11 Best Angular Courses, Tutorials, and Training Programs Online

Best Angular Courses
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Angular is indeed the next big thing. It is the successor of the incredibly successful and hugely popular Angular.js framework. If experts are to be believed, Angular is undoubtedly going to shape the future for front-end development in the times to come.


Its potent capabilities and features enable you to develop personalized, complicated, innovative, user-friendly, and responsive web applications.


However, the subject is not easy. It is not something you can learn in a day or overnight. It would help if you had guidance and support from the experts. So, to help you learn well and succeed in Angular, we have rounded up the list of some of the best Angular training courses.


Now, why should you trust our choice of courses for Angular? Well, it is not us alone who recommend these courses as the internet’s best. Our team sought recommendations from 27 of the experts from around the world.


We analyzed every course thoroughly and then picked the eleven courses based on their suggestions. These courses have been selected based on content, user reviews, the certification you receive, and the tutor’s experience.

11 Best Angular Courses (Beginners to Expert Level)

  1. Angular Certification Training Course – [Simplilearn]
  2. Angular – The Complete Guide (2024} Edition) – [Udemy]
  3. Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide [2024 Edition] – [Udemy]
  4. Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers – [Udemy]
  5. The Complete Course for Best Angular Tutorials: Beginner to Advanced – [Udemy]
  6. Learn and Understand AngularJS – [Udemy]
  7. Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular – Offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – [Coursera]
  8. Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS – [Coursera]
  9. AngularJS – [PluralSight]
  10. Learn Angular – [edX]
  11. Angular Essential Training – [LinkedIn]


Angular Training: Best Tutorials and Online Courses

We will analyze the shortlisted eleven courses on the basis of their offerings and learning outcomes one-by-one below.

1. Angular Certification Training Course [Simplilearn]

Angular Certification Training Course

What is this course about?

Wish to get pro at the front-end web development using Angular? Well, we have found just the best course for you. This course can be a phenomenal resource as it covers everything from advanced concepts, such as typescript, dependency injection, directives, and components, to more fundamental topics, such as the development of single-page web applications


In this course, you will be learning everything that is vital to know about the designing of one-page applications and how Angular can be the best pick in development.


This Angularjs online course is comprehensive and has about fifty hours of learning. The course also has three industry-based projects, a free introductory JavaScript course, and twelve quizzes.


What will you learn?

Some of the key skills that you will learn with this course include:

  1. Service dependency injection
  2. TypeScript
  3. Developing UI using Bootstrap
  4. Working with MVC
  5. Using Angular CLI
  6. Performing unit testing


 What do you need?

This is an elementary Angular course and there are no prerequisites for you to take this course. You can start with these classes right away even if you have no previous experience with Angular.


Once you successfully complete this program and the experts evaluate your assigned project, you will be facilitated by a certificate from the team.


Review Bikash Thapa Magar:

I have enrolled for Full Stack Development from Simplilearn. I found Simplilearn to be the best online training institute with best training courses and full help and support. I am very happy to do my course from here and also planning to join other courses also from Simplilearn. Thank you Simplilearn.



2. Angular – The Complete Guide (2022 Edition) [Udemy]

Angular - The Complete Guide

What is this course about?

Did you always dream of building a reactive and fantastic web application? With this Angularjs online course, you can indeed live your dream and make the most of it.


The next bestselling course on our list has a rating of 4.6. The course comprises thirty-four hours of video content. In addition, you also get 147 downloadable resources to amplify your understanding of Angular.


Further, this Angular training will also provide you with the fundamental knowledge of JavaScript. In this course, the teacher will take you from the basic scratch to the way up. So, you will go from setup to deployment all via this one course.


There are enough projects that can help you put your learning into practice as well. Your instructor in the course believes that this is a much better approach than rhetorical theoretic learning, wherein useful skills, even though imparted, may not work well for you.


This is one of the best Angular course as every section is based on a real project. So, once you are through with this , you will earn yourself a certificate of completion. Lastly, Udemy trusts its educators, which is why the course comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.


What will you learn?

Some of the things that you will learn with this course include:

  1. Creating one-page apps
  2. Using the acquired, deep understanding of the Angular fundamentalsto become a successful front-end developer.
  3. Create complex, modern, responsive, and scalable web apps using Angular 12.


What do you need?

To take this course:

  1. Basic JavaScript knowledge will help.
  2. Basic CSS and HTML knowledge can come in handy, but it is not mandatory.
  3. No Angular 1 or Angular 2 knowledge is needed.
  4. Past TypeScript knowledge will also help, but again it is not compulsory.


Who should take this course?

This Angularjs online training is ideal for:

  1. Newcomers and experienced developers who aspire to learn a modern JavaScript framework.
  2. Anyone interested in learning a top-notched front-end JavaScript framework.


Review Bikash Thapa Magar:

Thanks for an awesome course. 5/5. Appreciate all of your hardwork put into it.
Two tips I would like to give for new subscibers:
1. Learn Typescript & RxJS first before taking the course.
2. Download final-version of code for each chapter first and then follow along the video.



3. Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide [2022 Edition] [Udemy]

Angular & NodeJS

What is this course about?

The next course with the best Angular tutorials on our list is again by Udemy. This is also a bestselling course and has a rating of 4.7. In this course, you would be building a real app, and via that app, you would learn to combine your understanding of Angular Front-end with Express & NodeJS % MongoDB Backend.


This is the short-best Angular course which is just 12.5-hour-long. It has forty downloadable resources and twenty-two articles, which come with complete lifetime access. Once you are done with the course, you will create scalable, modern, and high-speed apps with Angular.


Your instructor for this course is Maximilian. He has long-standing experience as a web developer and is also the tutor for multiple five-star rated Udemy courses. Maximilian also has a YouTube channel (Academind), where you can subscribe to him to learn more about coding.


One of the prime reasons we have listed this course on our best Angular tutorials list is that it follows a hands-on approach. It implies that all the concepts you learn will be put into practice by working on one big app.


In this manner, you will memorize all that you have learned better as you work on some implementation examples. As you create an app and add features to it, you will gradually progress from beginner to master.


What will you learn?

Some of the things that you will learn with this course are:

  1. Building real NodeJS and Angular apps.
  2. Understanding the working of Angular
  3. Learning how Angular interacts with Backends.
  4. Connecting the Angular Front-end with a NodeJS Backend.
  5. Using ExpressJS as a NodeJS framework
  6. Improving the user experience by employing Optimistic updating on the front end.
  7. Bettering the Angular app with Error Handling.
  8. Using MongoDB with Mongoose with interact with data on the backend.


Who should take this course?

This is the best Angular course for:

  1. Anyone wishing to put NodeJS and Angular knowledge into action.
  2. Anyone already familiar with the NodeJS and Angular basics wanting to get a detailed guide to connect both techs.
  3. Anyone who wishes to build a full-stack, modern app.
  4. Students wanting to exercise with their Angular and NodeJS skills

Before moving on, do check out the recommendation for the best MEAN Stack and MERN Stack courses for you.


Review Amir Azizpour:

Max is the most amazing teacher. A lot of thoughts have gone into each point he teaches. Great style of showing how things can go wrong and how to fix which is most valuable. Well done Max.

Sign Up Here

4. Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers [Udemy]

Angular Crash Course

What is this course about?

Need a fast-track Angular course that can help you learn everything you need fast and quickly? Well, we have found a trusted course with a rating of 4.5.


Through this course, you can learn everything necessary in just 10.5 hours of training. Please know that this course has over 20-hours of Angular training, but you need to view the first ten only. The remaining ten is a recorded class of the previous Angular version.


So, if you just give this course a weekend, you can start making apps for clients.


One of the most notable aspects of this Angularjs online course is that every coding section ends with a coding exercise, enabling you to master the concepts better.


Mosh (Moshfegh) Hamedani created this course. He has over 17-years of professional development experience. More so, he has been a vital part of multiple best-selling courses on Udemy and PluralSight too. We have also included this Angular course because it comes with Udemy’s 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, your interests are guarded.


What will you learn?

With this course, you will:

  1. Generate more maintainable and cleaner codes.
  2. Master the vital Angular concepts
  3. Troubleshoot common runtime errors


What do you need?

As it is a fast-track course, you should:

  1. Be familiar with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  2. As such, no past knowledge of different Angular versions is needed


Review Shwetha Kumari Anantha:

Best course for quickly getting an idea on Angular. The instructors narration style and break up of concepts into separate lessons makes it very easy to follow.



5. The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced [Udemy]

The Complete Angular Course

What is this course about?

With a rating of 4.5 and an array of things to learn, this Udemy course certainly deserves a spot on our list.


In this Angular training, you get a chance to design a real e-commerce app using Firebase, Angular, and Bootstrap 4. The course comprises 29.5 hours of on-demand video, thirty-eight downloadable resources, and ten articles, which will give you a comprehensive detailed understanding of the course.


Through this course, you will be able to troubleshoot common runtime errors and compile-time errors. With what’s learned in the course, you will be well equipped to design your first ever angular application and walk ahead on the journey of Angular in a more confident manner.


The Angularjs online course focuses more on hands-on learning than just feeding you with boring tests. However, suppose you are one of those who do not feel satiated with the basic learning and wish to dive deeper into the advanced concepts, such as animating DOM elements, server-less apps with Angular and Firebase. In that case, this course will help you with all that.


More so, all the resources in this course come with a lifetime access, and Udemy’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Lastly, once you are done with this course, you will earn yourself a certificate of completion.


What will you learn?

This Angular training is designed to help you:

  1. Master the best Angular practices
  2. Write clean and elegant code just like a professional
  3. Troubleshoot common Angular errors
  4. Build Angular real-world applications on your own
  5. Establish yourself as a skilled, experienced developer



To take this course, you need:

  1. To have the basic familiarity with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  2. However, no past knowledge of Angular 2 or Angular 1 is needed.


Review Saloni Gowadia:

I have worked on angular before and for advance level i am watching this course.And the course is really amazing.The special part i found is Animation.The tutor explained it precisely.Thanks for this great course.



6. Learn and Understand AngularJS [Udemy]

Learn and Understand AngularJS

What is this course about?

At number sixth on our Angular course list, we again have a Udemy course with a rating of 4.5.


This is a short course, wherein you go from learning about building custom directives to custom services. Further, you will also learn the two-way binding. The course covers everything associated with Angular.


In this Angular training program, you will get both starter and a finished source code that can help you learn better. The instructor of this course has structured it to understand the beginner’s needs and the advanced sections come only in the later sections.


One of the most important teachings of this course is that merely imitating someone’s code is not the right way because the situations in the real world will be largely different.


This course comprises seven hours of on-demand video, five articles, and thirty-three downloadable resources. All the resources you get comes with lifetime access. More so, the course comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee from Udemy. Upon completion, you will bag yourself a certificate of completion.


What will you learn?

Some of the things that you will learn through this Angular training include:

  1. Fundamental Javascript concepts are vital for AngularJS.
  2. Writing better and faster AngularJS codes by discovering everything you should know about AngularJS
  3. Becoming fluent in AngularJS terminologies, such as directives, dependency injection, transclusion, services, and others.
  4. Building a SPA or a single-page app in AngularJS
  5. Understanding the power of dependency injection and how AngularJS can help you accomplish it.
  6. Be the coder who explains AngularJS to everyone because you truly understand it better than anyone else.
  7. Design custom directives and save time and energy, thanks to easily reusable components.


What do you need?

  1. Basic JavaScript and HTMLknowledge
  2. A text editor
  3. Browser


Review Jeanine Kimball:

This is an amazing introductory course for AngularJS. Our team is starting to work on the apps we have using this language so it was important for me to have a solid understanding, which this definitely helped with. Thank you!



7. Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular – Offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [Coursera]

Front-End JavaScript Frameworks

What is this course about?

Number seven on our Angular training programs list is a Coursera course. The course has a rating of 4.7, and approximately 114,000+ students have already enrolled for this course.


The course covers Javascript-based front-end frameworks. However, it primarily focuses on the Angular framework. Further, the course utilizes Typescript for crafting Angular-based apps, and adequate practice will be given via exercises.


In addition, you will also get an intro on practicing the Angular Flex-Layout and Angular Material for responsive user interface design. As you progress forward, you will work on several aspects of Angular, including services, directives, and the components. Further, you will also be educating yourself on the data binding, Angular router, and its utility with SPAs.


This is the best Angular tutorial that will also educate you on designing reactive forms and template-driven forms. There is also an inclusion of the introduction to Observables, RxJS, and reactive programming, all related to Angular.


The trainer will teach you about the Angular support for client-server communication via HTTP client and then utilize the REST API on the server-side. In the last section of the course, you will be working on Angular testing and Angular animation support.


Once you complete the course, you will earn yourself a shareable certificate. The course is 100% online. So, you can begin and learn at your schedule. It will take about 38-hours for completion.


What do you need?

This Angular training program is not a beginner-level course. So, you need to have completed the previous course for taking this course, which is on Bootstrap 4 specialization.


Alternatively, working knowledge of the front end, web-UI frameworks can also help. In addition, you must possess a solid working knowledge of JavaScript. ES5 is preferable.


What will you learn?

Once you are through with the Angularjs online training., you will be:

  1. familiar with client-side Angular framework and Javascript frameworks
  2. able to design SPA in Angular
  3. able to use different Angular features
  4. in a position to implement a functional front-end web application using Angular
  5. use Angular Flex-Layout and Angular Material to design Angular responsive applications.
  6. Use RxJS and Observables in the context of Angular applications.


Learner Career Outcomes

This is the best Angular course and we have facts to support that:

  1. Twenty-one percent students of this course began a new career
  2. Fourteen percent of students received a promotion or pay hike.
  3. Thirty-one percent of students availed a tangible career benefit.


Review AS:

One of the excellent courses I have taken. I learned a lot from this course. Really useful and very detailed. Prof. Jogesh K. Muppala is a great instructor who has advanced teaching methods.



8. Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS [Coursera]

Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS

What is this course about?

As you can understand from the course’s name, it precisely trains you on designing SPA. Through this course, you will understand AngularJS 1’s core design, code organization techniques, and components.


Further, you will move forth to accentuating the webpage’s functionality by employing dependency injection to reuse existing services and create some of your own.


As you progress with this Angular training course, you will be developing reusable HTML components, and you can make the most of the AngularJS data binding and further extend HTML syntax, along with a hugely influential AngularJS feature known as the directives.


It is followed by setting up routing so; the SPAs get several views. Moving on, you will learn the techniques for functionality testing.


Lastly, you will be building a fully functional and well-tested, and organized web application and have it deployed on the cloud. Also, don’t forget, you can also earn a shareable certificate with this course.


What do you need?

This is an intermediate-level course. So, you should have some past knowledge and experience with Angular. Further, the course takes 47 hours to complete. So, for this Angular training course, you need to dedicate that kind of time.


Learner career outcomes

After taking this course:


  1. Thirty-two percent of students began a new career.
  2. Thirty-one percent received a tangible career benefit.


Review PB:

First of all I want to thank the author of this course in investing his time sharing knowledges about this JS framework. The course helped me to better understand the mechanism of Angular framework.



9. AngularJS [PluralSight]


What is this course about?

Every other Angular program so far has only put forth Angularjs online courses for you, but that is not the case with Pluralsight. Instead, the platform has designed several paths for different kinds of learners.


So, you precisely have three approaches to find your course, and these have been divided into three levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. We will try to list down the courses in each of these levels for you to make a better choice.

For Beginners

In the beginner-level Angular training program, you will be learning the JavaScript framework fundamentals.


So, you will study the common patterns using AngularJS, core concepts, and the best practices that enable you to design fully functioning web applications using AngularJS.


Some Angularjs online training courses you can check are:

  1. AngularJS: Get Started
  2. AngularJS Fundamentals
  3. AngularJS: The Big Picture


For Intermediate Students

After you are thorough with the basics, you can progress further to develop a deeper understanding of the features, such as routing and testing, AngularJS services. Some Angular courses you can check out are:

  1. AngularJS Services In-depth
  2. AngularJS Routing In-depth
  3. AngularJS Unit Testing in-depth, Using mock
  4. AngularJS Directives Fundamentals
  5. AngularJS Line of Business Applications
  6. AngularJS Best Practices
  7. AngularJS Patterns: Clean Code


For advanced learners

If you are already equipped with AngularJS and have basic and intermediate-level Angular training, you can pick a course from this section.


In this, you will tackle everything related to the common application development scenarios. So, some things covered include error diagnostics, nested routes, authorization, form validation, directives, animations, and Testing.


A few courses you can check out are:

  1. AngularJS In-Depth
  2. Building a SPA Framework Using AngularJS
  3. An AngularJS Playbook


Given the umpteen variety in courses and skill level, you can make your choice as comfortable.



10. Angular Courses [edX]

Angular Courses

What is this course about?

With edX, you can get limited access to a bundle of the best Angular tutorials at absolutely no cost. These courses are provided by some of the most reputed institutions and universities.


So, you can explore their courses and progress further skills to make a career in web development. As these edX Angular training courses are free for enrollemnt with limited access, you will be required to pay only when you need a certification.


In the self-paced online courses by Microsoft on Angular, you can find an array of courses that target different levels. So, if you take the basic course, you will learn the functioning of Angular and how get started with development environments and typescript in Angular.


Further, there will also be learning on how Angular works and why it has emerged as one of the top frameworks for TypeScript and JavaScript applications.


On the other hand, in the advanced course, you will gather more knowledge to build on your fundamentals by implementing the ReactJS components and working with the production and universal builds.



11. Angular Essential Training[LinkedIn]

Angular Essential Training

What is this course about?

The last Angular training program on our list is the intermediate course by LinkedIn, wherein you learn the use of Angular to design single-page applications. With this JavaScript platform, you get robust web functionality to cater to the implementation and design details.


Your instructor for this program is Justin Schwartzenberger. Some of the things you will learn are powerful features such as two-way data binding, comprehensive routing, and dependency injection.


Justin will take you through the program, one feature at a time, by focussing on the component-based architecture of Angular. More so, you will learn everything that is to know about Angular in this Angularjs online training.


Justin will take you through the app-building process from start to finish. Once you have mastered the essentials, you can take up any client project. Over 94k students have taken this course and have appreciated it thoroughly.



If online courses don’t seem enough, here are some great Angular books to read.
So, these are the eleven best angular training courses. We have tried to include everything that you must know before making a selection. You can browse through the attached links to know more about the course.


If we had to suggest one course from the above stated ones, we’d ask you to go for ‘Angular – The Complete Guide (2023 Edition).’ It is comprehensive and has been very well received by learners so far.


You can look for further details on the linked website, such as the price, enrollment date, and additional information about the instructor. Regardless, whichever course you pick, you won’t regret making the decision. So, go ahead, and make your choice.


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