Learn Kotlin Online: 14 Best Courses For Kotlin Training

Best Kotlin Courses

Of late, there’s been a surge in the popularity of Kotlin. It coincided with or stemmed from the shift in Google’s recent focus on Kotlin for Android app development.


You could be an Android app developer well versed in Java who is planning to learn Kotlin online to be able to move forward with new Android advancements. Or you may wish to learn this language from scratch. In any case, rather than just thinking, why not consider enrolling in an online course?


As this language is out and open into the mainstream, you will probably see a lot more of it in the times to come. Further, Kotlin training online is also highly important for the software developers to be working with Kotlin in Java-driven projects shortly.


Since you can work with Kotlin everywhere Java works, many even refer to it as the Java code or vice versa. It also means that Kotlin knowledge can be hugely beneficial for Java developers. Anyone who knows both these languages enjoys an edge over other programmers. Why are you still thinking? Consider enrolling in one of the best Kotlin courses online right away.


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How Did We Come Up With The Best Websites To Learn Kotlin Online?

We scouted the web looking for some best resources for Kotlin. Upon our research, we found there was no shortage of options. So, we handpicked the top 70 options from Google and compared them against each other based on:

  • What are the course offerings?
  • Are the reviews good?
  • Is the instructor qualified?
  • Do you get a certification?
  • Is it paid?
  • Course duration


Then we cut down this list of 70 to only 30 classes. Later we presented this narrowed list to pro-Java and Kotlin professionals and Android app developers who helped us choose the below-listed 14 options.


So, these are the top Kotlin courses online. Let us address them below.

14 Best Kotlin Training Online Programs

1. Kotlin for Beginners: Learn Programming with Kotlin – [Udemy]

Kotlin for Beginners: Learn Programming with Kotlin

Rating 4.5
Who should take this class? This Kotlin certification online will benefit:

  • Android developers who wish to work with Kotlin
  • Beginners at Kotlin
Enrolled 16,394 students
Duration 6.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Peter Sommerhoff
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Con Some topics in this Kotlin course online are dated.


In this Udemy course, you learn in the most beginner-friendly manner. It is one of the rare courses wherein information is referenced directly from the official Kotlin website and the official Android developer’s website. The instructor is responsive and will always take the time to answer your queries.


Udemy is the best website to learn Kotlin. Herein, the instructor takes you through the basics of the course. So, even if you have no background, you can still make the most of this class. It is a hands-on class with several exercises to practice and get well-versed with the coding challenges. So, once you finish this course, you can create your own Kotlin applications.


Learning Outcomes

This course can help you learn the following:

  • Creating professional apps with Kotlin, the new Java-based programming language developed by Jetbrains
  • Learn programming in Kotlin
  • Boosting your expertise as an Android or Java developer and bettering the quality of the code
  • Familiarity with the Kotlin language concepts and how it neatly integrates with Java
  • It is the best Kotlin course online to get a hold of object-oriented software development basics
  • Knowledge of principles behind other object-oriented languages like Java, C++, PHP, C#, Scala, or Swift
  • Reading codes
  • Writing your Kotlin codes effectively and professionally
  • Using Intellij, the popular Java (and Kotlin) IDE



If you decide to take this class to learn Kotlin online, you require:

  • Setup necessary to use Kotlin
  • Installing new software on your computer
  • Excitement to learn a new programming language
  • Basic skills in handling a PC


Reviews by Oluwole Ade A.

Very good course for

Beginners, full of useful hints and excellent explanation of concepts.



2. Kotlin for Java Developers – [Udemy]

Kotlin for Java Developers

Rating 4.6
Who should take this class? Java programmers that wish to learn Kotlin will make the most of this class. However, this Kotlin certification online will not be suitable if interested in Android app development.
Enrolled 20,517 students
Duration 16.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Tim Buchalka, Goran Lochert, and Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Con You can take this class to learn Kotlin online, but it has fluff.


This Kotlin training online can help teach Java developers the drill to use Kotlin in the shortest time possible. In this class, you will find around 16 hours of material. Hence, it is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive classes online. Anyone who wishes to amplify their career prospects by adding Kotlin experience to their knowledge and skills will benefit from this class.


Learning Outcomes

In this Kotlin course online, you will learn the following:

  • Creating Kotlin programs
  • Kotlin syntax
  • Understanding the differences between Kotlin and Java
  • Learning how Kotlin and Java programs interoperate



If you wish to learn Kotlin online with this course, you need:

  • Basic knowledge of Java
  • A computer running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux


Reviews by Brian P.

The course is amazing. It brings a Java developer up-to speed in the Kotlin world. It would be great to have a section on Kotlin Coroutines.



3. The Complete Kotlin Developer Course – [Udemy]

The Complete Kotlin Developer Course

Rating 4.6
Who should take this class?  If you need the best free Kotlin course, this is not suitable. But this paid class will benefit people interested in learning Kotlin.
Enrolled 6,442 students
Duration 12.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Codestars by Rob Percival, Nick Walter, and Rob Percival
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Con It could be the best Kotlin course online if it were slightly more comprehensive.


As you know, Google is openly supporting Kotlin in Android development. So, there is an undeniable surge in its popularity. Hence, this can be one of the top recommendations for people who wish to learn Kotlin online. In this class, the instructor will take you through Kotlin step-by-step.


It is a hands-on class. So you will learn by doing. Further, as you progress, you will also work on challenges to test your learning from the session.


Learning Outcomes

In this Kotlin certification online course, you will learn the following:

  • Understanding Kotlin from the ground up
  • Building two fully functional Android apps
  • Creating a command line tool
  • Building a JavaScript code from Kotlin
  • Conquering challenges to test



For this Kotlin course, you will need:

  • PC, Mac, or any computer that works


Reviews by Rodolfo R.

Easy to understand, and follow. The way he instructed was good.



4. Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin – [Udemy]

Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin

Rating 4.3
Who should take this class? This Kotlin course online will benefit:

  • Absolute beginners with no previous programming experience
  • Existing Android Java Programmers who want to transition to Kotlin for Android app development

However, the course to learn Kotlin online will not help expert Android Kotlin programmers with knowledge of all the latest updates.

Enrolled 37,733 students
Duration 62 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Tim Buchalka, Goran Lochert, and Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Con Several sections of this course have dated content.


In this Kotlin training online, you will unveil the power of Android app development and acquire all the necessary skills to boost your career prospects and work as a software developer. You can outshine other developers who still use the obsolete tools and older versions of Android.


So, learning from this class will give you the best of both worlds. Hence, the apps you create will be compatible with more versions of Android and offer access to a vast audience.


Udemy is the best website to learn Kotlin. In this class, you will find a vast collection of diagrams, slides, and videos designed to teach you everything you need. Further, you will find several challenges in the class to reinforce your learning. The instructor continually updates and enhances the program.


Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Develop apps for the latest version of Android
  • Knowledge of the core Android app development
  • Kotlin’s skills for building real Android apps
  • Download, install and configure the necessary (free) software
  • Targeting current and older Android versions when writing your apps
  • Learn how to create Android apps with Kotlin through this Kotlin certification online
  • Testing your apps on emulators or an Android phone or tablet
  • Applying for the Android app development roles
  • Using Android Studio 3.2
  • Familiarity with the all-new Constraint layout for “drag and drop” screen creation
  • Employing powerful libraries of code to play videos, download website data, manipulate images, and a whole lot more



You can take this class to learn Kotlin online. Fortunately, starting is easy as you need no prior experience to take this class. But, you will need:

  • A Windows computer, a Mac, or a Linux machine
  • A free Google Android Studio tool
  • An open mind to learn something new
  • Other resources required to write apps for Android 8 Oreo with Kotlin are mentioned in the class


Reviews by Zsanett S.

It was exactly what I needed. Thank you very much for an amazing course!



5. Kotlin for Android: Beginner to Advanced – [Udemy]

Kotlin for Android: Beginner to Advanced

Rating 4.1
Who should take this class? Next, we have another contender on our list for the best Kotlin courses online. You can take this class if:

  • You are a Java developer
  • You have no background in Android
  • You are looking for a full-time job as a developer
  • You are a programmer switching from Java to learning Kotlin for Android
Enrolled 14,172 students
Duration 23 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Devslopes by Mark Wahlbeck
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Con The instructor offers an excellent  class, but he needs to update his course.


It is another one of the most in-depth Kotlin training online for Android development. In this session, you will not just curtail your focus to the Kotlin language. Instead, the instructor will help you learn to code like developers.


He will teach you everything you need to know about Kotlin from the ground up, the SDK you need to build apps, and working with interface builders. It can help you create professional-looking apps from base to upwards.


Learning Outcomes

In this Kotlin course online, you will discover the following:

  • Learn to code how the PROs code – not just copy and paste
  • Building fully functional, professional-looking apps with Kotlin
  • Applying for Jr. Android app development projects
  • How to run apps on own device
  • This is the best website to learn Kotlin. In this course, you learn to submit your apps to the Google Play Store
  • An in-depth look at the activity life cycle, intents, and context
  • Comprehensive overview of List and Recycler Views
  • Create projects that help you retain what you have learned
  • Installing JDK and Android Studio as well as IntelliJ
  • Kotlin Foundations – Variables, Strings, Collections, Classes, Inheritance, Lambda Expressions
  • Constraint layout and supporting multiple device sizes
  • Enhance your UI with custom drawables
  • Using Kotlin with Android SDK
  • Learning all about web requests and working with APIs
  • Implementing web sockets in a fully functional Slackapp clone



For this Kotlin training online, you must have:

  • PC with Windows 8+ OR macOS OR Linux/Ubuntu
  • An Android device is recommended but not required
  • No prior knowledge as the instructor teaches everything from the ground up


Reviews by George G.

This is very clean and practical course. Thanks.



6. Kotlin for Android O Development: From Beginner to Advance – [Udemy]

Kotlin for Android O Development: From Beginner to Advance

Rating 4.7
Who should take this class? This Kotlin certification online is for:

  • People who wish to learn Android’s newest programming language, Kotlin
  • Students who want to have the freedom to create their apps from scratch
  • Someone with app experience, hoping to learn more advanced concepts
  • Students looking forth to acquire apps skills and make money from it
Enrolled 66,588 students
Duration 15.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Atil Samancioglu, Joe Parys, and Joe Parys Support
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Con Several hacky things were used in the code in this Kotlin course online.


Do you have an idea to create an app but do not know how and where to start? Do you have some programming experience but need further assistance on it? If yes, this can be one of the best choices for you.


It is another one of the detailed classes to learn Kotlin online. The class has over 180 lectures and more than 15 hours of video HD content. It is a complete course that takes you through the process of building an Android app from scratch. Once you finish this class, you will have an idea of creating all kinds of applications for Android.


Learning Outcomes

It is the top Kotlin course online to learn the following:

  • Downloading Java JDK and Android Studio
  • Creating professional applications like Instagram & Foursquare Clones
  • Submitting apps to the play store from scratch
  • Designing your applications in Sketch
  • Skills to be a developer
  • Final source code of all applications created in class



For this Kotlin certification online, you need:

  • No prior knowledge
  • No prior design experience
  • No background in programming
  • An open mindset
  • Eagerness to learn about Kotlin and Android O
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Android Studio


Reviews by Misdi.

Thank you for this course. I very like it and easy to understand. the logic look like difficult but when he explained it make me understood to resolve the problem.



7. Kotlin for Java Developers – Offered by Jet Brains – [Coursera]

Kotlin for Java Developers – Offered by Jet Brains

Rating 4.7
Who should take this class? Intermediate Level students
Enrolled 91,186 students
Duration Approx. 25 hours to complete
Instructor Svetlana Isakova and Andrey Breslav
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Con The instructor of this Kotlin certification online has a strong accent, which is difficult to understand.


Coursera is another great option for online learning. It is an easy-to-understand class.


Learning Outcomes

In this Kotlin course online, you will discover the following:

  • The power and beauty of Kotlin
  • Basic overview of Kotlin
  • Java interoperability
  • Similarities between Java and Kotlin
  • Differences between Java and Kotlin
  • Basic syntax, nullability, functional programming with Kotlin, object-oriented programming with Kotlin
  • Power of the Kotlin standard library


Reviews by JR.

The course was very well organized. Instructor clearly explained not only the language features, but also how they works under the hood. This allows the student to take full advantage of Kotlin.



8. Getting Started with Kotlin – [Pluralsight]

Getting Started with Kotlin

Rating 4.4
Who should take this class? You can take this class to learn Kotlin online if you are a beginner hoping for clarity on Kotlin fundamentals.
Duration 2 hours and 9 minutes
Level Intermediate
Instructor Kevin Jonas
Paid Yes



Java is a renowned programming language and has existed for two decades and has not changed much. It can be a pro and a con for the language. On the contrary, there is Kotlin, a modern version of Java. It adopts ideas such as immutability and first-class functions out of the box and is also object-oriented.


Kotlin helps make the program more readable and concise. In this Kotlin training online, you will get an overview of the language.


Learning Outcomes

You can take this course to learn Kotlin online. Some things discovered in this class are:

  • Getting started with Kotlin
  • Adopting Kotlin in your projects
  • Installing the Kotlin tools
  • How to set up the IDEs to use Kotlin
  • Basic language syntax
  • Object-oriented features of Kotlin
  • How to use the programming features of Kotlin
  • How to write and run tests in Kotlin
  • Understanding of the features of Kotlin



9. Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers – [Udacity]

Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers

Paid No
Duration Approx. 2 Weeks
Skill level Intermediate
Self-paced Yes
Instructors Aleks Haecky, Sean McQuillan, and Asser Samak


It is the best free Kotlin course. The class contains top-grade information intuitively presented by industry pros. You will have several interactive quizzes that help assess your understanding.


In this Kotlin training online, you will learn:

  • Top features associated with the Kotlin programming language from Kotlin experts at Google
  • Skills to build your next project in Kotlin
  • Understand the benefits of learning and using Kotlin
  • Using the Kotlin interpreter to get comfortable with basic language features
  • Pass functions as arguments, and program simple lambdas
  • Writing Kotlin statements and expressions


You can also take this class to learn Kotlin online and discover:

  • Build private and public classes
  • Learning about basic syntax, data types, variables, operators, control structures, and nullability
  • Knowledge of when constructs and create single-line functions
  • How to define constants and work with collections
  • Create and call functions with default and variable arguments
  • Learn how object-oriented programming works in Kotlin
  • This Kotlin training online also covers how to write extensions
  • Clarity on the generic classes and functions and using annotations and labeled breaks
  • Knowledge of inline functions and Single Abstract Method interfaces
  • Understanding lambdas and higher order functions in Kotlin



For this best free Kotlin course, you must have:

  • Knowledge of the modern, object-oriented statically, typed programming language like Java, C++, or Python
  • A one-year programming experience
  • Familiarity with Android Studio or IntelliJ
  • Ability to install the latest version of JDK and IntelliJ IDEA CE



10. Developing Android Apps with Kotlin – [Udacity]

Developing Android Apps with Kotlin

Paid No
Duration Two months
Skill level Intermediate
Self-paced Yes
Instructors Lyla Fujiwara, Dan Galpin, Aleks Haecky, Sean McQuillan, Asser Samak, and Murat Yener


In this Kotlin training online, you will learn to architect and develop Android apps in Kotlin programming language with industry-proven libraries and tools. Consequently, you can create apps in less time with fewer errors and requiring lesser codes.


This course is developed in partnership with Google. The class offers hands-on experience as you learn to build real Android apps, employing modern app architecture and industry best practices. It contains rich-learning content taught by renowned industry pros and interactive quizzes.


Learning Outcomes

In this best free Kotlin course, you learn the following:

  • Using the Android Jetpack elements such as Room for databases, Work Manager for background processing, the new Navigation component, and more
  • Key Kotlin attributes to write your app code more quickly and in a few words.
  • Basics of Android, such as creating text, images, and interactive buttons
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Creating a Dice Roller Android app
  • Fundamentals of building Android applications using Kotlin


Other things covered in this one of the best Kotlin courses online are:

  • Navigating the Main Map Anatomy of an Android app
  • Architecture components, multi-screen navigation, data persistence, RESTful APIs, and Material Design
  • Creating well-designed Android applications using Kotlin
  • Different kinds of views and resources
  • Arranging elements with the Android Studio’s Layout Editor
  • Connecting views with data through data binding
  • And more



For this Kotlin training online, you require:

  • Reliable internet connection to download required software and libraries.
  • Android Studio 3.2 or higher
  • GitHub account and experience navigating GitHub
  • Comfortable using a Modern IDE, and the OOP language
  • Familiarity with threads and concurrency
  • Knowledge of themodular app architectures
  • Some background in Kotlin – Kotlin syntax includes nullable and non-nullable variables, methods with default and variable arguments, data classes, object expressions, lambdas, and extensions.



11.  Learn Kotlin Online with Kotlin Essential Training – [LinkedIn Learning]

Learn Kotlin Online with Kotlin Essential Training


Rating 4.6
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Instructor Troy Miles
Duration 3h 30m
Skill level Intermediate
Pros This Kotlin certification online covers a diverse range of topics but does not go in-depth.


LinkedIn learning is one of the best websites to learn Kotlin. It bags you a shareable certificate. You can put it on your social media or include it in your CV to boost your chances of landing a job.


Learning Outcomes

The next contender in our list for the best Kotlin courses online is this class, wherein you learn the following:

  • Data types and variables
  • What developers need to create command-line programs using the Kotlin programming language
  • How statements differ from expressions
  • Functions and classes to coroutines
  • How to effectively debug your Kotlin code



12. Android Basics in Kotlin – [Developers. Android]

Android Basics in Kotlin

It is an excellent class to learn Kotlin online as it prepares you to take the Associate Android Developer certification exam.



Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will discover the following:

  • Basics of building Android apps
  • Adding images and text to your Android apps
  • How to use classes, objects, and conditionals to create an interactive app for your users
  • This Kotlin training online helps you to improve your app interface by learning about the layouts, Material Design guidelines, and best practices for UI development
  • Making it easier for the users to navigate across
  • Write coroutines for complex code
  • Keep your apps working through any disruptions to essential networks
  • Using Android Jetpack’s WorkManager API to schedule necessary background work



13. Learn Kotlin – [CodeCademy]

Learn Kotlin

Duration 15 hours
Certification With Pro Plus
Instructors Galina Podstrechnaya, Alex DiStasi, and Tim Liedtke


Next, we have one of the best Kotlin courses online by CodeCademy. It has quizzes and exercises to help assess your learning during the session.


Learning Outcomes

In this class, you will discover:

  • Fundamental programming topics
  • Writing your first print statement
  • Creating your objects and classes using the Kotlin programming language


Prerequisites for this Kotlin certification online

This class has no prerequisites.



14. Kotlin Docs – [Kotlin]

Kotlin Docs

What better way to learn Kotlin than learning it directly from the team behind Kotlin? So, here we have the best free Kotlin course that gives you all information on this programming language from base to advanced level. You can also refer to them to learn about the latest developments in Kotlin.




So, these are the fourteen best Kotlin courses online to learn about this programming language. Though all these classes are one better than the other, we recommend Udemy’s Kotlin for Beginners: Learn Programming with Kotlin for new learners. Another course for more rigorous training is Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers – [Udacity].


Best Websites For Kotlin Training Reviewed by 10 Kotlin Developer4.6