Data Scientist with Python DataCamp Reviewed – Should You Take it?

DataCamp Data Scientist With Python Review
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Overall, it’s a good course to get started with but you will need more detailed courses to back your data science learning journey. This alone won’t suffice.


Data Scientist with Python course is one of the top courses online for interested Python learners. It is a vast ninety-six-hour class with twenty-five courses and six projects. The diversity and comprehensiveness of this session make it likable and commendable for students aspiring to start their data science careers with solid Python knowledge.


Its lessons are intuitive and engaging and contain multiple coding problems that give you ample practice for what you learn. One distinguishing attribute of this DataCamp course is that if you do not know how to address the coding problems, you can refer to the hints and re-attempt it before jumping straight to the solution.


It is cost-effective and gives you good value for money. Let us get started as we do an in-depth data scientist with Python DataCamp review.


Data Scientist Python DataCamp Course – At A Glance

Duration 96 hours
Cost They have three plans:

  1. Free – You can view the 1st chapter of all the DataCamp courses in this plan. In addition, you also get one skill assessment test and three practical projects. As is apparent, it has its limitations. Hence, it won’t prove beneficial.
  2. Standard – In this plan, you can watch over three hundred and thirty-five courses, fourteen career tracks, multiple practical challenges, and unlimited skill assessment. The standard plan costs $12 per month.
  3. Premium is a costly plan at 33 USD per month and includes everything covered under the standard plan. In addition, you will receive access to over eighty projects, Oracle, Power Bi, and Tableau content. It also bags you priority support.
Certification Yes
Courses 25
Projects Six
Community support 24/7 support
Exercises Included
Prerequisites None


Is DataCamp Data Science Worth It?

DataCamp is a top-notch option for beginners. They have fourteen step-by-step career tracks for roles like Data Analyst with Python, R-based Data Science, Python-based Data Science, and more.


In addition, they have fifty-two skill tracks that help you acquire some skills like Statistics Data Visualization, amongst others. Each class is full of practical exercises and training programs. So, you will learn by doing. It makes DataCamp data science worth the time, effort, and money.


A. The Teaching Style of The Course

Often when you take any class online, the biggest dilemma you may experience is sequencing. Where to start, how to proceed, and like. However, DataCamp does its best to eliminate this dilemma courtesy of its Skill Tracks and Career Tracks.


It eliminates all the confusion and gives you a definite career path that persistently guides you and helps you decide what to learn and when. The instructor is highly engaging and intuitive. You can find several assignments and receive feedback from the educator. The instructor reviews the exercises in the form of points and scores, which makes learning very wholesome.


What’s more?

The expert breaks down the content into short, bite-sized lectures. It is the reason you will see most classes are only three to five minutes long. However, typically, you will find most videos stretching up only until 15 minutes across different modules. So, you can complete multiple videos in one go seamlessly without getting bored.


B. Instructor Reputation

DataCamp has twenty-three instructors associated with this Data Science course. While many of these experts are data scientists or other staff employed at DataCamp, you will also find some experts who work with reputed companies like,, American Efficient, and more.


In addition, a few professionals are also professors at renowned universities and colleges like Oregon State University and the University of Washington. Some of their instructors are co-founders, founders, and experts at prominent tech companies.


Hence, at DataCamp, you can find several experts with diverse expertise and skill base. They have a long-standing experience in the industry and share some trade secrets, which will prove beneficial in your journey ahead.


Three of our favorite instructors who deserve a special mention in our DataCamp data scientist with Python review are:


Hugo Bowne-Anderson is an educator, writer, podcaster, and data scientist with DataCamp. His primary interests lie in promoting AI and data literacy. With his work, he hopes to share his data skills with society and organizations. He also does stand-up comedy part-time in NYC.


Do not forget to check out his podcast, DataFramed. Sadly, he does not release new episodes, but his earlier episodes can give you an insight into the profession and field. A few courses from Hugo you will find beneficial are:

  1. Introduction to PythonIntermediate Python
  2. Introduction to Importing Data in Python


Aaren Stubberfield – He is a Supply Chain Analytics manager holding more than seven years of experience in data analysis and has helped many businesses find insight for their queries.


Currently, he manages the NA business for 5.8 billion dollar ingredient solutions provided for the pharmaceutical, brewing, beverage, and food sectors. Aaren is a graduate of DePaul University, where he passed with distinction.


He went completed his MS in Predictive Analysis. His background and industry experience makes him passionate about machine learning and data analysis. With his online courses, he continually tries to educate and learn simultaneously. A few courses from Aaren you will find beneficial are:

  1. Introduction to Data Warehousing
  2. Supply Chain Analytics in Python
  3. Joining Data with pandas


Kevin Markham – Instructors like Kevin Markham are a delight to learn from. He is a founder of Data School and regularly posts beneficial tips, tricks, and tutorials for machine learning and data science learners on his website and YouTube channel.


You can check it out to advance your knowledge and be updated about the newest industry happenings. One of the courses from Kevin you will find beneficial is:

  1. Analyzing Police Activity with pandas


All three of them, and even many others associated with this class, seem perfect in every way, especially in terms of exercises, explanation, format, content, and duration. Hence, we 100 percent recommend and advise you to check their content, even the courses out of this track.


C. Course Coverage and Topics

It is a diverse course and covers the following:

  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Intermediate Python
  3. Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office
  4. Data Manipulation with pandas
  5. Joining Data with pandas
  6. Introduction to Statistics in Python
  7. The GitHub History of the Scala Language
  8. Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib
  9. Introduction to Data Visualization with Seaborn
  10. Introduction to NumPy
  11. Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1)
  12. The Android App Market on Google Play
  13. And more


The diversity in the topics, gradual progression, and the right mix of theoretical and practical learning make it shine bright and worthy of our praise in this data scientist with Python DataCamp review.


Is It Worth The Money?

You must dedicate yourself well to the learning program, perform all the activities, complete the exercises, partake in the projects, and use them in your portfolio to amplify your chances of landing a job. All of this combined will help you get your money’s worth with this course.


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Can Beginners and Intermediate Learners Both Take This Course?

The course starts from the basics and advances progressively to the advanced concepts. They have made separate tracks that divide the sections such that anyone can learn with this course.

Where To Go From Here?

After you finish this course, do not stop educating yourself. Take more classes and advance your data science understanding. You can read the documentation and practice writing more and more codes from scratch.


It is best you do not get acquainted with completing the missing code. That’s not something that you need in the real world. So, try to learn and adapt the process and structure of working with data. Take up side projects and practice as much as possible.


You can also employ resources like Kaggle for datasets as you participate in different online contests. Your inquisitiveness can take you long ahead in your career.

Do DataCamp Certifications Mean Anything?

DataCamp is one of the most popular online learning platforms for students interested in a career in Data Science. They provide you with a certification for taking their courses. Of course, this accreditation can prove instrumental in your desire for a job in data science, but no certificate will be worth it if you do not possess the necessary skills to back it.


Without knowledge, this certificate is nothing but a piece of paper. So, we do not recommend people enroll in this class merely for a certification. If you cannot prove your skills in the real world, this certificate will do you no good.


Your DataCamp certification authenticates that you took a class to learn data science, but you will have to perform the skills daily to showcase your knowledge. However, if you ask about credibility, they are worth the time, effort, and money, provided you show interest in learning.
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Final Word – Is This DataCamp Course Good?

We found opposing opinions upon reading through the DataCamp data scientist with Python reviews. While some students loved the course structure and the diversity, others complained about the format of the assignments.


But what’s our take on it?


It is undoubtedly a long class, but it is helpful because it builds your fundamental clarity, helps you retain the learned concepts, and tests your understanding from the exercises and quizzes.


The absence of anything from these can shorten the course length but make the session less comprehensive and likable. The instructors are trained professionals. They understand that you can only get into the industry and excel there if you have theoretical knowledge and hands-on training. You cannot hope to leave a mark in your career merely by cramming the data science theory.


Further, the class does not have a steep learning curve. It goes steady and takes you through every topic straightforwardly to ensure you grasp things. But there is another side to the coin.


It is not the best Zero to Hero class for Data Science. So, you will need more courses after it to amplify your learning. Use this class as a detailed and thorough introduction to some essential data science concepts.


So, it is merely the first step forward, and you will have to build your knowledge further. Hence, take on side projects and keep learning further to progress in your career.


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