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Certified healing classes for spiritual rejuvenation

Most Rewarding Online Courses
For at least 3000 years, healers worldwide have been looking to relieve people of both mental and physical illness by utilizing various non-physical means. When a healer concentrates his attention majorly on the clients, they can alleviate the sufferers’ fatigue and pain in only a few minutes, thereby enabling the body to heal itself.


In spiritual healing courses, you learn a form of healing, which must not be confused with Spiritualism. Spiritual healing online utilizes a holistic approach that can enable a person to revert to the ‘wholeness of being.’ This includes the harmony of body, mind, and spirit.


So, if you aspire to be a spiritual healer and help yourself, your family, or even those around you to move towards a better and more fulfilled life, you need to train yourself. To help you receive the best spiritual healer training, we scouted through the web, and upon thorough research, we found five of the best energy healing training courses for you.


How Did We Select These Spiritual Healing Schools and Online Platforms?

Before we discuss these healing classes with you, you must know that the courses have not been selected at our private discretion. We sat down with a team of spiritual healers from different corners of the world, and following their suggestion, we shortlisted these five best spiritual energy healing courses.


These spiritual healing courses have been selected based on the following five parameters:

  1. The experience of the educators
  2. The price that you pay for this course
  3. The reviews and the course ratings from the students who have taken the course in the past.
  4. The overall spiritual healing online experience
  5. The resources that you fetch with the course
  6. Inclusion of the spiritual certifications


Best Spiritual Healer Training: Professional Accredited Angelic Healing Practitioner Course

It is a certified course with lifetime access to free updates as well. You also have your interests safeguarded with their 30-day refund policy. Read about this course and other incredible offerings in detail below.


Spiritual Healing Classes with Perfect Course Structure

  1.   Professional Accredited Angelic Healing Practitioner Course – Udemy
  2.   The Golden Angelic Ray of Healing Teacher Training Course – Udemy
  3.   Energy Healing Masterclass – Academy of Energy Healing
  4.   Spiritual Healing – BSY Group
  5.   The JVP Spiritual Healer Certification – James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts


5 Top Spiritual Healing Courses, Classes and Training Online

Let us review all these courses one by one and help you make a selection.


1. Professional Accredited Angelic Healing Practitioner Course – Udemy

Professional Accredited Angelic Healing Practitioner Course


What is this course about?

Number one on our spiritual healing courses list is a Udemy course. It is one of the bestselling online course for spiritual healers. More so, it is even one of the top-rated healing classes with a rating of 4.7.


As one of the most comprehensive and professionally recognized courses online, this course can help you be an Angelic Healing Practitioner. It is one of those thorough spiritual healing classes which cover the Angelic Realm’s role in our lives and shows you the techniques to connect with them and work with them.


As we have made our way into the Age of Aquarius, they are here to support humanity in this frequency shift. Several lightworkers wake up, and the angelic realm wishes to show us the proper way to work with them.


In this healing modality, you will see a powerful and unique connection back to the light. This is our divine right to walk in the light as wholly compassionate and empowered beings. In these spiritual healing classes, as you walk your way towards becoming an angelic realm and your spiritual healing online, know that it is more like a light bulb in the heavenly realms.


The Angelic Realm cannot intervene unless they are nudged, so they have been patiently waiting for people like you to decide and make a difference in other people’s lives, and for that, they applaud you. So, enroll in this spiritual healer training, and get ready to see a difference.


It is one of those 100% risk-free courses for spiritual healing. How? There are several enerygy healing courses where you may feel stuck after enrolling because either the instructor is not good enough or the course is not beneficial for you. However, this is not one of those spiritual certifications. In this course, if you are not happy with anything, you can reach out to Udemy and seek your total refund. This energy healing certification course has a 30-day money-back guarantee like other Udemy courses.


Further, these online courses for spiritual healing comprises three hours of on-demand video, eight articles, and fourteen downloadable resources. All of the resources of these healing classes come with full lifetime access. This implies that you have an option even years later if you wish to go back and revise something. All the resources can be available for you on the go. So, you can view this energy healing course spiritual healing online on mobile and TV.


Upon completing this spiritual healer training thoroughly, you will receive a Udemy certificate of completion. This is a shareable certificate. So, you can export, download, or print and include it in your CV. Alternatively, you can even share on your LinkedIn. Whichever form you pick, the course will better your prospects of landing a job.


What will you learn?

As one of the best spiritual healing courses online, this course has a lot for you to learn. Some of the things that these healing classes will teach you are listed below:

  1. Creating your own Angel Healing Therapy business
  2. Understanding the relevant advertising and marketing practices and the insurance and ethics needed for thriving your Angel Healing Therapy business.
  3. How you must present yourself as a spiritual healing practitioner.
  4. Everything that is to know about angels and how to connect with them
  5. Working of the Angel Healing Therapy
  6. Starting a business in this field as an Angel Healing Therapist
  7. Learning why the Angelic Realms wish to associate with us at this time.
  8. History of the angels, and the different kinds of angels, and their hierarchy
  9. Types of angels you can call and what they are accountable for.
  10. Recognizing the angel signs.
  11. Connecting with your guardian angel
  12. In-depth knowledge of the four watchtower archangels
  13. Responsibilities and functions of the four watchtower archangels and how angels help you
  14. Step by step process of conducting an Angelic Healing with case studies and video support materials
  15. Everything that is to know about angels and their favorite crystals


What do you need?

Even though it is one of the top-demanded spiritual healing courses on the internet, it comes with absolutely no prerequisites. It is a beginner-level course. So, you can start taking the course without any past knowledge or energy healing training.


Who should take this course?

This spiritual healer training is meant for:

  1. Anyone with interest in Angels
  2. Anyone wanting to make an income as an Angelic Healing Practitioner


Review Terri Pinson:

This course was very informative. I feel confident in what I have learnt to be able to put it into practice. I am now taking the intermediate course and am very excited for it.



2. The Golden Angelic Ray of Healing Teacher Training Course – Udemy

The Golden Angelic Ray of Healing Teacher Training Course


What is this course about?

Next on our list is one of the highest-rated spiritual healing courses, with an online rating of 4.8.


It is one of those empowering healing courses, wherein you will learn everything vital for you to know to become an Angelic Healing Practitioner teacher. The instructor will provide you with spiritual healer training  and take you through the practical step-by-step approach to set up and run an Angelic Healing Practitioner workshop.


Further, in this energy healing course, you will learn techniques to conduct its marketing, advertising, student recruitment, ethical business practices, and the process that a spiritual teacher goes through when they step into this market, and the subsequent spiritual growth, which follows from it.


As it is one of the most comprehensive spiritual healing courses, you will be aided by several external resources. It includes an extensive teacher’s manual, editable sample adverts to make your event a success, a ninety-seven page long comprehensive students manual, seven downloadable video teaching resources, an incredible A2 event poster, and others.


It is not one of those theoretical online courses for spiritual healing. Instead, it is a practical course wherein you ground a spiritual concept into the physical world. Being a spiritual worker, it is your responsibility to do this as it implies grounding the light we are bringing from heaven to Earth.


This course too has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, this is another one of Udemy’s 100% risk-free spiritual healing courses online. It implies that if you are unsatisfied with the contents or the instructor for the course, you can reach out to Udemy and seek your refund.


The course comprises three hours of on-demand video, sixteen articles, and seven downloadable resources, which come with full lifetime access. What this implies is that, years from now, you can still come back and revise the spiritual healing classes if needed. You will also be given access to the new updates from the author. You can view the course on your mobile and TV.


Upon successful completing the course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion. This is a shareable certificate. So, you can either share it on your LinkedIn or include it in your CV. Having this certificate multiplies your prospects of landing a job or finding success as a spiritual healing teacher.


What will you learn?

As it is one of the top-recommended spiritual healing courses online, the course has a lot for you to learn. Some of the things that this course are listed below:


  1. Ability to offer your services as an Angelic Healing Practitioner Course Teacher
  2. In-depth understanding of the preparation and the delivery of an online course.
  3. Teach people with your paid courses online or offline
  4. Branding or marketing self as an instructor
  5. Connect and meet the spiritual world teacher Master Kuthumi
  6. Understand the real experiences of people with their angels via a video footage
  7. Know the implications for you at a spiritual level after taking on the role of a spiritual teacher.


What do you need?

This is one of the internet’s favorite spiritual healing classes. However, you should know that it is not one of those beginner-level healing courses. This is an intermediate-level course and comes with prerequisites.


To take these healing classes, we recommend completing two healing courses by the instructor. This course is in continuation with those two course. More so, the two online courses for spiritual healing will form a base for you before you reach this level.


So, the two courses that you should take are:

  1. Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner Course
  2. Angelic Healing Practitioner Course


Who should take this course?

It is one of the best intermediate-level spiritual healing courses online for students who wish to become spiritual healing teachers.

Review Melissa Rotondaro:

I love all of Tania’s courses and am so grateful she has shared her amazing heart and knowledge with us for our own use and for helping others. She is a tremendous talent and light of the world! Many blessings in your journeys!



3. Energy Healing Masterclass – Academy of Energy Healing

Energy Healing Masterclass


What is this course about?

Do you aspire to seek an internationally recognized qualification with spiritual healing classes, which can help you commence a professional healing practice? Or are you a complementary therapist, counselor, or coach who sees immense value in adding energy healing to the services you provide? Yes…then go ahead for more.


Is helping your clients your prime goal as a spiritual healer? Are you new to energy healing and feel the need to call to fulfill a greater purpose? Regardless of your reason, if you aspire to be a spiritual healer, this can be one of the best spiritual healing courses online for you.


You will be educating yourself with Ahtayaa Leigh. She has designed this Energy Healer Certification Course. This course has been designed to support light beings like you so that you can share your unique healing abilities and gifts with the world for the greater good of all.


In this Academy of Energy spiritual healer training course, your instructor will share an online practical energy healing training course with you. The course will teach you the principles of energy healing and simultaneously aid and guide you on your healing path.


When you are committed to your growth and healing, you are best placed to work as a guiding light for others. It is the reason why Ahtayaa Leigh believes that your wellbeing is her responsibility when you join her in this course.


Who should take this course?

This is one of the best spiritual healing courses for you if your answer to any of the below-listed questions is in the affirmative.

  1. Do you feel ready to lead a higher Divine purpose?
  2. Do you feel prepared and empowered to heal your family, friends, and even yourself?
  3. Do you feel reckoned to help bring the world back in a state of harmony, balance, and peace?
  4. Are you a working therapist, yoga instructor, medical professional, or practitioner and aspire to provide energy healing to your clients?
  5. Do you wish to seek a successful Energy Healer’s expert support to start your own business as an energy healing service provider?
  6. Do you wish to gain an internationally recognized energy healing certification?


What will you gain?

As one of the most-selling spiritual healing courses on the internet, this course will:


  1. Provide you with an internationally recognized Certificate in Energy Healing.
  2. Owning an international energy healing certification puts you on the world map and makes you eligible for your business’s professional insurance and membership.
  3. Fetches you all the requisite tools to commence your practice as a confident Energy Healer right away.
  4. It enables you to discover, nurture, and share your healing gifts from the world.
  5. Facilitate your spiritual healing and growth
  6. Introduces you to an array of healing tools and methods, guiding you to discover what resonates with you for your healing practice


How does this work?

As one of the best spiritual healing courses online, this course employs state-of-the-art technology to provide you with on-demand online content. It has six scheduled webinar broadcasts once every month. You can access it on your desktop, phone or tablet.


When you get on board with the course, you will work through the online content in your own time. It is possible because it is one of those flexible courses. So, in this spiritual healer journey, from viewing the videos to completing the assignments and working through the modules, there is complete flexibility. Further, another pro of this spiritual healer training is that there is no time limit to complete this spiritual certification.


However, there is a single commitment that is expected from you through this course; that is, you should join the trainer six times once a month for group energy healing course discussions. If you fail to make it to the webinars, there is absolutely no worry. Every class has access to a replay. So, by chance if you miss any class, you can watch them in your time.


Even though you have access to the workshops for six months, you don’t need to wait six months to avail your certification. You can work through the spiritual healing courses online and earn your ‘Energy Healer Certification’ in less than a month.


The instructor provides you with six-monthly workshops as a commitment to enable you to maintain and develop a consistent and persistent healing and spiritual practice. It is your practice, which speeds up your ability to help others. Besides, you have support from a community of friendly healers in this course providers’ active Facebook group.


As stated, this energy healing certification course will take you through the internationally recognized Certification in Energy Healing, which the International Institute for Complementary Therapists accredits. So, as a graduate of these spiritual healing classes, you are eligible to avail professional practitioner insurance and membership for your business.


Also, we would like to state that this is the best time to join the IICT as an Energy Healing Practitioner, as at present, they are offering a fifty-percent off on the first-year membership fee. As you may know, accreditation with IICT depicts the joint commitment to maintaining the highest professionalism and quality standards within the leading industry.


After you are through with the spiritual healing courses’ assignments, which comprises reports on two practice healing sessions, you will:

  1. Be eligible to associate with International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).
  2. Receive theCertificate in Energy Healing (60 hours)
  3. Have membership withInternational Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), which will provide you with several member benefits, such as discounted practitioner insurance in 26 countries.
  4. Bag a ‘Certified Energy Healer’badge, which you can display on your marketing materials and website.


Review Brittany Adkins:

I am so much more self aware, grateful and fulfilled. This course has given me the tools to live in my purpose and expand to new heights personally and professionally.

I plan on using my energy healing certification to share my passion with the Universe. I hope to vend at Holistic/Healing events, lead workshops and plan/host retreats. I also plan to expand my healing abilities to offer more personal healing techniques and services for people.



4. Spiritual Healing – BSY Group

Spiritual Healing


What is this course about?

Next on our list for the top spiritual healing courses is this program by the BSY Group. It is 100% online energy healing training, and you can easily take this course from the comfort of your own home. More so, you can complete the course in your own time. Upon successful completion of these healing classes, you will fetch the BSY Professional Certificate of Merit. Throughout the length of these healing classes, you will receive constant encouragement and support from BSY’s team of friendly tutors.


Upon successfully completing these spiritual healing classes, you will have acquired training designed as either a professional development to achieve additional knowledge and skills to expand the foundation qualification leading to the practice of the existing therapist or further studies to acquire a practitioner level.


What do you need?

To take this spiritual healer training, you do not need any practical equipment or knowledge. Further, you don’t have to hold any additional qualifications before studying this course.


How does this course work?

After enrolling in these energy healing training course, you will fetch your first course lessons. These spiritual healing classes can be availed at your own time and pace from home. If you have any questions or require feedback or any encouragement about the studies or your course, you can reach out to the tutors via post, email, or phone.


At the end of every class in this spiritual healer training program, there are many questions. Completing these questions can facilitate your learning and help you master every step before you move on to the next one. Then you will get your next class lesson, and you can take it when you are ready to move ahead with the course.


After you have processed through all the spiritual healing courses, you can appear for the final examination at home and at a date and time that suits you. After taking this exam, you will bag the BSY certificate.


Along with this spiritual healer training program, you will also get a complimentary issue of Health & Harmony from the course instructors. It is an inspirational full-color magazine. With this magazine, you get complimentary natural health updates and news, including student profiles, lists of most recent award winners, and contains interesting articles and short stories.



5. The JVP Spiritual Healer Certification – James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts

The JVP Spiritual Healer Certification


What is covered in these spiritual healing classes?

Wish to accentuate your healing abilities and utilize them to energize your life or the lives of the people you meet? Do you aspire to learn to tap into the spirit’s most profound healing wisdom? Are you exhausted from temporary healing, where things seem to get better only to fall apart one more time? Would you want to know how to heal your mind, body, and spirit? If your answer is yes, then these are the right spiritual healing courses for you.


With this spiritual healer training course, you can be a Certified Spiritual Healer with the JVP School of Mystical Arts. It is an innovative online spiritual certification program wherein you will study with a world-recognized spiritual teacher, James Van Praagh. Through this course, he will teach you the right way to unlock your extraordinary abilities to heal and be healed.


The only right way to wholly heal the mind and body is by healing the spirit from within. So, when you are hurting, you may want to see a therapist or doctor. These two experts will help you better the state of your body and mind, which is indeed vital.


However, they do nothing for your spirit. It is the lack of inclusion of spirit in healing that many people never really heal wholly. With this spiritual healer training, the instructor aspires to revolutionize that for you.


James Van Praagh is believed to be a spiritual pioneer and has been in the field for over thirty years. Over the past three decades, he has built a reputation and name for himself.


The world has seen him associate with international heads of state, religious world leaders, and known entertainment celebrities, including Cher, Goldie Hawn, Shirley Maclaine, Ellen DeGeneres, Joan Rivers, Katie Couric, Loretta Lynn, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Wesley Snipes, and more.


By virtue of his work and skill, he has spiritual insights into millions. He has also given a guest appearance on many shows, such as Chelsea Lately, Oprah, Larry King Live, Dr. PhilThe Today Show, The View, and more. That’s not all about this world-recognized educator. He is also the New York Times’ best-selling author. He has books, such as Ghosts Among UsTalking To HeavenAdventures of the Soul, Healing Grief, and many more to his name.


Lastly, these spiritual healing courses online come with a risk-free guarantee. The instructor is sure of his program’s ability to help you unlock your untapped potential and build a more fulfilling life, which amplifies your probability of assisting others to do the same. Hence, they provide you with a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.


However, you get the guarantee only if you put in the effort expected from you (complete your homework, log into the course at least twice). Also, know that the refund requests are to be submitted within two days of enrolment.


What will you learn?

Overall, through this ground-breaking transformational learning experience, you will get all the knowledge and information you seek. When you enroll for these spiritual healing classes you get access to an insightful learning experience, which lasts eight weeks.


In this energy healing course, you will learn to:

  1. Adeptly unlock your unique spiritual healing abilities.
  2. Expertly unite with your unique set of Healing Guides.
  3. Channelize the divine healing energy into the lives of people around you and yourself
  4. Become an enlightened channel of Divine wisdom
  5. Read someone’s soul contract.
  6. Unveil the mind’s profound healing power.
  7. Subtleties of working with healing energy
  8. Employ several miraculous spiritual healing rituals.
  9. Empower people’s unique healing journey
  10. Heal even when healing seems impossible
  11. Balance the chakras and read them
  12. Overcome hidden blocks to total healing.



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So, these are the five best spiritual healing classes on the internet. You no longer have to get frustrated by searching for spiritual healing classes near me.


Rest assured, regardless of the selection you make from the above-listed five courses, you won’t regret your decision, as these are all excellent courses. You can also check out the best reiki courses, which is another technique of energy healing and some amazing astrology courses here as well.


So, go ahead, make your pick, and become a spiritual healer that make difference to people’s lives.


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