Top Free Spiritual Healing Courses Online For 2024

Free spiritual healing courses online
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Advances in medicines have led to establishing a connection between the mind and the body. In the last few years, people around the world have recognized the importance of spiritual health and reviving spiritual healing.


Energy healing provides self-healing to people by channeling the energy of the healer. They can alleviate the sufferer’s fatigue and pain, thereby enabling the body to heal by itself.


In order to facilitate, self-healing spiritual healers use several rituals such as crystals, angels, amulets, etc. Energy healing has become so relevant that even professionals in the medical field are advised to have expertise in it. Combining different forms of spiritual healing and western medicine could be transformational and effective.


If you aspire to be a spiritual healer and take up spiritual healing professionally, you need to train yourself. There are several courses for energy healing to choose from over the internet.


Our team, along with a handful of experts of spiritual healing, have filtered down from the myriad free online healing courses to come up with the best free spiritual healing courses for you.


Best free spiritual healing courses for 2024

  1. Learn How To Connect To Spirit – (Udemy)
  2. Question Your Reality – (Udemy)
  3. Connect To Your Angels – (Udemy)
  4. Forensic Healing Free Start Up Energy Healing Course – (Udemy)
  5. Guided Meditation For Spiritual Awakening Part 1 – (SkillShare)
  6. The Present of Presence – (Energy Healing Institute)
  7. How to Embody your Higher Divine Purpose by Becoming a Masterful Energy Healer – (Academy of Energy Healing)


Top Seven Free Courses and Classes for Spiritual Healing

1. Learn How To Connect To Spirit – (Udemy)

Learn How To Connect To Spirit
Have you ever felt that spirit communicates with you? Have you ever felt a presence near you? Do you ever feel that you have a supernatural gift or can communicate with your loved ones who have passed away?


Come and develop this innate gift of yours by enrolling in one of the best free energy healing courses online on Udemy. It is one of the top-rated free spiritual healing courses online, with a rating of 4.8. Close to 10,500 students have already enrolled in the course.


Rating 4.8 based on 700+ reviews
Learners 10500+
Instructor Emily Stroia
Duration 37mins of on-demand video
Certification No certificate
Improvement Scope A certificate at the end of the course have been better


This is one of the most recognized and comprehensive free online healing courses, which can be a medium to connect to the spirit. It will teach you how to connect to a spirit, common signs of the spirit, and guided spirit visualization.


This course comprises 37 minutes of on-demand video and is 100% risk-free.


Learning Outcomes

As one of the best free spiritual healing courses online, this course has a lot for you to learn from. Some of the things that this course will teach you are listed below:

  • Understanding how spirit connects
  • Basic fundamentals of mediumship
  • Learning what it means to be a medium
  • Learning to know the signs from spirit
  • Connecting to Spirit with Confidence
  • Learning a powerful meditation to connect to spirit



There are no prerequisites for taking this course. So, you can start taking the course without any past knowledge or training.

Who is this course for?

This is one of the best free online healing courses ideal for:

  • Beginners and intermediate level learners
  • Anyone who is interested in being a medium


Review Sherry Boroto, MSW:

“While the course was a basic beginner-level course, the guided spirit meditation was excellent. The instructor was full of light, and her voice was peaceful and soothing.



2. Question your Reality – (Udemy)

Question your Reality

Next on our list of free energy healing courses online is again an Udemy course. This is one of the highest-rated free spiritual healing courses online, with a rating of 4.9. Learn energy healing free with this top-recommended course on Udemy.


This is one of the most empowering courses, wherein you will learn everything essential for learning the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah.

It covers everything about Kabbalah philosophy.


Learn about the major ideas and practices of Kabbalah through this course. It will introduce major Kabbalistic works and movements and will examine basic themes of Kabbalah.


The ideas and practices are presented in an accessible manner to the students. The course comprises 1hour and 9 minutes of on-demand video that is available in English.

Rating 4.9 based on 450+ reviews
Learners 10600+
Instructor Kabbalah Info
Duration 1hr 9mins of on-demand video
Certification No certificate
Improvement Scope It could be better with a certificate of completion


What will be the course content?

Following topics will be taught in the

  • Introduction to Kabbalah
  • World peace
  • Meaning of life, the concept of incarnation
  • Freedom of will
  • Science of Kabbalah


Learning Outcomes

As it is one of the top-recommended free energy healing courses online, it helps you in:

  • Understanding the nature of our existence.
  • Exploring spirituality, the meaning of life, and mankind’s role with his environment.
  • Discovering your inner world and your unlimited potential.



This is one of the internet’s favorite free spiritual healing courses online. There are absolutely no prerequisites for this course. It is a beginner-level course.


Review Van Tran:

I recommend everyone to take this course. Very interesting and thought-provoking.



3. Connect to Your Angels – (Udemy)

Connect to Your Angels

Get a new awareness of angels and find ways to connect to spiritual realms with one of the best free energy healing courses online on Udemy. This is another top-rated course on Udemy with a rating of 4.4.


This 30-minute quick course will offer you valuable information about angels. It is an informative course that is designed to give a quick lesson on connecting to your angels.


Through the course, you will learn about guardian angels and archangels. The instructor will show you how you can receive guidance from angels.


By the end of this course, you will find more meaning in life. Knowing about spiritual development will help you become more successful in life.


Rating 4.4 based on 250+ reviews
Learners 4900+
Instructor Minister Kimberly Holmes
Duration 38mins of on-demand video
Certification No certificate
Improvement Scope The course is very brief. A little more detail could be better.


Learning Outcomes

Learn energy healing free with this top recommended course in Udemy.

  • Spiritual guidance from guardian angels
  • Introduction to angels
  • How to connect to angels through prayers and meditation
  • Getting guidance from angels using picture cards



There are no perquisites to learn this course. You just need a computer and 40 minutes of your time. It is a beginner-level course in which anyone can get enrolled free of cost.


Review SLisa Patricia Wall:

“This has reminded me how much the angels are connected to me and my life. Lovely Course



4. Forensic Healing Free Start up Energy Healing Course – (Udemy)

Forensic Healing Free Start up Energy Healing Course

Learn energy healing free with one of the bestselling free spiritual healing courses online from Udemy. This course will take you through a step-by-step process to find the real cause behind any condition.


It will help you find your negative life patterns and activate the energies required for healing. Forensic healing identifies your past traumas, stresses, conditioning, energetic damage that causes you pain, stress, and suffering.


This course uses advanced remedial pathways to clear the blocks from your energy field, which liberates you from your condition. 


Rating 4.4 based on 800+ reviews
Learners 16090+
Instructor Marisa Russo
Duration 2hr 10mins of on-demand video
Certification No certificate
Improvement Scope It could be better with a certificate of completion and better audio quality


This course is a beginner-level course. By the end of the course, you will discover to remove stubborn blocks that are holding you back with your relationships, health, and finances. It will also teach you three different pathways to healing. You will learn some secrets to experience the real power of healing.


Learning Outcomes

This course is a top-recommended course in energy healing and it will teach you the following:

  • Understand energy healing to find the causes of all conditions and life problems
  • Addressing negative life patterns and the time(in terms of age) & reasons for it
  • Feel the energy and use a biofeedback mechanism to obtain relevant information for healing
  • Know that your body can self-heal
  • Dealing with suppressed emotions
  • Utilize a healing pathway guide in healing sessions
  • To master the skill of reading energy fields


What will be the course content?

  • Basic levels of different aspects of healing
  • Chakra healing



  • A volunteer to practice with. Time and willingness to complete exercises and workbook
  • Optional massage table or a kitchen table
  • Desire to feel and connect with the energy


Are these the best free spiritual healing courses for you?

  • Anyone wanting to learn to heal or understand the basics of reading energy fields
  • Beginners, intermediate, or advanced students interested in energy healing
  • Women learners
  • Anyone wanting to connect themselves more and feel the energy
  • Anyone wanting a life skill to heal themselves naturally and others


Review Sarah Viola:

“Thanks for this course, I had the ability to dive in to forensic healing and would like to know more. I am very grateful for being able to attend this for free and get a good overview about Marisas work. It’s wonderful! 🙂



5. Guided meditation for spiritual awakening Part 1 – (SkillShare)

Guided meditation for spiritual awakening Part 1

This is a focused meditation course concentrating on universal virtues that raise the personal vibration for a spiritual awakening.

Designed by a four-time award-winning author, the course aims to provide an increase in awareness by connecting to the life force energy. It will help you become the greatest version of who you are meant to be.

The course comprises deep meditations designed to awaken the spirit within yourself. Lifeforce is transmitted in each meditation. Video lectures, and guided meditations help get a profound sense of inner awareness.

It will help you acquire tools that can be used for the rest of your life. The course is ideal for learners of all levels. One can also aid it with a sound healing certification online, whereby one uses sound as a tool to heal and repair.


Rating 92% learners claim that this course exceeded their expectation
Learners 1313
Level Beginner to advanced (All-levels)
Instructor Joseph Drumheller


What will be the course content?

Some of the things you will learn via this course are:

  • Meditation and deep relaxation techniques for spiritual awakening
  • Raise personal vibration through the experience of compassion, self-acceptance, gratitude, and forgiveness
  • Feel your chakras and release the kundalini



6. The Present of Presence – (Energy Healing Institute)

The Present of Presence
The Energy Healing Institute is a sanctuary for those seeking powerful practices for working with energy like the aura, chakras, astral and etheric bodies. Whether it is for your own healing or for your clients, the Energy Healing Institute offers rich courses for learners of all levels for practicing energy healing.


Professional practitioners and individuals can learn energy healing free via a plethora of courses available on this platform through live sessions.

With an experience of 25 years in energy healing, the tutor will help you align your lifestyle with spiritual and scientific methods of physical and mental well-being.


All the free spiritual healing courses offered here are categorized as per the types of healing methods. If you are unsure which one to join, you can also sign up for a free session to check if a course in energy healing will work for you.


Instructor Jill Leigh
Type Prerecorded video lessons
Course materials A downloadable meditation guide, presentations, info on Astral chakras
Topics covered Your Astral Chakras


Two Etheric Chakras

Setting Chakras

Getting Grounded

Prerequisites None


The free course walks you through a guided process to set your chakras and help you become who you are. With the help of the practices that you learn through this course, you will be able to organize your energy in the present moment and find your way to more real engagement with your life.


The institute also offers master classes for professionals to heal their clients. All the courses in energy healing that are offered by the institute are suitable for learners of all levels.


You may want to check their paid courses for spiritual healing too:


These free energy healing courses online will help to clear stagnant energy blocks and, through better connection, will help you take care of yourself. By the end of these courses, you will learn methods to work on your chakras and evolve consciousness for a better life.



7. How to Embody your Higher Divine Purpose by Becoming a Masterful Energy Healer – (Academy of Energy Healing)

How to Embody your Higher Divine Purpose by Becoming a Masterful Energy Healer
If you wish to learn energy healing free, then this master class by the Academy of Energy Healing is perfect for you. It will introduce you to the principles of energy healing and tools that you can practice with for the rest of your life.


This class will help you add value to your spiritual growth and will help you discover and share your healing gifts with the world to help others. Apart from the free masterclass, the academy offers a plethora of energy healing courses for you to choose from.


Learners will also be rewarded with Energy Healing Practitioner Certification accredited by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.


You can also secure lifetime access to the online portal and library of energy healing resources. As a bonus, you will also get a chance to undertake Reiki teacher certification.


On this platform, you also get access to free healing activations, which are short calming videos for inner healing.


Instructor Ahtayaa Leigh, Jacquie Cooper
Certificate Provided Yes
Self-paced No


Learning Outcomes

Some of the things you will learn via these free spiritual healing courses by the Academy of Energy Healing are:

  • Energy healing
  • The roles and responsibilities of a healer
  • Ways to develop your energy and keep it clean
  • Pranic healing, Quantum Touch, Qi Gong, Distant healing, SHEN Therapy, Intuitive healing, healing meditation
  • Acupressure points
  • The chakras
  • The Auras
  • The Meridian System
  • The five elements of healing
  • Reiki
  • Hatsurei-HO meditation


Who is this course for?

All the spiritual healing courses by the Academy of Energy Healing can be taken up by:

  • Yoga gurus, coaches, and counselors, medical practitioners, or therapists who wish to learn energy healing.
  • Existing energy healers
  • Anyone who wants internationally recognized certification in energy healing
  • Individuals who want to create peace, harmony, and balance in life


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This will help you gain more information about these free online healing courses and aid in making an informed decision.


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Lastly, all the courses on our list are the best energy healing courses that you will not regret enrolling in.


Top Spiritual Healing Courses is rated 4.6 and reviewed by 14Spiritual Experts & 35+ Spiritual Classes Students

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