Top 10 Best Violin Classes Online For Beginners & Adults

Best Violin Classes Online
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Now that you’re here looking for courses to learn to play the violin, let us start with something that will blow your mind – Well, have you ever thought that in reality, you somewhat already know how to play the violin?


How? See, every single movement needed to draw the bow on the strings or hold the violin is already known to you. These movements are utilized regularly in your daily life.


So, to pick on this incredible skill, all you need is the knowledge to connect the movements necessary to play the violin. For that, you must get assistance from violin experts.


To get that, you can enroll in a good training program online. The problem is if you go around looking for the best violin classes online, you will find yourself in an overwhelming mess, full of options. Of the abundant options, how do you pick the best violin training online? Well, fret no more.


Our team at TangoLearn sat down with some of the proficient experts and scoured through 100s of violin courses. Then based on four parameters:


  1. What the course brings to you – Certification, learnings, resources, risk-free guarantee, value for money
  2. The price you pay for the course
  3. Reviews and ratings on the course from students who have availed of the course in the past
  4. Experience and the knowledge of the person taking the course


We hand-picked the 30 violin courses and further narrowing them down we bring you the 10 best violin courses addressed below.


So, now, let us get started and talk about them one by one.


Best Violin Courses Online

  1. Beginner Violin Lessons – Violin Mastery From The Beginning – [Udemy]
  2. theVIOLINcode | Beginner Violin Lessons | Units 1 – 5 Bundle – [Udemy]
  3. Complete Vibrato Mastery – [Udemy]
  4. Beginner Violin Course – Learn Violin from Scratch – [Udemy]

Bonus Violin Classes Online

  1. Violin Masterclass – [Itzhak Perlman]
  2. Violin Courses – [Skillshare]
  3. Free Online Violin Lessons – [Violin Inspiration]
  4. Free Violin Lessons – [Violin Lounge]
  5. Online Violin Classes – [Ipassio]
  6. Classical Violin – Offered by Richard Amoroso [Artist Works]


10 Best Online Violin Lessons That Train You In Days

1. Beginner Violin Lessons – Violin Mastery From The Beginning – [Udemy]

Beginner Violin Lessons - Violin Mastery From The Beginning


Rating 4.5
Enrolled 14,643 students
Duration 20 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Lesson Pros
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons In several instances, the energy of the tutor seems out of sync. That can be off-putting for some students.


This violin training online by Udemy is a bestseller course. It is also one of the most comprehensive beginner-friendly violin courses online. In addition, the course has been recognized by the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame and recorded in Nashville with a Grammy Award Winner.


Across the course, you will be explained everything in-depth. The instructor has made it easy for you to learn Violin faster with his brief and bite-sized lectures. Another great thing about the course is that the instructor is incredibly responsive. All your doubts and queries will be resolved immediately.


Learning Outcomes

In these violin classes online, a few things that you will learn are:

  • Having an in-depth understanding of playing a violin from scratch
  • Testing beautiful songs on the Violin
  • Prescale exercises and scales
  • Reading Music
  • Whole scale exercises
  • Fine Motor Skills exercises
  • Studying music by yourself
  • Violin fundamentals in the easiest-to-comprehend manner
  • Knowing the right way to read music
  • Understanding the music theory
  • Understanding the ‘why’ behind some violin concepts
  • Tuning the Violin
  • Whole scale exercises
  • Violin Terminology
  • Beginning Music Theory associated with the Violin
  • Learning Vibrato



These best online violin lessons are beginner-friendly. So, no prior experience or skills are needed. All you need for this course is a bow and a violin.


However, Violin is a skill you perfect over time. Hence, practice is the key. The more time you put into practice, the better you will be. Moreover, it would help if you were motivated to learn new things.


Who should take this course?

These violin classes online are meant for beginner players who wish to improve their violin skills or improve them. In addition, people who wish to enjoy the instrument will also appreciate the course.


Finally, musicians and performers will also benefit from the course. Overall, this course is suitable for people from all age groups.


In addition, this is one of the best violin courses online for:

  • A violin player who wishes to relive their love for Violin
  • Anyone who has been making excuses like, ‘I have fat fingers, I cannot learn violin.’
  • Anyone who wishes to take up a new hobby
  • Trained in Violin before but is still not confident enough
  • Anyone who likes to learn but feels they are not talented enough
  • Anyone who would love to meet new people



2. theVIOLINcode | Beginner Violin Lessons | Units 1 – 5 Bundle – [Udemy]

theVIOLINcode | Beginner Violin Lessons | Units 1 - 5 Bundle


Rating 4.4
Enrolled 4,979 students
Duration 5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Yuliyan Stoyanov, DMA
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The instructor should detail further the G D A and E.


This is one of the best online violin lessons, and the instructor claims that there is possibly no course on the internet that can teach you violin in such a detailed and comprehensive manner.


This course teaches you to be a pro violinist from the comfort of your home, irrespective of your physical capabilities, age, or innate talent. So, if it is your sincerest yearning to learn to play the violin, it can be fulfilled with this course.


Your expert for this violin training online will guide you through every step and help you become proficient at this skillful art. We find this course useful because, across the course, you will find brief lessons that are easy for you to focus on. There is a gradual introduction to every technique.


So, with these violin classes online you will go from basic to advanced, step-by-step. More so, it is a self-paced, 100% online course. Hence, only after you are certain that you are thorough with the previous lesson will you move to the next.


Every concept is explained insightfully. There are also exercises in the course, which will give you ample practice. The instructor has followed a structured learning pattern, which makes grasping concepts easier.


Learning Outcomes

A few things you will learn in these violin courses online are:

  • Tricky concepts related to violin
  • Playing popular tunes on the violin
  • Reading the musical notations
  • Developing an intuitive violin and bow hold
  • Reliable practice strategies to learn new songs



It is the best online violin lesson that is beginner-friendly. So, you need no prior experience to take the course. There is also no need for you to possess note-reading skills to start the course. Everything will be taught in this course.


However, this is one of the best violin courses online and will require:

  • A bow and a violin
  • Willingness to practice at least half an hour every day
  • A positive mindset


Who should enroll in these violin classes online?

This violin training online is suitable for:

  • Adult learners who appreciate logical and detailed explanations
  • Violin teachers who aspire to learn new techniques and tools for their knowledge application
  • Parents who wish to impart the knowledge of violin simplistically to their kids
  • Students who want to learn violin but do not want to commit to face-to-face and regular lessons



3. Complete Vibrato Mastery – [Udemy]

Complete Vibrato Mastery


Rating 4.5
Enrolled 2,495 students
Duration 2.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Laurel Thomsen
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons A little more technical approach across the course should have been helpful.


This is another one of the best violin classes online, which comprises 17 play-along tracks and 38 hands-on video lectures.


Across this class, you will be familiarized with the systematic vibrato method, which will take you from the viola, violin, or fiddle student, sans any knowledge or experience, to a consistent, expressive vibrato in just three to six months.


On the other hand, the experienced players will acquire the new skills to better vibrato technique while learning to be consistent and produce variety.


Learning Outcomes

These best online violin lessons will teach you an array of things. These include:

  • Developing a beautiful and consistent vibrato
  • Historical and modern applications of vibrato
  • Fixing the vibrato issues, which might be holding you back in the past
  • Going from the basics to the advanced concepts in violin playing
  • Demystifying vibrato
  • Understanding and applying the apt vibrato for every musical situation, genre, and phrase
  • Learning the issues with the 1st or 4th fingers
  • Ideas for musical interpretation
  • Uncover the modern and historical application of vibrato along with vibrato warm-ups
  • Knowing which is the right vibrato to fiddle airs and waltzes
  • Including a dose of cool with a Blues and Rock vibrato technique
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues common with students trying to learn vibrato
  • Knowing what makes you sound out of tune
  • Fixing when the vibrato is too fast or too slow
  • Prerequisites needed for successfully learning vibrato
  • Eliminating the issues in form, cohesiveness, initiation, and continuous vibrato.
  • Knowledge of the different vibrato styles



To undertake these violin classes online, you will need:

  • A viola or violin and a bow
  • Understanding of rhythm or timing
  • Good intonation, that is, the ability to play a tune
  • Metronome


Who should take this course?

This is one of the top violin courses online for:

  • Violin and viola students with some prior experience and knowledge to play tunes
  • String teachers who want to master and develop a systematic approach for vibrato and pass it along to their students
  • Bass or cello students who want to learn a method to learn vibrato to apply to the instruments
  • String players who want to add intensity, color, beauty, and passion to their music



4. Beginner Violin Course – Learn Violin from Scratch – [Udemy]

Beginner Violin Course - Learn Violin from Scratch


Rating 4.5
Enrolled 8,213 students
Duration 16.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Shervin House
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The instructor could make the voice recording slightly louder.


Have you been struggling to learn violin by yourself? Are the private lessons feeling too pricey and time-consuming? Do you need an all-inclusive and one of the best violin classes online?


Well, this is the course for you. This Udemy course is truly one of the best courses for beginner violin players. This is an in-depth course that gives you a relatively similar experience to one in a private class.


An excellent thing about these classes is that there are exercises and training materials included in the course, making learning easier at every step. Across this course, you will work on 17 songs, which go from easy to complex level to ensure that you experience a new challenge with every course.


Learning Outcomes

There are a bunch of things you will learn in these violin classes online. A few of them include:

  • Learning to play beautiful songs on your violin
  • Understanding the foundations of violin playing
  • Playing Legato
  • Reading music
  • Tuning your violin
  • Preserving your instrument
  • Every detail necessary for a violin player
  • Understanding the correct technique for the bow
  • Knowing how to hold the violin properly
  • Playing the bow on the violin in a straight line
  • Playing open strings
  • Using your left-hand fingers on the violin
  • Playing Stacatto
  • Managing the bow
  • Playing simple songs
  • Changing the violin sound too soft or loud with the bow
  • Playing all beginner-level songs
  • Performing a pizzicato
  • Playing accents
  • Playing some complicated songs
  • Counting the rhythm
  • Playing an upbeat
  • Performing the dynamics in the song
  • Performing vibrato
  • Tuning the violin
  • Performing tempo and a rit.
  • Performing intermediate-level songs
  • Finding sheet music online
  • Using the metronome beats



It is one of the top violin courses online for beginners. You do not need any prior experience for the course. Every material required for the course is already included in it.


Who should take this course?

This course is suitable for:


  • Anyone who aspires to learn violin but has never played one
  • Anyone seeking a comprehensive violin course on a budget
  • People from all age groups who want to learn this skill
  • Anyone who has always believed that playing the violin is too hard
  • Anyone who believes they are not good enough for the skill



Bonus Violin Classes Online


1. Violin Masterclass – [Itzhak Perlman]

Violin Masterclass


The next one on our best violin courses online list is a masterclass by Itzhak Perlman. It is a comprehensive and well-rounded violin training online, which comprises 17 video lessons that span over 4 hrs 13 min. It is an excellent course for learners who need a complete course to familiarize themselves with violin training.



2. Violin Courses – [Skillshare]

Violin Courses

Skillshare, too, has a plethora of violin classes for you to choose from. From the abundant options, you can pick one course that fits your needs. For making a selection, you can segregate the classes based on level or class duration and then choose one that best appeals to you.


Some of the notable best violin classes online with Skillshare include:




3. Free Online Violin Lessons – [Violin Inspiration]

Free Online Violin Lessons


Need one of the best free violin classes? You have arrived at the right place. You can find an array of beginner-level, intermediate-level, and advanced-level best online violin lessons on this platform. This platform is an incredible way for you to develop a solid foundation of violin at zero cost.


Beginner Classes

Violin Inspiration has enough classes for beginners to practice for days without any stop. Here are some of the best lessons we found on their platform:


In addition to learning the tunes, you will also learn:

  • To have the proper bow hand grip
  • Perfectly placing your hands in the correct position
  • Playing songs in tune


Best Violin Classes Online for Intermediate-level

My Violin Inspiration also has an array of courses for intermediate-level learners. A few of their best courses include:


You qualify for the intermediate level best online violin lessons, if:

  • You now want to work on longer songs
  • Your wish is to learn some bowing techniques – such as playing different notes on one bow stroke
  • Complicated fingering with the bow and violin
  • Changing strings effortlessly


Advanced Violin Classes

Once you are through with the above levels, you can head to the advanced classes. A few of the best ones on the platform include:




4. Free Violin Lessons – [Violin Lounge]

Free Violin Lessons


You are never too old, and it is never too late to learn a new skill, and that is precisely the objective of these best online violin lessons. This platform has an array of classes that can help you understand the drill as a skillful adult learner.


Learning Outcomes

The violin courses online on the platform will teach you:

  • How to buy your first violin
  • Tuning your violin
  • Bowing properly
  • Playing scales
  • Familiarity with beginner-level tunes



For these violin classes online, you need:

  • Willingness and motivation to learn
  • Violin
  • Chinrest
  • Shoulder rest
  • Violin bow
  • Violin case
  • Music stand
  • Rosin
  • A lot of time, dedication, and practice


Intermediate-level Classes


You can start with their intermediate-level violin courses online. This can be done when:

  • You are comfortable with the violin posturing
  • You know the proper bow hold and are fluent at bowing.
  • Play a decent sound
  • You can tune in different finger frames and first position
  • You aspire to learn position play, vibrato, and advanced bowing techniques


Advanced-level Classes

You can take these classes when you are comfortable with:


  • Playing in different positions
  • Vibrato
  • Different bow techniques, such as staccato and spiccato


Overall, the platform has 1500 best online violin lessons. So, you can take a good look at their available lessons and find one that fits your needs.



5. Online Violin Classes – [Ipassio]

Online Violin Classes


In Ipassio’s best violin classes online, you will find several one-to-one online classes for students to aspire to learn violin. These classes are taken live. You can pick from their extensive selection of courses and start your proficient violin player journey.


A few of their top-recommended lessons with violin training online are:




6. Classical Violin – Offered by Richard Amoroso [Artist Works]

Classical Violin – Offered by Richard Amoroso


Richard Amoroso has crafted an extensive selection of violin courses online, and students have unlimited access to their interactive sessions, including the play-along tracks and the sheet music. With these classes, you can learn to play classical violin from a virtuoso.


The course also comprises fundamentals of violin playing. You can also find an array of cross and bowing string exercises and lessons on shifting Etudes & solo repertoire.


An excellent thing about the violin classes online on the platform is that you can submit your recording for review via their ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform.


Your instructor, Richard Amoroso, will personally review every submission and submit feedback in the video form. So, you will get tailored guidance and feedback on your submissions.


Students also have access to the Video Exchange library, wherein they can watch the interactions of other students with the trainer. They have a perennially expanding library, which will unfold many secrets to efficient violin playing.


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So, these are the top ten violin classes online, according to us. We hope you were able to find the best online violin lessons for yourself from our above-listed violin courses online.


Happy Learning!

Best Violin Classes is rated 4.5 and reviewed by 12 Violin Experts & 25+ Violin Classes Students

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