Best Sites Similar to Udemy (10 Alternative Platforms)

Best Udemy Alternatives
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With top grade university tie-ups and industrial experts on board, Coursera ranks much better than Udemy. Udemy can be your pick only if you enjoy non-structured, freestyle learning for beginner level information, a hobby, or brushing up existing skills.

The best alternative to Udemy would firstly depend on what the learner is seeking. Overall Skillshare could be a good replacement for Udemy. But, for specialized audiences the options are Coursera, edX, Udacity and many more.


Udemy is a valuable learning platform for many students, especially those who are looking for affordable, self-paced learning opportunities on a wide range of topics. However, there are certain limitations to the platform.


That is why students often turn up to us asking the best udemy alternatives. Well, there are quite a few options like Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning, MasterClass, and Coursera.


If you thought that there could be nothing as good as Udemy and it’s just perfect with zero drawbacks, you couldn’t be more wrong.




Well, for starters, in Udemy, there is a lack of quality control over the courses offered. As an open marketplace, anyone can create and sell courses on Udemy, which means that the quality of the courses can vary greatly. Some courses may be outdated, inaccurate, or poorly structured.


Udemy also restricts interaction between students and instructors. There is little opportunity for students to ask questions or receive personalized feedback.


There are various other Udemy similar sites available online today which can be considered alternatives to Udemy. Though the range of topics on Udemy is commendable, you can find alternatives with better and more standardized learning experiences.


Some of the e-learning platforms which give can Udemy a run for its money are discussed below.


  • Best Alternative for Creative LearnersSkillshare
  • Ideal for Alternate University DegreesCoursera
  • Best for Tech LearnersUdacity
  • Best Coding Theoretical LessonsCodecademy
  • Free Udemy Alternatives WinnerAlison


Pros and Cons of Udemy

It is important for all learners to be aware of Udemy reviews before investing in any courses to ensure that it is the right fit for their learning needs.


Pros Cons
  • Affordable: Udemy courses are generally affordable, making it accessible to a wide range of students.
  • Wide Range of Courses: Udemy offers courses on a vast array of topics, from coding and design to personal development and wellness, providing students with plenty of options to choose from.
  • Self-paced Learning: Udemy courses are self-paced, which allows students to learn at their own speed and fit the coursework around their schedule.
  • Accessible: Udemy courses are accessible on multiple devices, which means students can learn from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.
  • Lifetime Access: Once a student purchases a Udemy course, they have lifetime access to the course content, which means they can review the material as often as they like.


  • Quality Control: Since anyone can create and sell courses on Udemy, the quality of the courses can vary greatly, which can impact the learning experience.
  • Limited Interaction: Udemy courses are self-paced, which means there is limited interaction between students and instructors, which can hinder the learning experience.
  • Lack of Accreditation: Udemy courses are not accredited, which means they do not provide any formal recognition or certification like some Udemy alternatives.
  • Pricing: Though Udemy prices are just, their pricing structure can be confusing. The actual value of a course can be difficult to determine due to frequent sales and promotions.
  • Inconsistent Course Content: Since courses are created and managed by individual instructors, there may be inconsistencies in course content and quality, which can lead to confusion for students who take multiple courses on the same topic.



Udemy Similar Sites: Why To Have A Look At Them?

While Udemy can be a great platform for some learners, it’s not the perfect fit for everyone. Depending on your learning goals, there may be other platforms that are better suited to your needs.


Here are some reasons why you may need to look for alternative learning platforms:


  • Specific Learning Goals: Depending on your specific learning goals, Udemy may not have the courses you need. If you’re looking for highly specialized courses or more advanced coursework, you may need to look for alternative platforms that cater to your needs.

  • Different Learning Styles: Some learners may find that the self-paced, video-based format of Udemy courses doesn’t suit their learning style.
    If you prefer a more interactive, hands-on approach to learning, you may need to explore alternative platforms that offer different formats, such as live webinars, group projects, or one-on-one coaching.

  • As elaborated previously, lack of quality control, limited student-teacher interactions, confusion in the pricing structure and lack of accreditation are other important reasons why students should consider exploring other platforms which can offer these facilities.


Overview of Platforms Similar To Udemy

  Course Range Ideal For Are the certifications


Udemy 8000+ Self-motivated, hobbyist learners. No Both
Coursera 7000+ Professionals looking to upskill. Most are accredited. Both (free with limited access)
edX 3500+ University undergrads looking to earn additional degrees. Most are accredited. Both (free with limited access)
LinkedIn Learning 12,000+ Learners looking to attract employers. Non-accredited but their certification does hold value Both
Skillshare 9200+ Students who believe in hands-on learning (i.e. project based learning) No Paid
Masterclass 180+ Students who want to learn from celebrity faculties. No Paid
Udacity 200+ Candidates learning to crack tech job interviews. Some are accredited. Both
Codecademy 300+ Learners interested in tech-related fields and coding. No Both
Pluralsight 7000+ Students who are searching for a personalized learning experience. No Paid
Alison 4000+ Students who want to receive quality education for no cost. No Free


Other Websites Like Udemy – Best Alternatives!

There are many alternatives to Udemy that cater to different learning styles and goals. Some popular options include Coursera, edX, Udacity, Pluralsight, Alison, LinkedIn Learning, Khan Academy, Skillshare, and MasterClass.


It’s important to do your research and explore different options to find the platform that is the best fit for your learning needs.


You may choose any paid or free sites like Udemy from the listed below:


1. Coursera


Coursera is a distinguished e-Learning platform that partners with over 200+ top universities and institutions to offer high-quality courses taught by expert instructors.


Learners can earn verified certificates from Coursera that can be shared with employers and added to resumes and LinkedIn profiles.


In some cases, Coursera courses can be taken for academic credit, providing learners with a path to a degree or certification.


Coursera is also well known for offering a wide range of specializations and even online degrees in fields such as business, computer science, and healthcare.


Coursera Pricing Options:

  • Monthly plan at $59 USD
  • Annual plan at $399 USD
  • Pay per course ($39 to $79 USD)


What makes Coursera a better choice than Udemy?

First of all, Coursera’s courses are extremely detailed compared to that of Udemy.
Coursera courses are also generally more academically rigorous and taught by expert instructors.


In contrast, Udemy is an open marketplace where anyone can create and sell a course, which can lead to a wider range of courses but also more variability in quality.


Unlike any other Udemy alternatives, Coursera courses often come with verified certificates or even academic credit. Even Udemy courses, do not typically offer accredited certifications.


  • Since Coursera has a different pricing range from individual courses to specialization and its subscription model; it can be a bit confusing.
  • Not all courses on Coursera are beginner friendly. You need to have some prerequisite knowledge to take them up.
  • Almost all Coursera courses require your time and effort. So, before enrolling make sure to check how long the course is and the level of commitment needed.


2. edX



‘edX’ is another one of the well-recognized learning platforms and apps similar to Udemy. It offers ‘MicroMasters programs’, which is a series of graduate-level courses designed to help learners develop in-demand skills and advance their careers.


edX also offers a variety of professional certificate programs in fields such as data science, cybersecurity, and project management. edX is an open-source platform that allows institutions and organizations to create their own online courses and content.


edX is simultaneously a nonprofit organization, which means that it is dedicated to providing high-quality education and advancing access to education worldwide.


Pricing Options:

  • Annual plan starting at $349 USD
  • Pay per course ($50 to $300 USD)


What makes edX a better choice than Udemy?

It is one of the best Udemy alternatives for a higher-quality learning experience taught by experts in their fields. In contrast, Udemy is a for-profit platform where the quality and expertise of instructors can vary significantly.


edX is more geared towards academic and professional development, while Udemy is geared towards personal and hobbyist learning.


Overall, edX is generally considered to be the better choice for those looking for high-quality, specialized courses that can lead to verified certificates or degrees.


  • You won’t find every topic on edX because it focuses on higher education and scientific disciplines rather than, for example, cookery or filmmaking.
  • Since edX partners have complete creative control over the course design, there may be inconsistencies in the final product.


3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning


LinkedIn Learning is one of the exceptional Udemy alternatives that offer a variety of exclusive benefits.


LinkedIn Learning is integrated with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site.


This integration allows users to add completed courses to their LinkedIn profile, showcasing their skills to potential employers.


LinkedIn courses are regularly updated to keep up with the latest industry trends. Also, the certificates provided by LinkedIn Learning hold a lot of value for potential employers.


Pricing Options:

  • Monthly subscription at $40 USD
  • Annual plan starting at $325 USD
  • Pay per course ($20to $50 USD)


What makes LinkedIn Learning a better choice than Udemy?

None other sites like Udemy is tightly integrated with LinkedIn as LinkedIn Learning is. It provides it a huge advantage over Udemy, whose certifications are not so well recognized.


LinkedIn Learning offers courses taught by industry experts, which is not the case for Udemy always.


Additionally, LinkedIn Learning provides personalized course recommendations based on a user’s skills, interests, and career goals, while Udemy relies on user reviews and ratings.


  • You will be given a certificate of completion, but bear in mind that this is not an official document from a university or a partner. If that’s what you’re searching for, Coursera or edX might be worth a try.
  • You might not be able to get a very wide variety of courses on LinkedIn Learning. It basically focuses on Business and Technology and some other basic themes.


4. Skillshare



Skillshare offers a variety of courses in creative fields such as design, photography, and writing.


Skillshare has a strong focus on project-based learning. This one of Udemy’s similar sites where students are encouraged to practically apply what they learn, helping to solidify their understanding of the material.


Skillshare also has a large and active community of learners and teachers. Students can connect with others in their field, share their work, and receive feedback and support from their peers.


The platform has a broad range of courses that are visually appealing, well-produced, affordable and easy to follow.


Skillshare’s Pricing Options:

  • Annual plan at $165 USD



What makes Skillshare better than Udemy?

Skillshare is one of the best Udemy alternatives that focus on project-based learning and active community support. It is the number one pick for students wanting to learn creative skills.


  • When you complete a course, no official (or unofficial) certification is given to you. It’s a place for self-improvement.
  • The available courses’ quality can vary from program to program at Skillshare because anyone can develop their own course.
  • Although Skillshare encourages courses in every language, there isn’t much available outside of English despite this.
  • There are no free courses. You can only pay for the Skillshare Premium Membership subscription on an annual basis.



5. MasterClass



Udemy’s similar sites like MasterClass offers a unique and immersive learning experience. Firstly, MasterClass features a star-studded faculty of experts, such as Gordon Ramsay, Serena Williams, and Martin Scorsese.


The opportunity to learn directly from these icons is truly unparalleled, as they share valuable advice that cannot be found elsewhere.


The courses on this platform are visually stunning and professionally produced, making for an engaging and enjoyable learning experience.


Students are allowed to interact with each other and with the instructors, allowing for a more personalized and interactive learning experience.


Pricing Options:

  • Annual plan at $180 USD



What makes MasterClass a suited choice among Udemy alternatives?

Masterclass features high-quality courses taught by world-renowned experts in their fields, making it a more exclusive and prestigious platform than Udemy.


Masterclass is more suitable for those looking for a personalized learning experience. You get to learn from celebrity experts in creative fields.


  • Although MasterClass doesn’t provide any free trials, it has lately begun to provide some free lessons to view so that you may get a feel for the platform.
  • Unfortunately, if you pass a MasterClass course, you won’t get a completion certificate.
  • On the webpage, there are some reviews left by former users. But there was nothing particular or regarding certain courses. You are consequently left without a thorough description of a former learner’s experience.
  • Unfortunately, other websites like Udemy i.e. MasterClass don’t provide any alternative option if you don’t want to sign up for a yearly membership. This isn’t available if buying one class was what you planned to do.


6. Udacity


Udacity offers exclusive benefits that set it apart from other platforms. One of the primary advantages of Udacity courses is its focus on job readiness.


This is one of the go-to best Udemy alternatives that offer a wide variety of courses and programs. These programs are designed to prepare students for in-demand tech jobs, such as data analysis, web development, and artificial intelligence engineering.


Udacity also partners with industry leaders such as Google, IBM, and Amazon, to provide students with real-world projects and hands-on experience, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.


Additionally, Udacity offers personalized support and feedback to its students. The platform’s mentors are industry professionals who provide one-on-one support, answering questions and providing guidance to help students achieve their goals.


Udacity’s learning platform also uses cutting-edge technology, such as project-based learning and personalized coaching, to create a customized learning experience for each student.

Pricing Options:

  • Custom pricing depends on the length of the program and the type of program. (Usual cost is $399 per month)


What makes Udacity better than Udemy?

Udacity classes are the best Udemy alternatives for a techie. Udacity is a more specialized and career-focused platform than Udemy, offering courses and nanodegrees in tech-related fields such as programming, data science, and artificial intelligence.


Udacity’s courses are more comprehensive and designed to provide students with a deep understanding of a subject, whereas Udemy’s courses are more varied and geared towards general knowledge and personal development.



  • Udacity isn’t inexpensive. You’ll need to pay a decent fee if you want to join any of its programs.
  • 2019 saw the removal of the Udacity app for iOS and Android from the app store.
  • While Udacity does provide a large choice of courses in computer science and technology, there are none outside of this specific field.
  • The course materials are primarily in English, while certain classes have captions in additional languages. The website and database can be accessed in additional languages.


7. Codecademy


Codecademy is one of the online learning apps similar to Udemy that focuses on teaching coding and programming skills.


The platform’s courses are designed to be hands-on and engaging, with students writing code and building projects from day one. This approach is widely regarded as the most effective way to learn to code.


The platform’s community forum allows students to interact with one another, ask questions, and provide feedback, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support.


Codecademy also offers a feature called Codecademy Pro, which includes access to a community of experts who provide personalized feedback and support.


 Pricing Options:

  • Standard Annual plan at $210 USD
  • Standard Monthly plan at $17.49 USD
  • Premium Annual plan at $300 USD
  • Premium Monthly plant at $24.99 USD



What makes Codecademy better than Udemy?

Codecademy focuses exclusively on coding and offers interactive, hands-on learning experiences with immediate feedback, making it a more effective platform for learning to code than Udemy.


Codecademy’s courses are designed to build real-world coding skills, while Udemy’s coding courses can be less in depth.



  • Limited information is available about the course’s instructor because there is no instructor bio.
  • Codecademy’s certificates simply serve as evidence that you passed the course. They don’t hold credits or accreditation.



8. Pluralsight



One of the other sites like Udemy is Pluralsight. It is an online learning platform that offers a variety of courses on technology and IT-related subjects. Pluralsight platform offers over 7,000 courses on topics such as software development, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data analysis, among others.


The platform helps students track their progress and measure their skills by using skill assessments and certification preparation.


Additionally, Pluralsight offers personalized learning experiences through customized learning paths. This personalized approach maximizes their learning outcomes.


Pluralsight also offers a scholarship program, making high-quality education accessible to a wider range of students.


Pricing Options:

  • Standard Annual plan at $299 USD
  • Standard Monthly plan at $29 USD
  • Premium Annual plan at $499 USD
  • Premium Monthly plant at $45 USD



What makes Pluralsight better than Udemy?

Pluralsight has a stronger focus on technical courses and provides more comprehensive and in-depth coverage of topics. It offers hands-on labs, assessments, and certification tracks to help learners validate their knowledge and skills.


  • Courses emphasize on topics related to technology only.
  • The free course is available on Pluralsight only for a 10-day trial.
  • Because the classes are pre-recorded, there isn’t a chance for students to engage with the lecturers or ask questions.


9. Alison


Alison is one of the popular free Udemy alternatives that offers over 1,500 courses in a wide range of subjects. One of the primary advantages of Alison is its focus on practical skills and job readiness.


Moreover, Alison is entirely free. Learners have access to all of the platform’s courses and features without having to pay a subscription fee or purchase individual courses.


The platform’s courses are interactive and include assessments, quizzes, and simulations to track their progress. Alison also offers a feature called Study Groups, which allows learners to collaborate with other learners and receive feedback and support from their peers.


Pricing Options:


  • It is one of the best free sites like Udemy. So, no fees.


What makes Alison better than Udemy?

Alison online classes offer free certificates, making it a more accessible platform than Udemy.
Alison’s courses cover a wide range of subjects, including professional and vocational skills, and are often shorter and more focused than Udemy’s courses.


However, Alison’s courses may not be as in-depth or comprehensive as Udemy’s courses, and their free model may result in less polished course content.



  • Pay in order to remove ads



10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses in various subjects.


The platform uses an adaptive learning algorithm that tracks learners’ progress. It provides personalized recommendations for courses and activities to help them achieve their learning goals.


Another significant benefit of Khan Academy is its focus on K-12 education. This one of Udemy similar sites offers a variety of courses in subjects such as math, science, and humanities, designed to help students from kindergarten through high school succeed in their academic pursuits.


Additionally, Khan Academy offers a variety of interactive and engaging features to help learners stay motivated and engaged.


Khan Academy also offers a feature called “Mastery Learning,” which allows learners to work at their own pace and demonstrate their mastery of a concept before moving on to the next.


Pricing Options:

  • Free of cost


What makes Khan Academy better than Udemy?

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that provides free, high-quality courses in a variety of subjects. It is one of the more accessible and affordable Udemy alternatives.


Khan Academy’s courses are designed to be self-paced and personalized, with adaptive exercises and assessments, and can be a useful resource for students of all ages and backgrounds.



  • It is less participatory than working with an instructor or tutor in person.
  • Since you are only allowed to study from videos, you only have access to a single teaching method, which might or might not prove to be the most effective for you personally.
  • You forfeit the educational process’ collaborative component. Being in a group or one-on-one setting gives you the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas. When learning from videos, that process cannot be recreated in the same way.


Final Word: Which Among These Is The Best Platforms Similar To Udemy?

The best alternative for Udemy depends on what you seek to learn. For professionals looking for basic courses on a variety of topics including creative skills, it is Skillshare.


For students looking for a recognized name, in-depth learning, and accreditation the choice is Coursera.


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