How To Make Money With A Biochemistry Degree – Ways & Ideas

How to Make Money With a Biochemistry Degree
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This article is aimed at providing you with a clear idea of the career prospects related to Biochemistry. It will guide you on how to make money with a biochemistry degree if you are aspiring to become a Biochemist or if you already possess a degree in Biochemistry.


In case you are wondering what your next best step might be in terms of a career as a Biochemist, then this article is definitely for you!


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What is Biochemistry?

As the name suggests, ‘Biochemistry’ is a branch of science that involves two subjects primarily, that is, Biology and Chemistry. Biochemistry is the study of biological processes occurring within living organisms at a molecular level with the application of chemistry.


Biochemistry can be broadly classified into three categories. Namely,

  • Structural Biology,
  • Enzymology and
  • Metabolism .


Get A Good Job With A Biochemistry Degree and Earn Money

Biochemistry is an extremely valuable field and a degree in Biochemistry is prestigious and invaluable in today’s developing world. People with a degree in Biochemistry, or Biochemists have wide career prospects to choose from.


If you are wondering how to earn well with a Biochemistry degree, listed below are the domains in which Biochemists are most successful:


  • Research and Analysis: Biochemists primarily are people who study the chemical reactions that make, break, run and repair the components that make up the human body and other living organisms. To aid extensive research and experimentally prove and analyze results in the field of pharmaceuticals, medicine, and forensics Biochemical researchers and analysts are highly coveted.
  • Forensics and Pharmaceuticals: Biochemists’ knowledge about the human body and the chemical processes that take place inside the body makes them best suited for the role of a Forensic scientist or a pharmaceutical associate.
  • Food safety analyst and toxicologist: In order to correctly identify whether the food we consume is safe for us or is toxic we need someone who is aware of the human anatomy and bodily reactions. Who better for this job than a Biochemist with knowledge of both?
  • Other career options include: Being a Lecturer/Professor, Stepping into Biomedical Science and being a Laboratory technician.


What Is The Highest-Paid Job In Biochemistry?

The highest paid job in Biochemistry is that of a Researcher or more specifically, it is that of a pharmaceutical, clinical or medical researcher. Biochemical researchers associated with the field of pharmaceuticals or medicines earn an average salary of $85,000.


Other high-paying jobs include – Food Scientist, Forensic expert, Clinical research associate and Lecturer.


How Much Do Biochemists Make On Average?

Biochemists make a luxurious amount of money that is enough to maintain a premium lifestyle as per conventional standards. According to the latest records, Biochemists across the world made a median salary of around $95,000 in 2020.


The most successful 25 percent or best-paid Biochemists made around $130,000 in the same year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made around $70,000. This figure is only increased in the near future because of the growing demand for Biochemists and Biochemical Engineers in various departments.


So even if we take into account, the lowest paid biochemists, the amount of remuneration is sufficient for one to consider taking up Biochemistry as a profession.


In Which Countries Do Biochemists Make The Most Money?

Biochemists all across the globe make a substantial amount of money. Connecticut in the USA pays the highest annual salaries to Biochemists and Biochemical engineers among all other places in the world with the average annual salary being close to $95,000.

Other states in the USA that provide decent salaries to Biochemists are Cincinnati, San Jose and Minneapolis.


If we move outside the United States, then Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway, Australia, Japan, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sweden also offer competitive remuneration to scientists and biochemists in particular.


However, all the other developing countries are also investing colossally in research and medical science. They are also offering huge salaries to Biochemists and Biotechnologists to carry on research.


Alternate Ways Of Earning For Someone With A Degree In Biochemistry

Taking tuitions: Having a degree in Biochemistry can prove advantageous if you are someone who likes to teach younger students who are pursuing the same field.


Teaching an online course: You can easily get hired by one of the many ed-tech companies that have come up to teach an online course on Biochemistry and earn some extra money.


Being a subject matter expert online: Subject Matter Experts of SMEs are also highly paid. Their job is to prepare and review study materials and provide solutions to conceptual questions of that particular subject (in this case, Biochemistry).


Biochemists can also consider other occupations where their knowledge would prove useful like petroleum quality analysis, being a patent examiner, or becoming a dietician who understands the metabolic reactions as well as the body’s requirements.


What The Future Holds for Biochemists?

Biochemistry has vast prospects of advancement because it is a relatively new branch of study and also because all important strides being made in the medical industry, and research industry are related to Biochemistry.


The scope of bettering the lifestyle and lifespan of living organisms, especially humans by producing new and improved medicinal drugs is a field of research that will not ever come to a halt.


Biochemistry and Biochemists have contributed a lot to this domain and helped see other researchers, the things they have been studying in a new light. Therefore, the future of Biochemistry is extremely bright. It has become an indispensable attribute that has to be taken into consideration while drawing conclusions from research regarding any living organism.


As a consequence, Biochemistry is becoming an indispensable subject, Biochemists too have become an integral, or rather essential part of various industries like forensic, medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and so on that deal with bettering the lifestyle of living organisms.
Hence, if you are someone who wants to take up Biochemistry but is confused regarding the career aspects, go for it! It is an ever-expanding field that requires substantial amounts of skilled professionals.


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In this article, we have discussed at length how to make money with a Biochemistry degree in today’s world. We have also given you a concise idea about the salaries, prospects as well as alternative careers you can consider pursuing as someone with a degree in Biochemistry.


We sincerely hope this article helps you realize whether Biochemistry is the field that is best suited for you.


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