How To Grow Instagram Followers?

How to grow Instagram followers
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Instagram is today the cornerstone for almost every company and brand, aspiring to have a social presence, increase conversions, juice traffic to the website, and interact with the audience. But, as a brand, it can feel challenging to start a new Instagram account. Hence, your priority is to learn how to gain more Instagram followers.


Devise some social media strategies to acquire organic Instagram followers. Naturally, the bigger your audience is the more opportunities to engage with them. But, the days of bots and buying followers are long over.


Even if they increase your follower count, they do not work long-term. The paid following does not make purchases, visit your landing page, or recommend your brand to friends and family.


Steps To Boost Instagram Followers

  1. Formulate a thoughtful Instagram marketing strategy
  2. Create and personalize the profile
  3. Post regular & relevant content
  4. Schedule posts in advance
  5. Have a unique style
  6. Focus on the SEO
  7. Write good captions
  8. Post all types of content – story, reels, post
  9. Use right hashtags
  10. Use geotags to be locally discovered
  11. Use apps to get more followers
  12. Video editing and image editing tools
  13. Tracking tools
  14. Post Scheduling Tools
  15. Design Tools
  16. Cross-promote & collab
  17. How to grow Instagram followers with challenges & giveaways


On the contrary, the organic followers will engage with you, and you can together create unique experiences. More so, Instagram’s algorithm updates regularly to eliminate the cheap-quality, paid interactions, and accounts.


Hence, it is time you learn how to add followers on Instagram correctly. Below, we will discuss a few tips and tricks on how to increase followers on Instagram. Let us get started and address them one by one.


How To Boost Your Instagram Followers?

1. Formulate a thoughtful Instagram marketing strategy

Do you wish to know how to grow Instagram followers? Start with the basics. It is quintessential to have a clear, concise marketing plan to succeed on the social media platform.


Of course, your objective is clear – You need more followers on Instagram, but having these followers alone would not make your account successful. It can be a part of the larger plan that aligns with your social media marketing plan and business strategy.


So, to devise a Instagram marketing strategy, you need to break down the reasons you wish to increase followers on Instagram. What is the purpose?


  • Do you want to increase the footfall on your brand website?
  • Do you wish to popularize your brand?
  • Do you want to increase the sales of your products and services?


Why is having a purpose essential? When you are attempting to grow your page, you need to inform your followers of the reason behind it. It will help you build a loyal following.


2. Create and personalize the profile

A vital step in learning how to gain more Instagram followers involves personalizing your page. You need to tailor the brand page to look visually appealing. When your potential audience comes to your page, they must instantly know who you are, why you are here, and why they must follow up.


How to increase followers on Instagram? Follow the steps below to customize your account, and you will see a sharp jump in your followers or at least a start towards it:


  • Have a recognizable and searchable username.
  • Have a public profile so that people do not have to ‘request’ you to associate with you.
  • Select a display picture, probably your company’s logo or the image you have used on your other socials.
  • Optimize your bio with informative, actionable, and delightful information about your company. These details give your potential followers a reason to associate with you.
  • Have a link tree in your bio if you want people to go from your Instagram to your website or other social media pages. As we stated above, there has to be a reason why you want to learn how to boost Instagram followers. Adding the extra links can help you serve that objective.


3. Post regular & relevant content

Why do you think people will follow you on Instagram if you do not offer them any tea? Hence, for knowing how to increase followers on Instagram, it is quintessential to give people what they expect from you. Use your Instagram to update them about the latest sales, price drops, new offerings, etc. In addition, every few days, you must also post some off-topic, light content that keeps them entertained.


Studies suggest that, on average, most brands make four posts in a week. However, we believe that you must at least post once a day. Naturally, businesses that post daily see the best results. The Tailwind study concluded that brands posting every day gained more followers than those infrequently posting.


4. Schedule posts in advance

You know an essential step towards ‘how to get followers on Instagram fast’ is being consistent, but it is not every day that you will find time to post. Hence, scheduling the content at fixed times every day can help with engagement and visibility.


5. Have a unique style

It will be easier for you to know how to gain more Instagram followers when people who follow your brand see it as a separate entity with a personality. They do not wish to see sales pitches. They want to know and understand your brand’s personality via the content you post.


6. Focus on the SEO

Most people equate SEO with websites. Of course, your website’s search engine optimization helps it get a better ranking on Google, but social media profiles are also a form of search engine. Instagram has a search feature that supports keyword searches. You can look for hashtags or accounts.


Hence, it is essential to be careful with Instagram SEO. How to grow Instagram followers by working on SEO? When you do your Instagram SEO right, you can reach more customers.


For a good Instagram SEO, you must:

  • Add location
  • Include alt text to the images
  • Use target keywords in the bio and captions


7. Write good captions

You cannot learn how to increase followers on Instagram without a good caption. It is one of the most overlook tactics but is quintessential when you aspire to learn how to get followers on Instagram fast.


Of course, you have put up a great post, but it does not suffice. You need to back it with good content. Everything you share on Instagram must have a long, detailed caption. There must be a few paragraphs of valuable content underneath every post.


Instagram has a content limit of 2200 characters, more than enough for everyone. Please keep the most important content at the top when writing the caption. It is what motivates people to keep reading.


Further, when your caption is long and informative, people automatically engage better with your account. They feel persuaded to comment, like, or share your posts with others.


Lastly, when you close the caption, include a CTA. Tell your readers what you expect from them. The call-to-action should encourage the audience to engage with your post.


8. Post all types of content – story, reels, post

You should be aware while learning how to boost Instagram followers that you have an audience with different taste preferences. While some may engage more with stories, others might appreciate posts, reels, or IGTV videos.


Hence, if you wish to walk a step further towards how to grow Instagram followers, you need to excite everyone that follows you and your potential followers. Hence, it is best to attempt all forms of content on Instagram. It prevents you from making your Instagram look monotonous and bland.


9. Use right hashtags

Hashtags work as the navigation system for Instagram. You can integrate the hashtags into your posts and make your content accessible to the audience. How do the hashtags work? How to add followers on Instagram with hashtags?


Suppose your potential audience views something on Instagram. They see a bunch of hashtags on their posts, and when they click on one of those hashtags, they see a list of posts, one of which is yours. So, they engage with your post, and if they like it, they may even share it with others or follow you.


On Instagram, you can add a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. But do not overdo it. Stay away from generic hashtags, and use hashtags that directly relate to your industry, brand, or content. Even though hashtags like #likeforlike and #followforfollow work, it is not sure that they will attract your target audience.


10. Use geotags to be locally discovered

How to grow Instagram followers fast? One of the definite ways to increase engagement and views on your stories and posts is by tagging the location. You can either add the venue where you took the picture or the city.


Adding location has a multifold benefit and is helpful for anyone interested in learning how to boost Instagram followers. Locations have an Instagram feed, hashtags, and stories of their own.


So, you can get followers from all these sources. It can be particularly beneficial for the local businesses wanting to be discovered by existing or potential customers in the vicinity.


11. Use apps to get more followers

How to get followers on Instagram fast? Some applications can help you get more followers. Most of these apps are free to use but can do wonders to your social media following. A few apps you can use are:

  • Getinsup
  • Instabox
  • Follower Analyzer
  • Kicksta
  • StimSocial
  • GetInsta
  • Followers – Trackers Insight
  • Socialfollow
  • Thunderclap


12. Video editing and image editing tools

Content quality matters a lot on Instagram. But, to click great pictures or shoot excellent videos, you do not always need an expensive camera. Having some exceptional editing tools on your phone streamlines the task. A few tools you can try are:

  • InShot
  • VideoShop
  • VSCO
  • ColourTone
  • Snapseed


13. Tracking tools

Since you have a business profile, you also need information on your social media analytics and statistics. You can use tracking tools that offer in-depth tracking and real-time data. Social Blade can be a good pick here.


14. Post Scheduling Tools

These can help you bulk upload posts, schedule, reschedule queue, or organize your upcoming posts. Tools like and AgoraPulse can help.


15. Design Tools

Lastly, design tools let you design your images for Instagram posts, stories, and highlights. Canva is one of the most widely used graphic design platforms. It also has custom templates to help you get started. If you wish to give your feed an aesthetic look, UNUM can be the best app


16. Cross-promote & collab

How to add followers on Instagram with cross promotion. It means posting the same content on your different socials to move followers from one platform to the other. It is an excellent tactic to increase social media following and lowers time and effort.


Collaborating means associating with a famous Influencer to promote your content. Work with an influencer from the same niche or field to make your content reach an audience that may be interested in your content.


17. How to grow Instagram followers with challenges & giveaways

Lastly, challenges and giveaway is another way to increase your social media following. It motivates people to engage and share your content. Challenges tend to catapult your account and make it reach thousands, even million potential followers. However, ensure that giveaways and challenges should be easy to make more people participate.


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FAQs on How To Gain More Instagram Followers

Ques 1. Why am I not getting followers on Instagram?

Ans. Some reasons you are not getting followers on Instagram are:


  1. You do not reply to comments
  2. You do not acknowledge the likes
  3. You do not use the right hashtags
  4. Your posts are of poor quality
  5. You do not give followers the content they seek
  6. You do not optimize your images
  7. You do not add captions in posts
  8. You only post promotional or gimmicky content


Ques 2. Why is it so hard to grow on Instagram?

Ans. In the last few years, Instagram has grown exponentially. When the audience has a vast variety of content available, they only engage with top-quality content. So, if yours does not match their quality parameters, they do not engage with you. Hence, it is often difficult to grow your audience on Instagram.


Ques 3. What happens if I post too much on Instagram?

Ans. Instagram does not limit the number of times you post in a day. However, it is recommended to have some gap between two posts, ideally, a few hours. Also, you should avoid posting too many posts in a go. When you post too much, Instagram sees you as a spam account and tends to block your account temporarily.


Ques 4. What is the best time to post on Instagram?

Ans. The best times to post on Instagram are:


  • Mondays – 11 AM
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays – 10 AM to 1 PM
  • Thursday – 10 AM
  • Friday – 11 AM
  • Saturday – 9 AM


Wednesdays and Tuesdays are the best, and Sundays are the days worst for posting.


Ques 5. Why are my followers not seeing my posts on Instagram?

Ans. Instagram’s algorithm is such that it shows people what they want to see. So, your followers will stop viewing your posts in the feed if they did not engage with your content in the past


However, Instagram also believes that if a person follows you, they may be interested in your content. So, even if the content does not instantly appear on their feed, it might get picked by the algorithm and shown to them later.


You can request the followers to turn on notifications for the content to get notified every time you post.


Ques 6. How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?

Ans. Even though Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags, you must use a maximum of five to eleven hashtags.


Ques 7. Why do my posts get no likes?

Ans. There can be multiple reasons for your posts not getting any likes. These include:


  • You do not post when your audience is looking
  • You do not put up engaging captions
  • Your posts lack quality
  • You are inconsistent
  • You have been shadowbanned


Ques 8. Is it good to like your post on Instagram?

Ans. It is never a good idea to like your picture on Instagram. The simple notion is when you post something, it is because you like it.


Ques 9. How to increase followers on Instagram without any app?

Ans. We have already stated the different ways to increase Instagram followers. This majorly includes focusing on when you post, what you post, and how you post. You can follow the guide above and grow your following.


This is all we have on how to grow Instagram followers. Learn, practice, and grow!

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