2022’s Best Pluralsight Courses & Learning Paths

Best pluralsight courses
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Pluralsight is an Ed-Tech platform that offers several distinguished courses for affordable prices. These top courses on Pluralsight are taught by experienced professionals who have been pioneers in their respective industries.


In this article, we will discuss the most popular Pluralsight courses and their learning paths.


In This Article:

Some of the most informative and comprehensive courses lie under the following learning paths:

  1. Core Python
  2. React: Getting Started
  3. Best Pluralsight Courses for Angular
  4. Node.JS Developer on Microsoft Azure
  5. JavaScript Core Language
  6. Premiere Pro CC
  7. C# Development Fundamentals
  8. Algorithms and Data Structures – Part 1
  9. AWS Certified Developer
  10. ASP.NET MVC5
  11. Networking Fundamentals
  12. Machine Learning Engineering
  13. Data Science: The Big Picture
  14. PHP Development Fundamentals


14 Top Pluralsight Courses for Different Skills

1. Core Python

Core Python
As we know, python is a robust, multi-purpose programming language that is user-friendly and focuses on code readability. Here on this platform, you can check out 24 of the most popular Pluralsight courses on Core Python.


These courses by Pluralsight cover almost all topics on python. Some courses are for beginners who are just starting out, whereas other courses deal with more advanced topics like object-oriented design and code organization.


Courses included 24
Hours 42 hours
Paid Yes
Prerequisites Interest in learning Python.

Few of the best Pluralsight courses on Core Python from this learning path are:



2. React: Getting Started

React: Getting Started
This is one of the top Pluralsight courses paths on React JS that educate learners on building real-world React web applications. This path begins with the basics and covers everything you’ll need to know to launch React web applications.


It is definitely one of the best Pluralsight courses through which students will learn to design class components and stateful function components.


JavaScript component features along with features of React like hooks and side effects will also be covered in the course of this lesson.


Learners will see what it takes to deploy a React app, from the first line of code to the final production.


Rating 4.5 out of 5
Hours 4 hours
Instructor Samer Buna
Paid No
Prerequisites The primary idea of JavaScript is required to opt for this course which is one of the top courses on Pluralsight.



 3. Angular

Angular is a JavaScript framework that front-end developers use to design interactive websites and applications.


Angular is currently in significant demand and has become a necessary skill for developers.


Pluralsight has numerous extraordinary courses on Angular, which cover the content on core Angular 2 and beyond.


Angular CLI, advanced workflows and unit testing have also been covered in these courses. Listed below are some of the most popular Pluralsight courses that teach Angular.

Courses included 18
Hours 65 hours
Paid Yes
Prerequisites This learning path has been designed for beginners and therefore no previous knowledge is necessary.


The best Pluralsight courses on Angular from this learning path are:



4. Node.JS Developer on Microsoft Azure

Node.JS Developer on Microsoft Azure
These top courses on Pluralsight teach you the primary features of Microsoft Azure that one needs to use while deploying a Node.JS application.


The first course teaches the basics of the Azure infrastructure and how to deploy Node applications in Azure. The more advanced courses deal with more details of app services, software containers, Redis Cache and Content Delivery network.


These courses will teach you to successfully evaluate, design, build and deploy a scalable, resilient and secure Node.JS application into Microsoft Azure.


Courses included 3
Hours 10 hours
Paid Yes
Prerequisites Familiarity with NodeJS and related technologies like npm, Git and Express. You should have a decent knowledge of the command line as well.

The best Pluralsight courses in Node.JS are:



5. JavaScript Core Language

JavaScript Core Language
JavaScript is a high-level, Object-Oriented programming language that is used for web development. This JavaScript learning path offers you vast information on the subject.


Pluralsight offers courses that teach you the basics of JavaScript and advanced features like promises, proxies and reflection, employing classes and utilizing modules for code organization, etc.


Courses included 10
Hours 16 hours
Paid Yes
Prerequisites Basics of HTML and CSS are mandatory to be able to keep up with the most popular Pluralsight courses in this learning path.

The best Pluralsight courses on JavaScript are:



6. Premier Pro CC

Premier Pro CC
Premiere Pro is a video-editing program used widely by professionals as well as hobbyists to edit their videos and movies. Premiere Pro is popular since it is easy to use once you get the hang of it.


In this series of top courses on Pluralsight, you will learn about multi-camera and action scene editing techniques, simple and complex video editing, grading and color scheming, title sequences, effects, transitions and a lot more.


Courses included 10
Hours 24 hours
Paid Yes
Prerequisites Interest in video editing is a must to pursue the most popular Pluralsight courses in this learning path.


The best Pluralsight courses on Premiere Pro CC are:



 7. C# Development Top Pluralsight Courses

C# Development Top Pluralsight Courses

C# is a popular programming language to utilize the .NET Framework. It acts as a springboard to create web applications, mobile applications and websites.


These courses will start from the basics of C# and then move on to some of the more detailed features of the language, giving the students a whole learning experience.


This learning path comprises courses for C#, which will build the foundation for being a professional.


Courses included 16
Hours 38 hours
Paid Yes
Prerequisites Prior knowledge of elements of coding like loops and variables will be helpful. No prior experience with C# is required to pursue these top Pluralsight courses.


The best Pluralsight courses on C# are:



8. Algorithms and Data Structures – Part 1

Algorithms and Data Structures – Part 1

This is one of the top courses on Pluralsight that aims to make students understand the use of Data Structures like Stacks, Binary Trees, Linked Lists, Queues, Arrays, Hash Tables and their implementation in day to day coding. Students will be prepared for competitive coding and application building.


Rating 4.5 out of 5
Hours 3 hours 13 minutes
Paid Yes
Prerequisites To pursue these best Pluralsight courses from this learning path, you must be familiar with one or more programming languages. Experience with building web applications is encouraged but not mandatory.
Instructor Robert Horvick



9. AWS Certified Developer

AWS Certified Developer

Pluralsight provides this specific learning path consisting of 6 excellent courses. By the end of these courses, learners can build, deploy and debug cloud-based applications using AWS (Amazon Web Services).


This path will prepare the students to appear for the AWS Certification Exam and be instrumental to learning all the major services offered by AWS.


Building APIs with API Gateway, Monitoring Application performance with CloudWatch and X-Ray, AWS Lamba features, Edging assets in CloudFont, caching data in ElastiCache, and a lot more will be covered in the courses conforming to this particular learning path.


Courses included 6
Hours 16 hours
Paid Yes
Prerequisites Students must have a general understanding of how to develop web applications.

The best Pluralsight courses for becoming an AWS Certified Developer are:




MVC (Model View Controller) is a software design pattern or an architectural pattern whose main function is to divide an application into three distinct segments: the model, the view and the controller.


This learning path provided by Pluralsight comprises a handful of courses that will teach you about ASP.NET MVC. ASP.NET MVC 5 basically provides functionality to the .NET framework.


Through these courses, students will be able to understand the MVC pattern, use the Razor syntax, apply HTML helpers, reuse view parts, pass data to views, and so on.


Courses included 11
Hours 31 hours
Paid Yes
Prerequisites Fundamentals of web development, familiarity with C# and ASP.NET framework is essential.

The best Pluralsight courses on ASP.NET MVC5 are:



11. Networking Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals
Pluralsight offers 6 distinguished and most popular Pluralsight courses on networking. These courses will teach the students from the very beginning without assuming any prior knowledge.


The courses are divided into 3 sections: basic, intermediate and advanced. This learning path will teach you all there is to know about concepts like network security, networking management and operations and network troubleshooting.


Courses included 6
Hours 19 hours
Paid Yes
Prerequisites No prior knowledge or experience is required.

The best Pluralsight courses on Networking Fundamentals are:



12. Most Popular Pluralsight Courses for Machine Learning

Most Popular Pluralsight Courses for Machine Learning
This learning path has been specially curated for Machine Learning enthusiasts who wish to operationalize solutions to optimize the performance and scale of Machine Learning.


This learning path provided by Pluralsight comprises 5 top Pluralsight courses. These courses will take you on a Machine Learning journey that will include Machine Learning Infrastructure, data and feature quality processes, model formats along with model deployment options like real-time model serving and batch model scoring.


You will also learn a lot about Machine Learning models, their functions and applications, and Machine Learning interventions.

Courses included 5
Hours 7 hours
Paid Yes
Prerequisites Machine Learning Literacy is required to take up the courses in this learning path.

The best Pluralsight courses on Machine Learning Engineering are:



13. Most Popular Pluralsight Courses For Data Science

Most Popular Pluralsight Courses For Data Science
The learning path of this specific course focuses on Data Science and its practical applications. This course is one of the top courses on Pluralsight to venture into the world of Data Science by learning data analytics followed by exploring the Internet of Things and Big Data.


Finally, students will be taught about Machine Learning, its pragmatic use in the domain of data science and its fundamental features in great detail. Learners will get a clear idea about the tools, technologies and current trends surrounding Data Science and how we can put them to constructive use in the professional domain.


Rating 4.5 out of 5
Hours 1 hour 9 minutes
Paid Yes
Prerequisites Pupils opting for this course should be actively interested in learning more about data science.
Instructor Matthew Renze



14. Best Pluralsight Courses for PHP Development Fundamentals

Best Pluralsight Courses for PHP Development Fundamentals
PHP is a scripting language that is commonly used in website development. This learning path offered by Pluralsight (comprising of the 11 most popular Pluralsight courses) will assist the students in building a strong and clear concept of PHP fundamentals.


The fundamentals of PHP will be the building blocks essential to learning PHP in greater detail by acclimatizing oneself with some of the more advanced features.


In this learning path, students can expect to learn how to set up a PHP development environment, Object Oriented PHP, Sessions and cookies.


They will also learn how to work with forms and databases, authorization and authentication, unit testing with PHPUnit, files, dates and times, PHP design patterns, and debugging.


Courses included 11
Hours 20 hours
Paid Yes
Prerequisites Students opting for this course should fully be able to understand HTML and CSS.

The best Pluralsight courses on PHP are:


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Listed in this article are some of the most popular Pluralsight courses. Almost all of these best Pluralsight courses come with a certification. All important details that you might require to choose an appropriate course or learning path have been provided in this article comprehensively.


However, if you wish to know more about the courses, you can do so by clicking on the annexed link of the websites. These educative and top Pluralsight courses will be vastly helpful to you as a learner or even a professional who is looking to up-skill and keep up with the newest technologies in their domain.


These courses will come in handy even if you are an experienced coder who wants to learn a new skill. However, we understand searching for and filtering through the best Pluralsight courses available online can be exhausting, and we hope this article helps!


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