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Do you not want to settle for average skills and abilities and wish to learn from a pro? Do you wish to shorten the learning curve dramatically and learn the secrets to pro martial arts?


If you desire to know the best aspects of martial arts, you need to enroll yourself in the best online martial arts training. The internet has a plethora of online courses to learn martial arts online.


From the available martial arts training programs, how do you find that is ideal for you? Fret no more. We did some research and have shortlisted nine of the best martial arts online courses for you.


These have been picked by world-class martial arts experts and are designed to help you be a pro martial arts expert. Now, let us get started and address these courses one by one.


Top Courses and Classes for Martial Arts

  1. Flips & Kicks! A Beginners Guide to Martial Arts Acrobatics – [Udemy]
  2. Hack The Worlds Best Martial Arts And Pressure Points – [Udemy]
  3. Learn to “Kick Like a Black Belt” for All Levels – [Udemy]
  4. Better Your Martial Arts Training Through Jishu Geiko – [Udemy]
  • Bonus Best Martial Arts Online Courses
    1. Online Martial Arts Classes – [Skillshare]
    2. Learn Martial Arts In The Comfort Of Your Own Home – [Global Martial Arts University]
    3. Martial Arts Classes – [Tiger Crane Kung Fu]
    4. Black Belt At Home – Offered by GMAU – [Black Belt at Home]
    5. Online Martial Arts Training – [James Martial Arts Training]


    9 Well Received Martial Arts Training Lessons & Tutorials

    1. Flips & Kicks! A Beginners Guide to Martial Arts Acrobatics – [Udemy]

    Flips & Kicks! A Beginners Guide to Martial Arts Acrobatics

    Of course, when you go around looking, you can find a myriad of courses to learn tricking. However, finding the most comprehensive courses for beginners might be the challenging part. If that has been your desire, this is the right online martial arts classes for you.


    A fantastic and likable thing about this martial arts course is that all the tutorials and lessons are built on one another. More so, you will also have access to direct instructor feedback.


    Rating 4.6
    Enrolled 5,979 students
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Instructor Inauen Thomas
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Duration 2 hours on-demand video
    Cons The instructor can work a bit on their language and accent.


    Learning Outcomes

    Some things to learn in this online martial arts training program are:

    • Knowing what tricking is
    • Understanding what Martial Arts Acrobatics is
    • Knowing the elements of Martial Arts Acrobatics
    • Understanding everything that you must know about body warm up to avoid injuries
    • Knowing the different exercises for warm-ups
    • Learning the right exercises for different body parts and knowing when to do which exercise
    • Learning to train safely
    • Performing basic kicks
    • Becoming flexible
    • Performing your first ever flips
    • Learning to have complete control over your body
    • Tips for training safely
    • Learning to combine various tricks and doing your first Tricking-Combo`s
    • Everything vital associated with Martial arts
    • Advanced martial arts tricks



    These classes are designed for beginners. Although, of course, having some prior training experience will be helpful, it is not vital.


    But, see the fact of the matter is if you are someone with zero experience, you are bound to be confused as several methods unfold to you.


    Further, you must have access to a training facility, such as a dojo or a gymnastic gym, as soft crash and ground mats are vital for performing what you learn.


    Who should take this course?

    These are the best online martial arts classes meant for:

    • Dancers, Stuntmen, Traceurs, and Freerunners
    • Students who wish to train in martial arts and aerobics movements
    • Trickers, Martial Artists, Acrobats, Artists, Fitness & Training Enthusiasts


    Review Claudia N:

    It has really good explanations. The videos show every step of the motions/kicks and how to connect each of them into the final trick. I love it! Awesome course 🙂



    2. Hack The Worlds Best Martial Arts And Pressure Points – [Udemy]

    Hack The Worlds Best Martial Arts And Pressure Points
    If you aspire to learn martial arts online without spending two decades, this is the best course for you. However, please understand, it is not a magic bullet. You will have to put in ample practice to learn martial arts skills.


    Nevertheless, this is the best martial arts online course, and the reviews prove likewise.


    Rating 5
    Enrolled 796 students
    Duration 1.5 hours on-demand video
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Certification Yes
    Paid Yes
    Instructor Lee Mainprize
    Cons The course can be made more comprehensive.


    Learning Outcomes

    This is the best online martial arts training and will teach you an array of things. These include:

    • Close quarter fighting system in its ancient form, which aids in finishing any fight on the street in a blink
    • Some incredible pressure point skills – using the two simple taps onto the head to send your opponent, regardless of how big they may be.
    • Developing the human ability to withstand any blows, regardless of how powerful you are
    • Knowledge of the three-point attack system
    • Brutal power in the elbow strikes
    • Different stick fighting methods
    • A rare form exposed under the risk of a Death Oath
    • Learning the strongest defensive shape ever known to mankind
    • Creating massive power in your strikes
    • Developing the 360-degree fighting vision to combat attacks from every angle
    • Distorting your opponent’s distance so they can foresee your attacks
    • Howitzer of a perfect punch for a close-quarter fighting
    • Wielding a heavy weapon like a baseball, axe handle, or a cricket bat
    • Comprehending what your opponent is possibly thinking
    • Eliminating the fight and luck well in time



    This is one of the best online martial arts classes with zero prerequisites.


    Who should take this course?

    This is the right online martial arts training for anyone who aspires to learn the most effective and devastating skill in the least amount of time.


    Review Andrew McGillivray:

    I was sold from the moment Mr. Sykes said at the end of the first video, “The exercise is the martial art.” The course covers both external and internal aspects. i look forward to feeling the improvement as I continue to practice.



    3. Learn to “Kick Like a Black Belt” for All Levels – [Udemy]

    Learn to Kick Like a Black Belt for All Levels
    These online martial arts classes are meant to take your kicking skills to a whole new level. Are you a martial artist who aspires to better your kicking abilities? Does the power and speed of martial artists impress you? Are some kicking techniques posing a serious challenge for you?


    Well, if the answer to any of it is in affirmative, this is a suitable martial arts online course for you.


    Once you are through with this course, you will be kicking like a Black Belt. The course will break down the foundational kicks, which are widely practiced by several practitioners of different Martial Arts worldwide.


    So, with this course, you can be ascertained that your kicking can be elevated to a whole new level.


    This course has been very beautifully crafted. Every kick is broken down into a lesson to help you get better at kicks in a highly systematic manner. There is also a synopsis of the exercises, the points to practice, and some tips to memorize every lesson.


    One of the most quintessential tips you get in the course is you must never move on to the next tip unless you have already learned the previous one.


    Rating 4.7
    Enrolled 582 students
    Duration 2 hours on-demand video
    Instructor Inspired Online Academy
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons More skills should have been included in this course.


    Learning Outcomes

    Some things you will learn in this course are:

    • Intricate details of performing foundational kicks, such as back kick, front kick, roundhouse kick, sidekick, and spinning hook kick
    • Performing kicks with absolute precision and power
    • Kicking like a black belt
    • Practical application of kicks for self-defense, sparring, and forms training



    This is the best online martial arts training for someone with some prior experience.


    Who should take this course?

    This is a great course to learn martial arts online and is suitable for:

    • Aspiring Martial Artists
    • Anyone who aspires to better their kicking abilities
    • Professionals who need an easy and effective way to better their kicking skills.


    Review Mohannad Albedah:

    The quality of the material and video footage is just amazing and it flows perfectly. This helped me to be a better martial artist. Good job and thanks!



    4. Better Your Martial Arts Training Through Jishu Geiko – [Udemy]

    Better Your Martial Arts Training Through Jishu Geiko

    The objective of this Udemy course is to provide you with a holistic curriculum of foundational strength and fitness training techniques for traditional martial arts students.


    Upon taking this course, students can develop their training soli circuits and materialize their goals as martial artists.


    In these online martial arts classes, you get over 100 video fitness lessons for martial artists to get started. You will also be studying with several professional guest trainers and an intuitive community that will forever motivate you to achieve your goals.


    Rating 4.8
    Enrolled 461 students
    Duration 5.5 hours on-demand video
    Instructor Adam Mitchell
    Certification Yes
    Paid Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons The instructor should work towards making the course more engaging.


    Learning Outcomes

    Some things you will learn in these online martial arts classes are:

    • Creating your training circuit based on the lessons in the course
    • Having a comprehensive understanding of strength and fitness training for a perfectly trained martial artist
    • Getting a deeper perspective of the training methodology for solo practice
    • Training longer, moving faster and staying safe across the training with improved stamina and fitness.
    • Developing a sense of priority towards fitness training



    To learn martial arts online with this course, students ought to understand that physical fitness has some dangers. Hence, it must be carefully approached.


    So, as a student, you ought to understand your personal threshold and abide by it as they get better, without compromising on your safety.


    Who should take this course?

    These are online martial arts classes for martial artists from all backgrounds who aspire to perfect their fitness, spiritual health, and mindfulness via consistent practice.


    Further, someone who trains in traditional martial arts, such as Jujutsu, Ninpo, Aikido, Karate, Kungfu, etc., will find this course helpful.

    With this course, martial art instructors get a comprehensive catalog of meditation and fitness training designed to enable martial arts students to reach their goals.


    Lastly, anyone who desires a unique perspective on fitness will find the course valuable.


    Do check our courses for crystal healing and aromatherapy here.


    Review Christopher Scott Aitken:

    This course has helped motivate me to hold my personal training to a higher standard. The instructor demonstrates each lesson in a manner that is clear and easy to understand. The lessons are engaging and informative.



    Bonus Courses and Lessons for Martial Arts

    1. Online Martial Arts Classes – [Skillshare]

    Online Martial Arts Classes
    Skillshare has a bundle of courses for you to learn martial arts online. You can browse through the myriad of available courses, segregate them according to your preferences and requirements and then make your selection.


    There will undoubtedly be a course with Skillshare that matches your interests, abilities, experience, and skill level.


    A few of the classes that particularly caught our attention are:



    2. Learn Martial Arts In The Comfort Of Your Own Home – [Global Martial Arts University]

    Learn Martial Arts In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

    Want an authentic platform to train yourself in martial arts? Global Martial Arts University (GMAU) can be your go-to platform. The university works with an aim that martial arts training should be available for anyone, anywhere, and at an affordable cost, which is the motive behind their best online martial arts classes.


    With their courses, they have built an authentic way to help students learn martial arts. From the various available classes, you can pick your choice of style and learn from the convenience of your home on any device of your choice.


    Further, as you progress through the course, you will earn an actual rank at your pace, along with the instructor’s feedback.


    All of this comes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional studio. So, take the requisite online martial arts training from GMAU, and get the best opportunity to protect yourself and the people you love. You can get started with their Free, no-commitment beginner’s course.


    GMAU provides the learners with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their portal is intuitive and very easy to use. You can conveniently track your progress from the platform. Across the course, you will get personalized and detailed feedback from your instructor to get the requisite mentorship as desired.


    An excellent thing about this course to learn martial arts online is that the rank you earn is internationally accredited and recognized.


    Some of the martial arts classes available with GMAU are:



    3. Online Martial Arts Classes – [Tiger Crane Kung Fu]

    Online Martial Arts Classes – [Tiger Crane Kung Fu]

    Crane Kung Fu is a Traditional Kung Fu Club. They have been in the industry for over two decades. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, they shifted their classes online, but all the learning in these classes is live.


    With Tiger Crane Kung Fu, you can enroll yourself in the online Tai Chi and Kung Fu martial arts classes and train yourself from the comfort of your home.


    Joining classes with this Kung Fu Club is relatively straightforward. First, you need to connect with them via Zoom and begin viewing the class. Before enrolling in this course, you must know that Crane Kung Fu is a UK-based company. Hence, their class timings are also around London time.


    Available classes

    • Classes for kids – The Kids Kung Fu classes are suitable for all beginners.
    • Adults Kung Fu – There are classes for people with all skill levels. You can browse through the timeline and pick one that suits you.
    • Adults Tai Chi – Tai Chi classes are open for all beginners.


    Will you be graded on your learning? Well, yes, the Tiger Crane Kung Fu Club now has an online grading system. So, even the students training in martial arts from a distance will find the course useful. Three instructors take these classes and will grade you according to your progress.


    Who can take this course?

    All the online martial arts training programs with Crane Kung Fu are suitable for beginners, and even those with some experience can take this course.



    4. Black Belt At Home – Offered by GMAU – [Black Belt at Home]

    Black Belt At Home – Offered by GMAU
    Black Belt at Home has an array of online martial arts classes. These are white-to-black belt courses, which have been tailored keeping students in mind. More so, they are perfect courses for students who need personal learning at the comfort of their home, without drilling a hole in their pocket.


    As you progress through the course, you will earn a rank. So, enroll in these courses, and follow along with the easy-to-learn lessons. You can watch the classes on any device of your choice.


    To earn a rank, you must log hours, complete the given assignments, submit your video exam, and based on your progress, the instructor will provide you with feedback, and you will bag a rank.



    5. Online Martial Arts Training – [James Martial Arts Training]

    Online Martial Arts Training
    To learn martial arts online with James Martial Arts Training, you will study with the best-in-class instructors and learn martial arts from the comfort of your home. James Martial Arts Training is one of the top-recognized San Diego academies.


    They have an array of martial arts online courses for kids and adults. They also have advanced self-defense courses for women. To boost your learning, every class has a personalized training routine, which will help you progress through the course at your own pace.


    You will be studying with Chief Instructors Sifu Darryl James, who will perennially monitor your progress.


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    So, these are the top nine best online martial arts training programs. By virtue of this guide, we have tried to include every detail about the above-listed courses. Regardless of the course you pick, it is going to be beneficial for you.


    It is because these are all top-notch courses. So, go ahead, make your selection, and enjoy learning this great self-defense and strengthening drill.


    Learn Martial Arts Online Reviewed by 10 Martial Artist 4.5