7 Best Land Surveyor Classes Online To Become A Licensed Surveyor

Best Land Surveyor Classes Online

Surveying is an immensely burgeoning profession. It entails spatial information and is the answer to the ‘where’ question. Since every kind of information has a certain type of location, the variety of applications and knowledge that the Professional Surveyor has to deal with is immense.


Compared to several other professions, surveying is, in fact, more deeply affected by scientific and technological advancements such as GIS, GPS, robotics, computerized mapping, wireless communications, and scanning.


As a result, it is one of the most recognized and high-paid professions. However, to be a land surveyor, you need some training and knowledge. This is possible only if you enroll in one of the best land surveyor training online programs.


There is a myriad of courses on the internet. So, how do you find the best that fits your needs? Well, you have nothing to worry about. We researched and scoured through the internet, looking for the best courses for interested land surveyors.


We will enlist them below one by one. However, before we get to that, we will address a question – how did we select these courses over the abundant courses on the internet?


Firstly, we scoured the internet looking for some of the most authentic online surveyor courses. Then we screened these courses in detail. Initially, we started with a total of 50 courses, and then after a thorough screening, we narrowed down our list to 20 best land surveyor courses. We selected the courses on four disciplines:


  1. Ratings and reviews on the course from the students
  2. Education and experience of the instructor
  3. Offerings of the course
  4. The fee that you will pay


After we have the twenty best courses, we presented them to professional land surveyors from around the world and sought their opinion on the same. They reviewed the courses and utilized their knowledge and experience to further narrow it down to the seven best land surveyor training online programs that we have addressed below.


Let us get started and take a look at these courses one by one.


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7 Top Courses for Land Surveyor Certification

1. Michigan Land Surveyors Professional Development Courses – [McKissock Learning]

Michigan Land Surveyors Professional Development Courses
Need the best land surveyor courses online in Michigan? If yes, McKissock is the perfect platform for you. With the online course by McKissock, you can be assured of top-notch courses, extreme convenience, and the best industry experience that you deserve.


There are two packages for the land surveyor classes online available with McKissock.


Package 1 – 30-Hour Online Renewal Package

These land surveyor classes online comprise thirty hours of online instruction and include all elective hours.


Who should take this package?

This is one of the best land surveyor classes online for a licensed Land Surveyor in Michigan aspiring to renew the license. Further, anyone who surveys the land parcels to the monument or describes or maps the boundaries and corners of the parcel will find this course helpful.


Also, this is one of the best land surveyor courses online, perfect for someone who aspires to take continuing education via self-paced online classes. You can take this course despite your busy schedule from your home at your time.


What will you learn?

A few things included in this land surveyor training online are listed below:


  1. Fundamentals of Boundary Control (8 hrs)
  2. Adverse Possession and Prescriptive Easements (4 hrs)
  3. Utilities Public and Otherwise (4 hrs)
  4. Land-Ownership, Titles, Deeds, and Descriptions (3 hrs)
  5. Legal Descriptions (3 hrs)
  6. Rights and Responsibilities in the Lands of Others: The Effect of Easements on Surveyors (3 hrs)
  7. The History of the ALTA/ACSV Land Survey Title (3 hrs)
  8. Surveying at Night (2 hrs)


Package 2 – 15-Hour Online Elective Package

There are 30 hours of correspondence instruction in these land surveyor classes online, which has thirty hours of elective land surveyor courses online.


Who should take this package?

Just like Package 1, this is also one of the best land surveyor courses online for a licensed Land Surveyor in Michigan wanting to renew their license. The only difference from Package 1 in this best land surveyor training online is that it has correspondence instruction rather than direct online instruction of 30 hours. So, if you are looking for learning through correspondence, this is the right pick for you.


What will you learn?

A few things that this best land surveyor courses online will teach you are:


  1. Adverse Possession and Prescriptive Easements (4 hrs)
  2. Land-Ownership, Titles, Deeds, and Descriptions (3 hrs)
  3. Legal Descriptions (3 hrs)
  4. Rights and Responsibilities in the Land of Others: The Effect of Easements on Surveyors (3 hrs)
  5. Surveying at Night (2 hrs)


Why are these two packages the best land surveyor courses online?

These are one of the best land surveyor courses online because apart from excellent study materials and course content, they come with responsive round-the-clock customer support. You can reach the customer care team via phone or email, anytime as desired, all seven days of the week in case of any queries. Further, upon the completion of this course, you will earn yourself a certificate of completion too.


2. Surveying and Mapping – [East Tennessee State University]

Surveying and Mapping
Next, we have the land surveyor courses online by ETSU. Most of the land surveyor courses online by ETSU are streamed and shared with all the students. Students enrolling in the live video streaming option sections also get access to lab exercises, typically performed off-campus.


If you opt for this option, you will have to make arrangements with a partner who will aid them in the lab assignments and administering exams at off-campus locations.


Why is this one of the best land surveyor courses online?

With the East Tennessee State University’s land surveyor classes online, you get access to coursework, which can pave your way to complete the NCEES Fundamentals of Surveying exam successfully.


Further, graduates who take this course are familiarized with the future licensing in any state. They can thus apply for professional-level positions with top engineering and surveying firms, utility companies, government service, and related industries.


Thanks to the degree you acquire with ETSU, it will give you more than the requisite educational requirements for surveying licensure in almost all foreign jurisdictions and states.


The Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Surveying and Mapping from ETSU is the amalgamation of measurement and theories of maths. This land surveying certificate online program is accredited by the Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission of ABET. So, once you are through with this course, you are prepared for licensing in any state.


This program by ETSU is presented to you via synchronous online courses drafted to ensure successful completion for working professionals from across the country. Lastly, you earn 128 credit hours to take this land surveying certificate online.


What will you learn?

A few things that you will learn with this land surveyor classes online are listed below:


  1. Performing all the professional responsibilities in your job as a land surveyor
  2. View, analyze, and use data by employing industry-standard land surveying techniques.
  3. Formulate, identify, and solve broadly defined scientific or technical problems by utilizing the acquired knowledge of science and math or any technical topics associated with the discipline.
  4. Design or formulate a process, program, system, or procedure to cater to the requisite needs.
  5. Conduct and develop test hypotheses or experiments, interpret or analyze data, and utilize the scientific judgment to conclude.
  6. Comprehend professional and ethical responsibilities and the impact of scientific or technical solutions in environmental, economic, societal, and global contexts.
  7. An ability to perform effectively on the teams, plan tasks, establish goals, analyze uncertainty and risk, and meet deadlines.
  8. Successfully finis the NCEES Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) exam.


Learner outcomes

  1. This course helps you find a job in the geomatics discipline.
  2. Complete your license for professional registration or certification, for instance, CP, PS, or GISP, as ideal for your career path in the geomatics discipline.
  3. Go further in your professional education by participating in professional sessions or courses, or take up higher education courses.
  4. Acquire membership in more than one professional organization, depending on your career choice.


What do you need?

As such, there are no prerequisites to take this one of the best land surveyor courses online. Instead, the program is crafted to train you into passing the Fundamentals of Surveying exam and offer students the primary field techniques, which will provide success in entry-level positions.


3. Surveying and Mapping in Civil Engineering – [Udemy]

Surveying and Mapping in Civil Engineering
Next on our list for the land survey training courses is a free course by Udemy. It has a rating of 3.6 and is one of the top-liked land surveyor courses online. It is a short course and has only 1 hour and 3minutes of on-demand video. It has four sections and a total of ten land surveyor classes online.


Why is this one of the best land surveyor courses online?

This course is presented to you by Putri Arumsari, and she is a renowned professor and holds a specialty in Construction Management. In addition, she has several successfully running courses online for students.


What will you learn?

In this one of the best free land surveyor courses online, you will learn a few informative things. These include:


  1. Application of surveying
  2. Knowledge of all the equipment utilized in the construction project
  3. Learning about the equipment used for distance measurement, height measurement, angle measurement, and area measurement
  4. Process the data obtained in the field
  5. Design a topography map
  6. Calculating the volume of the land required
  7. Interpreting the surveying results
  8. Understanding of the method used for calculation


Who should take this course?

This is the best land surveyor training online, which is free. So, anyone who is still not sure whether to take up land surveying full time should take up this free course and see for themselves if this field interests them. Further, after completing this course, they could pick up a more dedicated advanced course.


Reviews by Patil Pramod Sambhaji:

Measurement of distance, angle, how to do land surveying. These sessions are very fruitful for me



4. Land Surveyors – [PDH Academy]

PDH Academy is the one-stop platform for an array of the best land survey training courses. You can pick the desired course depending on your needs and desires.


There is also an option to opt for the 12-hour bundle or build your own bundle, as desired. These are one of the best land survey certificate courses.


However, to receive a land surveying certificate online, you will have to complete the course thoroughly and score seventy percent marks in the exam.


Who should take this course?

This is one of the land survey training courses for students wanting to learn land surveying in all states, except Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Indiana, Delaware, Tennessee, Vermont, and Rhode Island.


Why is this one of the best land survey training courses?

After you are through with the land survey training courses by PDH, you will acquire the correspondence booklets from PDH via mail. This assures that you are ready for their online exam. You can receive the PDF from their website. Once you complete the exam, you earn a shareable land surveying certificate online.


Steps to start with PDH land survey training courses

Regardless of the land survey training courses you take with PDH, you will have to follow a set of steps. These include:


  1. Shop for the course for which you desire the credit. Now, you have two options here – you can either bag the solo courses or take the entire bundle for which you desire a credit.
  2. To take the final exam and receive the land surveying certificate online, you will have to visit the link shared with you via mail in the course receipt. The link will direct you to the exam, wherein you will have to provide your name/info and then you can begin with the test.
  3. After you are through with the exam, you will bag yourself a PDH land surveying certificate online.



5. Quantity Surveying and Estimation for Highway and Tunnels – [Udemy]

Quantity Surveying and Estimation for Highway and Tunnels
At fifth on our list for the best land survey certificate courses is the Udemy course. This course has a rating of 4.3 based on 300+ student reviews and is one of the top-recommended land surveyor courses online. It is presented to you by Muhammad Asad Ali Khan. It aims to help the students develop the knowledge and confidence required to take surveying and estimation for tunnels, highways, and roads.


What will you learn?

In this one of the best land survey certificate courses, you will learn quantity estimation and surveying project-based practice and training.


  1. Firstly, the instructor will introduce land surveying to you.
  2. There will be fundamental to advanced training in AutoCAD and Excel.
  3. Practical computation of civil works, road signage, different road structure, traffic lights, road markings, and traffic management
  4. You will learn about the bill of quantities.
  5. Comparing the items, which are a part of the road, with an intensive practical approach
  6. Understanding of the rates and analyses on how to build a new rate


What do you need?

The instructor starts this course from scratch. So, there are no prerequisites to take the course. Whatever knowledge you need on land surveying is provided by the instructor.


Why is this one of the best land survey certificate courses?

This is one of the best land survey certificate courses because it is a comprehensive yet highly affordable course. The course comprises 14 sections, and they are presented via sixty HD lectures. In addition, there is an array of resources included in this course.


Further, it is a no-risk course and comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. The course comprises 10.5-hours of on-demand video and thirty-five downloadable resources. All the resources in the course come with lifetime access.


In addition, you can view the course on your TV and mobile. Lastly, you will bag yourself a land surveying certificate online after you are through with the course. This is a shareable certificate. So, you can download and export the certificate to your social media (such as LinkedIn) to share with friends and potential employers.


Who should take this course?

This is one of the best land survey certificate courses for project engineers, quantity surveyors, site engineers, and practically anyone who wishes to go from basic to the advanced level in the road project knowledge.


Reviews by Alok Arjun Parwani:

Up to now the course is delevering more than expected knowledge. happy to take this course



6. Land surveyor courses – [Red Vector]

Land surveyor courses
At number sixth on our list of the best land surveyor courses online are the courses by Red Vector. On their website, you can find a myriad of land surveyor classes online. You can browse through the available courses and then make your selection.


On Red Vector, you can find an array of both company-specific and individual land survey certificate courses. These land surveyor classes online are designed keeping in view the different course aspects. Therefore, you can choose the land surveying certificate online course depending on the aspect you need help with.


You can click on the link below and sign-up to browse through the array of land surveyor classes online by Red Vector. Carefully screen through the courses, and you can most certainly find a course that best caters to your needs and requirements.


7. Land Surveying – Certificate And Minor (Online) – [University of Wyoming]

Land Surveying
Last we have the land surveying certificate online course by the University of Wyoming. This is the perfect land surveying certificate online course for anyone who wishes to learn land surveying. These classes will be presented to you via Zoom teleconferencing. So, it is a 100% online land surveying certificate online. So, you can prepare to be a land surveyor from the comfort of your home.


Why is this one of the best land survey certificate courses?

It is a distant learning course with a 31-hour Cadastral Survey Certificate. You can attach it with any other distance learning degree or the UW degree in Organizational Leadership by UW Bachelor of Applied Science when you have a minor degree.


This land surveying certificate online helps you earn the credential, which equips you to better your skill while offering you the required education needed to be a licensed land surveyor in states that do not require ABET certification.


Also, as stated, it is a distance learning course. So, this implies there is a flexible learning program, which you can undertake from your home, at your time, in your schedule. There will be pre-recorded lectures from the instructor, which are downloadable. So, it implies that you can browse through the course on the go.


In addition, there will also be weekly teleconferences with the instructor. So, it can be your chance to clear all your queries and doubts. However, there will be some take-home tests, which can be taken from your home. However, there is also a proctored final exam. You will have to come to a particular center. Only when you qualify will you bag the certification from this one of the best land survey certificate courses.


The reasons for the popularity of this land surveyor training online do not end here. The program also brings you a scholarship opportunity by the University of Wyoming. You can also speak to your employer to see if your company can fund the whole or part of the certification.


These classes are taken by ace faculty members who have professional experience as land surveyors. Learning from them will equip you to instantly apply all the latest concepts, particularly for the people who work in the field.


Lastly, taking this course will open the doors for a bright future. It is one of the top-recommended land surveyor training programs as the reports suggest that UW students tend to get a job ahead of graduation.


Who should take this course?

This is one of the best land survey certificate courses for licensed land surveyors who aspire to take their licensure to another state or would like to enroll in some additional classes for qualification.


What will you learn?

  1. The primary focus of this course is on boundary law, as applicable in the Western United States.
  2. You will learn everything on the preparation and the educational requirements that are vital for you to clear the Fundamentals of Surveying Exam.
  3. You learn all about the professional working of a land surveyor and examiner.


Learner career outcomes

Here is a list of places where you can currently find the alumni of University of Wyoming working successfully.


  1. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  2. Civic Engineering and IT Inc.
  3. R&R Engineers-Surveyors Inc.
  4. Schofield, Barbini and Hoehn Inc
  5. Cache Landmark Engineering
  6. Witness Tree Forestry and Surveying LLC


Available courses

Some of the courses that you can avail yourself with University of Wyoming are:


  1. Boundary Evidence
  2. Boundary Principles
  3. GPS for Land Surveyors
  4. Records Research for Surveyors
  5. Basic Geodesy for Today’s Land Surveyor
  6. Writing Land Descriptions
  7. Public Land Surveys


So, these are the seven best land surveyor training online programs available for people interested in being land surveyors and examiners. We have tried to include all the information on these courses in this article. However, for specifics, such as the start date, enrolment fee, reviews and ratings, and the instructor bio, you must check out the attached website.


Read all the details well before buying a course.

Best Land Surveyor Classes Online Reviewed by 10 Land Surveyors 4.6