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Learn PHP Online
PHP is one of the most prevalently used server-side programming languages, which is becoming robust and increasingly popular over the years. It works excellent with databases and HTML. Hence, it is an excellent language for anyone who wishes to build dynamic web apps.


Knowledge of PHP can help you make ample money even from the comfort of your home. So, you can use this knowledge to teach students the language to make good money online or offline or be a PHP developer and create dynamic apps.


Learning PHP helps you build websites, web apps, or CMS, such as Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress. As a matter of fact, there is no upper limit on what you can do with this language. PHP is indeed one of the most vital web programming languages, and familiarity with the language adorns you with superpowers, which you can capitalize in the developing tech world.


How? Millions of applications and websites (the majority of them) are based on PHP. So, if you have the knowledge of PHP, it opens up multiple job avenues for you. You may work independently as a PHP developer or find gigs on platforms, such as Odesk or Freelancer.


Hence, making income with PHP knowledge will not be hard. However, to make this possible, you must learn PHP online. For this, you can enroll yourself in some good PHP online courses.


A quick search online will let you know that there is no dearth of PHP tutorials online. So, of the many available courses, how do you find the best PHP online training? We have done the legwork for you and have compiled a list of the nine best PHP lessons online. So, let us get started and address them one by one.


Top PHP Courses With Online Classes

  1. PHP for Beginners – Become a PHP Master – CMS Project – [Udemy]
  2. PHP with Laravel for beginners – Become a Master in Laravel – [Udemy]
  3. Object Oriented PHP & MVC – [Udemy]
  4. PHP OOP: Object Oriented Programming for beginners + Project – [Udemy]
  5. Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website – [Udemy]
  6. Building Web Applications in PHP – Offered by University of Michigan – [Coursera]
  • Bonus PHP Online Courses
    1. PHP: Getting Started – [Pluralsight]
    2. PHP – [LinkedIn Learning]
    3. Learn PHP – [Codecademy]


    9 Online Courses for PHP Training In 2022

    1. PHP for Beginners – Become a PHP Master – CMS Project – [Udemy]

    PHP for Beginners - Become a PHP Master - CMS Project

    Rating 4.3
    Enrolled 104,065 students
    Duration 38 hours on-demand video
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Instructor Edwin Diaz and Coding Faculty Solutions
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons The teaching style seems a little unorganized.


    At the top of our list is the bestseller PHP online certification course. It is one of the most informative PHP tutorials online. It is an engaging and one of the most rewarding PHP online courses with an array of interactive sessions and activities to make it more enlightening. Overall, it is a fun course with a lot to learn.


    PHP is not something you learn by reading. You require practice, and that’s the aim of this course. There are many training questions at the end of every lecture to better clarify what’s been learned. You will also be working on a project, which can be an excellent portfolio showcasing all the skills you know.


    Learning Outcomes

    If you take this course to learn PHP online, you can expect to get well-acquainted with many things. These include:

    • Creating a Content Management System, such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress
    • Using Databases
    • Learning about MySQL
    • Familiarity with Object Oriented Programming
    • Launching your application online
    • Learning to use jQuery + Bootstrap
    • Using forms to submit data to the database
    • Understanding of math in PHP
    • Email sending from PHP or using a third party Package
    • Knowledge of Arrays in PHP
    • Password hashing
    • Learning Composer (PHP dependency Manager)
    • Using AJAX for data submission onto the server without having to refresh the page
    • Knowing the Variables in PHP
    • Learning about PHP security
    • Knowledge of the sessions
    • Debugging a code
    • Knowledge of code refactoring
    • Using a composer – PHP package manager
    • Creating pagination
    • Using Bootstrap by getting experience from the project
    • Creating clean URLs and removing .PHP from the files
    • Understanding of control structures, major loops, functions, comparison operators, constants, sessions, superglobals, cookies, and sessions in PHP
    • Knowledge of API to bring data from the database to a graphical interface
    • Familiarity with working with FILES
    • Authentication
    • Custom search feature
    • Guarding your credentials with .ENV
    • Getting real-time notifications with JS

    And so much more.



    It would help if you had some prior knowledge of HTML before taking these one of the best PHP tutorials online. But it is not mandatory.


    Who should take this course?

    This PHP online training is meant for:

    • People with absolutely no prior programming experience
    • Beginners in PHP


    Review Anubhav S.

    The course is very good. After this course I’m able to make any type of website and now I’m very confident about my Web Development. Thank you Edwin Diaz Sir.



    2. PHP with Laravel for beginners – Become a Master in Laravel – [Udemy]

    PHP with Laravel for beginners - Become a Master in Laravel

    Rating 4.4
    Enrolled 46,679 students
    Duration 43 hour on demand video
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Instructor Coding Faculty Solutions and Edwin Diaz
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons The source code isn’t provided in the course lessons. Also, there are many errors in between that need to be addressed.


    Laravel is one of the most prevalent PHP frameworks. Today, employers globally look for this skill in all web programming jobs, and in this one of the best PHP online courses, all of this has been put together to take your skillset to a whole new level.


    But, what is the reason for the growing Laravel popularity? Once you know Laravel, creating complex apps is easy as thousands of people have created code. Then, you can plug these packages into your Laravel apps and make them seem better.


    As you progress through these PHP online classes, you will possibly learn everything that you need to build fantastic apps in the most streamlined manner.


    Beyond the theoretical learning, there is also excellent practical training to help you achieve great mastery over the subject and achieve the status of a professional Laravel Developer.


    Overall, this PHP online training will help take your skills to a whole new level. Moreover, the instructor is quite responsive. So, if you have concerns, you will receive a prompt reply.


    Learning Outcomes

    Taking this course to learn PHP online can be highly beneficial as the course has a lot for you to know. A few of the things you will learn in this one of the best PHP online classes are:

    • Building applications with Laravel
    • Laravel installation on Mac or Windows
    • Using Laravel
    • Creating, understanding, and learning to use it
    • Knowing how to use and install a WYSIWYG editor and commenting system/Disqus
    • Understanding Form Validation
    • Using routes and controllers
    • Understanding how to build BULK functionality and designing the CRUD on it
    • Connecting and using databases
    • Learning to create views and understanding what they are
    • Knowing how to use templating engine blade
    • Understanding Laravel Homestead
    • Creating migrations and knowing what they are
    • Learning about Laravel ORM and Raw SQL queries
    • Knowing how to use Laravel Tinker
    • Knowledge of file uploading
    • Downloading third-party libraries to add to Laravel
    • Deploying Laravel on shared hosting accounts, such as GoDaddy
    • Understanding of security and middleware
    • Knowing about sessions, sending emails, version control, GitHub
    • Creating a CMS like Facebook or Twitter



    For this PHP online training, you will need essential OOP PHP.


    Who should take this course?

    Primarily anyone who wishes to learn PHP online will find this course helpful. However, this PHP online certification course will specifically benefit:

    • People who need a web programming job
    • Anyone who wants to learn it all about Laravel
    • Students wishing to elevate their PHP skills


    Review Prakash Y.

    I had a good technical experience, and I understood MVC pattern and Laravel with PHP coding and programming. Now I can apply this course technical experience to my work projects. Thank you for your help.



    3. Object Oriented PHP & MVC – [Udemy]

    Object Oriented PHP & MVC

    Rating 4.6
    Enrolled 15,195 students
    Duration 6.5 hours on-demand video
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Instructor Brad Traversy
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons If you use the recent version of PHP,  you might face a few problems.


    It is one of the top PHP online courses, where you will go from step-by-step to build TraversyMVC, a complete custom Model View Controller framework.


    Across the course, you will create something like Codeigniter, but of course, slightly lighter. The framework is open-source, and you can change the name, add stuff, etc., and use it as your own.


    The great thing about this one of the best PHP online certification courses is that you will build the framework and create an app on top of it known as SharePosts, which will be a kind of a social network to share posts.


    This app will comprise:

    • Full user authentication
    • Access control for posts
    • Server-side form validation
    • Bootstrap 4 UI
    • Posts CRUD
    • Helper functions (flash messaging & redirects)
    • Deploying this app on the internet


    Learning Outcomes

    If you take this course to learn PHP online, you will discover many things. A few things you will know in one of the top PHP online courses are:

    • Building a tailored MVC framework from scratch
    • Creating a custom PDO class for database interactions
    • Completing user authentication with PDO and OOP
    • Base controller class for loading views and models
    • Creating an app with a custom framework
    • Deploying your custom PHP app
    • Core library class to load controllers & methods from the URL
    • Custom database library with PDO for all models for database interaction via prepared statements


    Who should take this course?

    This PHP online training is meant for:

    • People who wish to learn advanced OOP PHP
    • Those who want to know MVC



    This is not a beginner-oriented course to learn PHP online. For these PHP online classes, you will need:

    • Fundamental clarity on programming concepts
    • Basic knowledge of PHP


    Review Luis G.

    This course is great! The instructor really knows his stuff. It is on the shorter side at about 6/7 hours but there’s a lot of useful content to learn. I really enjoy OOP PHP after this course.



    4. PHP OOP: Object Oriented Programming for beginners + Project – [Udemy]

    PHP OOP: Object Oriented Programming for beginners + Project

    Rating 4.5
    Enrolled 22,154 students
    Duration 18.5 hours on-demand video
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Instructor Coding Faculty Solutions and Edwin Diaz
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons You need some experience in PHP to make the most of this course.


    Do you wish to learn PHP online but already hold some clarity of the fundamentals? If yes, this is one of the best PHP online courses for you.


    If you wish to acquire all the knowledge on PHP that can help you make money with freelancing, this is the course for you. Learning from the course will help you land a top-rewarding job and build dynamic web apps.


    Be rest assured, these PHP lessons online are bound to bring you a lot of success, primarily if you practice well and take the time to learn everything included in the course.


    Learning Outcomes

    You can take this course to learn PHP online. A few things you will know are:

    • New OOP techniques
    • Creating PHP OOP applications



    For this PHP online certification course, you will need are:

    • Knowledge of Procedural PHP
    • Understanding of HTML


    Who should take this PHP online training?

    This is one of the top PHP online courses for:

    • Students who have a basic PHP knowledge
    • People looking for an ultimate PHP course
    • Students who aspire to upgrade PHP skills and take them to another level
    • Anyone wishing to get a better job
    • Those wanting to make money with freelancing


    Review Madhura S.

    Awesome Course! Learnt a lot about OOP. Edwin as always a good instructor and explains the concept clearly. I have taken multiple courses already. Thank you!



    5. Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website – [Udemy]

    Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website


    Rating 4.4
    Enrolled 112,871 students
    Duration 4.5 hours on-demand video
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Instructor Eduonix Learning Solutions and Eduonix-Tech .
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons There are a couple of mistakes in the code.


    PHP is by far one of the most potent server-scripting languages. It needs a powerful but easily comprehensible course to break down all the tricky concepts of Object Oriented PHP to be thorough with it.


    However, the instructor for this course believes that it is not enough to be good at PHP; you must also be a ninja at how classes and objects come together to create brilliant but straightforward software. The great thing is all of this is simplified and imparted most straightforwardly with this PHP online training.


    It is one of the best PHP online courses because you will go beyond the theoretical concepts. In addition, your instructor will help you explore different physical aspects for adequate subject clarity. Overall, this course has been crafted to streamline how you understand and perceive OOP PHP.


    Learning Outcomes

    This is a great course to learn PHP online. A few things that you can expect to know with these PHP online classes are:

    • Building a complete website with objects and classes in PHP
    • Basics of PHP coding
    • Learning everything that is to know about Inheritance and Abstraction
    • Learning to deal with RDBMS within the OOPS framework
    • How PHP works with OOP to build a website
    • Understanding the concepts behind object oriented PHP, such as classes, objects, methods, properties, MVC, MySQL, Data Abstraction, Data Binding



    For this PHP online training, you will need:

    • Fundamental knowledge of JavaScript
    • Basic understanding of HTML
    • Some clarity on PHP


    Who should take this course?

    Beginners who wish to learn to program will find it an excellent course to learn PHP online.


    Review Rodrigo M.

    This course is everything I need to get started with Object Oriented Programming in PHP and MVC. It has examples for all topics. It really was more than I bargained for



    6. Building Web Applications in PHP – Offered by University of Michigan – [Coursera]

    Building Web Applications in PHP – Offered by University of Michigan


    Offered by University of Michigan
    Rating 4.7
    Enrolled 122,473 students
    Duration Approx. 31 hours to complete
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Instructor Charles Russell Severance
    Cons Several fillers are used in the course, which makes the course long.


    Next, we have the best PHP online training by Coursera. It is a 100% self-paced course, wherein you can set and reset your deadline at your convenience. This is course one in the four-part PHP online courses specialization – Web Applications for Everybody Specialization.


    To build on the knowledge acquired in these PHP tutorials online, you can take the remaining three courses from the specialization.


    Learning Outcomes

    In these PHP lessons online, you will learn:

    • Fundamentals of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • Basic web application structure
    • Knowledge of how a web browser interacts with a server
    • Understanding of the request/response cycle, including GET/POST/Redirect
    • Introductory knowledge of HTML
    • Familiarity with the basic syntax and data structures of the PHP language, variables, logic, iteration, arrays, error handling, and super-global variables, among other elements
    • Expertise to install and use an integrated PHP/MySQL environment like XAMPP or MAMP



    This is an intermediate-level course to learn PHP online. So, prior clarity of the basics will be appreciated.


    Review YY.

    Even being quite an expert in area, I still enjoyed this course a lot and learning quite much from it as well. Highly recommended to everyone who developed an interest to PHP and web-applications.



    Bonus Courses for PHP Training

    1. PHP: Getting Started – [Pluralsight]

    PHP: Getting Started
    This Pluralsight course will help you get started with the world’s most utilized server web development language, PHP. Your instructor for this course is Christian Wenz. It is a brief but genuinely one of the top PHP online courses of 3 hours and 23 minutes.


    Learning Outcomes

    It is one of the best courses to learn PHP online. So, in these PHP online classes, you will learn:

    • Basics of PHP
    • Undertaking special care when dealing with common security-related pitfalls
    • Getting started with PHP
    • Installing a web server
    • Processing form data
    • Building a small sample application
    • Clarity on authentication and authorization
    • Forms management


    Who should take this course?

    This is the best PHP online training for beginners with no prior language knowledge.



    2. PHP – [LinkedIn Learning]

    PHP – [LinkedIn Learning]
    Lynda or LinkedIn Learning also has courses to learn PHP online. They have created their best PHP online classes to cater to intermediate learners. Using their classes, you can learn PHP in and out.


    Learning Outcomes

    If you enroll in one of the top best PHP online courses by LinkedIn, you will know:

    • How to use PHP with a MySQL database
    • Using a CodeIgniter
    • Using Symfony, Zend, or CakePHP as your framework
    • Hard skills to create web apps, such as working with sessions, data, and forms


    A few of their trending PHP online training programs include:


    We included these tutorials in our list of best PHP lessons online because experts from top-recognized institutes and universities teach them.


    In addition, with these PHP online courses, you also bag a shareable certificate, which you can share on your social media or download and include in your CV to amplify your chances of landing a perfect job.



    3. Learn PHP – [Codecademy]

    Learn PHP
    Codecademy is another excellent platform to learn PHP online. These are some of the best PHP tutorials online to teach you fundamental PHP concepts. It is a detailed course and will need 25 hours for completion and upon completing this course, you will bag a certificate of completion.



    For this course, a fundamental level of clarity on HTML will be helpful.


    So, these are the top 9 best PHP online training programs to learn PHP online. We have tried including every detail pertaining to some of these best PHP online classes with this guide. However, if you need more information on any of the above-listed courses, you can click on the annexed link and read more.


    Be assured, regardless of the selection you will make, it will be a great pick. So, go ahead, and choose from these some of the best PHP online courses, to enjoy learning PHP from the comfort of your home.


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