Gleim CPA Review Vs Becker – Who Provides Better Learning?

Though a bit pricier, Becker gives you a better learning experience overall. It has a close to perfect score in success rate and customer satisfaction.

CPA Review


Becker has an impressive CPA exam review technology, Adapt2U, that leverages big data analytics to allow students to pick their most convenient study schedule. It also offers multiple predictive suggestions.


However, Gleim employs SmartADAPT technology that works like your personal trainer and delivers only vital content with performance metrics.


With one technology better than the other, between Gleim vs Becker, which ranks ahead?


With its simulated exams, live classes, Accounting for Empire game, and comprehensive syllabus, Becker Review is the most trusted choice for the top 100 CPA firms for their employees.

Similarly, Gleim’s GPA has a ninety-one percent pass rate, commendable student support, downloadable lectures for offline listening, and the vastest practice simulations.


Both Becker and Gleim have their share of pros and cons. Hence, a mindful decision is vital. You need to evaluate your learning style, budget, and the company’s respective features.

Gleim CPA Review Vs Becker – Is Gleim Better Than Becker?


Attribute Gleim Becker
Price $1999 $3799
Types of packages 2 3
Refund Yes Yes
Free trial 7-day 14-day
Learning tech used SmartADAPT Adapt2U
Books Hardcopy and Digital Hardcopy and Digital
Tests Not specified 12 full-length practice tests
Practice questions 10,000+MCQ / 1,300+ Simulations 8,000+MCQ / 500+ Simulations
Flashcards Available Available
Interactive lessons Less More
Video classes >450 hours >700 hours
Live No Live or In-person – 90+ hours
Success rate 91 percent 94 percent
Lifetime access Traditional and Test package – limited access period

Premium package – Unlimited access

24-month access period – Advantage Plan.

Premium and Pro users can employ it till they excel in the CPA exam.


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Becker vs Gleim CPA Review – Which One Is Better?

When it comes to CPA review company history, fortunately, or unfortunately, no two providers are as similar as these two. Both originated from legendary founders some five decades ago and have eventually grown to be the two most superior CPA prep giants, helping millions of students ace their CPA exam.


But even though the two have similar histories and beginnings, their structures and course curriculums are not the same. Hence, students are interested in learning how the two compare and which is better suited for them.
So, to help you make an informed decision, we present below the comparison between Gleim and Becker.


A. Gleim and Becker course structure & delivery

Gleim has shorter lessons than Becker, but their video sessions are not as interactive. But of course, they have a final review course like Becker.


Becker has the most extensive study material across the industry. You get over 7000 MCQ questions, more than 400 TBSs, digital and printed books, twelve simulated exams that mimic the actual CPA exam, unlimited practice tests, and more than 200 video sessions.


Their lectures usually range between 50 and 55 minutes and complement the onscreen textbooks wherein the instructor highlights the main points you must remember.


Beyond this, there are several added resources like over 400 SkillMaster videos comprising TBS illustrations, more than 1250 digital flashcards, access to their mobile app, live classes, the Accounting for Empires game for interactive learning, and real-time academic support.


As a premium user, you also get over 1100 MCQ bonus questions, a final review capstone course, a maximum of five tutoring sessions, and a year of CPE subscription.


Becker completely overshadows Gleim in inclusivity, but that does not mean they do not give it tough competition, especially in the simulations department. You get 1300 simulations, almost three times that of Becker.


Moreover, Gleim offers detailed answer explanations, audio lectures, printed and digital books, unlimited practice exams, mock exams, and over 10000 MCQs.


Moreover, it regularly updates the content as per the blueprint changes put forth by AICPA. However, Gleim’s digital flashcards and Instruct video series are exclusive for Premium package users.


B. Gleim vs Becker  Pricing

Gleim is more affordable than Becker in terms of pricing.


With Gleim, you have only two options, but Becker offers three. These include:


  1. Pro
  2. Premium
  3. Advantage


Their Advantage course is the most basic offering and does not provide access to live sessions. They also have a lesser number of practice questions available. It is the essential option for anyone seeking baseline practice work and on-demand video lessons.


Typically, you can get this course format for $2500, $800 costlier than Gleim’s entry-level packages. You do not get access to video lectures in this session, but Gleim’s base offering does not have video classes.


A level above this is the Premium package. It is their most popular option, priced at $3100. It bags you receive live classes, pre-recorded sessions, practice questions, textbooks, and more. However, this class costs at least fifty percent more than a comparable package from Gleim.


Lastly, Becker has a white glove package, but Gleim does not. Their Pro course costs almost the same content as the Premium one but lets the students take the live classes in person if they like and includes some one-on-one tutoring session hours with the Pro package.


It costs around $3800, and students seeking more hand-holding and guidance should pick them. The Pro course comes with a Pass Guarantee. So, if you fail, they will refund you $250 per section.


As for Gleim, it keeps things straightforward for its students. They only have two prep packages. So, the decision comes down to the instruction medium you prefer and the content access you desire.


Traditional Review System, their basic offering, presents text-based delivery through their proprietary books. In addition, you also get access to their practice problems. It has no video lessons, and you get access to the resources for 18 months. It costs $1600, which is relatively cheaper than Becker’s starter course.


But, their flagship and more popular Premium Review system costs $2000 and contains everything that Gleim offers. It provides unlimited access and over 450 video lessons. It is around 2/3 of the cost and will save you around $1000.


C. Becker vs Gleim’s course access window

Gleim has a shorter access window than Becker.


With the Advantage Package from Becker, you get a two-year access window. Similarly, their Pro and Premium package users can employ the study material till they clear the CPA exam. Hence, their packages are worth every penny.


On the contrary, Gleim’s traditional package and test bank have a limited access window. But the premium package users offer unlimited access to the entire study material. Though cheaper than Becker, Gleim has a shorter window.


D. Who has a better customer support system?

Gleim is relatively more responsive.


Customer support is crucial for several reasons, particularly for outsourcing research on different topics you do not understand. In a CPA review session, you want to pick an option wherein you can quickly get helpful answers to your queries. So, how does Gleim and Becker rank on customer support?


Becker has a help desk where you can send your queries. Their responses are helpful. However, the problem is CPA students usually study on weekends, and Becker has zero assistance during this period except on a Saturday morning.


So, if you send queries on Friday evening, you will probably receive a response on Monday unless you are lucky and someone reverts in the brief Saturday window. Regardless of how massive the company is, this is unacceptable because students may have emergencies at any time.


However, if you prefer the Pro or the Premium package from Becker, you will get an exam success coach.


Similarly, if you pick the Pro model, you get five hours of 1-to-1 tutoring with a professional. Gleim does not offer any of it. But regardless, we found Gleim very responsive to customer queries. They provide the Premium CPA review students with a personal counselor that offers direct access to the accounting experts for specific questions on the accounting topics.


E. Gleim or Becker who has better instructors?

Becker has a vast team comprising qualified and helpful professionals. However, we still think Dr. Gleim and his team have an edge as they have more impressive credentials. So, from Becker vs Gleim, the latter is the winner.


Becker has a team of qualified accountants and teachers. They have licensed professionals with at least a decade’s worth of educational experience. So, you always have the assurance that you will learn with someone who knows what they are doing. There is never a chance of dealing with an underqualified, underprepared instructor.


Gleim experts have experience teaching accounting students for over four decades. They have a well-trained staff and a competent support team that caters to students’ needs.


F. Special Adapt2U technology vs SmartADAPT technology

Both have different learning technology, but they are equally good.


Powered by Sana Labs’s AI technology, Becker has the Adapt2U technology. This interactive tool lets you evaluate how well-prepared you probably are for the examination and give you one-on-one feedback for the same.


Their initial assessment helps assess your knowledge level for them to tailor the further sections only to your weaker areas. Hence, you get exam-ready in no time.


On the contrary, Gleim’s SmartADAPT technology accommodates your review needs and quickly spots your weaker areas. Consequently, it devises an individualized study plan and tells you when you are prepared to reach the passing score line. It also alters the schedule as you progress forward.


G. Do both Becker and Gleim have a mobile app

Becker is the clear winner, as Gleim does not have an app.


Today students like to study on their smart devices like phones and tablets. Both these platforms offer mobile support. However, Becker is a step ahead. They designed a mobile app for the service, which helps you learn on the go.


So you can access all the content anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the app saves your progress and syncs it regardless of what device you use.


Moreover, the app also gives access to Accounting for Empires, their educational strategy game. Sadly, Gleim does not have a mobile app. But you can view their resources via a browser on your mobile. It can be limiting and disappointing at times.


H. Live lessons

It is an easy win for Becker, but it is one feature that Gleim does not offer.


As a student, if you seek accountability and commitment in your studies, live sessions can be a vital requirement. Of course, you bag several benefits with live classes, and new additions pour in all the time.


Every session contains a separate exam section and generally meets once or twice weekly for several weeks. You can access the live classes in person, via webcast, or online. But the feature is available solely for Pro students.


Regardless, their live sessions are an incredible add-on. You can use them as an opportunity to get a resolution for your queries. The material covered in recorded lectures and live sessions is the same, but these sessions have a freer-flowing structure tailored to meet the student’s needs. Hence, they are a clear highlight for Becker.


I. Guarantees and Demo between Gleim CPA review vs Becker

It is a close call as the guarantees are almost identical, but Gleim somehow lags in the demo.


Becker offers a 14-day free trial where you can test the waters and see if it is worth the money. You can browse around 1400 MCQs, 30 hours of video content, digital flashcards, working off their Adapt2U tech, and unlimited practice exams in their two-week window.


Beyond it all, the Becker promise is a crucial inclusion. It implies that you will have access to their content till you earn a passing grade.


On the contrary, Gleim does not have enough demo content as is available with Becker. But it does not lack time. You can try their demo for 18 months. When you finally enroll in their courses, you will receive access till you pass the guarantee.


J. User-Interface

Both are equally good.


When it comes to user interface and experience, there is a tie between the two. Both these platforms offer a first-grade digital experience. Their navigation is contemporary and clean. So you can move around hassle-free.


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Is Gleim A Good CPA Review?

Is Gleim A Good CPA Review

Of course, Gleim is a good company for CPA review. Here are some reasons you must choose them over Becker:


  1. They are more affordable than Becker. Their Premium Review System costs approximately 2/3 of what Becker charges. So, at $2000, you get a sweet deal.
  2. Gleim has outline-style, concise textbooks that are well-structured and written for improved overall retention and comprehension. The brevity and the paunchy writing can help you learn better. Though a close call, Gleim gets a big nod.
  3. Gleim’s support representatives are more responsive.
  4. The instructors associated with Gleim are more qualified.


Pros Cons
  1. Digital flashcards are extremely valuable.
  2. The pre-books are well-drafted.
  3. It gives you good value for money.
  4. Their task-based simulations are unbeatable.
  5. Their comprehensive coursework with concise outline-style texts and short video lessons is likable.


  1. Their curriculum is not as solid as Becker’s.
  2. The audio lectures are not engaging.



Is Gleim Enough To Pass CPA?

Yes, Gleim has helped several CPA aspirants to clear the exam. So, if you dedicatedly take their lessons, ask your doubts, solve the practice questions, and put in the hard work, it can help you ace the exam.



Is Becker CPA the best?

Is Becker CPA the best

Becker is undoubtedly the best for CPA review. Here are some respects where Becker stands out:


  1. Even though Gleim does not compromise on lesson quality and has a comprehensive curriculum, it still does not match Becker. Becker’s course features and design are unparalleled. Becker shines through between their solid practice material, first-rate video lessons, and overall course organization.
  2. With Becker, you get a fantastic attribute absent in several other courses, including Gleim. You will get simulated 12 full-length practice papers with questions never seen before. These mimic the actual exam, and their questions help you prepare better for the exams.
  3. You get several supplementary resources with Gleim, but Becker’s add-on resources are still solid. It does not come as a surprise because of their hefty price tag. However, they make it worth it with the add-ons like final review sessions, 1400+ digital flashcards, support from exam success coaches and CPAs, and access to their student forum.
  4. Becker has a longer access window.


Pros Cons
  1. Their pre-books are excellent.
  2. Their live classes help you clarify your doubts and stay accountable.
  3. The video lessons with interactive features amplify engagement.
  4. The CPA prep curriculum is comprehensive.
  5. Becker has streamlined study tools and learning models.


  1. It is expensive.
  2. The vast study material may overwhelm many.




Final Verdict – Gleim vs Becker, Who Wins?

Gleim and Becker have been around for years and have helped over one million CPA applicants excel in their CPA exams. But you sure wish to go with one. So, which is better?


Becker has been a choice for the 90% of Elijah Watt Sells Award winners, more than 2900 organizations, and the Big 4 firms. They have a 91% pass rate and a 99% satisfaction rate and are favored by three-hundred varsities.


So, students sans any budget constraints should go ahead with Becker for their various add-ons and all-inclusive curriculum.


On the contrary, if you seek quality study material and personalized coaching on a budget, Gleim can be a good pick. Are you still confused? You can take their free demo and know which works best for you.


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