Top 10 Best Assertive Communication Online Courses

Best Online Assertiveness Courses
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Often people equate assertiveness with saying no. Hence, they tend to negate everything. However, it is far from the truth. In reality, assertiveness means communicating and behaving confidently and powerfully.


An assertive individual can capture people’s attention and successfully convey their messages convincingly. Assertive communication is a critical life skill, especially for new managers, emerging leaders, and introverted people in a social setup.


As an assertive communicator, you can say no without feeling guilty and come out of awkward situations with ease.


It is what best assertiveness training online will teach you. On the internet, you can find multiple best online assertiveness courses. From the available choices, we handpicked the ten best assertive classes online. Let us get started and address them one by one.


Top 10 Best Assertiveness Courses To Learn The Skill

  1. Assertiveness Basics: The 50-minute Communication Guide – [Udemy]
  2. Assertive Communication Skills Masterclass – [Udemy]
  3. Social Assertiveness, Confidence & Communication Skills – [Udemy]
  4. Authentic Assertiveness: Next level communication skills – [Udemy]
  5. Online Assertiveness Classes – [Skillshare]
  6. Effective Communication for Today’s Leader – [Coursera]
  7. Online Class: Assertiveness Training – [Universal Class]
  8. Assertiveness Training – [American Management Association]
  9. Get Assertive – [University of Waterloo]
  10. Assertiveness Training – [LinkedIn Learning]


10 Best Assertiveness Classes, Courses, and Training Online

1. Assertiveness Basics: The 50-minute Communication Guide – [Udemy]

Assertiveness Basics: The 50-minute Communication Guide

Rating 4.5
Enrolled 49,567 students
Duration 1 hour of on-demand video
Instructor Dr. Roy Naraine, Jimmy Naraine, and Adam Naraine
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy There are two options:

  • A 7-day trial with subscription
  • A 30-day moneyback guarantee on individual courses.
Cons Some aspects of the course do not seem very practical.


It is one of the best assertive communication online course. It is written and presented by a medical doctor holding two decades of experience in counseling, coaching, and self-improvement training.


It is a brief 60-minute guide that takes you through the topic of assertiveness. In the first 30-minutes, you understand the subject, followed by life examples in the next 30-minutes.


This best assertiveness training online contains HD videos as it has been recorded and produced on a studio quality level. Once you enroll in the class, you get lifetime access to the content and the bonus material.


Learning Outcomes

These assertive classes online will teach the following:

  • Amplifying your assertiveness
  • Helping with stress management 
  • Boosting your self-esteem and confidence
  • Communicating properly
  • Keep a check on your emotions
  • Saying no the right way
  • Managing your verbal and non-verbal messages



For this best assertiveness training online, you need:

  • A relaxed, open mind
  • Ability to absorb knowledge
  • Time and patience


Who should take this course?

It is one of the best online assertiveness courses for:

  • Anyone who wishes to boost their self-esteem, confidence, and assertiveness


Review Tarnoy R.

I have learned this skill, and it will help me to perform accordingly in my both personal and professional life.



2. Assertive Communication Skills Masterclass – [Udemy]

Assertive Communication Skills Masterclass

Rating 4.5
Enrolled 19,179 students
Duration 3 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Kara Ronin
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy There are two options:

1.       A 7-day trial with subscription

2.       A 30-day moneyback guarantee on individual courses.

Cons There is a video error in the course. It stops and then requires manual clicking to run.


It is another best assertive communication online course. Your instructor for the course is Kara Ronin, a leadership trainer, and coach who specializes in helping people develop their communication skills, leadership presence, relationships, and reputation.


He has helped several clients change their communication skills to be more assertive and now is your time. Assertiveness is not being bossy. Instead, it involves being honest and clear with people around you. It makes you more authentic.


This assertiveness training online comprises 44 top-quality videos where you will discuss the practical strategies for assertive communication. There are also quizzes, a case study, six coaching worksheets, and conversation transcripts that help you take your skills forward. So, if you need some of the best online assertiveness courses that empowers you to lead a life on your term, this one can be a good pick.can be a good pick.

Learning Outcomes

These assertive classes online will teach you:

  • How to become assertive from being passive
  • Saying no without feeling guilty
  • Being confident
  • Overcoming bad communication habits
  • Make precise requests to your family, friends, and team members
  • Speaking confidently
  • Becoming visible in the group settings
  • Becoming reflective of your communication style
  • Disagreeing assertively
  • Knowing how to react when someone disagrees with you
  • Dealing with challenging situations with ease
  • Knowing how to make a point even in a chaotic group situation
  • Prioritizing goals and protecting your time
  • Managing difficult conversations and conflicts
  • Learning about body language to support your assertive verbal message
  • Confidently and honestly express what you think
  • Not holding back while expressing
  • Overcoming your fears or limiting beliefs around being assertive
  • Being an engaging conversation partner in every one-on-one conversation
  • Understanding what body language to use to support your assertive message
  • Learning to set boundaries
  • Making confident decisions
  • Making your life and job less stressful



It is one of the top-rated online assertiveness courses. For this course, you need:

  • Access to a computer to view the lectures
  • Printer to print the coaching worksheets
  • A can-do attitude for both professional and personal development


Who should take these assertive classes online?

It is the best assertiveness training online for:

  • People who do not want to be invisible in a social setup
  • New managers who wish to be more assertive with their team
  • People who want to set stronger boundaries
  • Those unable to protect their time or prioritize their goals
  • New managers who need assertiveness for better team management
  • Introverted individuals who cannot say no or set boundaries
  • People who are afraid of speaking up assertively
  • Anyone who wishes to overcome their communication fear
  • People switching to a new job or team and want to establish assertive boundaries
  • Emerging leaders who want to communicate confidently and clearly
  • Passive communicators who want to be more honest and direct


Review Petros E.

This was great Assertiveness training course! The teacher was very knowledgable and shared alot of wisdom and tips on how to improve my communication skills.Highly recommend!



3. Social Assertiveness, Confidence & Communication Skills – [Udemy]

Social Assertiveness, Confidence & Communication Skills

Rating 4.4
Enrolled 25,738 students
Duration 2.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Alain W.
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The explanations in the course are pretty basic.


Next, we have assertive classes online by Udemy. These classes are flexible and come with lifetime access. You can view them anytime, anywhere, and on the go as per your convenience.

Learning Outcomes

In this assertive communication online course, you will learn:

  • How to deal with conflicts
  • To lower discomfort when speaking to people 
  • To overcome negative emotions
  • How to say no without feeling guilty
  • Communication with charisma and confidence
  • To hold an assertive body language
  • Share your ideas, opinions, and feelings
  • Speak up when you have to
  • Provide honest feedback to others
  • Express what you want and your rights
  • Share your opinion and ideas
  • Speak up for your rights
  • Express what you want
  • Defend and react when criticized



For this best assertiveness training online, you need:

  • A pen and a notepad to make notes
  • Willingness to apply the tools and techniques to be more assertive


Who should take this course?

This assertive communication online course is for:

  • People who wish to develop better communication skills
  • People who want to be more assertive
  • People aspiring to communicate with charisma and confidence
  • People who desire to overcome conflicts better


Review Carolyn T.

The course information is clearly explained, great examples, the use of visuals alongside of verbals. It takes into account different learning styles.



4.Authentic Assertiveness: Next level communication skills – [Udemy]

Authentic Assertiveness: Next level communication skills

Rating 4.5
Enrolled 1,939 students
Duration 3.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor TJ Guttormsen
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons It is a more theoretical course. The instructor must make attempts to make it more engaging.

Do you want to be in a position where you can speak your mind and ask what you want in a comfortable manner for yourself and others? If yes, these are the best assertive classes online for you.

In these best online assertiveness courses, you will find a top-quality studio environment, and you will be learning with a professional expert, TJ Guttormsen. This Udemy course is not your average assertiveness learning course.


It does not teach you to be the most insisting and the loudest person in the room, be in charge or use your power to get your way.


Instead, it makes you comfortable speaking your mind, saying yes or no, taking initiative, giving invitations, setting boundaries, and handling disagreements.


Learning Outcomes

It is the best assertiveness training online to learn:

  • How to be assertive in every situation
  • The right way to inspire others to hear you out
  • To speak your mind
  • Over ten communication and assertiveness techniques
  • To handle conflict and disagreement
  • Different communication styles
  • To be assertive in a group of people with authority figures
  • To talk clearly and in the proper volume
  • How to overcome fear and mental blocks
  • To achieve what you aspire



It is one of the top online assertiveness courses. The class needs:

  • Patience
  • Open mind
  • Willingness to give time to learning
  • Practicing to grasp more


Who should take this course?

This is one of the best assertive communication online course for:

  • People who wish to better their communication skills
  • Anyone who aspires to be more assertive


Review Nicolas M.

Very interesting and complete course. Concepts are clear and videos go straight to the point!



5. Online Assertiveness Classes – [Skillshare]

Online Assertiveness Classes
Skillshare offers several courses with the best assertiveness training online. They have the best assertive classes online for students of all skill levels and backgrounds. You can see both paid and free courses here.


On Skillshare, you will find top beginner-level, intermediate, and advanced courses. An excellent thing about Skillshare is its association with renowned professionals and institutions. Hence, the lectures you get with them will always be authentic and top-rated. So, you can browse through the available courses and make your selection.


A few of the top online assertiveness courses you can check out are:



There are several additional courses. So, check the other offerings to make a selection.



6. Effective Communication for Today’s Leader – [Coursera]

Effective Communication for Today’s Leader
Next, we have a free course from Coursera. In this best assertiveness training online, you learn interpersonal communication, one of the most vital management skills that come in handy while communicating with colleagues, customers, and bosses.


A good communicator is often synonymous with a good leader, which is the purpose of this course. It is part 1 of the three-part Leadership and Negotiation Skills Specialization offered by Tecnológico de Monterrey. Top assertiveness professional designed this course and has several offerings for a learner.



7. Online Class: Assertiveness Training – [Universal Class]

Online Class: Assertiveness Training
Have you had confidence issues or problems with being assertive in your everyday life? Are you merely interested in learning about ways to be assertive? If yes, this is the course for you.


In these best assertive classes online, you will learn to get what you want and need from people without being selfish, hostile, or aggressive. This course is online and available in all 50 states like California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas. It comes with multiple subscription schemes.


You can browse through the plans and make your selection, depending on your requirements and expectations from the assertive communication online courses.


Learning Outcomes

This assertiveness training online will teach you:

  • The meaning of assertiveness
  • Difference between aggression and assertiveness
  • Assessing and developing healthy self-esteem
  • Methods to apply in resolving a conflict
  • Fundamental approaches to better communication skills
  • Understanding your level of assertiveness
  • Making corrective measures in your assertiveness level
  • Elementary techniques to better your communication skills
  • Establishing appropriate assertiveness techniques
  • Understanding your fears associated with assertiveness and ways to combat them
  • Achieving your assertiveness goal
  • Identifying ways to balance the level of assertiveness to use in daily life
  • Reviewing your level of assertiveness
  • Understanding ways to use assertiveness in future



8. Assertiveness Training Online – [American Management Association]

Assertiveness Training Online
Next, we have an assertiveness training offered by AMA. You will learn and practice assertive behavior via visual, vocal, and verbal techniques. In addition, you will know how to address assertiveness in your professional and personal life.


Learning Outcomes

This assertive communication online course will teach you:

  • Powerful assertiveness training exercises
  • Bettering your assertiveness skills
  • Tips to be an assertive communicator
  • Risks and benefits of becoming assertive
  • Dealing with conflict at all levels in the organization
  • Learning how social styles affect assertive behaviors
  • Handle receiving and giving feedback
  • Addressing business etiquette when you need professionalism and assertiveness
  • Areas of strength as an assertive communicator
  • Improving your level of assertiveness
  • Ways of conflict resolution
  • A 5-step model for conflict resolution
  • Understanding the essentials of assertiveness
  • Applying the skill in your professional life
  • Learning the differences in behavioral styles—passive, aggressive, and assertive
  • Factors that influence your level of assertiveness



9. Get Assertive – [University of Waterloo]

Get Assertive
Next, we have one of the top-recommended best online assertiveness courses. It is a six-week best assertiveness training online followed by two weeks to complete the final exam (online, open-book).


In this best assertive communication online course, the instructor releases new lessons every Wednesday and Friday, but there is no need for you to be only at any particular time. You can access the lectures anytime at your convenience.


The actual time you commit to completing the course varies and depends on several factors, like your related experience, familiarity with the topic, time dedicated to optional assignments, reading speed, and involvement with the discussion board.


To plan this well, spare one hour before you start the course. Once you complete these best assertive classes online, you are eligible for the online certification by Professional Development.



It is 100% online assertiveness training online. It needs an internet connection and an email account for the course.



10. Assertiveness Training – [LinkedIn Learning]

Assertiveness Training
We have arrived at the last best assertive communication online course by LinkedIn Learning. It is not one course but a browsing link to explore the different available classes on the subject. Top professionals and institutions have together designed and crafted the courses you will find here.


So, there is no doubt about the genuity of the lectures. You can find both free and paid sessions. The free ones do not fetch you a certification, but the paid courses get you a shareable certificate.


You can share it on your social media or download, print, and include it in your CV. The certification validates your skills and improves your chances of landing a job.


A few of the top courses by LinkedIn include:


So, these are the top ten best assertiveness training online. We have included all details about these courses in the guide. However, if you wish to know more, you can click on the attached link and read more about the sessions shared.


Fortunately, they are all excellent online assertiveness courses. So, whichever course you select, you will not regret your decision. Now go ahead, and take your choice.

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