Top 10 Algo Trading Courses and Classes To Rule The Market!

Algorithmic trading course
For successful trading, you need a trading strategy. Your gut or intuition may not be the most successful way to go about it in the long run.


Hence, to outshine others in financial trading, you must acquire an understanding of algorithmic trading models and strategies and couple it with your knowledge of the stocks.


This is where Algo trading courses step in to train you correctly. To help you select the best algorithmic trading course, our team of experts have narrowed down their search to the top 10 courses.


They took into consideration the learnings of the course, their overall cost (free vs. paid), certification awarded, course duration, and instructor’s authority.


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But First, What is Algorithmic Trading?

It can be defined as automated trading, done on the basis of a set of instructions otherwise known as an algorithm or program. The algorithm used here is created based on mathematical models as well as variables such as time, volume, and price.
Since, there is no human intervention, the trading is quick and efficient free from human error or any bias.

10 Best Algorithmic Trading Certification Online

1. Algorithmic Trading & Quantitative Analysis Using Python – [Udemy]

Algorithmic Trading & Quantitative Analysis Using Python

Rating 4.7
Who should take this course? This Algorithmic trading online course will benefit:

  1. Traders who need to automate strategies and build automated trading stations
  2. Data scientists seeking to work with financial data
  3. Those curious about quantitative analysis
Enrolled 24,523 students
Duration 19.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Mayank Rasu
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Pros 1.       It is one of the most well-structured Algo trading courses.

2.       These Algo trading classes are very hands-on.

  1. The video quality could be better.


Do you wish to build a comprehensive, automated trading bot at a shoestring budget? If yes, this is the best Algorithmic trading course for you.


Learning Outcomes

It is one of the best courses for Algorithmic trading. Some things you learn with this Algorithmic trading online course are:

  • Working with JSON data
  • Algorithmic trading and quantitative analysis with Python
  • Incorporating technical indicators using Python
  • Performing both fundamental and technical analysis programmatically
  • Visualization of time-series data
  • Value investing using quantitative methods
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • API trading
  • Extracting daily and intraday data for free using APIs and web-scraping
  • Incorporating and back testing strategies using Python
  • API integration of your trading script
  • Measuring the performance of your trading strategies
  • Performing thorough quantitative analysis of fundamental data



For this Algo trading online course, you need:

  • Intermediate-level expertise in Python
  • Basic understanding of equity/forex trading
  • High school level familiarity with statistics and mathematics


Reviews by Tianyi P.

This is a fantastic course. The instructor taught a lot about algorithm trading in detail, and kept updated newer versions of code to make the teaching and learning more smooth.



2. Algorithmic Trading In Forex: Create Your First Forex Robot! – [Udemy]

Algorithmic Trading In Forex: Create Your First Forex Robot

Rating 4.6
Who should take this course? It is one of the top Algorithmic trading courses for:


  1. Students hoping to learn the fundamentals of Algorithmic forex trading
  2. Those who wish to learn programming by doing
  3. Anyone who wants to practice real-life applications of C-based programming.
Enrolled 23,574 students
Duration 6.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Kirill Eremenko and ForexBoat Team
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Pros 1.       The instructor makes even the most challenging concepts easier to understand.

2.       Being one of the best Algo trading courses, it is a brief, to-the-point, and informative.

Cons 1.       Recorded videos in these Algo trading classes have very low audio.

2.       Students were unable to see coding details.


With this best Algorithmic trading course, in the first section, you understand the method of MetaTrader 4 installation, open a free demo account, and the vital theoretical concepts behind the Algorithmic trading.


The instructor focuses on programming basics in the second section of this Algorithmic trading certification. Regardless of your prior programming experience, the course gives you the pace. Even though MQL4 is a C-based programming language, everything learned here will apply to languages like C / C++ / C# / Java / etc.


In section three, you delve into the trading system design. So, using your programming knowledge acquired in section two, you combine this knowledge and open your first order via a program designed for you. Further in this course, you work with it to close or modify it at your discretion.


In the last section of this Algorithmic trading online course, you put together everything, devise a unique trading strategy, and convert it into a holistic Algorithmic Trading system. You will wrap these Algo trading classes by testing and optimizing your Forex Robot in the MetaTrader 4 strategy tester.


Learning Outcomes

In this best Algo trading course, you will learn the following:

  • Clarity on forex Algorithm trading
  • Knowledge of basic MQL4 programming
  • Understanding of forex trading system
  • Knowledge of the vital design concepts
  • Modifying, sending, and closing your first market order
  • Learning to test, create, and optimize the Algorithm trading systems
  • Developing, testing, and optimizing your Algorithmic trading systems
  • Applying all your programming knowledge to popular programming languages



It is a beginner-friendly Algorithmic trading certification, and can help several learners. But, for this best Algo trading course, you need:

  • Fluency with computers
  • No prior programming or Forex knowledge
  • Aspiration to be successful


Reviews by Joaquín Mesa J.

Great course! It definitely helped me to build my own trading systems. Good examples. Looking forward to knowing more about it!



3. Forex Algorithmic Trading Course: Code a Forex Robot! – [Udemy]

Forex Algorithmic Trading Course: Code a Forex Robot

Rating 4.7
Who should take this Algo trading online course? This course is for:


  1. Anyone who wants to automate their Forex Trading, sans any programming knowledge
  2. People aspiring to learn to program in MQL4
  3. Traders hoping to better their trading performance by automating a trading strategy
Enrolled 15,718 students
Duration 11.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Mohsen Hassan and bloom team
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Pros 1.       The instructor’s experience reflects in how he explains everything throughout this Algo trading course.

2.       Step-by-step instructions are easy to follow.

Cons 1.       Some concepts are dated.

2.       It may seem long for many learners.


Next, we have beginner-friendly Udemy Algo trading classes wherein you learn all the fundamental programming concepts right at the start. The instructor perceives these concepts in context to trading and keeps the content engaging and interactive.


Across the Algorithmic trading certification, you will find several assignments that make this course practical and hands-on.


After you learn all the necessary concepts in this best Algorithmic trading course, you will create a fully automated trading robot, backtest it, ensure it is consistently profitable and see how to run it on a live or demo account. You will have all codes created in the course.


Learning Outcomes

In this Algo trading course, you will learn the following:

  • Ins and out of the MQL4 programming language
  • Automate a Forex Trading Robot from scratch using the MQL4 Programming language Programming in the popular language for FOREX
  • Tips and tricks to create Trading Robots
  • How to get live price updates
  • Using the most technical indicators in code
  • Modifying orders automatically



For this Algorithmic trading certification, you need:

  • An open mind
  • Willingness to learn
  • No prior programming knowledge


Reviews by Andrés S.

This was an excellent foundation for algorithmic trading. My respects Mo. Thank you so much.



4. Algorithmic Trading: Backtest, Optimize & Automate in Python – [Udemy]

Algorithmic Trading: Backtest, Optimize & Automate in Python

Rating 4.5
Who should take this course? This Algorithmic trading online course will benefit traders hoping to automate their cryptocurrency trading
Enrolled 16,636 students
Duration 10 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Mohsen Hassan, Ilyass Tabiai, and bloom team
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Pros 1.       It is straightforward to understand.
  1. The team should update the course because several functions are no longer used.


In this one of the best courses for Algorithmic trading, you learn to automate your cryptocurrency trading with this course. It does not matter whether you have prior Python knowledge or not. It covers the basics to help you get adept at it.


Learning Outcomes

It is the best Algo trading course for:

  • Using Python to automate the cryptocurrency trading
  • Loading historical data
  • Back testing your strategy
  • Employing Open Source Code Freqtrade
  • Communicating the Strategy through your Phone
  • Connecting to Multiple Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Running strategy in live or simulation
  • Working in the virtual environment
  • Optimizing the strategy to seek the best parameters to use
  • Run the strategy with real money
  • Working in a virtual environment
  • Using a Virtual Machine
  • Coding any strategy in free trade
  • Seeing a repository with other strategies
  • Optimizing the strategies to find the best parameters to get the best reward/risk ratio
  • Performing a walk-forward analysis
  • Check how a strategy performs with an out-of-sample data
  • Run the strategy with paper money
  • Connecting code to Telegram to communicate with it on the phone



For this best Algorithmic trading course, you need:

  • Basic Cryptocurrency Trading Knowledge
  • Basic Programming Knowledge (Any language)


Reviews by Daryl P.

I love the course. I learned a lot, I’m able to start with the program immediately. Thanks guys!



5. Algorithmic Trading A-Z with Python, Machine Learning & AWS – [Udemy]

Algorithmic Trading A-Z with Python, Machine Learning & AWS

Rating 4.6
Who should take this Algo trading online course? This best Algo trading course will benefit:


  1. Investors and (day) traders hoping to automate and personalize their business
  2. Investors and (day) traders tired of depending on hope, chance, and simple strategies
  3. Data scientists
  4. Machine learning professionals
  5. Finance & Investment Professionals
  6. Those hoping to step into the Data-driven and AI-driven Finance
Enrolled 16,037 students
Duration 36.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Alexander Hagmann
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Pros 1.       The attention to detail across the course is praiseworthy.

2.       It has one of the most elaborate content.

Cons Python code for some lectures is missing.


Studies suggest that over 75 percent of retail traders lose money in day-trading. Now is the time to change that with these Algo trading classes.


It is the first-ever 100% data-driven one of the best Algorithmic trading course. In this rigorous but practical Algorithmic trading certification, nothing is left to vagueness, hope, chance, or intuition. You learn what to do and when.


Learning Outcomes

In this best Algo trading course, you will learn the following:

  • Familiarity with terms like Bid-Ask Spread, Pips, Leverage, Margin Requirement, Half-Spread Costs, etc
  • Day Trading with Brokers OANDA & FXCM.
  • Stream high-frequency real-time Data.
  • Employing powerful and unique trading strategies
  • Developing more complex and unique Trading Strategies with Python
  • Simple and complex Technical Indicators
  • Creating strategies that are a mix of machine and deep learning creating automated trading bots with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Python
  • Necessary coding skills (Python, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, sci-kit-learn, Keras, Tensorflow) from scratch with hands-on training
  • Performing only data-driven trading


In addition, with this Algorithmic trading course, you also discover the following:

  • Knowledge of Spread, Pips, Margin, Leverage, Bid and Ask Price, Order Types, Charts & more.
  • Employing powerful Broker APIs and connecting with Python
  • Rigorous Testing of Strategies
  • Live testing with play money.
  • Checking if your trading strategy is profitable
  • Automating and scheduling the trades on a virtual server in the AWS Cloud
  • Understanding, analyzing, controlling, and limiting Trading Costs
  • Applying Vectorized Backtesting techniques
  • Iterative Backtesting techniques
  • Difference between Backtesting and Forward Testing, which to use when
  • Applying backtesting techniques and frameworks to long-term investment strategies
  • Including trading costs into your strategy and strategy backtesting / forward testing



For this Algorithmic trading online course, you need:

  • No prior Python knowledge
  • An internet connection for streaming HD videos.
  • No fundamental trading or finance knowledge
  • A desktop computer – Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • High school level math skills


Reviews by Mathieu M.

Very good. Teacher is always well prepared and never causes confusion. Obviously he took his time in order to present the course as clear as possible.



6. Trading Algorithms – Offered by The Indian School of Business – [Coursera]

Trading Algorithms – Offered by The Indian School of Business

Rating 4.6
Who should take this course? It is an intermediate-level Algo trading course. So, it helps to have prior fundamental clarity before starting.
Enrolled 44,161 students
Duration Approx. 12 hours to complete
Instructor Prasanna Tantri
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Refund policy 14-days from date of payment
Pros 1. It is a lively class.

2. All strategies are explained in detail.

Cons 1. The structure in the Algo trading classes is poor.

2. Examples should be more realistic.


In this Algorithmic trading course, the instructor covers two of the seven trading strategies popular in evolving markets. These strategies are based on behavioral biases, momentum crashes, the persistence of earnings, earning quality, price reversal, underlying business growth, and textual analysis of companies business reports.


It is Course 2 in the five-part Algorithmic trading certification – Trading Strategies in Emerging Markets Specialization.


Learning Outcomes

In this Algo trading course, you learn:

  • Parts to pay attention to and those to skim in the academic paper
  • Background of the research
  • Implementing strategies
  • Understanding the Piotroski F -score
  • Calculating the F – Score
  • Using Piotroski F – Score in strategy
  • Learning about the Post earnings announcement drift (PEAD).


Reviews by AR.

The Course was very helping in understanding the different strategies being used in the market and many of the most commonly used terms.



7. Artificial Intelligence for Trading – [Udacity]

Artificial Intelligence for Trading

In Udacity’s best Algorithmic trading course, the instructor takes you through real-world projects designed by top industry experts.


Across this class, the instructor takes you from asset management to trading signal generation. So, enroll in this Algo trading course and Master AI algorithms for trading.


It will help you build a solid portfolio. At 10 hours per week, you can complete the Algorithmic trading online course in six months.


Learning Outcomes

It is one of the best courses for Algorithmic trading and teaches you:

  • Basic Quantitative Trading
  • Advanced Quantitative Trading
  • Breakout Strategy
  • Combining Multiple Signals
  • Stocks, Indices, and ETFs
  • Factor Investing and Alpha Research
  • Sentiment Analysis with Natural Language Processing
  • Advanced Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
  • Simulating Trades with Historical Data



For these Algo trading classes, you need prior knowledge of Python & Mathematics.


8. Oxford Algorithmic Trading Programme – Offered by Said Business School – [University of Oxford]

Oxford Algorithmic Trading Programme – Offered by Said Business School

It is a comprehensive Algorithmic trading certification wherein you receive guidance from leading industry experts and Oxford Saïd faculty. In addition, in this Algo trading online course, you can communicate with the official Oxford Executive Education Alumni group on LinkedIn.


Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Integrating AI, cryptocurrency, and Robo-advisors into your systematic trading strategy
  • Comprehensive understanding of the rules that drive successful algorithmic trading strategies and hedge funds


Who should take this course?

This Algorithmic trading course benefits:

  • Professionals working in the broader financial services industry – investors, system traders, and quantitative analysts
  • Technologists designing automated trading architecture, infrastructure, and solutions



9. Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading – EPAT® – [Quant Insti]

Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading

EPAT is one of the best courses for Algorithmic trading. As part of this Algo trading course, you will acquire access to the most comprehensive quant trading curriculum. Across the  Algorithmic trading online course, you will study with the world-class faculty pool and avail of best-in-class support.


These Algo trading classes are accredited by The Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF, Singapore).


Learning Outcomes

In this best Algorithmic trading course, you will learn:

  • About EPAT Primer
  • Statistics for financial markets
  • Python Basics
  • Market Microstructure
  • Equity, FX, & Futures Strategies
  • Machine Learning for Trading
  • Data Analysis & Modeling in Python
  • Trading Tech, Infra & Operations
  • Advanced Statistics for Quant Strategies
  • Trading & Back-testing Platforms
  • Portfolio Optimization & Risk Management
  • Options Trading & Strategies



10. Algorithmic Trading For Beginners – [Investopedia Academy]

Algorithmic Trading For Beginners
It is the last Algorithmic trading online course on this list.


Learning Outcomes

In this Algo trading online course, you will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the theory and mechanics behind the most common algorithmic trading strategies
  • Know basic skills for creating your own algorithm
  • Understand what algorithms are
  • Usefulness of algorithms
  • Considerations for trading
  • Finding the main data points needed for algorithms
  • Finding specific investment parameters that help create algorithms
  • Use fundamental and technical formulas to automate repetitive tasks


Who should take this course?

It is the best Algorithmic trading course for traders from all experience levels.




So, these are the top 10 best courses on our list. Though these are all excellent sessions, we particularly recommend


for their sheer comprehensiveness and easy to understand lessons. Both have everything you should know in Algo trading.


Algo Trading Courses and Classes To Rule The Market Reviewed by 10 Algorithmic Trading Experts 4.6