Easiest Way To Learn Piano At Home All By Yourself

Best Way to Learn Piano
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Piano, they say, soothes the soul and heals the spirit. With the best way to learn piano, you are equipped to vent out all your negative emotions and add to your happiness and overall health. However, learning to the play piano requires patience and persistence.


“The hardest thing about learning to play piano as an adult is actually starting”

Are pianos easy to learn? What’s the best way to learn piano online without much effort?
In today’s age, learning to play piano or any other instrument is easier than ever before. Gone are the days when you needed to grab a phonebook and search for piano tutors near your place or search for in person classes.


Thanks to the internet, today your options for learning to play the piano have multiplied. Along with the fastest way to learn piano, you can also cut back on the time and expense of traveling to piano classes.


Best Way To Learn Piano By Yourself

  1. Get your hands on the right instrument
  2. Piano beginners should first learn
  3. Easiest Way to Learn Piano
  4. Go Slow
  5. Find patterns
  6. Warm up before practice
  7. Practice routine
  8. Jam with others


Online classes, live lessons and interactive apps are actually the best way to learn piano at home. It makes the entire process of learning piano all the more convenient and accessible.


So, if you are one of them who has been postponing learning to play piano as you have been confused about how to go about it from the comfort of your home, we are here to help. We have prepared a roadmap for you that includes the best way to learn to play the piano.


You will find that our guide is a comprehensive one with listings of all kinds of resources.


Go through it and follow the step wise approach to have the best outcomes.


Easy Way To Learn Piano Yourself

Here’s how to begin with the best way to start learning piano without any second thoughts.


1. Get your hands on the right instrument

Now, this is the first and most crucial step. Choosing the right instrument is the first step in the right direction and the easiest way to learn piano. If you don’t find a piano, a keyboard will also do. They are quite a cost-effective option. When it comes to piano, you can go either for acoustic pianos or digital pianos.


Acoustic pianos are usually the traditional choice. With acoustic pianos, you get more control of sound and they produce superior tone and timber.


Digital pianos are portable and slim and less heavy than acoustic ones. You don’t need to tune them like the traditional one which becomes expensive. They also have volume control and headphone jacks which let you play the instrument without disturbing other people around.


Many keyboards have a recording feature that allows you to replay your song. They also have the feature of connecting the keyboard to your computer so that you can compose your song with the help of apps like Sibelius and the finale.


Instead of investing a huge amount in buying a piano, you can also search for options of renting a piano in your city. It is the economical way to start. You will find that there are many music studios in the city that rent out a piano or else you can go for a secondhand piano.


There are many websites where you can find a secondhand piano at a good price. You can even ask among your friends or family if someone has a piano and can lend it to you for practice.



2. The quickest way to learn piano begins with


Music theory

Music theory is the study of how music is made, how it works, what is required for understanding music notation. Learning and understanding the music theory is extremely useful for your music making. It improves your skills and knowledge and is the best way to learn to play the piano from start.


When you understand the basics of music theory, you understand the music deeper. Learning to read notes, modes, chords, tensions, octaves, piano sheets, and other elements of composition. Reading and writing music theory will help you to learn useful techniques that can be applied to composing, arranging, performing, and producing music.


There are many music textbooks that include descriptions of musical acoustics, orchestration, practical usage of harmonic series, instrumental performance, etc.


However, for beginners, it is always good to only focus on the basics. This will help you make good progress at a faster rate. There are several websites that guide you on the best way to learn piano online. We will address them in the coming section.


Piano techniques

Playing the piano is not just about pushing the right keys. Everything from your posture, to how you drop your fingers on the keyboard affects the sound produced by the piano.


Correct posture will help you play with expression and a dynamic range. It will help you to translate the energy from your body to your fingertips. An incorrect technique or bad posture can cause pain and discomfort. So, it is important to develop good physical habits from the start.


While sitting, your best option is an adjustable stool or bench. Place it in the center of the keyboard. Sit on the front half, so that you can move your feet up and down the pedals.


Sit with your elbows parallel to your keyboard. If you are using a keyboard, you can adjust the keyboard accordingly, but since acoustic or electric pianos are fixed, you will have to adjust the bench you are sitting on.


Place your feet flat on the ground below your knees and not under the bench or on the sides. Sit upright, and relax your shoulders. Lay your hands on either side of the center of the keyboard.


Place your fingers parallel to the keys. Keep your elbows at a comfortable distance from your body. They should be bent outwards. Make sure to relax your wrists and forearms. Your fingers should be curled downward so your fingertips tap on the keys.


Now another best way to learn piano by yourself is playing by the ear. In this technique, you listen to the music you want to play carefully and repeatedly. Then you try to play the song on the keyboard, working on the melody first and then on the notes and harmony.


Or else just play around on the keyboard and see what kind of sounds you come across. Do this till you discover some sounds that you like. This method works for those whose musical ambitions are low.


Plus, you need to remember that this is a trial and error method and there will be no guidance or outside assistance.


3. Learn with the following


Free tutorials or Youtube

YouTube is a great free resource and is the best way to teach yourself piano. You will find many free options on YouTube. No wonder many consider it the fastest way to learn piano.


There are many free tutorials available on various online education platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, playground sessions, etc. Explore these websites to find a promising set of options.


Some of the websites not only provide you with video lessons but also use piano learning software so that you can practice piano, making it an interactive learning process.


These tutorials are aimed at both beginners and advanced-level learners. Some of these softwares teach you music theory. You also get access to an extensive music library with hundreds of songs. This is the best way to learn piano online.


The best part about some of these softwares is that you can connect your keyboard to these apps and get instant feedback.


There is one piece of advice though. Before taking up any of these classes, make sure that you go to their website and check their video previews, read every information given there, and if possible read the reviews and feedback of students so that you know whether the course is suited for your needs or not.


Traditional in-person lessons

One of the advantages of learning piano with an in-studio instructor or in person classes is that it can make your learning experience more joyful. You get the most required perfect guidance. It sure is one of the easiest ways to learn piano but certainly not the most convenient one.


You can ask your colleagues, family, or friends whether they know of any good piano instructors.

When you learn through a personal instructor or through a piano coaching center, you get the best attention and they adapt the learning resources according to your pace of learning and needs.


So, this is also one of the best ways to learn to play the piano. You get personalized advice and get answers to whatever questions or queries you have. They can give you guidance regarding your posture and other techniques. Also, once you finish the curriculum, they can guide you into further advanced learning. So, many consider this as the best way to start learning piano.


Learning with a personal instructor also offers you access to many performance opportunities like public recitals and group masterclasses, which will help you in your personal development.


The only disadvantage is the cost and time required for your travel.


Best online course to learn piano

In today’s times, you don’t need the traditional approach of learning in a classroom to receive an education. Instead, you can just log on to your computer. Online classes are the most convenient and fastest way to learn piano.


The best part about this method is that if you don’t understand any lesson, you can replay it on your computer. When you apply for these online courses you also get access to audio files, video lessons, e-books, and other lifetime support.


In some of these online piano classes, you also get graphical visuals showing you how to play scales, notes, chords, etc. What’s more, some of these courses are absolutely free of cost and are also the best way to learn piano at home without a worry.


However, for learning piano online, you need to be extremely disciplined and determined as there will be no motivation or accountability from a personal instructor.


Do-it-yourself piano books

There are several theory books of established curriculums that you can opt for. Books add a great deal to the best way to learn piano by yourself. They come in series often starting with primer level, level 1, 2, etc.


Each series also includes theory books, technique books, and lesson books. You can also purchase a book explaining the piano theory in a thorough manner. There are also books for popular tunes.


If you are one of those people with busy schedules or those who do not want to attend any classes, this is the best way to teach yourself piano.


Software and apps

Piano learning apps and software are the fastest way to learn piano. These software apps teach you the concepts of a basic keyboard and allow you to play popular tunes. However, they don’t teach you music theory and sight reading skills.


Most of these software apps offer their exclusive apps on various operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, and Android so that all the learning resources are available on your tablets, mobile phones, and computers.


They also provide plug-in connectivity so that you can connect your computer, tablet or phone to your electronic keyboard. This will enable your device to hear what you are playing and can offer feedback with onscreen visuals like misplayed notes, finger hints, and hand assignments.


If you are using a lighted keyboard, some of these software apps also provide support by illuminating the keys to your song.


These kinds of features are not available when you are learning via online courses. Software and apps are the best way to learn piano at home. However, in online courses, you have the guidance of an instructor who records from an acoustic piano providing the students with a more communicative experience. The only downside is you have to find yourself the right fit for it.


If you are using an electronic keyboard and are learning piano only to play popular tunes, this is a viable and easy way to learn piano.


Some of the popular software apps that help you with the easiest way to learn piano are Piano Marvel, Flowkey, and Simply Piano.


4. Go Slow

The ideal best way to learn to play the piano is to take things slow in the beginning. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed, which will spoil the entire process of learning for you.


In the beginning, don’t expect your hands to move quickly on the keys. Hitting the right keys is important rather than hitting the notes quickly. Allow some time for developing muscle memory. If you go slow, you will play accurately and as you practice you will be hitting each note quicker.


5. Find patterns

Music is all about patterns. If you try to find out what these progressions and patterns are, then it is the fastest way to learn piano by ear.  Instead of trying to learn every note, you can try to figure out the patterns and play the songs. When you learn patterns, you also understand how melodies work. It will also help you to compose your own music later on.


6. Warm up before practice

Like every other exercise, warm up is important before practicing piano as well. Your hands are going to do a lot of work, so you have to make sure that they don’t risk injury.


Before beginning the work, arm up by stretching your hands. Stretching helps the blood flow to your hands and removes any stiffness.


Also practice simple progressions and techniques before starting your practice.

Hanon exercises are a good set of exercises, to begin with.


7. Practice routine

As the old adage goes, ‘practice makes a man perfect.’ Well, it stands true here. Whatever instrument or learning method you are choosing, practice is the only tool that will give you the skills needed to go ahead. It is the best way to teach yourself piano.


Malcolm Gladwell developed the 10,000 hour rule. He says this is the average amount of time it takes to become an expert at anything. So, now you know how many hours you need to put in.


One small tip- make sure to practice the same amount of time every day. This is the best way to start learning piano with discipline.


While you practice, make sure to practice with the songs you enjoy the most. Pop is an interesting and fun genre to pick up. They are catchy and not boring. Go through some beginner piano songs that are good to practice. This is the easy way to learn piano.


8. Jam with others

Once you have mastered some of the methods of playing piano, playing with other musicians can do wonders and is the best way to teach yourself piano for upskilling purpose.


It is about learning to play songs together. It can give you the much needed confidence and also let you know where you stand. So, when you jam with others, it is not about learning to play, it is about getting better at playing the piano. It is the quickest way to learn piano’s new tips & tricks.

How Long Does It Take An Average Person To Learn Piano?

For some it may take less than a week, while for some it may take a decade. Everything depends on what you are looking at. If your focus is only playing popular tunes, you can master it in few weeks or months. However, if you are planning to play classical pieces, then expect multiple years to get there.

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Q. How fast can you teach yourself piano?

A. It will take a few weeks or months to teach yourself piano. You can learn the basics in a couple of days and from there you can go ahead as this is the quickest way to learn piano. But, it all depends on what your focus is.


Q. How many hours should I practice the piano daily?

A. Musicians say you should practice at least 10-15 hours a week. Setting aside 30-45 minutes a day for practice is the least you need.


Q. What should I learn first on a piano?

A. You should start by learning major scales first as this is the easiest way to learn piano from scratch. Then you should transition to harmonic, natural and melodic minor scales.


Q. How do you memorize piano notes?

A. Use Mnemonics to memorize notes easily as it is an easy way to learn piano. You can also use landmark notes. In this approach, instead of trying to remember each note, you can remember a few.


Learn 4 notes on treble clef stave and 4 on bass clef stave. Once you are done with these, you can read the adjacent notes using interval method.


So, the best way to learn piano online includes your hard work, dedication, and the right direction. You may opt for an online course, in-person class, or an online app. But, every resource will need your time and effort.


Honestly, you should not focus here too much on the fastest way to learn piano, rather look forward to learning it right.


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