Best Way To Learn Ms Access With Courses, Tutorials & Apps

Best way to learn Microsoft Access
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You use Microsoft Access when managing massive data – relational or non-numeric. In contrast, you use Microsoft Excel when you crunch numbers. In the previous guide, we have discussed some of the top ways to learn Microsoft ExcelHere, we will talk about the best way to learn Microsoft Access.


Typically, when you look at MS Access for the first time, you may think it looks like Microsoft Excel. Of course, MS Excel and Access utilize a humongous amount of data, neatly organized into columns and rows, but that is all the similarities between the two software.


Typically, Microsoft Excel helps with data analysis, whereas Microsoft Access finds use in data management. Thus, there is a crucial but very subtle difference between the two.


Best Way To Learn Ms Access

  1. Understand The Basics
  2. Microsoft Access Official Site
  3. Enroll Yourself In Tutorials
  4. Take An In-Person Class
  5. Enroll In Online Courses
  6. Microsoft Access Learning Apps
  7. Books
  8. Join A Community And Learn Tips, Tricks, And Shortcuts
  9. Do Not Get Overwhelmed and Practice Hard
  10. Take Your Time To Get Accustomed To It


What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a multi-faceted tool that lets you achieve the maximum potential of the available data, whether or not you are proficient at database management. You can use MS Access for creating systems that aid in creating browser-based database applications and data management.


It is a part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications and helps enterprise and business users. MS Access beautifully overcomes Excel’s limitations in handling vast data.


Further, the tool not just helps cater to the business needs of different mid-sized and small-scale database systems but is also very easy to use, scalable, secure, and integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Office products.


Thus, it is a popular tool for analyzing, storing, and reporting data for most organizations. Hence, it can be an excellent decision to consider learning Microsoft Access. Let us discuss how to go about learning MS Access.


How To Learn Microsoft Access?

Here is a detailed guide you could follow to learn Ms Access quickly and easily.


1. Explore the Access window & know its basic terms: table, query, forms, report, modules, macros

The first step in learning it all about MS Access is acquiring fundamental clarity on its components. You need to understand the Access Window, its functionalities, features, and all the associated basic terms like query, forms, table, modules, and macros.


Beyond this, you should also acquire details on all the other vital Access attributes to help you get started with it,


2. Microsoft Access Official Site

If you wish to learn about MS Access, there can be no better way than learning it directly from Microsoft. It is the best way to learn Microsoft Access as you can get a series of online videos that cover different topics that take you from the beginner to the intermediate level.


In their videos, you can find the primary principles and concepts that make Microsoft Access what it is. Then further, as you proceed, you can find videos that teach you other vital skills like advanced query parameters, querying for data, and database creation.


Across all the videos, you will find a text walkthrough and screenshots to help you learn better. Since these are pre-recorded videos, you can follow them and learn at your pace.


3. Enroll yourself in tutorials

Tutorials are another way to learn Microsoft Access for free. Below, we will suggest the three best tutorials to help you get started with MS Access.

  • GCF Learn Free’s Access Tutorials– A learning initiative by the Goodwill Community Foundation, as part of this tutorial, you will acquire the necessary Access skills to advance in your career. The website has several thousand lessons on various related topics, all available at zero cost. You can find the lessons in both video and text format.
  • Quackit’s Access Tutorials– This can be a good learning experience if you are a web developer. It is a brief resource for developers and gives a good foundation.


4. Take an in-person class

If you enjoy studying face-to-face with the professor, you can consider opting for in-person classes. Many institutes offer in-person sessions for all skill levels and backgrounds. These are instructor-led classes, but you can clarify your doubts as you proceed with the topic.


To find the best in-person sessions, enter your search query, ‘best Microsoft Access classes near me,’ and you will be flooded with options.

5. Enroll in online courses

On the internet, you can find an array of Microsoft Access courses and certifications you can take online. These courses can be the best way to learn MS access, and train you to report, manage, and collect a large chunk of data with MS Access.


There are both free and paid courses available online. So, depending on your need, requirement, budget, and learning objective, you can choose suitable classes.


Below we will shortlist a few of the top online courses you can consider:


Microsoft Access 2016 Master Class: Beginner to Advanced (Udemy)

This course by Joe Parys and Bruce Myron is a beautifully designed, well-compiled course that takes you from the beginner to the advanced MS Access level.


Excel to Access: Intro to Microsoft Access for Excel Users (Udemy)

It is another course by Bruce Myron that primarily helps users plan a switch from Excel to Access. It has over 125 lectures of 10 hours, which give you a detailed insight into MS Access.


Microsoft Access Complete Beginner to Advanced (Udemy)

It is another one of the most comprehensive courses on Microsoft Access. Offered by Kyle Pew, a Microsoft Certified Trainer with many years of experience, he beautifully covers the fundamentals to make the course informative and helpful for beginners. As you progress with the class, you develop a solid understanding of Microsoft Access.


Other course sites you may check out are: Pluralsight, LinkedIn, and Skillshare.


6. Microsoft Access Learning Apps

If you enjoy learning on the go, you can consider downloading a detailed and comprehensive app. The internet has several apps covering the required MS Access information.


Some of the best apps to learn MS Access features and functionalities in detail are:

  • Learn MS Access offline – Created by qvsoft, it can be your go-to app if you need an MS Access tutorial. It covers the MS Access fundamentals and familiarizes you with queries, forms, sorting, and filtering.
  • Learn MS Access Full Course – Designed by the DesiApp Developer, the app covers all the different Access-related topics like Query Data, Creating Tables, Data Types, Creating Databases, RDBMS, Adding Data, Query Criteria, and others in detail.


Beyond this, there is a host of other applications, too, you can use to learn the different features and functionalities associated with the software.


7. Books

Some people like studying the old school way. They want to read the different books to get through the subject. So, many Access experts have also gone out of their way to publish top-class comprehensive books for young learners who wish to study and educate themselves. A few of the top books you can refer to are:



Other books to consider:


8. Join a community and learn tips, tricks, and shortcuts

Our guide to the best way to learn Microsoft Access would be incomplete without this section. There are also some online communities wherein other like-minded members and learners post new tips, tricks, and shortcuts to amplify your learning experience. You can be a part of these discussion forums and communities to be updated about the latest trends and changes in Access.


Here are the two of the most potent and active communities that you can check out:


9. Do not get overwhelmed and practice hard

In all honesty, it is okay to get overwhelmed even while following the best way to learn MS Access. Microsoft Access is not the most straightforward tool. There is a learning curve involved, and you get well-versed with it as time passes by. But, across the way, you will learn many new features and menus associated with Microsoft Access.


Some may be tricky and challenging, which may leave you feeling overwhelmed. The idea is to read more letters better and not get intimidated by them.


10. Take your time to get accustomed to it.

Now that you have learned the different aspects of Microsoft Access, it is time to try and get better at it. You can take projects, work under an MS Access expert, or enroll on a Freelance website to offer Access services to clients. Naturally, the more you work, the better you get.
So, these are some helpful tips to get well-acquainted with Microsoft Access.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How long will it take to learn MS Access?

Ans. it is a subjective question, and the time you take to learn MS Access may vary for different people. If you have a basic understanding of the tool or related programs, you will take much less time than others. On an average you will be required to practice for an hour daily to get proficient in access in a few months.


Ques 2. Is Microsoft Access harder than Excel?

Ans. Compared to MS Excel, Microsoft Access is indeed harder to learn.


Ques 3. When should you use Access instead of Excel?

Ans. Excel is a tool that employs spreadsheets for creating graphs, tabular models, and charts. On the other hand, Microsoft Access is an application that works as a database program. It helps store and collects the data.


You use Excel for financial calculations and spreadsheets and Access for manipulating and storing capacious information.


Ques 4. Is Access the same as SQL?

Ans. Both SQL and Microsoft Access are different database applications. The primary difference between the two lies in how the software is employed. Access helps with small business applications and cannot handle several database queries, whereas SQL can work with more complicated large scale data.

Final Word

Hope this guide gave you clarity on how to employ the best way to learn Microsoft access. Choose the option that suits you best, maybe an online course + learning through apps or in-person classes combined with books. You may use one resource or combine them together as per your experience level and understanding.

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