6 Best Online Saxophone Classes For Learning To Play The Saxophone

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Can you ever imagine George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” without the iconic saxophone melody? If you look at it, some of our most favorite songs would be soulless, had saxophone not been a part of their music. For those who enjoy Jazz and Blues music, the saxophone is certainly a timeless musical instrument that they would love to hear or play. Invented way back in the 1840s, the saxophone has come a long way and has become one of the most distinctive and popular woodwind instruments. It is also a highly versatile instrument that can fit into any musical genre, primarily due to the range of unique sounds it can produce.


For those interested in learning how to play saxophone, we agree that it may not be the easiest instrument to handle, but it is also not the most complex musical instrument to learn. In fact, it is comparatively easier to learn sax than the other devices used in an orchestra. And once you have the confidence to hit those high notes, the world is your stage.


So, if you have that musical flair in you, and if you are planning to try your hand on this beautiful instrument, you don’t really need to search for a saxophone tutor in your area. Thanks to the internet, today, you can easily receive online saxophone lessons from some highly experienced and passionate sax players.  To nudge you in that direction, TangoLearn, after consulting 16 saxophone players, has curated a list of the best six sax lessons online that will not only teach you the basics of saxophone but also help you polish your skills and boost your musical careers. Most of these online lessons are self-paced and are available at really affordable prices. You will be amazed to see how much money you can save by ditching in-person sax tuitions and opting for online saxophone classes.


Let us unravel what these sax lessons online have in store for you and help you select the best online saxophone course to master the craft.


Best 6 Online Saxophone Lessons, Classes, and Courses

  1. Learn To Play Saxophone: Beginner To Pro In Under Four Hours [Udemy]
  2. The Complete Beginner Saxophone Course [Udemy]
  3. Beginner Alto Saxophone Lessons [Udemy]
  4. Getting Started With Saxophone [Sax School]
  5. Jazz Saxophone With Eric Marienthal [Artistworks]
  6. Master The Saxophone: Intermediate Instruction Made Simple! [Udemy]


1. Learn To Play Saxophone: Beginner To Pro In Under Four Hours [Udemy]

Learn To Play Saxophone

What Is This Course About?

Udemy is a popular platform where you can receive excellent online saxophone lessons from some of the most experienced saxophone players from all over the world. Therefore, if you have developed an affinity towards sax and want to master the art quickly, the first course in our list can provide a year’s worth of private sax lessons online in just a few hours. And if you go on to compare the fee for taking such classes, this saxophone course online provides the same quality of teaching for a fraction of the cost. Whether you are a complete beginner, an adult learner, or someone who doesn’t have access to a private teacher and is looking for online saxophone lessons to catch up, this course is meant for you. This best online saxophone course will begin from scratch, i.e., right from opening the case of your instrument for the first time to playing your very first melody.


As you progress through your lessons, you will learn all the necessary skills and techniques to become an avid saxophonist. Plus, you will also be familiarized with music theory and musicianship skills.


This course is definitely one of the best online saxophone courses as it has been designed by MusicProfessor Online Music Lessons, whose curriculum is used in close to 100 schools throughout the United States, and more than 18000 students and teachers have benefitted from its best online saxophone lessons. The duration of this course is approx. four hours and it comprises 77 on-demand video lessons. Plus, there are 58 downloadable resources that contain sheet music, animated fingering charts, saxophone equipment recommendations, and sax-specific troubleshooting tips and advice. The instructor has also provided a handful of familiar melodies and songs to try your hands on. You will also get help with technique-building exercises and Major scale and scale exercises.


This course is a bestseller saxophone course online on Udemy with a rating of 4.5 and 7,188 students on board. You can buy this course for a one-time fee which will give full lifetime access to the online lessons. You can access these sax lessons online via mobile or TV. Plus, you will receive a certificate of achievement at the end.


What You Will Learn

The skills and techniques that you will acquire by undertaking these sax lessons online include:

  • Assembling and caring for a saxophone
  • Forming a correct and strong embouchure
  • Breathing techniques
  • Reading and interpreting music notation
  • Playing popular melodies and songs
  • Playing the eight notes
  • Performing multiple Major scales
  • Recognizing and playing any note on the saxophone
  • Learning slurring and tonguing techniques


Pre-requisites For This Course

To learn and benefit from these sax lessons online, you must:

  • Have a working Alto saxophone, which is considered the best moderate-sized sax for beginners
  • Sax reeds to be placed along with the mouthpiece
  • A neck strap to hold your saxophone the right way


Who Is This Course For?

The best online saxophone lessons of this course are meant for:

  • Complete beginners who have no knowledge about the saxophone
  • Sax students and adult learners looking for a refresher course
  • Students who cannot find or afford a private sax tutor


Review Hao Tran:

Very organized and easy to follow. I attempted a few songs after this course (including Besame Mucho and Lambada [the easy version]) and was able to play. I highly recommend this course.


2. The Complete Beginner Saxophone Course [Udemy]

The Complete Beginner Saxophone Course

What Is This Course About?

This Udemy course is a complete package with all the essential online saxophone lessons that you will require to become the best sax player. This course will take you through a comprehensive learning experience, from playing your first note to giving your first performance as a competent and confident player. The sax lessons online in this course will equip you with the right practical and theoretical knowledge, and you will be able to play 16 sax works along with backtracks. The instructor will also keep guiding you with more lessons and exercises along the way. By the time you complete this best online saxophone course, you would have developed a solid foundation of sax playing skills and will be ready to take the next step towards the intermediate level of learning. With the help of these sax lessons, you will also be able to read sheet music and bring those melodies to life on your saxophone.


The duration of this course is 5 hours and 34 minutes, and it comprises 63 on-demand videos. In addition to the sax lessons online, the instructor has also provided 57 downloadable resources, which include 20 backing tracks for your practice. This saxophone course online has been created by Karin Kroch, a saxophonist/clarinetist, teacher, and composer. This course is tagged as one of the highest-rated online saxophone classes on Udemy, with a rating of 4.8 and with 1,338 students already enrolled. You can register for these online saxophone lessons by paying a one-time fee, which is a fraction of the cost you would end up paying for a private tutor. This fee is also covered under Udemy’s 30-days money-back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose even if you don’t like this saxophone course online. You will receive a certificate of completion that you can download and share on your social media profiles. Plus, you will be given full lifetime access to this course till the time it is available on Udemy.


What You Will Learn

This best online saxophone course offers both theory and practice lessons, which include:

  • How to assemble, care for, and maintain a saxophone
  • The best breathing techniques
  • Reed placement, embouchure, and hand position
  • All about the pitch – note names, left-hand and right-hand notes
  • Reading music notation – beat and rhythm, the clef, key signature, time signature, and note value
  • Types of rests, sharps, and flats
  • The octave key, knowledge of “The Break,”
  • Playing the eight notes
  • Scales in different rhythms
  • Slurring and tonguing techniques
  • Articulation and dynamics
  • Playing famous melodies (classical and pop)


Pre-requisites For This Course

If you plan to enroll for these sax lessons online, you would require:

  • An Alto saxophone
  • Alto saxophone reeds – strength 1 or 1.5
  • A neck strap or sling


Who Is This Course For

This course can prove to be the best online saxophone course for:

  • Someone with no prior knowledge of sax or music in general
  • Sax players with some knowledge about music
  • Other musical instrument players who want to learn an orchestral instrument


Review Andre Sims:

This course is excellent! Very well thought out and detailed. Delivered with much style and class. I’ve learned so much, I can’t wait for the follow up course!



3. Beginner Alto Saxophone Lessons [Udemy]

Beginner Alto Saxophone Lessons

What Is This Course About?

Most of the online courses or private sax tutors prefer to go by the rule book and teach the instrument through written instructions. However, the instructor of this course thinks otherwise. Whether you are a 10-years old or 100-years old, he strongly believes in playing by the ear. Therefore, this course contains some of the best online saxophone lessons wherein you will be pushed to use your ears to hear, your eyes to watch, and your brain to translate the information onto your fingers and mouth. This unique saxophone course online will teach you the skills by listening and playing some of the simple and traditional songs on the sax together with your instructor. And in no time you will be making music together. While the online saxophone lessons of this course will teach you how to read sheet music, but initially, you will only focus on playing. As you get comfortable, you will learn to jazz up your music, slow it down, rock it up, or change the melody altogether.


The duration of this course is approx. four hours and it consists of 24 online saxophone classes. There are also 14 downloadable resources that contain backing tracks as MP3s, which you can play on your PC, phone, or any other music device and practice playing sax along with them. Then there are PDF files that you can download and print if you find it easier to follow written instructions. You can use these resources as a stand-alone learning system or use them as a supplementary resource while learning the sax privately or at school. Whichever route you take, these best online saxophone lessons will help enhance your musical skills as the instructor of this course believes in inspiring his students to become musicians rather than instrument players. You can enroll in these online saxophone classes with a one-time fee on Udemy. You will receive the benefit of lifetime access and a digital certificate of completion. You can even access this saxophone course online via your mobile or TV. This course has a rating of 4.0 and has already been purchased by 1,131 students.


What You Will Learn

The skills taught under this beginner’s saxophone course online are:

  • The basics – neck strap, mouthpiece, and reed placement
  • Assembling your sax
  • Assembling a saxophone
  • Correct use of mouth and tongue
  • How to safely pack up your sax
  • Playing the first three notes
  • Playing more notes
  • Playing popular melodies
  • Learning new notes and C and D Major scales
  • Playing long notes and breathing right
  • Playing popular songs on your saxophone


Pre-requisites For This Course

To follow the instructor and his best online saxophone lessons, you should have:

  • Access to an Alto saxophone
  • A strong belief in music and enthusiasm to learn


Who Is This Course For?

Anyone from the age of 10 to 100 is fit to enroll in this course. If you see yourself as a successful Jazz musician or a rockstar, you can begin your journey with these online saxophone classes.

Review Maureen Olalere:

I can learn at my own pace. The tutor is fun and clearly explains what to do, so lesson is not boring. The tutor gives practice notes which is user friendly and easy to follow so I can practice in my own time before logging on for another session.



4. Getting Started With Saxophone [Sax School]

Getting Started With Saxophone

What IS This Course About?

If this is the first time you will be picking up a saxophone, you may first want to try out free sax lessons online. Many students are apprehensive about purchasing a saxophone course online since they are still unsure if playing saxophone is really their cup of tea. Keeping this sentiment in mind, Nigel McGill, the founder of McGill Music Sax School, has created this free course that will help you get started with saxophone. Though 11 online saxophone lessons, this beginner course will cover everything that you need to play your first notes to your first tune.


The reason why we have shortlisted this course as one of the best online saxophone lessons is that the instructor of this course holds an experience of more than 30 years. He has played with several bands and also performed at festivals and clubs around the globe. He has established the Sax School, which is the largest community of sax learners in the world. And the learning doesn’t stop here; once you are through with these free sax lessons online, you can purchase the membership of the Sax School to access the extensive course library where you can undertake beginner, intermediate, and advanced online saxophone classes. You can enroll for this best online saxophone course for free by simply signing up on the official website.


What You Will Learn

Though a free course, it is no less than any paid online saxophone classes on our list. Some of the basics that will be covered in this course are:

  • Assembling the mouthpiece and attaching the reed
  • Holding a saxophone, the right way
  • Making your first sounds
  • Playing first notes B to D
  • Learning the technique of tonguing
  • Learning low noted C to Bb
  • Learning the second octave
  • Playing a melody or theme on Alto and Tenor saxophones


Pre-requisites For This Course

No pre-requisites have been stated to undertake this course. However, you must have access to an Alto and Tenor saxophone to follow these best online saxophone lessons.


Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone who has no prior knowledge of saxophone
  • Anyone who wants to learn the instrument but cannot afford paid lessons


Review Don Wood:

I have learned more in the last month working with you than I have for the past two years on my own! Many kudos to you for the sax lessons and especially the pace of each lesson segment. Perfect for me!



5. Jazz Saxophone With Eric Marienthal [ArtistWorks]

Jazz Saxophone With Eric Marienthal

What Is This Course About?

If you are aspiring to become an exceptional Jazz saxophonist and are pretty serious about learning saxophone from an industry veteran, you should definitely check out these online saxophone lessons on ArtistWorks. The online saxophone lessons delivered on this platform are created by a Grammy® award-winning Jazz saxophone musician Eric Marienthal. He has under his repertoire 13 solo albums and five Grammy nominations while being a part of the Chick Corea Elektric Band. He has also performed in more than 80 countries and worked with artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, etc. Through this best online saxophone course, Eric has shared his wealth of musical knowledge to make this course an enriching experience. The sax lessons online in this course feature both Alto and Tenor saxophone.


What differentiates this course from the other online saxophone classes is the facility to submit your videos to Eric for review. In return, he will go through each video and share a feedback video offering proper guidance to improve your skills and technique. All these videos are uploaded on a Video Exchange Library, which you can access any time and also watch other student’s interactions with the mentor. This personalized help is hardly offered by any of the online saxophone classes.


To enroll in these best online saxophone lessons, you can opt for a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan. In addition to 100s of video classes in the yearly plan, you will also get unlimited access to the Video Exchange Library, unlimited video submissions to the mentor, music theory workshop, backing tracks, and bonus content. You can also watch the online saxophone lessons in slow motion or on loop to learn at your own pace. This course, however, will not provide any certificate of achievement.


What You Will Learn

This course is certainly one of the best online saxophone courses as it will teach you about scales and modes, ear training and improvisation, Jazz sax warm-ups, and much more. The sax lessons online in this course are divided into three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, along with weekly exercises and “Lick of the Week” archives. The topics covered under the three levels include:



  • Selecting the right saxophone
  • Sax care and maintenance
  • Choosing a mouthpiece and reeds
  • Hand position basics
  • Neck strap positions
  • Embouchure and tongue position
  • Fingering and reading basics
  • Introduction to chords and improvisation
  • Basic ear training
  • The right standing and sitting postures



  • Eric’s secret warm-up exercises
  • Playing scales in all keys – Major, Minor, Diminished, Pentatonic, and Blues
  • Introduction to Modes
  • Using a metronome and tuner
  • Jazz inflections and using vibrato
  • Improvisations on Tenor and Alto



  • Improvising techniques
  • Soloing using Ionian, Dorian, and Phrygian modes
  • Correct tonguing – reverse and muted tonguing
  • Phrasing a melody
  • Dynamic changes
  • Different ways to play scales
  • Creating rhythm
  • Transposing
  • Trick licks
  • Finger twister exercises
  • Improvisation: Advanced Blues
  • Playing high notes


Pre-requisites For This Course

While no pre-requisites have been mentioned to attend these online saxophone lessons, you will need an Alto or Tenor saxophone to follow the instruction of the mentor.


Who Is This Course For

This course offers one of the best online saxophone classes for all levels. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, you will gain something by enrolling in this saxophone course online.


6. Master the Saxophone: Intermediate Instruction Made Simple! [Udemy]

Master the Saxophone: Intermediate Instruction Made Simple

What Is This Course About?

This is another excellent course offered by MusicProfessor. If you have already completed their beginner online saxophone lessons, which have been listed as the first course in our list, then you can proceed to the next level of sax lessons through this intermediate course. The reason why we have included this course in our best online saxophone classes is that you will get to learn more complex rhythms, scales, and tones that will hone your saxophone skills.


This course will take 4 hours and 9 minutes to complete, and it comprises 89 sax lessons online. This course also offers 80 downloadable resources that include sheet music, animated fingering charts, equipment recommendations, and troubleshooting tips. Through the best online saxophone lessons of this course, you will be able to play dozens of familiar melodies and songs, learn technique-building exercises, and work through Major scales and scale exercises. And, you will learn about music theory. You can register for this course with a one-time fee which will give you full lifetime access to all its classes. You will also bag a certificate of completion for this saxophone course online. This course has earned a student rating of 4.5 and has already been enrolled by 2,227 students.


What You Will Learn

By enrolling for the intermediate online saxophone classes of this course, you will learn about:

  • Dotted quarter and eight notes
  • Forming the perfect embouchure
  • Notes in the highest range and Major scales
  • Full-range scales and dynamics
  • Tempo markings and accents
  • Reading complex rhythms and meters like 6/8, 16th notes, triplets, and cut time
  • Playing expressively with phrasing, dynamics, and vibrato
  • Strength-building exercises to play for longer periods without fatigue


Pre-requisites For This Course

To benefit from this best online saxophone course, you must have:

  • Working knowledge of an Alto saxophone
  • Alto sax, reeds, and a neck strap or string
  • Understanding of the music theory and notation


Who Is This Course For

Since this course contains intermediate online saxophone lessons, it is most suited for:

  • Intermediate learners and adult saxophonists
  • Advanced players who wish to refresh their skills
  • Beginners who want to take their skills to the next level
  • Students who cannot afford a private sax tutor

If you are a music enthusiast, you might want to check out our selection of Violin lessons online too.


Review Madhuri Fichtmueller:

Brilliant teacher. Good pace. Perfect length of videos. I have different sax so not all keys same and difficult to see fingering on phone. Maybe he could also say which finger and on what key rather than just show it


Playing the saxophone can be a gratifying and liberating experience. Not only can you showcase your talent as a musician, but it can also serve as a medium to express your emotions. And if you plan to choose sax as a career path, then being great at it can open up several avenues. We hope that these best online saxophone lessons will set you off in the right direction as a beginner, and if you already know the craft, you can always take these sax lessons online to refresh and sharpen your skills. So cheers to playing your first tune, and best wishes for the musical journey ahead.
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