers, singers, filmmakers, scientists, sports enthusiasts, musicians, and more. However, tech professionals won’t find Masterclass very useful.


You will find many creative courses by renowned figures from different fields. But regarding the class content itself, can students acquire substantial knowledge from a few video lessons?


But whether is MasterClass good or not depends on how realistic how expectations are. Though a single MasterClass course does not make anyone an instant expert, the engaging and concise lessons serve as a taste that typically leaves learners eager for further exploration.


But do you genuinely acquire true skills after completing its courses? Stick around as we delve deeper into this review to help you unveil this pressing question.


How Good Is MasterClass – An Overview

Founded in San Francisco in 2014 by David Rogier, MasterClass is a popular online learning platform famous for its unique educational approach and exceptionally well-produced video lessons.


Known for its roster of VIP instructors and celebrities like Serena Williams, Anna Wintour, Gordon Ramsay, Natalie Portman, Bobbi Brown, and more, who teach various subjects across 11 categories.


This includes Arts & Entertainment, Business, Community & Government, Design & Style, Food, Home & Lifestyle, Music, Science & Tech, Sports & Gaming, Wellness, and Writing.


These beautifully shot and engaging lessons are designed to captivate your attention and keep you hooked across your learning journey. Every session typically comprises approximately twenty bite-sized video lessons, with each session lasting not more than 10 minutes.


The format guarantees flexible and convenient learning, accommodating your busy schedules. But beyond the allure of top-quality production and celebrity instructors, you may often wonder is MasterClass worth it to learn a new skill.


Taking a single class on MasterClass will not make you an expert in any field. However, it will offer valuable techniques, insights, and knowledge directly from industry experts, which serves as an introduction to the subject matter, leaving students eager to explore further and deepen their understanding.


A notable attribute of MasterClass is that once enrolled in a class, you have lifetime access to all the study material, enabling continuous learning and the ability to revisit at any time.


MasterClass Review At A Glance

Topics 11 categories (Arts & Entertainment, Business, Community & Government, Design & Style, Food, Home & Lifestyle, Music, Science & Tech, Sports & Gaming, Wellness, and Writing)
Instructors 150 globally recognized celebrities
Class type Online
Free/Paid Paid
Trial No
Pricing Individual plan starts at $10/month (1 account, 1 device)

Duo at $15/month (1 account, 2 devices)

Family at $20/month (1 account, 6 devices)

Ideal For Learners interested in acquiring skills and knowledge from industry experts in various fields
Refund 30-day window
Alternatives Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare, and Khan Academy
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MasterClass Pros and Cons

This MasterClass online classes review cannot be fair without knowing its pros and cons. So, let us give you a quick insight into it.


Pros Cons
  1. It is affordable as the MasterClass payment plans start at only $10 per month.
  2. The beautifully crafted videos create an immersive cinematic experience that keeps users engaged.
  3. MasterClass provides courses in 11 different domains. But all related to creative topics. They cater to the niche they excel in.
  4. One of the major attractions of MasterClass is that you learn from 150 globally recognized celebrities. Learners can benefit from the knowledge and experience of these famous faces.
  5. Once you buy their annual membership, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  6. MasterClass has a user-friendly mobile app that lets the learners download and watch classes at their convenience, anytime and enjoy learning at their schedule and pace.


  1. Regrettably, you do not get any free trial with MasterClass. But it does have some free classes that give users an insight into the platform.
  2. Sadly, you do not get a certification on completing a class, which can be a bummer for those looking for tangible proof of their skills.
  3. Though you can see some MasterClass course reviews from the previous members on the homepage, they are not comprehensive or specific to individual classes.
  4. If you do not want to commit to an annual membership, MasterClass does not offer the option to purchase individual classes. It limits the choices for those seeking access to a specific course without a long-term commitment.
  5. Feedback from instructors is limited on MasterClass. If seeking more substantial feedback, it may be worth exploring alternative platforms.



Can MasterClass Actually Teach You Anything?

MasterClass can 100% provide you with valuable knowledge. The extent of what you learn depends on several factors.


Of course, the marketing highlights its renowned instructors, but the classes do offer substantial educational content for beginners. With MasterClass, you study with industry experts and celebrities who excel in their respective fields.


These instructors share their techniques, expertise, and insights via well-produced video lessons that range from various topics designed to engage learners. But most MasterClass reviews state that taking a single course does not make you an expert in any field.


Mastery of a subject demands continuous practice, additional learning, and hands-on experience, much more than what you get in the course.


So, while MasterClass can be a good starting point for learning a new skill or gaining insights from experienced professionals, it is not the only thing you rely on. It can introduce foundational knowledge, provide inspiration, and offer unique perspectives.


Is A MasterClass Subscription Worth It – Understanding The Pricing Structure

On MasterClass, you get three subscription plans that give you access to more than 2500 video lessons across 11 categories. You can sign up by entering your email and clicking the Sign-Up option.


There you can pick the annual membership plan from one of the three subscription options below:


1. Individual Plan: Billed annually at $120 (equivalent to $10/month).

2. Duo Plan: Billed annually at $180 (equivalent to $15/month).

3. Family Plan: Billed annually at $240 (equivalent to $20/month).


A common pain point in many MasterClass reviews is that all these plans are billed annually, with a slight variation in the price.


The primary distinction is that the Family and Duo plans to provide added benefits like the ability to download videos for offline viewing and accommodate multiple devices at the same time.


Is The MasterClass Trial Free?

MasterClass does not offer a free trial for its subscription. However, they provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a refund window. We would generally advise you to read the reviews and see the MasterClass ratings before financially committing to a course.


Topic Range Covered By MasterClass

MasterClass covers an array of topics across different categories. Here are the eleven categories offered by MasterClass, with examples of the types of classes


  1. Arts & Entertainment: Acting, Comedy, Film & TV, Music, Writing for Television.
  2. Business: Leadership, Negotiation, Marketing & Advertising, Entrepreneurship.
  3. Community & Government: Politics & Society, Activism, Diplomacy.
  4. Design & Style: Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design.
  5. Food: Cooking Techniques, Recipe Development, Restaurant Recipes.
  6. Home & Lifestyle: Home Organization, DIY, Gardening.
  7. Music: Singing, Songwriting, Instrumental Performance.
  8. Science & Tech: Space Exploration, Astrophysics, Molecular Gastronomy.
  9. Sports & Gaming: Basketball, Tennis, Chess.
  10. Wellness: Mental Health & Wellness, Meditation, Fitness.
  11. Writing: Fiction, Non-fiction, Screenwriting.


Is MasterClass Good – Evaluating the Quality of MasterClass?

When assessing the MasterClass quality, several factors go into play that may make or break its reputation. These are as follows:


1. The expertise of instructors and the credentials: MasterClass has a team of highly accomplished and respected instructors from their field of work.


The instructors usually have significant industry recognition, many laurels and awards, and a long track record of success, justifying the high MasterClass ratings.


Their experience and expertise lend credibility to the courses, offering learners practical knowledge and valuable insights.


2. The production quality of the courses: Students praise MasterClass’s production quality. They professionally produce the videos, making them visually appealing with a high cinematic feel.


The superior production value adds to the engaging and immersive learning experience. It is another reason for many positive MasterClass course reviews.


3. Depth and breadth of course content: On MasterClass, you will find guaranteed  balance of foundational knowledge, practical skills, and insider perspectives.


But whether or not MasterClass is meant for you, depends on what level of learner you are and what kind of knowledge you expect from the course.


Presently, instructors could consider adding more depth to their classes to make them useful for advanced learners.


4. Overall engagement and learning experience: MasterClass offers an engaging learning experience. The bite-sized lessons, usually under 10 minutes long, make learning convenient for the users.


Further, the instructors’ passionate delivery, personal anecdotes, and demonstrations enhance learner engagement and contribute to the positive MasterClass reviews. But, many even mention that the level of interactivity and personalized feedback is limited compared to traditional classroom settings.


So, while it is good on the surface, a few changes, like making the courses more informative and allowing better interactivity and feedback, could take it a notch higher.


Is MasterClass Worth It?

To answer whether it is worth it, we must analyze different factors. These include the following:


1. Cost Comparison: Unlike other platforms, MasterClass can be considered somewhat expensive. However, it offers unique access to celebrity instructions and top-notch production quality. It sets it apart from many other platforms.


In totality, when considering how good is MasterClass as per its pricing, we feel that the subscription method is not well justified for people who do not want to take more than one course.


2. Return on investment: The knowledge acquired from MasterClass courses can vary depending on the individual application and dedication.


So, while taking a single class will not make you an expert, the insights, perspectives, and techniques shared by the instructors can be valuable and serve as a foundation for further growth.


Hence, considering the long-term benefits and career advancement, it gives you a good ROI if you want to be a professional in the field. But for hobbyists, not so much.


3. Real-life application: MasterClass provides practical knowledge and skills to apply in different real-life situations. This knowledge comes directly from professionals.


Thus, if we had to conduct a MasterClass online classes review based on just this aspect, MasterClass would have got full points.


4. Intangible Benefits: MasterClass provides intangible benefits like motivation, inspiration, and exposure to different professional and creative perspectives.


Learning from accomplished professionals can ignite passion and spark creativity while helping individual expand their horizons beyond the technical parameters of the given field.


Hence, is MasterClass worth it? Yes, for sure. But how satisfied you are with the learning depends on individuals’ goals, interests, and learning preferences.


It may be worth assessing if you value learning directly from renowned experts, seek inspiration from industry leaders or you want to have a structured module oriented theoretical lesson.


How is MasterClass Community Support?

MasterClass offers community support via a forum wherein learners can communicate with fellow students and educators. It allows networking opportunities, peer-to-peer engagement, and occasional live events for direct instructor interaction.


Though not as extensive as many other platforms, the community support accentuates the learning experience.


What About MasterClass User Interface?

MasterClass features a user-friendly, intuitive interface. It offers a clean and organized dashboard, structured course layouts, a high-quality video player, downloadable lesson materials, note-taking, bookmarking capabilities.

You also get a mobile app for on-the-go learning. The interface assures a seamless and intuitive experience for learners.


MasterClass Refund and Cancellation Procedure

With MasterClass, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee that lets the customers get a complete refund within the first month of their subscription. You can cancel the subscription anytime, and it prevents future charges.


However, canceling will not automatically imitate a refund. So, you may have to contact the support team to request a refund and follow the process.


MasterClass User Reviews and Feedback

On MasterClass, you will find a mix of positive and negative MasterClass reviews. Here is a quick summary of the positive aspects highlighted by the users:


  1. MasterClass has top-quality content crafted, compiled, and imparted by well-known celebrity instructors who make the classes well-presented, engaging, and informative.
  2. The production quality of the videos is top-notch, with professional editing and cinematic visuals.
  3. The vast variety of subjects and topics covered by MasterClass instructors, spanning across different categories, helps learners from varying skills and backgrounds find what they need.
  4. Many users find MasterClass inspiring, offering a fresh perspective and sparking creativity.
  5. Learners praise the platform’s easy navigation and intuitiveness.


While most MasterClass reviews are positive, we did find some common concerns and criticisms raised by the users:


  1. Some users expressed a desire to have more interactive elements within the courses. They feel that additional opportunities for assignments, quizzes, and feedback would accentuate the overall learning experience.
  2. Though some learners engage in community forums, there are several instances where users feel a lack of interaction with the instructors. It can be low for learners who desire personalized feedback or guidance.
  3. Some users find the membership cost relatively high, especially compared to other learning platforms. The unavailability of a single-class purchase option or free trial is also considered a common drawback.


However, please note that the individual’s opinions and experiences may vary. While MasterClass typically receives positive feedback for its top-notch content, user-friendly platform, and renowned instructors, the concerns raised by users bring forth areas of potential improvement.


Hence, consider these factors along with evaluating the suitability of MasterClass and your personal preferences for individual needs before choosing.


How Is MasterClass Different From Regular Class? Is MasterClass Worth It?

Several things make MasterClass different from typical classes. These are as follows:


1. MasterClass has several renowned industry experts and celebrities who work as instructors. So, you get knowledge and insights from highly accomplished individuals in their respective fields.


On the contrary, in a regular class, you study with instructors who may be knowledgeable in their field but might not necessarily be as recognized or accomplished on a global scale.


2. On MasterClass, you will find pre-recorded video lessons with superior production quality. The classes are visually engaging. It is one of the top reasons for many high MasterClass ratings.


On the contrary, other platforms may have recorded or live classes where there is no standardization.


3. MasterClass emphasizes the celebrity instructors’ personal experience and unique approaches to the craft. Students gather insights into the instructor’s creative process, anecdotes from their careers, and the behind-the-scenes aspects of the industry.


Regular classes, however, focus on conveying fundamental theories and knowledge sans the individual perspective of any famous figure.


4. Within the creative niche, you will find interesting topics covered on the MasterClass, platform. It is one of the most praise-worthy arenas in MasterClass reviews.


Traditional classes typically are structured within a specific academic program or curriculum, limiting the range of subjects available.


5. With MasterClass, you can learn at your pace and schedule, letting you access the material anytime. You can also pause, revisit, and resume as required. This privilege is absent in traditional classes with set schedules and deadlines to follow.

Who Shouldn’t Choose MasterClass?

MasterClass is not suitable for:


  1. Individuals who prefer structured and traditional classroom-style learning or those looking for in-depth academic programs or professional certifications
  2. Those seeking the same depth of knowledge as a comprehensive academic program or a specialized vocational course
  3. Students with financial restraints looking for free educational resources available online.
  4. Technical students looking for coding lessons or AI etc.

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Final Thought – Is MasterClass Worth It?

Considering the positive aspects of MasterClass, such as access to top instructors, motivational stories, exceptional course production, and a reasonable annual membership cost, it is worth the investment for individuals.


However, it’s important to note that MasterClass may not be suitable for learners looking to acquire a skill from scratch as the courses feel more like seminars rather than comprehensive skill-building programs.


If you prefer a more structured learning experience or require beginner-level technical instruction on skill development, opt for other online learning platforms. Here are the reviews for similar platforms to MasterClass like Coursera, Udemy edX, or Udacity.


These platforms offer a broader range of courses, have higher than MasterClass ratings and include more topics that focus on career development.


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