Take Advantage Of The Best Forex Trading Courses There Are!

Best Forex Trading Courses

If you are a finance professional, it is highly likely that you feel stuck and burnt out working for over 50 hours every week. Maybe it is time to sit back, think, and explore other related avenues to get ahead. See, there are no dearth of options to earn but there is one particularly challenging field to consider – Forex market!


It is possible to make loads of money with trading but make sure that you have an eye for it. Rest, all the intricate training will be taken care of by the best forex trading courses.


Every day, over four trillion dollars are exchanged in the forex market. It makes the market one of the most liquid and the largest financial market globally. So, if you, too, wish to get into trading, all you have to know is that there is room for everyone, and it will provide you with a significant opportunity to make it big.


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How Did We Select These Courses?

We searched the web for the best forex training courses and found several options. But we picked the top 30 listings from and reviewed them on the basis of content coverage, certification, ratings, and access. Then narrowed down the list to 10 courses for forex.


10 Best Forex Courses Online

1. Forex Trading A-Z™ – With Live Examples of Forex Trading – [Udemy]

Forex Trading A-Z™ - With Live Examples of Forex Trading

Rating 4.5
Who should take this class? It is the best forex trading course for:


  1. Complete beginners
  2. Anyone who wants to get into Forex Trading
  3. People who wish to brush up on their Forex knowledge and fill in the missing gaps
  4. Anyone who wants to learn Technical analysis
  5. Anyone who is looking for PROOF that Forex Trading can earn you money
  6. Those who hope to learn Fundamental analysis
  7. Someone who wants to understand how to read Forex charts and learn how financial markets work
Enrolled 80,160 students
Duration 5.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Kirill Eremenko and ForexBoat Team are the instructors for this one of the best forex courses online.
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons It is the course for educational purposes, but it is so elementary that you cannot use it much for real-life trading.


In this best forex training course, the instructor shares with you whatever experience he has acquired on the market and trading in his over seven years in the industry.


As part of this session, the instructor gives you  a wallpaper with Forex market hours for your specific timezone. It helps you monitor the activity of Global Forex Market participants throughout the day.


Learning Outcomes

In this online forex trading course, you will learn the following:

  1. Having a detailed understanding of how the Forex Market operates
  2. Understanding the difference between quoted and base currencies
  3. Installing and using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform
  4. Selecting the Forex broker for the account
  5. Learning what is short selling and the mechanics behind it
  6. Substantial arsenal of technical analysis techniques


Other things you will find in this Udemy’s one of the top forex courses online are:

  1. Knowing what leverage is and how it affects your trading
  2. Familiarity with Forex terminology like Ask, Bid, Spread, Equity, etc.
  3. Learning the difference between a Pip and a point
  4. Employing all kinds of orders – Buy / Sell / Buy stop / Sell stop / Buylimit / Sell limit
  5. With this one of the best forex trading courses, introduction to the three types of Forex Analysis: Fundamental, Technical, and Sentiment is very straightforward and easy to understand
  6. Reading the calendar of economic events
  7. Basics of calculating and managing risks when trading Forex


What do you need?

The only prerequisite for this best online forex trading course is an open mind and passion.


Reviews by Wayne K.

Great job breaking down the technical process in very easy to understand steps. I really enjoyed the live trading examples to demonstrate the theories and formulas!



2. The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course – [Udemy]

The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course

Rating 4.6
Who should take this class? It is the best forex training course for:

  1. People who wish to generate side income from trading in the Forex market
  2. Someone who wishes to earn some side income by trading in the forex market
  3. Beginner and Intermediary level individuals seeking information to get you on the right path to becoming a successful and a consistently profitable Trader
  4. Intermediary level Traders who are not yet consistently profitable
  5. Beginners who want to decrease their learning curve
  6. People who wish to Day-Trade or Swing-Trade the FOREX Market
Enrolled 40,408 students
Duration 8.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor bloom team and Mohsen Hassan
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons There is so much fluff in this forex trading class.


Next, we have the best forex trading course by Udemy. It is not merely a theoretical course but teaches you to live to trade. As part of this session, you will study with Mohsen Hassan, the Founder of Boom Trading.


Learning Outcomes

In this class you will learn the following:

  1. These forex classes online begin with how the forex market works
  2. How to choose a Broker
  3. Understanding FOREX Terminology: Bid, Ask, Spread, etc.
  4. Familiarity with Pips, Points, and Lots
  5. History of Money and Understanding the Structure of the FOREX Market
  6. Opening a FOREX Trading Account is taught in this online forex trading course.
  7. Starting the trading in the forex market
  8. Analyzing the currency, you are trading by learning Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis
  9. Knowledge of short selling and leverage
  10. Learning how to use Metatrader 4 (the most popular FOREX Trading Platform)
  11. Master Technical Analysis: Candlestick Patterns, Chart Patterns, Volume, and Technical Indicators.
  12. Using an Economic Calendar


In addition, in this best forex training course, you also learn:

  1. How to reduce losses and oversee the portfolio risk aka risk management
  1. Sending orders and different order types
  2. How to manage risk in each position
  3. How much to buy, and where to take a loss
  4. Employing the economic calendar to avoid or play fundamental events that can impact currency prices
  5. Filtering the noise
  6. Selecting which broker is best for you
  7. Getting to know what the traders use and how they think


Other things you will learn in these forex classes online are:

  1. Acquiring insights from a professional trader’s standpoint
  2. Money management
  3. Personal tricks, techniques, and views on the Forex market
  4. Familiarity with Metatrader 4, the most popular forex trading platform
  5. Putting stop losses to minimize your risk
  6. Keeping track of your historical performance
  7. Computing your position sizing


What do you need?

It is one of the best forex trading courses. For this class, you require:

  1. Willingness to learn
  2. An open mind


Reviews by Paolo D.

Thank you so much for this excellent course. I learned a lot of important lessons and strategies that I can apply to my trading journey. Highly recommended!



3. Forex Robots: Automate Your Trading – Practice EA Included! – [Udemy]

Forex Robots: Automate Your Trading - Practice EA Included!

Rating 4.7
Who should take this class? This forex trading class is for:


  1. People who wish to better their MetaTrader 4 skills
  2. Anyone who wants to learn to backtest Forex Robots
  3. People who hope to maximize the profitability of their trading system
  4. Someone who has bought a commercial expert Advisor
  5. Someone with their Algorithmic Trading System
  6. Anyone who aspires to prove they can earn money with Forex using Robots
Enrolled 32,974 students
Duration 5.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Kirill Eremenko and ForexBoat Team
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The forex training online does not cover the most pivotal aspect of how to trade manually.


It is one of the top contenders on our list for the best forex trading courses. In this class, whatever you need to know is covered step-by-step for you to follow easily. Does this sound exciting? Enroll now to start learning.


Learning Outcomes

In this forex trading class, you will learn the following:

  1. Using the strategy tester in MetaTrader 4
  2. Import Historical Data into MetaTrader 4
  3. Performing Backtests of Forex Robots
  4. Optimizing Forex Robots
  5. Employing the strategy tester import historical data into Metatrader
  6. Setting limitations for MT4 Optimizations
  7. Performing Demo Tests on multiple MT4 terminals simultaneously


Other things learned in this best forex training online are:

  1. Exporting Optimization Results into Excel
  2. Calculating and applying the recovery factor of FX systems
  3. Making the most of the Genetic Algorithm and 2D surface in MT4
  4. Employing the Strategy Perform Backtests of Forex Robots
  5. Performing Forward Tests of Forex Robots are one major inclusion in these forex courses online
  6. Schedule Ongoing (Rolling) Optimizations for their Systems
  7. Applying a tried & tested Stability Criteria to FX Robots
  8. Performing meaningful Real Tests of Algorithmic Trading Systems


What do you need?

For this forex certification course online, you will require:

  1. Fluency with computers
  2. A Forex Robot, but there is no need for you to buy it as there is a free practice EA for you to learn on a demo account
  3. Step-by-step guide for optimizing Expert Advisors (EAs) or Algorithmic Trading systems
  4. Using Forex Robots effortlessly


Reviews by ICO .

Great course for new trader. Really want to recommend it to anyone who want to learn more about testing EA/Robot for Automated Algorithmic trading.



4. Forex Trading: Your Complete Guide to Get Started Like a Pro – [Udemy]

Forex Trading: Your Complete Guide to Get Started Like a Pro

Rating 4.5
Who should take this class? It is one of the best forex courses online for:


  1. People who seek a step-by-step guide to start trading in the Forex market
  2. Someone hoping to accentuate their Forex knowledge and skill-set
  3. Those interested in creating an income with online Forex trading
Enrolled 6,752 students
Duration 4.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Federico Sellitti is the instructor for this forex trading class.
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons These forex classes online may be a little too complicated for new learners.


In this online forex trading course, you will learn with a pro trader, Federico Sellitti. It is one brief comprehensive class wherein you learn everything you possibly need to know to start trading in the Forex market.


The instructor regularly updates the session to give you access to the latest information. In the past three years, he has added nine lectures and another 27. New classes come free.


Learning Outcomes

In this forex certification course online, you will learn the following:

  1. Comprehensive understanding of how Forex Market works
  2. What leverage is and how to apply it
  3. Familiarity with main concepts such as PIP, lot, margin, spread, and much more
  4. Understanding the main Forex Sessions and recognizing the best time to trade
  5. Employing different kinds of orders, matching the market scenario
  6. Opening an account with a reliable broker
  7. Using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform
  8. Distinguishing top Forex brokers from unreliable ones


It is also one of the best forex trading courses to understand the following:

  1. Knowledge of the primary Macroeconomic indicators
  2. Reading the forex chart
  3. Analyzing price movements in the most logical manner
  4. Reading the market with technical and fundamental analysis
  5. Using the popular and effective tools of technical analysis
  6. In these forex courses online, you learn about comprehending the Economic Calendar
  7. Making the most of currency fluctuations to make profits
  8. Trading in the Forex Market
  9. Avoid mistakes that most traders make or have made in their career
  10. Managing the risk to protect your money


What do you need?

For this forex trading class, you need:

  1. No prior knowledge is needed
  2. Desire to learn and achieve your goals
  3. Laptop or computer


Reviews by Igert.

It has given me valuable insight into several vital aspects of trading that I did not quite understand before.



5. Forex – Trading Around the World – Offered by Interactive Brokers – [Coursera]

Forex - Trading Around the World – Offered by Interactive Brokers

Rating 4.2
Who should take this class? Anyone who aspires to get an insight into the Forex trading market will cherish this best online forex trading course.
Enrolled 7,708 students
Duration Approx. 13 hours to complete it.
Instructor Jeff Praissman, Lucas Deaver, Steven Levine, Andrew Wilkinson, and Mary MacNamara
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons We would be lying if we said it was not one of the best forex certification courses online. But, we expected more for a session to be associated with a brand like Interactive Brokers.


Next, we have one of the finest courses by Coursera. It is Course 2 of 4 in the Practical Guide to Trading Specialization.


Learning Outcomes

It is the best forex training online to learn the following:

  1. Familiarity with the foreign currency market
  2. Who participates in the foreign currency market and the reasons for doing so
  3. Acquiring an understanding of the complex nature of certain trading products
  4. Explore the FX market such as its participants and motives, products, risks, margin accounts, related trading platform methods, and tools


Other things in this forex trading class include:

  1. Some of the risks investors typically face
  2. Using the margin in your account
  3. Skills to make stock transactions in the foreign currency market on an online trading platform
  4. Learn to invest in the stock of a non-domestic company listed on a foreign exchange
  5. Knowledge of significant currency products
  6. Learning about the major and minor currency pairs, trading products, risks, market participants and their motives, as well as margin accounts


What do you need?

It is one of the best forex trading courses for beginners. There are no prerequisites for this class. However, prior investment experience can help. However, it is not mandatory.


Reviews by MP.

Very interesting course on Forex. Great learning experience.



6. Free online forex trading courses – [Alison]

Free online forex trading courses

Alison is a hub for some of the best free courses for forex. Their classes are free and help you understand the foreign exchange market, a global decentralized, or an over-the-counter market to trade currencies.


So, by enrolling in Alison’s best forex courses online, you will learn how trading works and acquire knowledge of the different pairs and currencies.


Below we will enlist three of their best classes:

  1. An Introduction to Forex Trading
  2. Understanding Forex Swing Trading
  3. Master the MetaTrader Platform


One of the best things about Alison’s forex trading classes is that they are free and offer you a certification. It is rare. Hence, there’s nothing to lose but gain.



7. Forex 101 – The Forex and CFD Trading Course – [Admiral Markets]

Forex 101 – The Forex and CFD Trading Course

It is a free online forex trading course. In this 3-step program, you will learn everything you need to know to commence trading CFDs and Forex. In this session, you will find nine lessons. It is a complete class, available in 18 different languages.


Every class in this free course has detailed notes and a quiz. You will study with experienced professional traders. So, why are you still thinking? Get free access to the first three lessons, set up your demo account, and you can then unlock the rest of the session to put your knowledge into practice.


It is one of the self-paced 100% forex courses online. So, you can enjoy learning on the go.


Learning Outcomes

In this class, you will learn:

  1. Fundamentals of Forex trading
  2. Impact of the Forex market on the world stage
  3. Creating your very own Demo trading account
  4. These forex classes online include making a trading plan
  5. Power of utilizing a trading strategy
  6. How to perfect your trading setups
  7. How to use vital indicators
  8. Tips that may help you minimize risk



8. Best Forex trading class – [Forex]

Best Forex trading class

Can there be a better way to learn about Forex trading than by learning directly from pros behind the market? So, we present to you one of the best forex training online for Forex learning by Forex. As part of this class, you will understand your trading personality in only a few minutes with six simple questions.


Further, you will also learn how you compare to the other traders before you can get on your forex trading journey.


You can find the courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. So, you can browse through their offerings to make your selection.


You can find forex courses online on several vital topics. Some topics covered in these are:

  1. Understanding Forex Quotes
  2. Understanding Technical Analysis
  3. Developing Your Trading Plan



9. Best Forex training course – [Baby Pips]

Best Forex training course

Are you new to Forex trading? We have found these classes by The School of Pipsology. It is a free course that equips beginners with everything they should know about Forex trading.


Please enroll in this best forex trading course if you have always wanted to trade but did not know how to start. It has an easy option to keep a tab on your progress and track how far you have completed your lessons.


With Baby Pips, you can find courses for students of all levels and experiences. They come free. So, if you have no background, you can take them in sequence to go from the zero to hero level.



10. Forex training online – One Core Program – [Asia Forex Mentor]

Forex training online - One Core Program

We have arrived at the last course on our list. In this AFM proprietary session, you will find a free but comprehensive session to understand everything you must know about Forex trading. You can browse the website to see the vast array of topics in their forex classes online.



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So, these are the top 10 best forex trading courses. As part of this list, we have tried to cover all details regarding the listed classes, but if you wish to know more about any of them, please click on the annexed link, and you can read further.


They are all great courses, one better than the other, but one that we particularly like is The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course – [Udemy].


Best Forex Trading Courses Reviewed by 7 Forex Trader 4.5