Easiest Way To Learn Angular (Efficient & Fast Training)

Best way to learn angular
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This guide right here will discuss what Angular is and the best way to learn angular.


What is angular?


From online banking to healthcare, social media to eCommerce, billions of people globally employ mobile and web apps for almost everything. These incredibly convenient applications come in handy in everyday lives, providing a seamless interface and user experience.


The question is, what makes these apps so reliable? Over fifty percent of the credit goes to top-employed frameworks like Angular that simplify the process of development of app creation.


The Best Places To Learn Angular Step-By-Step

  1. Angular Official – Best Site To Learn Angular
  2. Online Tutorials
  3. Courses
  4. Books/eBooks
  5. Read Informative Blogs
  6. Projects
  7. Apps
  8. Remember It Is Okay To Make Mistakes
  9. Join An Online Community Of Like-Minded Professionals


A JavaScript, open-source framework written in TypeScript, Angular is an incredible platform for when you have to develop single-page applications. Maintained by Google, Angular presents significant advantages while offering a standard structure for developers to work with. It helps the users create large applications if utilized in a maintainable manner.


What Should I Learn Before Learning Angular?

Angular is used for web development, but before you explore the easiest way to learn angular, there are some requirements you need to fulfill. When you meet all the necessary prerequisites, it is clear that you are in the right direction and ready to take the best way to learn angular.


Some top requirements for the fastest way to learn Angular are:

  • Basic understanding of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture
  • Exposure to TypeScript
  • Elementary clarity of npm (Node Package Manager).
  • Familiarity with the command line
  • Basic knowledge of Node.js
  • Sound knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Please understand you must be well-versed with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to work with Angular. But, beyond that, the other five prerequisites are easy to get your hands on.


Further, if you are acquainted with JavaScript, understanding TypeScript will come easy. Regardless, as soon as you compile all the prerequisites, you can get ready to start with the best way to learn angular.


The Correct Approach to Learning Angular

Below, we will discuss the best places to learn angular which includes online courses (paid+unpaid), free tutorials, and other resources.


A. Angular Official site and documentation

What better way to learn Angular than directly via the official website? It has everything from defining angular to using it. You can find several exercise codes and activities to practice what you have learned.


B. Online tutorials

You can find several tutorials to get you well-acquainted with Angular on the internet. We will enlist the three best ones:


1. An Angular 5 Tutorial: Step by Step Guide to Your First Angular 5 App – [Developers]

This tutorial presents you with the easiest way to learn angular foundation. But it leverages Angular 5, somewhat older than the current version of Angular 12. But, it is a good way to learn the basics and build an app to see your concepts in action.


Presented by Sergey Moiseev, a full-stack software engineer, this is one of the best tutorials to learn angular. You will be well-acquainted with Angular CLI, TypeScript, reactive forms, and components. In addition, you will also employ Firebase to create the Nginx and back-end to serve the app you develop in this tutorial.


Further, as you proceed with the written material, you will discover several things that will prove beneficial in your quest to become a top-notch Angular developer.


2. Learn Angular Step-by-step – [YouTube] 

Do you need the free yet fastest way to learn angular? If yes, this can be your go-to tutorial. In this YouTube tutorial, you will learn to use Angular efficiently. The tutorial has nineteen videos that guide you through basic Angular concepts and will assist you in creating a web app via Reactive programming and Firebase.


It is the best way to learn angular for free. Once you finish this tutorial, you will discover several things like DOM manipulation, RxJx observations, services, and components. In addition, you will make HTTP requests to acquire data from the API and render it on the Angular app. But, please remember, this tutorial employs Angular 4 and 2, but the concepts are more or less the same.


3. A Better Way to Learn Angular by [Thinkster]

Thinkster presents to you an excellent course to solidify your understanding of Angular. It is one of the best tutorials to learn angular, divided into twelve parts. You will see a brief topical explanation in every part followed by tick-able readings. Overall, it is an excellent class to familiarize yourself with Angular basics.


Some more tutorials for you: W3Schools, Simplilearn, and Codecademy.


C. Courses

Beyond the tutorials, some Angular online courses give detailed and in-depth information on the subject. Three of the internet’s best and the most well-reviewed classes are:


1. Routing and Navigation Concepts in Angular – Offered by Coursera Project Network – [Coursera]
It is a guided project by Coursera, wherein you learn to build and create navigation and routing user interfaces in Angular. As part of this class, you learn the basic concepts of navigation and routing, like comprehending child and parent routes, configuring routes, route parameters, handling invalid URLs, etc.


2. Angular – The Complete Guide (2022 Edition) – [Udemy]– Udemy is one of the best sites to learn angular. It is a bestselling Udemy class and undoubtedly the best way to learn angular.


Some things you learn here are:

  • Developing complex, modern, responsive, and scalable web apps with Angular 14
  • Wholly understanding the architecture behind an Angular app
  • Knowing how to use an Angular app
  • Using the acquired, deep understanding of the Angular fundamentals to establish yourself as a frontend developer
  • Developing single-page apps with modern JavaScript frameworks


3. The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced – [Udemy]Udemy being one of the best places to learn angular has many courses to offer. In this 29.5-hour class, a few things you understand are:

  • Establishing yourself as a skilled professional developer
  • Mastering the best practices
  • Building real-world Angular apps on your own
  • Writing elegant and clean codes like a professional
  • Troubleshooting prevalent Angular errors


More platforms offering the best courses to learn angular: LinkedIn, Pluralsight.


D. Books/eBooks

If you like to opt for the traditional best way to learn angular, books and kindle are great to begin with for some theoretical knowledge. Three of the best books we found for the subject are:


1. The Ng-book — The Complete Book on Angular – Also known as the NG-book, is the Angular bible and can be the best pick for anyone seeking a simple but detailed book on Angular. It is the book by the Framework developers – Nate Murray, Felipe Coury, Ari Lerner, Carlos Taborda, Nic Raboy, and Burke Holland.


2. Learn Angular in 24 Hours [Print Replica] Kindle Edition by Lakshmi Kamala Thota (Author) Format: Kindle Edition – Need the easiest way to learn angular? Consider this book by Lakshmi Kamala Thota. It is a book meant for beginners, sans any previous coding knowledge.

The primary idea behind the book is to ensure that everyone, with or without knowledge of Angular, understands it and has sufficient mastery over it. Once thorough with the book, you can create a live web app with Angular in only a few hours.


3. Angular: Up and Running: Learning Angular, Step by Step 1st Edition by Shyam Seshadri (Author) – Are you well-acquainted with JavaScript? If yes, this hands-on guide can be the best for you to get started with the Angular framework to build high-performance, web-based mobile, desktop, and single-page apps. In this book, you learn step-by-step. Hence, grasping concepts comes easy.


E. Read informative blogs

After you have acquired the knowledge from the books, tutorials, and courses, you should also refer to some of the best websites to learn angular. These blogs tell you about other developer’s journeys or insights to tips & tricks.


You might be able to relate to them and find several answers to the difficulties that you have been facing. You can find several informative blogs to help you delve deeper into your Angular knowledge. A few such best sites to learn angular you can refer to are:


F. Projects

Now that you have used some of the best ways to learn angular, it is time you progress further and work on projects to put your knowledge to practice. Naturally, you only get better at something by practicing it more and more. So, take some Angular freelance projects, collaborate with other developers, find a job as an Angular programmer, and get well-acquainted with the skill.


G. Apps

Beyond the best websites to learn angular, there are some apps you can use to get well-acquainted with Angular. A few of the top apps we recommend using are:


1. Learn AngularJS: It is one of the fastest ways to learn angular from elementary to advanced levels. Top professionals and designers designed this app. One of the best things is you do not need an internet connection to use this app.


Every topic, from Animation to MVC, is in straightforward language in the app. So, if you wish to crack some interviews, please download this app because it has several interview questions to help you land a job as a developer.


2. Angular DevPRO is one of the best applications to learn Angular JS. This app will assist your training and guide you to build an app in real time.


Other apps: Learn Angular 8 Offline, Learn Angular 10 PRO


H. Remember it is okay to make mistakes

As you work on different codes with Angular, you will make mistakes. In all honesty, mistakes are inevitable, and you cannot do much about them. But, use Google to find the correct codes for the wrong interpretations to learn and get better.


I. Join an online community of like-minded professionals

Lastly, who is better to discuss your concern regarding the right way to learn Angular than a community of like minded learners. Be a part of a community to continually be updated about the industry happenings, get clarifications on your doubts, and progress in the field.


You can join several forums and communities wherein you discuss your queries, get feedback on your work, and collaborate.


Angular Development Environment

Proper tutorials to learn angular will get you well-acquainted with Angular environment listed below.

  • Set up the local development environment
  • Install npm and NodeJs
  • Install CLI
  • Use CLI to create a new project
  • Use CLI to add new pages
  • Understand the architecture
  • Use Angular Modules to organize the app
  • Employ components to get the best UI
  • Utilize templates to define a component view
  • Share resources across components with services
  • Use external resources like API and database to help the app interact with the outside world


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How much time will it take to learn Angular?

Ans. You can be well-versed with the Angular basics in two to three months. However, it takes a year or more to acquire advanced knowledge.


Ques 2. Is it worth learning Angular in 2022?

Ans. Angular can help you with the framework necessary to build a fully-featured frontend app. You can never go wrong with the frontend framework. Hence, it is worth learning Angular at present and the years to come.


Ques 3. Which is the best Angular version to learn?

Ans. If starting to learn Angular, the latest version of 14.1.0 is most likely the best with which to start.

Summing Up..
So, this sums up our guide on the best ways to learn angular. If you opt for a book or written tutorials, always combine it with a practical approach. This way you will be able to practice what you read in theory.


If you follow these steps strategically, you will be good to go!


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