11 Best Scala Online Training, Tutorials, and Courses

Best Scala Courses
Scala is one of the hottest programming languages based on the Java Virtual Machine. In the last decade or so, there has been a massive surge in the Scala jobs, and the demand for Scala professionals has only gone up with every passing year.


Scala opens the doors to some avant-garde technologies like Akka, Spark, and more. Are these reasons enough to justify the popularity of Scala? So, do you want to learn Scala online but do not know how to get started? Well, we are here to assist you.


You can find several best Scala courses that teach you beginner-level to advanced programming in Scala. Hence, finding the right Scala online course that matches your needs should not be challenging. But, it would demand immense effort and skill to choose the right advanced Scala course.


So, to assist you, we screened different regular and Scala certification courses. We handpicked a few of the top Scala programming courses based on our research.


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11 Best Scala Programming Courses with Scala Advanced Tutorials

1. Scala Applied, Part 1 – Best Scala Course – [Udemy]

Scala Applied, Part 1 - Best Scala Course

Rating 4.4
Enrolled 10,470 students
Duration 5.5 of hours on-demand video
Instructor Dick Wall
Paid Yes
Certification Yes, it is one of the Scala certification courses
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons Organization and delivery could be better.


At number one, we have a Scala programming certification by Udemy. It is a half-theory and half-practice Scala programming training with hands-on coding exercises drafted around test-driven development examples.


You will acquire a sound grounding in language theory by finishing all the three beginner-level to advanced Scala courses and the listed assignments. Almost every lecture in this best Scala tutorial has a practical demonstration with the slide. So, you can download the slide deck and follow along on the computer.


It is not a Scala advanced tutorial for learning advanced programming in Scala. But, it prepares you for one. In addition, this Scala online training teaches you practical skills. Hence, it makes you comfortable coding in Scala. You will also know the tools necessary for Scala.


You will find several Scala full courses online. But it is very different from other courses to learn Scala online. It is balanced but the best tutorial for Scala. You will learn all vital Scala concepts in this Scala certification course. The course helps you learn to use Scala productively.


It is one of the top Scala programming courses. Herein, you will learn with skilled and top-notch Scala developers who employ it daily in real-world commercial projects and have done it for many years now. So, it is the best Scala course.


Learning Outcomes

In this Scala online course, you will learn the following:


  • Using the REPL for fun and experimentation
  • Understanding the Scala syntax basics like Val, var, def, if, while, try, for, and more
  • Creating instances, objects, and classes
  • Writing custom control structures to augment the ones built into the language
  • Familiarity with Scala type inference basics and using it
  • Defining and using function literals
  • Familiarity with libraries like Actors and Collections
  • Employing higher-order functions
  • Starting the pathway of a more functional programming style
  • Be ready for Part 2 of Stairway to Scala Applied



There are a few prerequisites for this Scala programming training. Knowing them can streamline your experience in this Scala programming certification course. These include:


  • A student should complete the free Stairway to Scala
  • Scala setup
  • Knowledge of at least one other programming language
  • Familiarity with computer programming fundamentals


Who should take this best Scala tutorial?

This Scala online course will benefit:

  • Developers who wish to acquire a good working knowledge of Scala
  • Students who have some prior programming experience in an alternative programming language
  • Best Scala course with those with no experience in Scala


Reviews by Anatolii D.

Good to start playing around with Scala, extra bonus for tasks with answers where you can compare yourself against the expectations



2. Scala Applied, Part 2 – [Udemy]

Scala Applied, Part 2

Rating 4.6
Enrolled 4,696 students
Duration 5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Dick Wall
Paid Yes, these are paid Scala programming courses
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons Several topics missing in this Scala online training.


At number two, we have a class imparting advanced programming in Scala. It is a follow-up of the three-part Scala full course. You will cover Scala features that are different from other languages or attributes unique to Scala in this advanced Scala course.


This Scala certification course to learn Scala online nicely dovetails into the following. Hence, it is one of the top-recommended Scala programming training.


Learning Outcomes

In this best Scala course with Scala advanced tutorial, you will learn the following:

  • You begin this Scala online course with the knowledge of parametric fields
  • Creating abstract classes and pure abstract members
  • Override and overload methods
  • Understanding top and bottom types
  • Creating pre-conditions and post-conditions
  • Using parametric fields
  • Designing auxiliary and primary constructors
  • Call superclass constructors and methods
  • Design factory methods in companion objects
  • Understand Scala’s composition
  • Knowing the different styles of packages
  • Learning Scala inheritance features
  • Testing your code with unit testing
  • Employing traits to combine behavior and classes
  • Importing anything from anywhere
  • Familiarity with visibility modifiers
  • Writing the correct equals and hashCode methods
  • Building Domain-Specific Languages
  • Knowing how Scala utilizes top and bottom types



For this Scala online course, you need:

  • To complete Stairway to Scala Applied Part 1
  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Performance and resources to compile and run the coding exercises


Who should take these Scala certification courses?

This advanced programming in Scala will benefit:

  • Anyone searching for a Scala full course to learn Scala
  • Students with programming knowledge in a modern programming language
  • Best Scala course for those who finished Part 1 of Scala online training


Reviews by Peter H.

Just like the first one, this course is very good. Very knowledgeable instructor and great materials. A lot of care and attention has gone into making this course.



3. Scala Applied, Part 3 – [Udemy]

Scala Applied, Part 3

Rating 4.5
Enrolled 3,824 students
Duration 5.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Dick Wall
Paid Yes
Certification Yes, certified Scala online course
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons He can make the slides more informative.


Next, we have another Udemy course to learn Scala online. It is the final part of this advanced Scala programming. This best Scala tutorial gives you a full, everyday working knowledge of Scala programming.


In addition, you will also know about the standard core library APIs. It is an excellent Scala certification course.


Learning Outcomes

In this advanced Scala course, you will learn the following:

  • Final language feature for Scala – Continuation from Part 1 and 2
  • Building projects with SBT
  • Creating and using Partial Functions
  • Building pattern matches like Scala Pro
  • Partial functions and case classes
  • Knowing which collections to employ in different circumstances to get desired performance
  • Using case classes to get free, best practice functionality
  • Best Scala course to learn mixing Java and Scala on a project
  • Harness Java libraries effectively and safely
  • How partial functions help prevent
  • Employing option types instead of nulls to eliminate NullPointerExceptions
  • Acquiring detailed grounding in the Scala collections
  • Examining the vast power and potential in the collections API
  • Knowing API in the core libraries
  • Creating and manipulating Futures to avoid blocking
  • Writing reactive code runtime errors by validating input to a function


Prerequisites to learn Scala online

For this advanced programming in Scala, you require:

  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • Resources to compile and run the coding exercises
  • Completion of the Parts 1 and 2 of Stairway to Scala Applied or equivalent skills


Who should take this Scala advanced tutorial?

This advanced Scala course will benefit:

  • This Scala full course is for anyone wishing to learn the Scala programming language
  • Someone with skills equivalent to part 1 and part 2 of this best Scala course
  • Programming knowledge in a modern programming language other than Scala


Reviews by PM A.

The course is very well structured and it really helps with the learning curve.



4. Apache Spark with Scala – Hands On with Big Data! – [Udemy]

Apache Spark with Scala - Hands On with Big Data

Rating 4.5
Enrolled 83,119 students
Duration 9 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Sundog Education by Frank Kane, Frank Kane, and Sundog Education Team
Paid Yes
Certification Yes, Scala programming certification
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons He did not cover many vital aspects of explaining the code. Also, the videos are pretty short.


Next, we have a Udemy Scala certification course. This Scala advanced tutorial is a crash course in Scala. Big data analysis is one of the top-demanded skills, and in this class, to learn Scala online, you will discover all about it.


It familiarizes you with the trendiest technology in big data – Apache Spark. Renowned companies like Yahoo, Nasa JPL, eBay, and Amazon employ Spark to extract meaning from big data. It is the best Scala course as you will learn from an ex-engineer and senior manager from IMDb and Amazon.


It is a hands-on Scala online training. So, you will learn by doing. There are 20 examples to help you understand the real-world application and scale them up to run on cloud computing services.


Once you finish this Scala programming certification, you will be capable of running code that examines massive information in the cloud in only a few minutes. Hence it is one of the top Scala programming courses.


Learning Outcomes

In this Scala online course, you will learn the following:

  • Designing distributed code with Scala
  • Transforming structured data with DataSets, SparkSQL, and DataFrames
  • Building, deploying, and running Spark scripts on Hadoop clusters
  • Analyzing and traversing graph structures with GraphX
  • Framing big data analysis problems like Apache Spark scripts
  • Understanding massive data set with Machine Learning on Spark
  • Processing regular data streams with Spark Streaming
  • Optimizing Spark jobs via caching, partitioning, or other related techniques
  • Run and develop Spark jobs fast with Scala, IntelliJ, and SBT.
  • Simplifying complex analysis problems into iterative or multi-stage Spark scripts
  • Familiarity with several Spark technologies – Spark SQL, DataFrames, DataSets, Spark Streaming, Machine Learning, and GraphX
  • Scaling to larger data sets with Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce service


Prerequisites for this advanced Scala course

For this best Scala course, you need:

  • Prior programming or scripting experience
  • Programming fundamentals
  • Desktop PC or macOS or Linux
  • Internet connection
  • Downloading and installing Scala


Who should take this Scala full course?

This advanced programming in Scala can benefit:

  • Software engineers who wish to boost their skills in the big data processing
  • People with some previous programming experience
  • Those scripting experience
  • Anyone interested in a Scala online course to learn from basics


Reviews by Mohamed S.

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organized and focused on practical examples with well explained slides.



5. Scala & Functional Programming Essentials | Rock the JVM – [Udemy]

Scala & Functional Programming Essentials | Rock the JVM

Rating 4.7
Enrolled 44,864 students
Duration 11.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Daniel Ciocîrlan
Paid Yes, it’s a paid Scala online training
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons Exercises are pretty hard for learners.


It is a bestselling Scala advanced tutorial, and you will be well-acquainted with the Scala fundamentals in this Scala certification course. You will also learn about functional programming. These are the two most widely demanded topics in the software industry today.


Once you finish this best Scala course, you will be in a position to write over 3000 lines of Scala code yourself. There are more than 100 exercises and examples in this Scala programming training.


It is an advanced Scala course, but the instructor keeps it crisp and to the point. So, please ensure you have substantial commitment and focus. The instructor will focus on both theoretical and practical learning. So, you receive lectures with code examples and real-world code assignments and demos. In addition, this Scala online training has several instructions, exercises, resources, and solutions.


Learning Outcomes

This Scala programming certification will help you learn the following:

  • Best Scala course for understanding Scala code in production environments
  • Picking codes on open-source projects
  • Code differently with functional programming
  • Writing Scala applications from scratch
  • Developing with powerful tools on top of Scala: Spark, Akka, Play



For this advanced programming in Scala, you require:

  • Some experience with some other programming language
  • Java knowledge is also helpful for this Scala programming training
  • Someone who has built something useful with programming languages
  • Clarity on computer science fundamentals: memory, running time, how programs compile and run


Who should take this best tutorial for Scala?

This Udemy Scala online training will benefit:

  • Programmers with little to no experience in Scala
  • Those with no prior knowledge of functional programming
  • Established programmers looking for Scala certification courses


It is not the best Scala course if you do not have a solid understanding of programming fundamentals or have never coded before.


Reviews by Augustine K.

Amazing course. I enjoyed it. It is a top quality introduction to the Scala programming language by Daniel!



6. Scala and Spark for Big Data and Machine Learning – [Udemy]

Scala and Spark for Big Data and Machine Learning

Rating 4.5
Enrolled 29,401 students
Duration 10 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Jose Portilla
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons Explanation of concepts can be better.


In this Udemy Scala programming certification, you will discover the most valuable tech skills in the market today – Spark and Scala. This Scala advanced tutorial is a crash course in Scala programming. You will find projects covering your learned topics in this Scala programming training.
Across this Scala certification course, you will learn the latest methodologies of Spark 2.0. So, once you finish this advanced Scala course, you will feel confident working with Spark and Scala and adding them to your resume.


Learning Outcomes

This best Scala tutorial will teach you:

  • Spark and Big Data Ecosystem Overview
  • How to do advanced programming in Scala
  • Employing Scala2.0 DataFrames for manipulating or reading data
  • Utilizing Spark to Process Large Datasets
  • Knowing how to use Spark on AWS and DataBricks
  • Familiarity with Big Data Platform
  • Using Spark’s MLlib for Machine Learning
  • Scaling Spark jobs



For this Scala online course, you need:

  • Familiarity with the English language
  • Fundamental programming knowledge
  • Basic math skills


Who should take this advanced Scala course?

This Scala online training will benefit:

  • Someone interested in using Scala and Spark for Machine Learning with Large Data Sets
  • Those who already know how to program
  • Anyone interested in Big Data Technologies


Reviews by Miguel E.

Very useful tutorial on everything connected to the spark-scala stack. The course maintains a good pace and the projects are clearly doable with the information that has been presented.



7. Akka Essentials with Scala | Rock the JVM – [Udemy]

Akka Essentials with Scala | Rock the JVM

Rating 4.8
Enrolled 8,490 students
Duration 13 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Daniel Ciocîrlan
Paid Yes
Certification Yes, Scala programming certification awarded
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The instructor could include more hands-on exercises in this Scala online course.


This Udemy best Scala course is one of the top-selling internet courses. It is an advanced Scala course that teaches you to write over 2000+ lines of Akka code yourself. In this comprehensive course to learn Scala online, you will see concise and accurate instruction delivery. So, please be focused and dedicated to learning well.


What’s more? Many educators offering advanced programming in Scala focus solely on the practical aspect. However, this best tutorial for Scala will take you through both theoretical and practical concepts.


You will find lectures with multiple real-life code assignments and demos. In addition, the Scala advanced tutorial also has additional resources, instructions, exercises, and solutions. So, it is the top Scala certification course.


Learning Outcomes

In this best Scala tutorial, you will learn to:

  • Use Akka patterns
  • Employing best Akka practices
  • Writing resilient applications
  • Configuring Akka for different scenarios
  • Using Akka actors
  • Confidently testing actor systems
  • Designing fault-tolerant systems with supervision
  • Creating concurrent applications with actors instead of threads and locks


Prerequisites to learn Scala online

This Scala online course requires:

  • Solid command of Scala language
  • Good understanding of multi-threading
  • General programming experience


Who should take this advanced Scala course?

This Scala advanced tutorial will benefit:

  • Developers who need to get into the field of fast data
  • Scala developers who want to design complex distributed systems
  • Established programmers with experience in Scala
  • Those with knowledge of functional programming
  • People thorough with general programming fundamentals


However, this advanced programming in Scala will not be suitable for you if:

  • You have never worked with threads
  • You have never written a Scala code before


Reviews by Aleksandar M.

I really like the way Daniel is presenting topics. Concise and to the point but at the same time everything is clear to me.



8. Scala Programming Training Courses – [Coursera]

Scala Programming Training Courses
Coursera is a hub for Scala online training. On the platform, you can find several Scala online courses. There are both paid and free classes to learn Scala online. You can find beginner, intermediate, and advanced Scala courses.


Top institutions and professionals offer all Coursera Scala programming courses, and many Scala full courses come with certification.


So, when you complete the Scala certification course, you will be rewarded. It will be a shareable document. So, you can share it on your social media or download, print it, and include it in your CV. This certificate will improve your chances of landing a job.


A few of the best tutorials for Scala that interest us are:



9. Programming Reactive Systems – Offered by EPFL –[edX]

Programming Reactive Systems – Offered by EPFL
It is intermediate or advanced Scala programming that takes you through Reactive programming. This edX best Scala course is self-paced. So, you can start and finish at your pace. It is a nine-week Scala online training.


You can complete the Scala advanced tutorial with a weekly effort of five to seven weeks. Essentially, this best tutorial for Scala is free. However, if you need graded assignments and certification, you will have to bear a fee.


Prerequisites to learn Scala online

For this Scala certification course, you will need:


To make the most of this best tutorial for Scala, at least one-year programming experience, ideally in a functional language is better.


Learning Outcomes

It is an intermediate to advanced Scala course. In this Scala online course, you will learn the following:

  • Use, transform and sequence asynchronous computations with Future values
  • Designing designs resilient to failures
  • Writing concurrent reactive techniques based on message passing and Actors, employing Akka Typed and untyped Akka
  • Knowing how back-pressure controls the flow of data
  • This Scala programming training will teach you implementing systems that can scale out according to a varying workload
  • Consuming and transforming infinite and intermittent data streams with Akka Stream in a non-blocking way


It is one of the detailed Scala programming courses. So, if you wish to know the entire Syllabus covered in this best Scala course, check the attached link.



10. Scala Essential Training – [LinkedIn Learning]

Scala Essential Training
Next, we have another intermediate to advanced Scala course. Your instructor for this Scala full course is Peggy Fisher. It is a 3hour and 8minute best Scala tutorial. After you finish this Scala programming training, you will bag a certificate. It will be a shareable certificate.


Learning Outcomes

In this Scala online course, you will learn several things. These include:

  • For getting started with Scala this is one of the best Scala certification courses
  • Leveraging unique Scala capabilities
  • Familiarity with the basics of type inference, variables, loops, functions, and operators
  • Reading files with the console, performing pattern matching, handling exceptions, etc.
  • Using methods, fields, classes, and objects for advanced Scala programming



11. Learn Scala from Scratch – [Educative]

Learn Scala from Scratch
It is the last best Scala course on this list. It is a detailed course to learn Scala online and comprises 121 Lessons, 9 Quizzes, 20 Challenges, 191 Playgrounds, and 142 Illustrations. Once you finish this Scala online training, you will earn a certification.


Learning Outcomes

It is one of the best Scala programming courses for Scala programming training on how to program in Scala.



Best Scala Courses Reviewed by 10 Scala Developers 4.8