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Preparing a research methodology sits at the center of any research project. If you are a beginner, ‘Quantitative and Qualitative Research for Beginners’ by edX is a good course get started. by University Of British Columbia brought to you by edX.


As a researcher, there is a lot to consider and think about. What design? How to measure or analyze? It involves a lot of thinking. Knowledge of researching takes you through the whole project, from formulating an intriguing research question to compelling conclusions. Many people feel lost when they think of research methodology for the first time.


However, it is not an acquired skill. But that does not make it complicated. You will have to spend time learning it, and research can be very straightforward, provided you know the steps to follow and take measures to prevent unnecessary complexity. To learn this skill, there are research methods courses online.


To help you find a good pick, we have handpicked the four best options that offer a detailed blueprint, guiding you through the complete research project. The courses will teach you why, how, when, and what to do to keep your research simple but effective.



Best Theoretical Course Understanding Research Methods – By The University Of London and SOAS University Of London – [Coursera]

Best Theoretical Course

Why this course?

The University of London and the SOAS University of London work towards throwing some light on research and research methods. The course outlines the fundamentals associated with research, but not just for the postgraduate level. Around 267,991 have already taken this research methods class and appreciated it.


Things you may like

  1. A few years back, this course was nominated for the Guardian University Award. It bagged this esteemed nomination for its out of the box learning experience imparted to students.
  2. The provider places the student experience at the heart of this course. The class aims to connect with the learners via robust discussions and practice activities.
  3. You need no former experience or knowledge for thisresearch methodology online course. Hence, it is a class for everyone.
  4. Seventeen percent of students who took this session received a tangible career benefit from the course.
  5. It comes with flexible deadlines. So, you can take the class at your time and schedule.
  6. You will earn a shareable certificate after completing it.
  7. It is a short six-hour session.


Things you may not like

  1. Completion or participation in this course does not confer academic credit for University of London programs.
  2. It could have more practical exercises.
  3. The peer reviewing quality in this research methodology course was very poor.


About the course

This class will appeal to anyone seeking an understanding of the research skills and approaches and an ability to deploy them in their professional lives or studies. Moreover, this course will benefit anyone who wishes to conduct research as part of postgraduate studies.


Reviews By MA.

It was a perfect course for understanding the research methods. It helps me a lot, thanks to the University of London and Coursera for providing this opportunity to enhance our Knowledge in research.



Standard A-Z guide Research Methodology: Complete Research Project Blueprint – [Udemy]

Standard A-Z guide

Why this course?

It is a top-selling Udemy research methods training with a 4.8 rating.


Things you may like

  1. There are no prerequisites. You can take the class as you are.
  2. The course offers you everything you possibly need to complete your research and make it successful.
  3. You will find quizzes that help you practice what you learn.
  4. The instructor provides free, easy-to-use software for sample size calculation and data analysis.
  5. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  6. You get checklists and decision charts that simplify the work.
  7. The instructor is responsive. So, you can ask as many questions as you like.


Things you may not like

  1. Some of the examples are not up to the mark.
  2. It might not be the best pick for experienced learners.


About the course

In this research methods class, you will learn how to:

  1. Formulate an intriguing but feasible research question.
  2. Design a criticism-proof study to lower alternative interpretations of your results.
  3. Measure with the most suitable techniques to maximize validity and reliability.
  4. Collect data while decreasing bias and employing the right sample size.
  5. Drawing compelling conclusions that you feel confident about.
  6. Analyzing the data correctly with free and easy-to-use software, even with no statistics knowledge


It is the perfect research methodology course for people who wish to research human behavior, companies that have to run tests or answer business questions using data-driven approaches, and Ph.D., Master, and Bachelor students that do research with human participants.


Reviews By Genevieve K.

Great overview, and I really appreciated the checklists. Well explained. Highly recommended and professional.



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Best Introductory Course Quantitative and Qualitative Research for Beginners – Offered by National University of Singapore – [edX]

Best Introductory Course

Why this course?

It is one of the excellent introductory research methods courses to get you into the more challenging world of research methods that offer both practical and theoretical insight. The class provides a foundation for research in various disciplines using qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. Over 8000 students who took this class have great things to say about it and the instructor.


Things you may like

  1. It is a brief eight-week class, demanding a weekly effort of only one to two hours.
  2. It is a self-paced lecture. So you can enjoy learning at your time and schedule.
  3. You can take the session for free, but it will have some limitations.
  4. There are no prerequisites.


Things you may not like

If you opt for the free research methodology course, you do not get a certification. The free version also does not have graded assignments.

About the course

It is an introductory session for research methodologies used across academic disciplines. The session focuses on the techniques and principles suited for beginners.


Once you finish this research methods class, you will:

  1. Be well-versed in general principles of research design
  2. Understand how and why research takes place.
  3. Know how to identify the complete process of designing a research study from the start to the report stage.
  4. Learn to identify a research problem listed in the study.
  5. Get familiarized with conducting a literature review for the research study
  6. Understand the primary characteristics of qualitative and quantitative research, and mixed research methods
  7. Learn the steps involved in conducting research
  8. Learn to distinguish between the writing structure employed for a qualitative study vs. a quantitative study



Best Free Course Essentials Of Research Methodology – [Alison]

Essentials Of Research Methodology

Why this course?

It is a free research methodology online course that gets you a certification.


Things you may like

  1. It is a short class of 1.5-3 hours.
  2. It is a free, CPD-accredited course.
  3. You acquire comprehensive knowledge.


Things you may not like

  1. The inclusion of more practical examples could help.


About the course

In this research methods training, you learn the meaning of scientific research and lay out its methods. Further, you understand how to design, document, and conduct a scientific research project.


In addition, you will understand how to formulate a research problem, select samples, design research methods, and write a research proposal. As you go further, the class demonstrates how to analyze, process, collect, and present data before the steps to write a compelling and concise research report.


The class covers three modules, each comprising three to four primary topics.


In the first module, you learn the definition of scientific research and its types, ethics, criteria, steps, and methods.


In the second module, you learn to prepare for a research project and understand how to formulate the problem, design the research, and pick apt samples before describing the project in a convincing proposal.


Lastly, in the third module, the instructor winds up the research methodology online course with all processes related to the data, and you finally learn the components that make up a publishable report.


Since these courses offer an intensive overview of the process of conducting scientific research, from the planning to the final step of writing a report, it can be a good course choice for college students interested in writing a thesis.


Further, anyone entering the world of academia and science will also find it beneficial because research competence can amplify your career and help you learn how scientists work to arrive at the discoveries that affect your lives.



Course Selection Procedure – Why Did These Courses Make The Cut?

So, these are the best research methods courses. In our view, they are all top-notch classes, one better than the other. We pitted these sessions against the 100s of courses online and found some likable aspects, which motivated us to include them on our list. What are these attributes? Let us find out:

1. Certification– It authenticates the class and is also necessary for academic/professional development. Hence, we have chosen all the courses that offer a certification post-completion.

2. Experienced Instructor– An expert can offer you the best-in-class information. Thus, we have picked classes offered by recognized institutes and delivered by knowledgeable instructors.

3. Comprehensiveness– Each of the listed classes is comprehensive and in-depth. So, a single or a combination of two research methodology courses can give you well-rounded information on the process.

4. Fees– They are all light on pocket courses. So, you get value for money and learn on a budget.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. What are the four types of research methods?

Ans. The four research methods are:

  1. Descriptive research
  2. Quantitative research
  3. Qualitative research
  4. Exploratory research


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