Best Online Singing Lessons For Beginners & Advanced Learners

Best Courses for Singing Training
Singing is a hobby to some and a passion to others. Despite that, so many people around the world live in constant inhibition and never actually learn the drill. Thus, their desire and yearning to sing their heart out always remain untapped.


Now, it is time to free yourself and sing all you like. However, you must get the necessary online singing training to be a good singer.


The internet has so many online singing classes. So, of them, how do you pick the best online singing course? Well, we understand your concern, so we scoured through the internet and prepared this list of 10 of the best singing courses.


Best Courses for Singing Training

  1. Become A Great Singer: Your Complete Vocal Training System – [Udemy]
  2. Singing Simplified #1: The Fast-Track To Singing Like A Pro – [Udemy]
  3. How To Sing #1: Complete Vocal Warm ups & Voice Physiology – [Udemy]
  4. Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I– [Udemy]
  1. Online Singing Tutorials & Classes – [Skillshare]
  2. Singing Class by Christina Aguilera – [MasterClass]
  3. Become A Better Singer – [30 Day Singer]
  4. Online Singing Tutorials & Lessons – The Vocal Studio
  5. Best Online Singing Classes – [The Voice Lesson Platform]
  6. Online Singing Tutorials & Lessons – [Sage Music]


The Best Classes to Improve Your Singing Skills

1. Become A Great Singer: Your Complete Vocal Training System – [Udemy]

Become A Great Singer: Your Complete Vocal Training System

Rating 4.4
Enrolled 55,445 students
Duration 23 hours on-demand video
Instructor Robert Lunte
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The instructor should better the course structure.


This has been the bestseller and the most successful online singing course for over five years. The class comprises more than 160 lessons, spanned over 23.5 hours of video content.


Further, the instructor will also provide you with a free e-book of 120 pages along with the course.

This course is one of the most comprehensive mediums for complete home study vocal training for singers of all styles and levels of experience. The course is available in more than 179 countries.


Learning Outcomes

These online singing lessons will help you:

  • Amplify your vocal range
  • Learn to hit the high notes
  • Learn vocal rasp techniques and vocal distortion
  • Avoid squeezing and pushing into the high notes
  • Develop your head voice for a four-octave range
  • Learn to get your voice into cry vocal mode
  • Personalize your vocal workouts to fix your unique vocal issues
  • Learn about singing onsets and vowels
  • Train your voice for contemporary styles
  • How to do your everyday voice workout
  • Myth-busting about singing



These lessons come with minimum prerequisites. A few things required are:

  • A tablet, phone, or computer with internet access
  • A keyboard
  • Microphones for amplification
  • Patience and the ability to grasp new things


Who should take this online singing course?

This is one of the best online singing lessons for beginners and advanced learners. Further, the course will also benefit:

  • Baritones that require techniques to sing high
  • Singers who wish to learn vocal distortion, rasp, grit, and vibrato
  • Singers who want to amplify their vocal range, stability, and endurance for singing
  • Students prepared to practice and train some 30-120 minutes, for 2 to 6 days a week
  • Singers who wish to learn the science of singing
  • Students who are done with different singing programs that do not work


Review Simon Aston:

Excellent Content & Value. Loads to learn & practice. Highly Recommended.



2. Singing Simplified #1: The Fast-Track To Singing Like A Pro – [Udemy]

Singing Simplified #1: The Fast-Track To Singing Like A Pro

Rating 4.7
Enrolled 26,406 students
Duration 3 hours on-demand video
Instructor Steve Glazer
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons There is a lot of extra talk or fluff in the course, which makes it longer than it should be.


The next online singing training on our list is again an Udemy course. This is one of the best online singing lessons for beginners, which will put you on the pathway of being a great singer faster than you possibly thought.


You may not know or acknowledge it, but we all have an inbuilt ability to sing and be exceptional singers. We are born with a natural vocal range and voice, we all have to tap on it with ample practice and sincerity, and this is what this course aims to do for you.


In these online singing classes, the instructor combines everyday sounds and techniques in vocal training to understand that singing is not as difficult or scary as you think of it.


Further, in the course, you are also going to train your brain. Your emotions and mindset are quite important when it comes to singing. You do not need any singing tablet, musical talent, or previous vocal training for these online singing lessons.


Learning Outcomes

Some things to learn in this best online singing course are:

  • Singing with massive control, confidence, consistency, and a better overall tone
  • Singing at a higher pitch than you originally did with a relatively lesser strain
  • Saving your voice from any damage
  • Sing with a better technique
  • Adding emotions to your singing
  • Not being afraid of singing
  • Knowing the drill to use your voice well



Even people with no knowledge of music theory will find the course useful.  However, some prerequisites associated with these online singing classes are:

  • Normal and a healthy singing voice
  • A belief that you can sing
  • Willing to practice to get better


Who should take this course?

These online singing lessons are suitable for:

  • Absolute beginners with little experience in singing, who have not taken any singing lessons or do not understand much about how technique or voice works.
  • Anyone who has a goal to sing Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, R&B, Indie, Alternative, or any other popular style of music, will find this course helpful.
  • Anyone with very little experience wanting to gain more control, strength, and confidence in their voice.
  • Beginners or intermediate learners who have always been intimidated by the idea of singing
  • Anyone who wishes to overcome their fear of singing
  • Intermediate learners who feel caged by technique
  • Anyone wanting to add more emotions to their singing
  • Anyone who experiences joy in singing


Review Avinash S:

I’m a complete beginner. This singing course helped me a lot to start and learn from the basics. I definitely recommend this course to all beginners!



3. How To Sing #1: Complete Vocal Warm-ups & Voice Physiology – [Udemy]

How To Sing #1: Complete Vocal Warm-ups & Voice Physiology

Rating 4.7
Enrolled 25,341 students
Duration 1.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Roma Waterman
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons There are very limited concepts covered in the course.


This is a hands-on course with the best online singing lessons, which comprises over 3 hours of live video (including presentations, diagrams). It also has some printable handy PDFs for your reference.


You also get a comprehensive 25-minute vocal warm-up to prepare your vocal cords. The instructor will also provide you with an eBook that has all the information.


Further, these online singing classes also come with quizzes to test your learning. You also get sheet music for all the scales.


Learning Outcomes

In this online singing training, you will:

  • Learn about the three pillars of voice – resonance, breathing, and posture
  • Understand the pros of right resonance, breathing, and posture
  • Improve your vocal range
  • Know about voice physiology
  • Understand how the body works and the vocal folds to produce sound
  • Know the drill to deliver the best sound
  • Warming up the right way
  • Improve strength and volume via advanced voice projection exercises
  • Eliminate muscle tension and jaw tension, which may tire the voice.



Some prerequisites associated with this course are:

  • Performing some exercises for the throat
  • Practicing every day, especially in front of the full-length mirror
  • A glass of water is handy at all times


Who should take this online singing course?

It is one of the best online singing lessons for:

  • Anyone who wishes to sing in the long-term
  • Anyone who aspires to understand how their voice and body works to create healthy singing habits
  • Someone willing to practice and learn something new
  • Advanced and new singers
  • Church singers, vocal groups, and church choirs will also appreciate this course.


Review Huijun Zhu:

It’s a great course and fun to join in. I have improved my singing skills and increased my singing range by following the online teaching and practising materials provided. Highly recommended.



4. Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I– [Udemy]

Elite Singing Techniques - Phase I

Rating 4.7
Enrolled 10,293 students
Duration 3.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Eric Arceneaux
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The instructor should try to be more responsive and accessible for the students.


This is one of the most comprehensive online singing lessons. It comprises 86 Lectures/Videos with PDF Attachments and more than 4 hours of video training. The course is available for both Windows and Mac users.


You can view it on the phone, too, on the go. The whole course is very well-organized, clearly depicting the step-by-step process of learning.


Also, we are highly appreciative of these online singing classes because the instructor has made understanding of the concepts quite straightforward across the course. Of course, you have to follow the videos, and that is all.


Learning Outcomes

A few things that you can learn with this online singing course are:

  • Freeing your voice
  • Techniques to improve your voice
  • Getting rid of the extra vocal weight
  • Overcoming vocal fatigue
  • Getting rid of soreness
  • Eliminating hoarseness from your voice



There are no special prerequisites for these online singing lessons. However, you must:

  • Dedicate 20 minutes towards daily practice
  • Indulge in daily vocal warm-ups


At all times, you ought to remember the more you practice, the better you get at it.


Who should take this course?

These online singing classes are meant for:

  • Beginners who are new to the singing world
  • Anyone who has tried to sing before but could not perfect it
  • Anyone who has taken a singing lesson but haven’t received the desired result


Broadly, these classes will benefit both intermediate and advanced singers. However, this course is not for someone who feels that they can sound like a singing superstar by merely joining a course. Regardless, you will have to dedicate time and practice to it.


Review Evangeline Wong:

As a beginner at singing this course really helped me learn basic warm ups and conditioning for singing



Bonus Courses

1. Online Singing Tutorials & Classes – [Skillshare]

Online Singing Tutorials & Classes

Skillshare has an array of the best online singing classes. You can filter these online singing lessons according to class level, class length and pick the best online singing course for you.


The good thing with Skillshare is that there is always a course available that will appeal to your needs and requirements. Some of the course that we liked on their platform are:




2. Singing Class by Christina Aguilera – [MasterClass]

Singing Class by Christina Aguilera

The next online singing training class on our list is presented to you by Christina Aguilera. The class comprises 21 video lessons and spans over 3 hours and 43 minutes. It is one of the best courses and has a great singing lesson for aspiring singers.



3. Become A Better Singer – [30 Day Singer]

Become A Better Singer

Next, we have online singing classes by a platform that assures you to make you a singer in just 30 days. Then, all you have to do is, turn on the video from the comfort of your home and enjoy singing with some of the friendliest instructors there have ever been.


30-day singer believes that even people who think of themselves as tone-deaf can learn singing with their online singing lessons.


To be a singer with them, all you have to do is simply follow along with the exercises, and in a span of just 30 days, you will start to see the difference. The tutorials with this online singing course are fun, engaging, and easy to follow.


Each of their tutorials follows a step-by-step learning mechanism to make it easy for you to learn. You can take their singing lessons on the go and learn singing at your pace.


Learning Outcomes

The aim of their class is:

  • Extending the range of your voice with different vocal exercises
  • Developing a solid vocal power to give you control over your breath
  • Being a confident singer



4. Online Singing Lessons – The Vocal Studio

Online Singing Lessons – The Vocal Studio

On TVS, you can find numerous courses that can meet the needs of all classes and levels of singers. A good thing about TVS is that they have made their best online singing classes available globally. So, you can find singing lessons in French, German, Italian, and Hindi.


A few of the TVS most talked about courses include:




5. Online Singing Classes – [The Voice Lesson Platform]

Online Singing Classes


You can take a good look at ‘Voice Lesson Platform’ and indeed find the best online singing course that matches your budget, skill level, and requirements.


Their courses can be viewed on the desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms. So, you can learn on the go with their VocaLoop® Patented Technology.



6. Online Singing Lessons – [Sage Music]

Online Singing Lessons

Sage Music has the best online singing classes for adults and kids for advanced, intermediate, or beginner levels. In this course, you will be studying with Sage’s trained, professional music teachers with their proven Arpeggio® lesson system.


We recommend their courses because they have a team of the best teachers who apply the best methods to teach you the drill. So, you and your child will have access to the best plausible instructions. You can check out their available courses and enroll in one that best fits your needs.


How Did We Select The Best Online Singing Lessons?

When we began our research, we hand-picked 25 of the top courses on the internet. These courses were selected from 100s of courses on the internet on the following four parameters:

  • Who is behind the course?
  • What do you achieve from the course?
  • The fee that you pay for the course
  • The ratings and reviews on the course


On comparing the courses, we got our first list of 25. Then we reached out to notable singers from across the world and requested them for a review. Their review gave us this list of the top 10 best courses for singers.


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So, these are the top 10 best online singing training programs. We have done intense research behind their selection, so you will not regret this selection regardless of the course you pick from it.


However, before you choose an online singing course for yourself, do visit the annexed link to find additional details about these online singing lessons, such as the enrolment date, course fee, and instructor bio.


Happy singing!


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