How Do You Earn Money On Instagram and Get Paid?

How To Make Money On Instagram
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There is no doubt that today most of the people are making good money using social media platforms. Right now Instagram is the leading online platform that allows influencers to turn their followers into big bucks.
If you do some research you will find out many content creators and brand influencers who have earned huge success on Instagram. However, it is not only about snapping and sharing attractive pictures on a regular basis.

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When you are wondering how to gain money from Instagram, make sure to learn some effective strategies. The two most important things that many Instagrammers have mastered is reaching out the right audience and influencing them.
Talking about it, even the most established companies fail to do it effectively. With powerful reach and influence most of the instagrammers are able to tap into the potential areas and earn massive revenue.
Whether it is about getting free items, making some extra money or creating their own empire. Instagrammers work hard to produce content that fits right in the interest of their massive audience.
In this article, we have given some effective strategies to answer all your queries about “how do you earn money on Instagram”.

How Many Followers Do You Need For Instagram To Pay You?

In fact, you don’t necessarily need a large number of audience to earn heaps of dollars. There are many micro-influencers who are able to generate better outcomes and good money even with a small number of followers.
Based on the findings of, Instagram users with more than 1 million followers can make more than 1000 dollars for a single post. Not just this. Even if you are a small influencers with number of followers in thousands you can expect to get a handsome money.
All it will take is learning some great tips on “How do you make money on Instagram”. It will help you reap great benefits out of Instagram account.

How Do You Get Paid On Instagram?

1. Grow your Instagram

First and foremost, you must grow your Insta family. Instagram users help companies and businesses to gain more exposure by captivating customers across the globe. That is why most businesses are willing to pay heaps of money to influencers and content creators.
As more and more customers are attracted towards the businesses they are able to make more money. In order to make a good start you will certainly require around thousand followers.
However, if your followers on Instagram is as low as hundred it will be difficult to drive viewers towards your product or brand. When you have a good number of followers then there are higher chances of getting converted customers. That way a lot of the audience will be able to check your content and get converted for your brand.

2. Start an ecommerce store

That’s right. When you find yourself thinking, “how to gain money from Instagram”, just get started with your Instagram shop. It is a great way to seek consumers’ attention towards your Instagram profile.
By integrating your online profile with your e-commerce shop you can help customers to easily explore  your brand. It will directly lead them to stories, posts, shop tab and explore  your product. With just a click of a button they can get to your store and also check your brand’s products in your app.
For example, if you want to promote a branded bag, just post a picture of a model carrying your bag. Don’t forget to tag products on your post (Instagram allows you to tag around 5 products per post. With this you can drive good number of traffic to your store and earn some handsome money for it.

3. Use LIVE Badges (for Creators in the US)

When you do live broadcasting on Instagram, make sure to use badges. By giving LIVE badges to your viewers you can help you build and create a huge volume of customers for your business. You can let your audience to select badges  from three heart levels on Instagram.
There is a different price point for each level, that is, 1 for $0.99, 2 for $1.99,  and 3 for $4.99. Check out the next point to learn about “how do you monetize Instagram.”

4. Build an Instagram shop

By creating your own Instagram shop you can capture the interest of customers easily. Simply integrate your brand online store with your Instagram profile. This will give them a direct access to explore all the stories and posts related to your products.
This is the perfect answer for people who are wondering, “ how do you make money off followers on Instagram”. You can tag around 20 items on a single carousel.

5. Write captions for business

Simply make sure to use interesting captions for companies and businesses. This can be easily done by marking the product posts as sponsored. Use captivating hashtags and clearly mention in your captions about the partnership with the brand.
You can also add a link or mention the brand you want to promote. While branding your content make sure to remember the related guidelines on Instagram. Read the next point to understand how do you get paid on Instagram for selling your merch.

6. Sell your merchandise

Isn’t this amazing? You can take leverage of your Instagram profile and use it as a marketing tool for your brand’s product. It is an effective strategy to make handsome money. To top it all the platform will allow you to advertise your brand for free of cost. Remember to curate your brand with a catchy logo, impressive look and appealing phrase.

7. Utilize Insta’s Bonuses feature for reels

After India banned TikTok in July 2020, Instagram launched its amazing feature in the form of Reels. Now this feature is available in more than 50 countries. The app now also allows users to launch full-screen ads in the form of reels with a time duration of 30 seconds.
You can earn Reels Play Bonus with Instagram Reels.Currently, this platform is competing with YouTube by launching quality Reels and IGTV advertisements.

8. Associate with brands on sponsored posts

Now, how do you monetize Instagram? If you are a quality content creator you can upload sponsored posts and link with various brands. Don’t forget to take a look at Insta’ limitations pertaining to posting of sponsored content. For example, you cannot do the marketing  items such as weapons and drugs.
However, you can find many brands who will willingly collaborate with you for their product promotion. They will want you to upload a promotional video or post related to their services and products.
This way you can generate customer awareness for their products and services. Depending on your current engagement rate and number of followers you can figure out the average profit earned.
However, be sure to disclose about the partnership for which you get paid. It is mandatory as per the guidelines framed by Instagram and fresh rules given by ASCI. There are several marketing agencies that help businesses to manage and process such type of sponsored deals.
As we have already mentioned previously, the average profit on one post is based on the rate of engagement and number of followers. Want to know about how do you make money on Instagram? Quickly read through the end of this article and drive good quality traffic to your Instagram profile.

9. Subscription Model

Creating paid partnerships using subscription model is another most popular way to get paid on Instagram. Start by producing attractive content exclusively for those followers who have paid a subscription of your platform.
These users get access through membership platforms and pay to get subscription for one month. The most popular platforms like Twitch and YouTube are effectively competing using this feature. Now even Twitter is testing a new feature named as “Super Follow” which requires a paid subscription by the users.
Another successful example of this is the famous platform Patreon. Last year a content creator named as John Bonini used Patreon and launched some really great content. This person uses more than 500 Patrons to give access to his effective tips and tactics on good content marketing.

10. Provide social media marketing service

With the help of Instagram you can also provide access to social media marketing services. So, how do you monetize on Instagram? It’s simple, by promoting your brand and launching new products on insta.
According to recent findings, around 130 million insta users are engaged in shopping related content. The platform gives you an access to advertise and sell your product in a friendly and authentic manner.
There is no need to take much stress and indulge in hard selling with the interested buyers. Moreover, it is an appropriate way to reach out to a huge audience with more than 1 billion active users per month.

11. Become an affiliate partner

This is another amazing option for adding some extra cash in your wallet. By marketing the services and products of other companies you can become an affiliate partner. You can choose affiliate promotional networks such as Commission Junction.
It will help you to capture a relevant audience and provide easy access to several services and products. You can use your Insta stories, posts, captions, bio and videos for marketing your affiliate partners’ services and products.
For every service or item that you sell, you can expect to get 5 to 15% commission. So, next time when you find yourself thinking “how to gain money from Instagram?”, look out for effective affiliate marketing programs.

12. Sell your pictures

Licensing your videos and photographs is another popular answer for “how do you make money on Instagram?”. Use this to let your favorite brand pick your videos and photos in return of some good bucks.
But this not a very simple feature and easy to use. In fact, some recent changes in the insta policies have made it more complicated. According to the app, it has valid, fully paid, non-exclusive, sub-licensable, transferable right about the content of its users.
You will find a variety of licenses on insta that will tell you to use your posts and pictures and also how do you get paid on Instagram for it?  This also provides full authorship to people on your work when you register your content on insta’s creative commons.

13. Monetize your content with ads

The next big question that many insta users ask is “How do you monetize Instagram?” So, the solution is pretty simple that is using IGTV ads. With creative IGTV advertisements creators can make good amount of money for their content.
It is another successful way through which  you can do the marketing of brands’ services and products. When you post skillfully curated videos you allow brands to advertise their products among worldwide audience.The number of views you get for your videos decides the money you will earn and this is known as Monetizable Plays.


Q. How many followers do you need to make money on Instagram?

Ans. Whether you are a content creator or social media influencer having few thousand followers is important to widen your reach. If you have 10K followers it will be easy for you to expand your customer reach and make and make an impact.
The amount you will get paid will also based on your chosen niche and concept of monetizing. If we talk about on an average you can expect to get paid up to 88 dollars for a single post.

Q. How much does Instagram pay for 1k followers?

Ans. When it comes to how do you earn money on Instagram, you can use the above listed tips to increase your money. However, when it comes to how do you get paid on Instagram per 1000 followers, you can upload sponsored photographs & much more.
Normally, you can expect to get $10 for 1K followers. But some of the companies can also offer you $800 for 1K followers. Learn about how do you make money on Instagram to launch successful social media campaigns and maximize your earnings.

Q. Can you get paid to like Instagram photos?

Ans. Of course, you can make some sweet cash by liking photographs. Just learn to get your posts sponsored by interested brands and make their services accessible to relevant audiences. That way you can use affiliate marketing and effectively sell the stuff for any brand.

Q. How do you earn money on Instagram without followers?

Ans. Even if you have no followers you can easily make good dollars using your Instagram profile. Remember in order to make handsome money you just need to successfully engage users on your profile.
Just make sure to effectively follow all of the above mentioned tips. For example, you can use social media marketing services, promote affiliate links and more. Read this article to learn about how do you monetize Instagram without followers.
If you wish to grow your Instagram followers, or get more likes, read up..


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