How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free
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YouTube video hosting is gaining momentum. Here a different audience, content strategies, and basic principles of work are formed. Now there are a huge number of high-quality and popular channels, so newcomers have to buy YouTube subscribers for a long time and work to increase their fame.


Today we will tell you how to develop and promote a YouTube channel for your business.

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How YouTube and its audience is developing

Since social networks began to occupy more and more places in the life of every person, those involved in this area of ​​the profession have flooded the market. However, we believe that each of us is now a bit of an SMM specialist. We have our profiles on social networks, we are working on their design, content, and visuals.


But for professional brands and companies, this, of course, is not enough. Experts begin to value experience, the ability to apply integrated approaches to work, etc.


This also applies to the development of such a communication channel like YouTube. This platform is one of the most popular in the world. More than 2 billion users visit the channel every day, which is more than 25% of all world traffic. Therefore, if you are new to this business, then you will often need to buy real YouTube subscribers and order ads in order to succeed and start earning at least a little.

  • The statistics are convincing: 70% of viewers buy a product of a particular brand after watching YouTube content. From these analytics, we can draw a simple conclusion: if your company is only thinking about whether it should go with its product or services on the platform, then the indicators will help to make this decision faster.
    If you are selling something, then you need a channel. The target audience of a product or service, approximately 70% of potential buyers, will search for information about these products or services on YouTube, so either you will talk about these products as a seller, or someone else will talk about your product.


    If we are talking about the experience of companies, then many have a very wide range of products. Most of the products sold in their stores have already been told before the channel — by manufacturers, possibly other distribution and sales companies, and consumers.

  • In the US, 77% of people aged 15 to 25 and 70% of people aged 45 to 64 are YouTube users.
    Based on existing statistics, you can get new insights. For example, many marketers divide the audience of their brand into solvent and insolvent.


  • Often people under the age of 17 (someone believes that up to 21, and even up to 25) are classified as an insolvent audience. But we believe that this is a very promising audience.


If a brand starts interacting with it in the early stages, then it can form a loyal audience that is used to the company and the brand. When the audience reaches a certain age and becomes solvent, the brand gets loyal people who are ready to buy a product or service.


On the other hand, even the audience that we call insolvent differs from the one with which adults are accustomed to identifying themselves. For example, the current audience of 25-30 years old were teenagers in the 2000s. Then many children put on things and used the items that their parents bought and chose for them. However, there was little to choose from.


If we talk about today’s youth, then even when they are not physically paying for the purchase, teenagers have a huge choice and can influence the result of the purchase. Moreover, some children have an additional bank card, where parents transfer funds for small expenses. In this case, the teenager can independently buy the necessary things.


How to promote a channel for free

Promotion is a complex system of algorithms that can, with a certain execution, produce the correct result. How to achieve the desired result is unclear even to the creators of the platform. Therefore, it is impossible to name an unambiguous method of action, but the service has existed for a long time, and therefore, based on successful blogging decisions, we decided to bring out some of our tips for novice YouTubers. About how to properly engage in promotion, what tools are needed, and how to use them, we will describe below.


1. SEO optimization

YouTube SEO Optimization
The most important stage is called the preparatory. To create the right advertising integration or use the appropriate moves, it is imperative to play high-quality video material. It should appeal not only to viewers but also to search algorithms. In particular, pay special attention to the metadata, content title, and description that the robots use to guide the user to you.


Highly specialized services that find profitable keys with a large number of queries in the search string can also help. Their types are usually divided by frequency into three varieties: high, medium, and low-frequency. Each of the types is important and can increase the performance relative to views several times.


2. Work with influencers

YouTube Influencers
You should start working with influencers from the moment the channel is launched and then develop this direction further. We understand that not all the audience that we can attract on social networks interacts with us.


Therefore, to increase the number of interactions, you need to involve top bloggers in cooperation. They are just influencers among audiences that have not yet interacted with you for certain reasons. By engaging with the content of their favorite bloggers, people will learn about your brand. On the other hand, the blogger’s audience is interested in watching the development and new roles of their favorite creator.


For cooperation, you should choose bloggers and influencers who are relevant here and now. We all understand that the world of media is changing a lot in social networks. People, events, and situations that were relevant two weeks ago may no longer be of interest to anyone today. Therefore, in such work, it is necessary to be constantly on-trend to remain interesting for your viewers.


The future of the YouTube channel: bet on development and audience

Your task is to build a quality audience. One that will come to you not in manipulative ways, but for content that will be useful to it.


In addition, you need to develop in different directions within this platform. Note that this rule applies not only to working with YouTube. If the platform offers users an update, you need to use it right away, because all the cream is skimmed off going to a new level at the very beginning.


If a platform launches some new feature, its developers want that feature to be actively used, which means it will be organically promoted. The content created with the involvement of new functions and capabilities will be shown to a larger number of consumers. Therefore, as soon as you see something new from the developer, immediately test the proposals and formats. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.


And of course, do not forget about the reactions and comments of your viewers. By reading feedback from customers, you can create a very cool content plan that will be useful and interesting for your potential customers. Brands often get hung up on the need to show and promote something on social media. It is worth considering the wishes of the audience and their willingness to perceive your content.


Interaction with the audience

Video promotion on this is not only boring algorithms. It is important to take into account the wishes of the viewers, try to interact, and ask about the quality of the equipment, well-chosen background accompaniment, the development of new video formats, and such things. They show that you need subscribers, not earnings from them.


In addition to the above, the promotion preferably includes activity requests. Even the most stupid of possible requests from the category to put a like can be effective already for abstruse algorithmization. Search robots see that video materials are actively boosted, and have a high level of activity, which means that they really should be promoted in the search line, which artificial intelligence is starting to do.


3. Definition of the target audience among users

target audience among users

If we talk about whose needs your store can cover with its products and services, then you should try to bring the work to the stage when you can say with confidence that all the inhabitants of your country. However, do not think that you are guaranteed to come to this goal.


Going out on YouTube, you should clearly understand that you cannot cover the entire target audience. These are completely different people, with different needs, and different interests, which means they require completely different content delivery. Creating everything for everyone and about everything is a road to nowhere.


4. Check if you have internal and external resources for content creation

external resources for content creation
By resources, we mean people, time, creativity, and finances. Today, social networks gravitate towards creating live content. An example of this is TikTok, where almost all non-professional videos garner thousands of likes and have great reach rates.


If, for example, we are talking about a video on TikTok or Instagram, then the audience will easily forgive you if you have interruptions in communication live. We understand that unpredictable technical problems can occur during live streaming.


But in the case of the video that you will upload to YouTube, the viewer will not forgive such incidents. The user wants to see a quality picture, sound, a good idea and wants to consume good content. This video should be filled with meaning and carry value.


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