LinkedIn Learning Price: How Much Does It Cost?

LinkedIn Learning
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LinkedIn Learning has both monthly and annual subscription option. You can also buy individual courses but the annual subscription $ 239.88 turns out to be the most economical one for regular course takers.


LinkedIn Learning is an online platform with several courses on different subjects. With more than 16000 courses available, it is easier for users to get what they need and learn at their pace and schedule.


For all the interested learners knowing how much is LinkedIn Learning is an important aspect. So today that is the purpose of this guide – discussing the pricing of LinkedIn Learning.


Broadly, LinkedIn Learning has two pricing options – monthly and annual subscriptions. The former costs $39.99 per month, whereas the latter costs $239.88 or $19.99 monthly.


Regardless of what you choose, you will have access to their entire library of courses and earn a certification for every individual class you finish.


If you’re interested in exploring the diverse range of lectures by LinkedIn Learning, you can take advantage of their 1-month free trial plan.


It allows you to try out the platform and access a variety of sessions at no cost for a period of one month. After the end of a free trial, you can pay the fixed  LinkedIn Learning cost per month or opt for their annual subscription.


For teams, LinkedIn Learning has a different pricing model based on the number of users, with features typically designed for teams such as analytical and reporting tools, personalized course recommendations, and the ability to assign and track courses.


Naturally, the LinkedIn premium cost per user reduces as the number of users increases.


This guide will take a closer look at each pricing option and explore the benefits of each to help you make an informed decision about which one is suitable for you or your team.


Is LinkedIn Learning Free For Students?

Whether you get free access to LinkedIn Learning courses will depend on your academic status. Almost every major American university will provide free access to their students.


However, some will charge fees to cover the costs of higher education. Fortunately, some universities that charge fees also offer LinkedIn Learning courses in their offerings.


Presently, at least six universities provide free access to their students via LinkedIn Learning, but the number is growing daily. To learn which programs are included at your institution, check the official website and look for the details under the Education & Training section.


Please note graduates are not eligible for the free enrolment and will have to bear the LinkedIn courses cost.


In addition, you must complete high school before applying to colleges. Private schools may waive the fee for admissions. However, you will have to pay unless you qualify for scholarships or grants for public schools.


If you’re interested in pursuing higher education but not yet ready to leave home, you may want to consider other options.


Can Anyone Get LinkedIn Learning For Free?

No, not everyone gets LinkedIn Learning for free. But there is a loophole. You can sign up for a one-month free trial, which provides access to over 17,000 expert-led courses and other resources.


You must provide your card details to register, but you won’t be charged for anything if you cancel at least a day before the trial ends.


It is an excellent opportunity to try out the LinkedIn Learning platform with such positive reviews. If you cancel before the trial ends but later decide to rejoin with a paid subscription, you can continue with the courses from where you left off.


Interested in a free trial? 


Overview Of The LinkedIn Learning Price

Attribute Monthly Annual Teams Organization
Pricing $39.99 $239.88 $379.99 per license/year (Price may change based on profile and billing country information entered during Sign In or Registration) Depend on a case-to-case basis
Trial Yes Yes No No
Refund N/A N/A N/A N/A
Courses More than 16000 More than 16000 are available 16000+ 16000+
Members 1 1 Minimum 4 As many as you want to include
Offline courses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Certification Yes Yes Yes Yes


LinkedIn Learning Fees – How Much Will It Cost You?

You can review the subscription and pricing plans for LinkedIn Learning below.


A. Cost of Individual Courses

Not everyone wants to pay upfront for a yearly LinkedIn subscription. So, if that is your worry and you know the specific course you want, buying individual LinkedIn courses can be a viable option.


You can shop for the individual lectures at a one-time payment, generally costing around $35-$40 per course.


After paying for the course, you will have unlimited access to the classes, provided you maintain your LinkedIn profile and the lectures are not removed by the instructor. You can access the courses via a mobile app or website, letting you enjoy learning on the go.


Even though LinkedIn courses offer partial free access, most individual courses will need you to pay the LinkedIn Learning price.


After you complete the course, you will bag a certificate of completion. There is also an option for offline access. A one-month refund guarantee is available, but there is no free trial period for individual courses.


Presently, you can shop for 5000 LinkedIn courses on a pay-per-class basis, but in the future, LinkedIn Learning hopes to make its entire course library available for individual purchase.


B. LinkedIn Learning cost per month

When you shop for the LinkedIn Learning monthly subscription, it gives you access to over 16,000 courses. You will earn a certificate of completion upon paying and completing the course.


You can access the lectures offline. There is a 30-day free trial available for new subscribers.


But how much is LinkedIn Learning’s monthly subscription?


The monthly subscription fee is around $39.99, which offers unlimited access to all the courses on the platform.


But please note that the subscription fee is non-refundable except for the residents or citizens of the EU who are entitled to a 14-day refund.


With a subscription, you can learn at your pace, acquire new skills, and advance your career with the help of expert professionals.

C. Annual LinkedIn Learning subscription price

When you opt for the annual subscription on LinkedIn Learning, you will save up to 50 percent compared to the monthly subscription plan, as the annual subscription costs around $239.88 or $19.99 monthly.


With the annual subscription, you get access to more than 16000 courses. In addition, you also receive personalized course recommendations, the ability to earn a certificate upon completion of a class, practice exercise files and quizzes.


You also get the option to download the mobile app for offline viewing, and access to LinkedIn’s Premium Career attributes.


Even though the features in the monthly and the annual subscription are the same, you will see that the annual subscription is more economical than the monthly plan.


Thus, it can provide significant savings in the long run. So, if you are interested in taking multiple sessions across the year or wish to learn at a slower pace, an annual subscription plan will be a more lucrative option.


D. LinkedIn Learning cost for business enterprises and teams

LinkedIn Learning offers pricing plans for enterprises and businesses to unlock the potential of their teams via a wide range of more than 16,000 courses.


The pricing for these plans is based on personalized quotes, typically starting from $379.99 per license per year. The cost may vary depending on the profile and billing country information entered during sign-in or registration.


Beyond offering individual courses, you can also pay LinkedIn Learning fees for personalized e-learning options for teams and the entire company.


Businesses can discuss with a representative how online learning can benefit their organization by requesting a free demo. The content is curated and personalized to meet the needs of each employee and can be accessed anytime and anywhere from desktop or mobile devices.


By paying the LinkedIn Learning cost for business, organizations can provide their employees with access to high-quality educational resources that can help them develop new skills, stay up-to-date on industry trends, and drive the success of their business.


Payment Options for LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning accepts major credit and debit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. They also accept payment through PayPal and LinkedIn Learning gift cards.


Does LinkedIn Learning Offer Discounts?

You know how much does LinkedIn Learning costs, but if you feel the price is too much to bear, you can also get discounts from LinkedIn on your subscription fee.


LinkedIn Learning provides discounts to some groups of people. For instance, educators and students are eligible for a discount on their LinkedIn Learning subscription.


In addition, some companies provide their employees with a bargain deal on LinkedIn Learning as part of their professional development program.


To get discounts on LinkedIn courses, eligible organizations or individuals can sign up for LinkedIn Learning using their institution’s email address or through their company’s HR department.


Alternatively, you can also find many promotional offers from LinkedIn Learning across the year, which can be accessed via their email newsletter or website.


It is always a good idea to check the website or social media pages for any current discounts or promotions. This allows you to calculate how much is LinkedIn Learning after all discounts.


LinkedIn Learning Cancellation Process

You can easily cancel your LinkedIn Learning subscription anytime you desire. But once you cancel the subscription, the cancelation will take effect from the billing expiration date of the current subscription.


Please note you do not get refunds for canceled subscriptions. You can follow the steps below to cancel your LinkedIn Learning subscription:


  1. Click on the Me icon on your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Select Premium subscription settings from the dropdown.
  3. Under Manage Premium account on the right-hand side, click Cancel subscription.
  4. Click Continue to cancel.


After you cancel, your subscription will continue until the current billing cycle’s expiration date. However, you will not receive any refunds.


LinkedIn Learning Refund Policy

You do not have a refund option for LinkedIn Learning premium costs for monthly and annual subscription plans. But if you buy the individual courses, you have 30 days to request a refund.


But premium subscriptions like Premium Business, Premium Career, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Learning can be refunded within seven days of the subscription date.


Those residing in Denmark or Netherlands can cancel their subscription with one month’s notice and receive a refund for any remaining part of the subscription.


European Union residents can avail of a full refund within 14 days of subscribing, which starts on the day of purchase or subscription activation.


LinkedIn Learning Price Comparison with Other Online Learning Platforms

Platform Price
Coursera Pricing Subscription ($39-$79/month), free courses also available
edX Variable ($50-$3000+), often one-time
Cost of Udemy Variable ($10-$200+) often one-time
Skillshare cost Subscription ($15/month), free courses
Udacity Subscription-based model
Pluralsight ($29-$449/month)


You will find similar subscription-based models with LinkedIn Learning alternatives like Pluralsight, Skillshare, and Coursera, but they also have some free courses. On Udemy, the pricing is variable with one-time options. Udacity also has a subscription-based model. However, they focus on tech-related degrees and courses.

Final Thoughts: Are LinkedIn Courses Cost Worth Paying For?

At a monthly cost of $39.99, LinkedIn Learning offers excellent value for money, offering access to top-quality courses by industry experts.


In contrast to in-person training or traditional degree programs, LinkedIn Learning’s lectures have an excellent opportunity to learn from professionals with real-world experience.


Beyond learning skills relevant to your career, LinkedIn Learning lets you connect with employers seeking the same skills.


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