Is Udemy Python Bootcamp Good  – Udemy Zero To Hero Python Review

Udemy Python Bootcamp Zero to Hero Review
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Udemy’s Zero to Hero Bootcamp is a good value for money with comprehensive lessons, good course content, and an excellent instructor.


Anyone confused about whether or not Python Bootcamp from Udemy is worth it, will find this review helpful. Udemy Python Bootcamp zero to hero review  will discuss all that this course has to offer and how good is it. With a rating of 4.6 based on 445,703 ratings and 1,654,340+ student enrollments, it is one of the highest-rated Udemy Python courses. In a nutshell, this bootcamp has a thumbs up from us for its learning outcomes.


Priced at $139.99, it might be on the costlier end of the spectrum, but you can find multiple sales, price cuts, and deals that can help you bag this course at as low as 13 percent of the marked price. It is a detailed course that covers a diverse range of topics.


Moreover, you can find it in several languages like English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish, German, and Italian. Hence, students from across the globe can enjoy learning with this class.


In addition, the class appeals to all levels of students, from beginner to advanced. So, irrespective of the former knowledge, you can enjoy the session. All of this makes it a good course, but there is more to it than on the surface. So, read on to find the answer to is Udemy Python Bootcamp good or not.


Python Zero to Hero Bootcamp by Udemy – At A Glance


Cost $139.99
Certification Yes
Study material Detailed – 14 articles, 19 coding exercises, 155 lectures with 23 sections
Instructor support Available
Refund 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Up-to-date Yes (Last updated 03/2021)


Is The Udemy Python Course Worth It?

It is one of Udemy’s top courses for students interested in learning Python. This Udemy class is well-structured. You will find smaller lessons that focus on covering the main content without beating around the push. You will study with Jose Portilla, a proficient instructor, and educator who excels at detailing concepts and makes even the most challenging topics seem straightforward.


Let us read through the detailed review to help you make an informed decision whether or not this should be in your Udemy cart.


1. Course Content Quality

Here is a brief rundown of the topics included in this class:

  1. Employing Python to complete tasks
  2. Utilizing Python to solve to work on your personal projects or work problems
  3. Building programs and games involving Python libraries
  4. Working with image files
  5. Building a Python-oriented portfolio to land your dream job
  6. Fundamental clarity on the collections module
  7. Using Python 3 and 2 professionally
  8. Building Python-based games like Blackjack or Tic Tac Toe
  9. Understanding of advanced Python features
  10. Using OOP
  11. Building .py files
  12. Working with the timestamps
  13. Knowledge of decorators
  14. Using Jupyter Notebook and learning to build a graphic user interface with it

The whole course is 22 hours long. It is divided into 23 sections, and each detail a different topic. There are a total of 155 lectures. It implies that every lesson contains bite-sized video lessons that are easy to grasp, comprehend, and memorize. One of the finest things about this class is its crispness. But, the instructor does not omit any topic you must know. So, whatever you should know is summarized to give you a good background.


In addition, the instructor has detailed everything such that you understand concepts, regardless of your former knowledge of the subject. It is the reason why this class comes with zero prerequisites. You have a computer and an internet connection, and you are sorted.


Moreover, it is a hands-on class. So, you will learn by doing. Every session includes a comprehensive coding screencast. You also get a coded notebook corresponding to what you see on the screen. It simplifies the learning process and helps you retain better. You can enjoy this fantastic course regardless of the OS you use. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.


What’s more?

You will find tons of exercises, assignments, and quizzes that help you employ what you learned. Some projects encourage learning by doing. You can include the completed projects in your portfolio and amplify your chances of landing your dream job.


2. What The Student Reviews Say About This Bootcamp?

Here are some reviews coming directly from the students:

  1. ‘Course is really Fantastic. Detailed Explanation given for each Section. Also Hands on Exercise at end of each topic gives confidence after learning each topic. Milestone Projects makes to think a lot while coding. Tips are also given while explaining the homework overview. Solutions are well explained. Thanks a lot.’ – Kannan M.

  3. ‘Amazing course! Jose Portilla does a thorough job explaining all of the concepts. This is the first course I purchased with him as the instructor. Since starting this course I’ve purchase several of his other classes because I was so impressed with his teaching style and how well the course was laid out. I can’t wait to get started on these other courses. Thank you Jose!’ – Ashton F.

  5. ‘This course is very well structured and explained. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start learning python. Once you finish you can continue with other more advanced courses from the same instructor.’ – Benito M.

  7. ‘The course is too boring and there are no practical exercises, He teaches plenty of the theory but this is no Python zero to hero course. It’s more like Understand the basics of Python theory. The free 12 hour course in Youtube on Python is much better than what he taught.’ – Harish G.


You can see the disparity in reviews 1 and 4. So, while one student claims that the class is full of practical exercises, another states that there is not much content for hands-on training. From this, we deduce there may be ample hands-on material, but it probably covers the questions around the theoretical concepts. So, we believe that including more practical questions and exercises could unite the students on this ground.


Now, though review 2 is positive, it says more or less the same thing as review number 3. The instructor has covered several examples, which is excellent, but it is a Python course from scratch to base up with multiple Jupyter notebook examples.. Thus, diversity is mandatory. But remember, it is not a class on jupyter notebook.


So, if the instructor could include some IDE projects, it would help. It can help the students build a diverse portfolio, which can help them in their job interviews.


Regardless, if we look at the Udemy zero to hero Python reviews in totality, we conclude that this session has received 4.6 ratings out of 5, and it is not for nothing. Listed above are just a few of the reviews from the hundreds of comments this course has received.


Of the 1,654,340+ students who took this class, 445,622 students rated it. Fifty-five percent of the students gave it five-star reviews, which is more than half the students. Thus, we cannot deny not give credit to the instructor for his efficiency in impressing such a vast number of students.


3. Instructor Profile

Let’s look at how credible the instructor of this course is. Jose Marcial Portilla completed his MS and BS from Santa Clara University. He is a mechanical engineer and holds a long-standing experience as a trainer and an instructor. You will find a series of his classes on Udemy and other online platforms that deal with Python Programming, Machine Learning, and Data Science.


He also holds patents and contributions to data science, materials science, and microfluidics publications. In his long professional career, he worked on his data analysis skillset. So, with his courses, he aspires to use them in data science and teaching.


He equips the students with an understanding of data analysis and provides them with the requisite programming knowledge and the skills necessary to depict data visually and clearly. The magic is such that he does it most simplistically so that it is easier for the students to grasp.


At present, he works with Pierian Training as the Data Science Head, where he offers Python programming and data science training sessions to employees associated with reputed companies like McKinsey, Credit Suisse, Cigna, and GE Motors, amongst others.


So, when you learn from an instructor of that standing, knowledge, and experience, there is barely a chance to go wrong.

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What Did We Like Best About This Course?

Is Udemy Python Bootcamp good? Well, there are multiple things that we liked about this course. Here is a list of some of them:


1. Well-structured lessons

It is one of the most well-structured classes we found on Python online. All the video lessons are concise and brief. So, every new video is a new concept, which makes learning seamless. Students never have to wait too long for the lesson to get over. They can grasp one concept, memorize it, revise it, take questions around it, and then move forward.


It also makes it easier for the students to find that particular video session when they need to re-revise a specific concept, which would be daunting if the lessons were lengthy and bland.


2. Comprehensive coverage

It is a comprehensive class wherein the instructor focuses on all the concepts that can take you from the beginner to the advanced level progressively and gets you ready to build advanced programs like email sender and web scrappers.


3. Lifetime access

This class comes with lifetime access. So, even ten years from now, if the instructor updates anything in this class, you will have access to it.


4. 30-day moneyback guarantee

If you do not like what you learn, you can reach out to Udemy’s team and seek your refund.


5. Certificate of completion

Once you finish this class, you will be awarded a certification. It authenticates your learning on the subject. You can download and print this certificate or share it on social media. It amplifies your chances of landing your preferred job.


6. On-the-go access

You can access it on your TV, mobile, and laptop. There is also an option to download the lessons and view them offline while on the go.


Is There A Scope For Improvement?

There is nothing in this world that cannot get better. It equally holds for this Udemy class. There are a few small areas for improvement. These include:

  1. As stated, more practical exercises on topics other than Jupyter Notebook will be better.
  2. The instructor could try to make it more interesting.
  3. Including a few additional basic lessons for beginners could help, as some believe it is not for students with absolutely zero experience.
  4. The Quiz section contains questions and concepts excluded from the primary material. It can be frustrating for learners.
  5. The instructor should try to reduce the theoretical concepts and add more practical instruction.


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So, Is This Course Value For Money?

Yes, 100 percent! Though currently priced at $139.99, you can find this class at over eighty percent discount on most days of the year. So, you can set an alert and shop for it as soon as there is a price drop. Given the comprehensiveness and versatility, the Udemy Python from zero to hero review is definitely positive, indeed making it an excellent value-for-money course.


How Can You Practice What You Learn?

The instructor has multiple projects, assignments, and quizzes that can help you revise and practice learned content. Simultaneously, you can also take up freelance projects to put your learning into practice.


How Long Does It Take To Finish Python Bootcamp Udemy?

It is a 22-hour session, but expect it to take longer than that because you will also have to dedicate time to working on the questions, assignments, quizzes, and projects. But, it is a flexible, 100% online class. So, you can learn from the comfort of your home at your time and pace.


Final Verdict – Is Udemy Bootcamp worthwhile?

It is a comprehensive, detailed, in-depth class full of examples and practice questions. The instructor is responsive and will always try to answer your questions at the earliest. Moreover, there is a community forum wherein you can connect with multiple other students learning the same things as you and get a response to your queries.


It comes with certification and has lifetime access. If you can catch up a good deal on it, there cannot be a better way to learn Python from scratch. So, get-set-go! Hit the buy option instantly, and begin your journey of becoming a pro Python expert.


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