How Much Is Coursera Per Month Cost (Subscription Plus More Options)

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Even though Coursera courses may not be free, they are reasonable and won’t dig a hole in your pocket. With Guided projects starting at $9.99 to Degrees going up to $9000, Coursera has a budget for everyone.


Coursera is a leading online learning platform that offers access to 1000s of specializations and courses from renowned institutions, colleges, and universities from different corners of the world.


So, whether you wish to earn a degree, acquire new skills, explore an unfamiliar domain, or acquire a valid certification, Coursera presents a convenient and flexible approach to helping you attain your objectives.


One of the FAQs surrounding Coursera is how much does Coursera cost? It is a common notion that Coursera is very expensive since it has tie ups with some of the most prestigious universities.


Fortunately for you, the good news is Coursera offers a diverse range of prospects to suit all budgets and needs. It is not as exuberantly priced as it is thought to be.


You can get some courses for free, but most of them demand a fee. Further, Coursera also offers a provision of ‘audit track’ where you avail of some classes for free, without a credit or certificate. This guide will take you through different attributes like:


  1. What does Coursera cost?
  2. Different pricing options for degree programs, specializations, and individual courses, along with the subscription model pricing


Is Coursera 100% Free?

Sadly, no.


Even though you can find various free programs and courses on Coursera, it is not a 100% free platform. They have several specializations and courses that necessitate payment.


To put it simply, you need to pay a fee for all courses to get certified. However, you may be able to browse the study material without the graded assignments in their ‘audit track’ for free.


How Much Is Coursera?

Coursera’s offering Price Billing Free trial Refund
Courses Free(no certificate) or $29-$99 Per course Yes 14-day money-back guarantee
Coursera Plus $58/month

$399- $499/yearly


or annually
Yes 7-day Free Trial/

14-day money-back guarantee

Degrees $9000 (starting) Pay-as-you-go No Variable as per the university
Specializations $39.99 Monthly Yes 14-day window for refund
MasterTrack Certificates $2000 (starting) Per course or Monthly No Generally 2 weeks
Professional Certificates $39.99 to $99 Monthly Yes 14-day window for refund
Guided Projects $9.99 (starting) Per course No No
Business Plan Free or $39 to $100 one-time fee or

$39 to $79 per month

One-time fee or a monthly subscription Yes 14-days of purchase


Generally speaking, how much does Coursera cost depends on what you select to learn. While some courses may cost you as little as $59, others cost several 100 dollars.


One of the standout attributes of Coursera is that you can audit the sessions for free, but it won’t bag any credit or certificate.


So if you desire a credit or certification after completing the program, you must pay the price.


What Different Programs Does Coursera Offer?

Different Programs Does Coursera Offer
Before jumping to how much are Coursera courses, know that Coursera provides a range of programs. Each type of program is targeted toward a specific audience. It is important to learn about these first because each has a different price tag.


Here is a quick breakdown of what kind of program Coursera offers:


1. Individual Courses: On Coursera, you can find single courses on different topics.

While some are free i.e. you can read their course materials for free, others will need payment to access the graded assignments & get certified.


2. Specialization: These are a bunch of courses that help learners acquire mastery in a specific subject.

Learners can pay for every course covered under the specialization individually or buy the specialization in full.


3. MasterTrack Certificates: These online programs are almost equivalent to a master’s degree, broken into compact courses that learners can take one by one.


4. Online degrees: You can also find master’s degree programs and online bachelor’s programs in different fields of study. These are awarded online by universities & institutions worldwide.

5. Professional Certificate Program: These are online courses designed for professionals looking to develop the specific skills needed for career development.

These courses are brought to you by Coursera in collaboration with top universities and companies costing around $39 to $99.


Coursera Pricing: How Much Is Coursera Plus?

Coursera Pricing

It is a subscription-based service presented by Coursera that gives access to over 3000 specializations and courses. It also includes professional certificates and guided projects.


Typically, it ranges from $399 to $499 annually. It is an excellent option and worth your money if you wish to make multiple specializations or courses around the year.


Having this subscription in place, you do not have to worry about paying for these courses individually, and you can flexibly explore a range of subjects and topics.


If you still cannot decide between Coursera and its alternatives, sign up for their trial window and test the waters before spending money.


As a student or someone who works with an NPO, you can also avail of special discounts with the subscription. This further reduces the fees that you have to bear for Coursera Plus.


The subscription comes with a 14-day refund policy. So, if you cancel this subscription within the period, you will be eligible for a complete refund.


After this period, you do not get any refund unless there is any extenuating circumstance. Since it is an annual subscription service, you will have access for one year from the subscription date.


You can take as many courses and subscriptions and earn as many certificates in this window. But once this period ends, you will have to renew, or else the access ceases.


How Much Does Coursera Cost For Degree Courses?

Coursera Cost For Degree Courses

Coursera offers a myriad of degree courses in partnership with institutions and universities. These degree courses include master’s and bachelor’s programs and some doctoral programs.


Typically, the cost depends on your location, institution, and program. The prices start at $9000 and can go up to 10s of thousands of dollars, lower than the traditional on-campus degree programs, but the exact cost depends on your chosen program.


But you can get scholarships and financial aid that make these programs more affordable and accessible.


You will find a refund policy on almost all degree courses, and you will receive a full refund if you revoke it in the first week. But if you withdraw after the 1st week but before the 3rd week, you will receive a partial refund.


After the 3rd week, money backs are usually not offered. There is no trial window on the degree courses, but some have an option of free preview or audit where you can access the material for free.


The access window depends on the chosen program, but generally, you can complete the degree courses over a few months to several years.


How Much Does A Coursera Specialization Cost?

Coursera Specialization Cost

The specialization includes a series of related courses on a particular skill or topic. Typically, each will have 4-6 courses. Upon completing them, you will bag a certification.


Coursera offers specializations from institutions and universities on topics like data science, python, business, digital marketing, and more.


Typically, how much is Coursera per month for specialization?


You will find specializations ranging between $39 and $99 per month of access. However, this price will vary depending on your currency and location.


You can find financial aid for the specializations that make them more affordable for eligible learners.


You will find a 14-day refund policy for most specializations, and there is a seven-day trial window that lets you try and see what you can expect before paying for the course.


How Much Does Coursera Cost For MasterTrack Certificates?

Coursera Cost For MasterTrack Certificates

MasterTrack Certificates are advanced-level programs on Coursera that allow learners to acquire graduate-level credentials.


The cost of this certificate depends on the institution and program you choose, but typically the MasterTrack Certificate will cost between $2000 and $100000.


The total cost for the certificate is broken into a series of individual courses, which you can take all at once or one at a time.


Typically, every course costs between $1000 and $2500, with the total cost of the program being the total of all these courses. You can complete them over several months to a year and acquire valuable knowledge and skills to advance your career.


You do not get a trial window, but there is a refund window of 14 days. So, if you do not like anything, you can get your money back.


How Much Is A Coursera Subscription Fee For A Professional Certificate?

Coursera Subscription Fee For A Professional Certificate

The Professional Certificates from Coursera comprise a series of courses that help the learners acquire skills necessary to succeed in a particular career field.


These certificates are built in collaboration with leading industry partners and universities and have a flexible schedule.


The cost is between $39 and $99 per month, and every program has several individual courses that cost between $39 and $79 per course.


Each certificate program comprises a series of courses that focus on a particular skill set or job role. For instance, you can find professional certificates in marketing, project management, data science, etc.


Experts will teach you these courses with hands-on projects to apply what you learn. You will get a 14-day refund policy for most programs.


But before paying, you can make the most of their free trial to test the waters and see if it is worth your time and money.


How Much Are Guided Projects On Coursera?

Guided Projects On Coursera

Guided projects on Coursera vary in price depending on the skill and project required.


Typically, guided projects vary between $9.99 and $49.99. The cost includes access to the instructions, project materials, and necessary tools or software you need to complete the project.


Typically, these projects are shorter and 2-hour long but more focused than the full-length specializations or courses, making them an excellent pick for learners to develop new skills or explore new topics.


Sadly, there is no trial window and refund policy on the guided projects. However, you can get a demonstration or a preview of the project before, letting learners understand the structure and content before committing to them. You can also read reviews to make an informed decision.

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So, How Much Is Coursera Per Month On Average?

The cost depends on the degree program, specialization, and course chosen. While some are free, others range between $29 and $99 per course, depending on the duration and subject matter.


Specializations will cost between $39 and $79 per month, with an average cost of around $49. Degree programs usually cost between $10000 and $25000, depending on the institution and program offering it.

The Big Question – Is Coursera Worth It?

If you ask us if it is worth how much does Coursera certificate costs, the answer is yes. It is totally worth it.


Since Coursera is a fantastic learning platform with excellent courses. These include degree programs, professional certificates from top institutions and universities, etc.


You will find a vast catalog that lets you learn new skills and boost your knowledge flexibly and affordably.


So, yes, it is worth your time and money. But please note that the quality of the courses depends on the instructor, the institution offering them, and the subject matter.


Renowned instructors in their fields teach some of the sessions, but you may find others less impressive too. However, you can browse through the rating and reviews to decide before enrolling.


Is Financial Aid Available On Coursera?

 Financial Aid Available On Coursera

Yes, learners can get financial aid if they need assistance to pay the fees. However, the aid is not available for all specializations and courses and depends on the country where you reside.


To apply for Financial Aid on Coursera, you need to complete the course application and then apply for Financial Aid on the course page.


You must provide information about your income, employment status, and financial situation to determine your aid eligibility. Coursera will review your application and notify you of its decision within 15 days.


If you qualify for Financial Aid, you will receive a specified amount of aid to cover some or all of the course fees. The amount of aid you receive will depend on your financial need and the availability of funds.



 Does Coursera Offer Any Scholarships In Its Degree Programs Or Otherwise?

Coursera Offer Any Scholarships In Its Degree Programs

Yes, you can find scholarships for the degree programs and some of the courses. These help learners who cannot afford the fees but wish to complete the program and boost their career prospects.


The scholarships will depend on the institution offering the course and the specific course or program.


Some, like the University of Illinois, have limited need-based scholarships for their degree programs, while others, like Google, have scholarships for specific specializations and courses related to the field.


Coursera Payment Methods

Coursera Payment Methods
You can find several payment methods to pay for the programs and courses. Some prevalent options include debit and credit cards (Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Play.


What Is The Refund Policy For Coursera?

The Refund Policy For Coursera
Coursera has a flexible refund policy that varies on the type of program or course you enroll in:


1. Single courses: 14 days of payment, but no refund after 14 days or if you complete over 50 percent.
2. Specialization: 14 days of payment, provided you have not completed any course in the specialization
3. Degrees: Two weeks, provided you have not completed any courses in the program.


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Final Thoughts – Is It Justified How Much Is Coursera Charging?

Reviewing Coursera, we can say that it justifies its cost with top-quality content, flexibility, and the convenience of online learning.It is not that anybody can have their course listed on Coursera. Coursera only has world renowned institutions & instructors working with itself.


Typically, the cost of Coursera courses is lower than similar programs in traditional universities. Further, the flexible learning format makes them beneficial for students who wish to balance studies with other commitments.


You can also get scholarships and financial aid, but they may not cover the complete program cost, and some learners may find the courses prohibitively expensive.


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