FutureLearn: Is it a Good Platform Worth Your Time & Money?

FutureLearn Reviews
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FutureLearn is a good Non-US online platform with accredited courses from Australian and UK universities. However, the pricing seems to be a bit on the higher side.


FutureLearn is an exceptional online platform with several online courses on different subjects. To be 100% sure about a platform before enrolling in its courses, you must have a look at its reviews.


The purpose of this article based on FutureLearn reviews is also the same. It is to inform you about the good and bad side of FutureLearn.


FutureLearn, for its quality, can be regarded as a reputable online learning platform. It has a user-friendly interface and allows students to learn from leading experts and institutions.


But please note you have several other options available in the online learning landscape with a better pricing structure. This includes platforms like edX, Udemy, and Coursera.


By the end of this guide, it will be easier to decide whether FutureLearn is meant for you or not


Is FutureLearn Worth It?

Yes, FutureLearn is worthwhile for taking up online courses. However, the upgrade cost for getting certified seems a bit on the higher end.

Factors Description
Topic Range FutureLearn covers topics like arts and humanities, business and management, health, science, technology, and many more.
Cost Individual classes – $39 and $99, Microcredential programs – $600 and 1600, Postgraduate programs – $3500 and 7000, and Subscription – $269.99 per year
Free Trial FutureLearn offers a free trial period for Subscription Access to ExpertTrack courses, typically seven days
Refund Policy Refunds are available within a specified cooling-off period, generally 14 days, for certain courses or subscriptions if specific conditions are met.
Certification Many FutureLearn courses offer the option to earn a certificate upon completion in the paid version
Accreditation FutureLearn partners with accredited institutions and organizations to provide courses that meet quality standards and may offer accreditation for specific programs
Institution Partners FutureLearn collaborates with reputable institutions like the University of Birmingham, Brunel University London, Cardiff University, Central Queensland University, The University of Sheffield, The University of Newcastle Australia, etc.
Learning Experience Engaging
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How Does FutureLearn Work?

FutureLearn is an online learning platform that offers courses on a wide range of subjects. It operates on a freemium model, where learners can access course materials and participate in discussions for free, with an option to upgrade to a paid certification.


The platform collaborates with renowned institutions and universities globally, providing access to top-quality content and expert instructors.


Doesn’t that answer your question “Is FutureLearn good?”


If not, then also, not a problem! Keep reading further.


Courses here are structured into modules or weeks, with quizzes, video lectures, discussions, and readings to engage learners. Learners can interact with peers and instructors through online discussion boards and forums.


The learning experience is flexible, allowing learners to study at their own pace. FutureLearn offers a user-friendly platform for accessing course material and engaging in learning activities.


FutureLearn Pros & Cons

Basis the many FutureLearn reviews, here is a list of some of the pros and cons associated with FutureLearn.


Pros Cons
  1. Sense of community
  2. Highly active discussion boards
  3. Excellent selection of online degrees
  4. Superior user interface and navigation
  5. Well-organized syllabus
  6. Accredited courses


  1. No iOS or Android app
  2. Negative Trustpilot ratings
  3. Superficial free courses
  4. Issues with the refund policy



Is FutureLearn Free?

FutureLearn offers a free membership option that allows learners to access course materials and participate in discussion forums without any cost.


But is FutureLearn worth it for free? Yes, but only if you don’t need a certification. However, it’s important to note that certain offerings such as micro-credential programs, premium courses, and online degrees require payment.


FutureLearns Pricing Policy – Justified Or Not?

Upon evaluating the pricing policy of FutureLearn, we accounted for the options available and the different payment models.


Keeping the pricing in mind, FutureLearn reviews have criticism against it.

Unlike the competitors, their pricing is unclear and less upfront. Nonetheless, depending on your chosen learning mode, you will find three main options:


1. Free: In the free plan, learners can view most short courses at no cost for the course duration plus extra 14 days. It lets the learners enroll immediately and study the course materials sans any financial commitment. But no certification is included.


2. Upgrade: If you seek additional benefits, you can upgrade your plan. Depending on the specific course, the upgrading cost typically ranges between $50 to $90.


Upgrading provides unlimited access to the class, even after its official duration ends. It also enables learners to take tests and obtain certificates to validate their knowledge.


3. Unlimited: FutureLearn offers an Unlimited plan priced at $279.99 per year. This plan provides learners access to multiple courses, allowing them to enjoy the same perks and benefits across various subjects.


The Unlimited plan is for those seeking an extensive learning experience on the platform.


So, is FutureLearn good for the price you pay? Even though the free and upgrade options have flexibility for the learners, it is worth noting that the Unlimited plan has an unreasonably high price tag.


The cost is expensive for the individual learners, but it offers access to expert-level courses, opportunities for discussion with fellow students, and hands-on support.


As for their online degrees and Microcredential programs, the FutureLearn reviews suggest that pricing varies for each category.


From this perspective, it is clear that FutureLearn’s pricing policy has options to cater to different budgets and needs.


However, the high cost of Unlimited plans and the potential investment needed for specialized programs must be considered when deciding on FutureLearn’s pricing and value proposition.


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What Kind Of Courses Does FutureLearn Offer?

On FutureLearn, you can bag a selection of classes catering to different learning needs and interests. The platform offers options ranging from short courses to more extensive programs and even online degrees that guarantee a comprehensive educational experience and aligns with your learning goals.


The FutureLearn courses review praises the breadth of subjects available for study. It lets the learners explore the different areas of interest and bag more knowledge in diverse fields.


As for their course offerings, you can pick from one of the following:


1. Short courses: Theseusually last two to ten weeks, with a recommended effort of approximately three hours per week.


2. ExpertTracks: FutureLearn provides 58 in-depth courses under the ExpertTracks category. These courses focus on specific specialist areas and help learners develop mastery of particular subjects.


The ExpertTrack comprises theoretical learning material with practical components to streamline skill acquisition.


3. MicroCredentials and Programs: On FutureLearn, you get thirty-one MicroCredentials and programs that provide in-depth knowledge in specialized fields.


These classes address the most lucrative and in-demand career skills and are drafted and compiled by top universities. They provide accredited certifications and formal online assessments.

4. Online degrees provide the most in-depth and comprehensive learning experience. Completing an online degree course from FutureLearn offers learners an internationally recognized qualification.

You can choose between master’s degrees or graduate certificates, enroll in the classes, complete assessments, and learn new skills to bag a degree.


Hence, from the FutureLearn courses review, it is apparent that the platform has options to accommodate different learning goals and preferences.


So, whether you seek short-term knowledge improvement, a formal degree, or specialized expertise via the MicroCredentials program, FutureLearn will give you the necessary opportunities to boost your skills and knowledge in different fields.

The Topic Range On FutureLearn

We find the topic range satisfactory on FutureLearn, as it caters to the diverse needs of the users.


From management and business to media, history, healthcare, creative arts, IT, medicine, law, language, nature and environment, FutureLearn encompasses a vast spectrum of topics.


That’s not all. It also has courses on society, mental health, computer science, literature, politics, engineering, teaching, psychology, science, and mathematics.


Hence, learners have ample choice and opportunity to delve into professional development and personal interest.


Is FutureLearn Accredited?

Yes, FutureLearn has accredited courses recognized for their authenticity. It is one of the much-liked features of FuturLearn and also the reason for many positive FutureLearn reviews.


The accreditation process involves universities and FutrueLearn to develop the classes, adding further credibility to the certificates. Thus, as a learner, you can trust the certificates acquired via FutureLearn.


Is The FutureLearn Certificate Worth It?

FutureLearn’s certificates have gold value and are accredited by reputed institutions, but the level of trustworthiness and recognition varies depending on the certification type.


Thus, consider the specific certificate program and its relevance to your goals while evaluating the worth of the certification.


Is FutureLearn Good As Per Its User Interface?

FutureLearn’s user interface is commendable. They offer an enjoyable and seamless learning experience. The platform’s seamless navigability lets the users return to courses effortlessly, even after a break.


This feature is worthwhile for those who may have fallen behind or missed lectures, as it lets them catch up.


Further, browsing through the catalog feels like a breeze, with their introductory page offering comprehensive details, such as start dates, course topics, pricing, instructors, and prerequisites.


FutureLearn tries to provide all the necessary information to the users, boosting convenience.


Hence, their user interface is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering an intuitive and smooth experience.


FutureLearn reviews are good and the platform’s organization and accessibility add to its overall appeal. It makes it easy for learners to navigate the courses to find relevant information.


Are There Any Options for Financial Aid or Scholarships on FutureLearn?

Sadly, FutureLearn does not offer scholarships or direct financial aid for the learners, but the platform has expressed an interest in providing such options in the long term.


While there are no specific details regarding the implementation or timeline of the financial aid programs, FutureLearn acknowledges the vitality of making education accessible to a vaster audience.


FutureLearn’s Free Trials and Refunds

FutureLearn offers a refund policy with specific conditions. Here are the key points:

  1. Subscription Access to ExpertTrack courses has a 7-day free trial.
  2. Refunds for Paid Upfront Courses and Course Upgrades are available within a 14-day cooling-off period if no tests are completed or certificates are received.
  3. Microcredential Courses allow refunds within 14 days after the start of the first course, with some exceptions.
  4. Refunds for Subscription Access to Unlimited are possible within a 14-day cooling-off period if no certificates are received.
  5. Refund policies for FutureLearn Shop Products vary based on specific circumstances.


What Do The User Reviews Say About FutureLearn?

Basis the FutureLearn reviews, we found that, like every platform, even FutureLearn has some positive and negative aspects.


Users appreciate the courses for being insightful, informative, and presenting valuable knowledge. The content is often concise and understandable, engaging learners and stimulating their intellect.


The inclusion of virtual tours and 3D reconstructions enhances the learning experience. Many users find the courses accessible and well-suited for online learning, increasing their interest and knowledge in the subject matter.


However, negative feedback revolves around issues like excessive course length, lack of relevance to real-world practice, difficulties navigating and following course materials, and poor course setup and organization.


Some users also mention that the content can be too simplistic or lacking in substance, and there is a perceived excessive promotion of subscriptions and purchases.


It is vital to consider that these points are based on a selection of user reviews, and individual experiences may vary. But we recommend you read individual course reviews before making any decision.


Who Can Use FutureLearn?

FutureLearn is ideal for:

  1. Lifelong learners who are interested in expanding their knowledge and skills
  2. Professionals seeking to enhance their career prospects and stay updated in their respective fields
  3. Those looking to supplement their formal education or explore new subjects
  4. Individuals who prefer online learning and the flexibility it offers
  5. People with diverse interests, as FutureLearn covers a wide range of topics.
  6. Those who enjoy interactive and engaging learning experiences
  7. Global learners, as FutureLearn collaborates with institutions from around the world.
  8. Individuals who value the option to earn certificates or qualifications for their learning achievements


Is FutureLearn a Value for Money?

Though it is a good prospect for individuals seeking accessible and accredited learning opportunities. FutureLearn reviews state the platform can be considered a bit overpriced and not a very good value for money.


Their tie-ups are also with limited universities from specific geographical areas and their upgrade option is expensive, just to get a certificate.


Alternative Options to FutureLearn

Even though FutureLearn provides extensive learning opportunities and courses, you will find alternative platforms that may be better for some individuals.


You can check out the reviews for some of the FutureLearn alternatives mentioned below:



Final Verdict: Is FutureLearn Good?

Measuring FutureLearn on various parameters, we can say that it is a good, fully legitimate, and superior-quality online learning website.


As one of the pioneering e-learning platforms from Europe, FutureLearn has played a significant role in elevating the reputation of Australian and UK universities globally. Hence, it stands out as a top-rated non-US-MOOC site.


Basis FutureLearn reviews, it offers a positive experience for learners. One notable aspect is its exceptional implementation of discussion boards, student forums, and peer-to-peer interaction, which foster engagement and student collaboration, surpassing many other alternative MOOCs.


The free digital certification also adds a valuable advantage, especially for economically disadvantaged students. Further, you also have a diverse selection of online degrees.


But, we cannot deny that it still has room for improvement such as introducing a smartphone app, reviewing the pricing structure, and improving the refund policy. We believe addressing these issues can solidify its position as a premier MOOC site.


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