Becker CPA Vs Roger CPA Review Course – Which Is Better?

Roger cpa review vs becker
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Becker is a clear with more practice questions, a longer access window with superior quality video lessons and live classes.


UWorld Roger employs the SmartPath predictive technology to set the base for its prep material. Similarly, Becker utilizes the Adapt2U learning tech to formulate an all-inclusive CPA course for the aspirants.


Regardless, Becker is the most comprehensive CPA prep course company today. Their exquisite features, such as the LiveOnline classroom schedule, Accounting for Empire games, and SkillMaster videos, make it stand out in the Roger CPA vs Becker comparison. 


Roger CPA may not be as broad as Becker, but it does have several outstanding features, and its SmartPath predictive tech is also a class apart. Moreover, the various attributes like flashcards with spaced repetition, cram courses, and tailored quizzes amplify the quality of their CPA courses.


However, the choice from Roger CPA review vs Becker depends on multiple factors like budgetary preference, available time, and your learning style.


Before UWorld acquired Roger CPA a couple of years ago, there were some significant differences between them. But with the backing and resources from the test prep giant, UWorld, Roger CPA is closely aligned and more or less similar to Becker in terms of a digital platform, learning style, and course structure.


Having said that, there are still a few Becker CPA vs Roger CPA differences. Before making a choice, students need to know how the two vary. Bearing them in mind, we will explore the distinction between these companies in this head-to-head comparison.


Is Roger CPA Better Than Becker?


Attributes Roger CPA Becker
Pricing $3599 $3799
Package options Three Three
Free trial Yes Yes
Live class None 90 + hours (In-person and live)
Video instruction Over 100 hours Over 700 hours
Access Duration 18 month access window 24 month access window
Learning technology SmartPath predictive technology Adapt2U learning technology
Interactive games N/A Accounting for Empires
Success rate Ninety-Four percent Ninety-Four percent
Practice questions >6000 MCQs and >200 simulations >8000 MCQs and >500 simulations
Books Hardcopy and Digital Hardcopy and Digital
Customer service Superior Not as good
Mobile app Yes Yes


Roger CPA vs Becker – Which Is Better To Choose?

When examining the CPA review course, you must consider multiple factors, such as study material quality, individual learning styles, and more. So, here is a detailed comparison to help you decide between Roger and Becker CPA.


A. Pricing and Course Options

Roger is somewhat cheaper but not as low-priced as the other options in the market. Also, Becker does justify its cost.


Becker offers three-course sections:


  1. Pro
  2. Premium
  3. Advantage


Their Advantage course is the most basic offering and does not provide access to live sessions. They also have a lesser number of practice questions available. It is the essential option for anyone seeking baseline practice work and on-demand video lessons. Typically, you can get this course format for $2500.


A tier above this is the Premium package. It is their most popular option, priced at $3100. In this package, you receive live classes, pre-recorded sessions, practice questions, textbooks, and much more, and their price tag is almost the same range as Roger’s best-selling course. Hence, the two are on an equal footing from the price point.


Lastly, unlike Roger, Becker has a Pro package. Their Pro course offers almost the same things as the Premium one but lets the students take the live classes in person if they like and includes some one-on-one tutoring session hours with the Pro package. It costs around $3800, which is steep.


However, it will be worth the bang if you like the tutoring element. The Pro course comes with a Pass Guarantee. So, if you fail, they will refund you $250 per section.


Similar to Becker, even Roger offers three-course options:


  1. Elite Plus
  2. Elite
  3. Premier


Even though it is called the Premier course, it is indeed their most basic offering and costs roughly $3300 and covers the basics of the CPA review course. In this session, you will find practice problems, digital textbooks, and video lessons with eighteen-month access.


If we compare Roger CPA review vs Becker starter plan, the former has a higher MSRP. Even though this price may seem attractive to many, their Elite course is the most popular alternative.


Beyond everything included in the Premier package, this package also comes with printed textbooks, four cram course sessions, access to Roger CPA advisors, and additional flashcards. But they add $300 to the former price, costing $3600. Their flagship course is almost comparable to Becker’s premier offering.


They also have the Elite Unlimited Plus package that covers a Pass Guarantee like Becker, a distinguishing factor between Elite and Elite Plus.


B. Technology used in Roger CPA and Becker

In this Roger vs Becker CPA metric, there is a tie between the two as they both employ reliable and effective technology.


Almost every good CPA course employs purposeful technology that keeps students at the forefront. The ultimate goal is to offer a streamlined learning experience that enables students to retain and absorb the information required to ace the CPA exam.


Becker utilizes the Adapt2U technology powered by Sana Labs. This AI technology is available for every review course for free. This interactive tool lets you estimate how well-prepared you probably are for the examination and give you one-on-one feedback for the same.


Their initial assessment helps assess your knowledge level for them to tailor the further sections only to your weaker areas. Hence, you get exam-ready in no time.


Between Roger CPA vs Becker, Roger’s Smart Predictive Technology is useful and straightforward. The SmartPath helps you focus your efforts and study where it matters. Thus, it offers an efficient learning experience.


As part of this system, you will finish some questions on the topics centered around their frequency in the CPA exam. So, if some topic is less common in the exam, the tech will purposely reduce the questions to save time.


But if the topic is frequent in the exam, you will find more questions. The Smartpath recommendations rely on the student’s progress and performance who cleared the exam with a high score. This guided approach helps you obtain adeptness at the concepts.


Reports suggest that if you meet the SmartPath goals, you have over a ninety-percent chance of excelling in the CPA exam.


C. Roger CPA or Becker, which has more practice tests and questions?

It is a clear choice from Becker CPA vs Roger CPA. The former is more extensive and elaborate than the latter.


Becker has a bunch of practice questions and tests. Each of their courses comes with 9300 MCQs and around 580 task-based simulations. On the contrary, with Roger, you get close to 6000 practice questions.


Naturally, Becker has a more extensive question bank. Many students say that Becker’s questions do a considerably better job of prepping you for the difficult questions you will encounter in the CPA exam.


Several students who used Becker happened to do much better in the CPA exams. Hence, their questions are almost as tricky or complex as the ones in the actual exam.


In addition, Becker provides a couple of additional questions via their Final Review for Pro and Premium members. They also regularly update, keeping in line with the changes in the CPA exam.


D. Study materials offered by Roger CPA and Becker

In Roger’s CPA review vs Becker study material comparison, we cannot rank one over the other. It is a tie because they both have identical top-up material, which proves beneficial in your exam preparation.


It is always nice to have additional study material in review courses. Of course, it is not a mandatory must-have, but it always works in your favor, especially if it is offline or physical content you can use on the go. Hence, several companies go out of their way to provide you with that little extra.


Beyond their three study packages, Becker provides additional resources like flashcards, textbooks, and notes. All of this comes in handy and helps you structure the study schedule better. You can easily carry flashcards or some books and enjoy seamless learning.


But Roger, too, does not lag in the department and is more or less identical. They also provide textbooks, flashcards, and study guides in digital and physical formats.


E. Course content and delivery by Roger CPA review vs Becker

Undoubtedly, Becker has a vaster content, but Roger wins because their lectures are personality-driven. Hence, the learning experience is intuitive and unique, and replication is tricky.


Lectures are one of the best ways to learn vital topics in the CPA exam. Roger and Becker have top-quality lecture content to help students ace the exam on the first go. Becker provides multiple hours of video content in all three tiers.


You learn with professional instructors associated with the Big 4 accounting firms. In addition, the experts also offer more than 400 SkillMaster companion videos. So you never run out of material to learn.


Roger’s lectures are also a mega-selling point for their courses as Roger Philip, their founder, takes these classes. He is informative and engaging, and his teaching style is personality-driven.


Hence, Roger’s content is also a superb choice for learners. But Roger provides only 100 hours of video content. Sadly, this is much lesser than what you get with Becker. However, their teaching style is far superior.


F. Ease of use & user friendliness

Roger vs Becker CPA, which one should you choose? They are both excellent, but Roger’s intuitiveness makes it a winner.


The layouts of both of their websites are more or less the same. In Becker, the presentation is five stars. Its mobile app has the polish you probably expect from a company that has been around that long, as they did a brilliant job fine-tuning the study materials in the digital distillation of the entire course.


Roger has a beautiful sync feature that lets you begin from where you started, regardless of the platform employed. So, if you wish to switch between devices, Roger can be a good save.


Further, they have also beautifully integrated their study material. You can easily bookmark and time code any video you want to view later. They also allow you to read the text while watching the lectures in the parallel window.


In addition, they let you create custom flashcards and save them for later if there is anything particularly noteworthy. Hence, all of this does an excellent job of keeping you engaged and motivated.


G. Test prep course access duration

Becker has a longer access window.


The lowest-priced Advantage course from Becker has a two-year validity. According to the platform’s research, it is a reasonable time frame for students. However, if you require more time, you can pick their Pro and Premium programs with unlimited access beyond offering several additional features.


In addition, the Becker promise lets you retake the course if you fail the exam and need to redo it. On the contrary, Roger has an access window of eighteen months. But if you opt for their Elite-Unlimited plan, you never lose access.


H. Mobile app

Roger’s app works better than Becker’s. So, the former ranks higher in Roger CPA vs Becker mobile app comparison. 


Going by the student feedback, Becker’s app has curtailed abilities. One of the primary concerns students face is that their app does not offer access to the entire study material, particularly their task-based simulations.


In addition, students made complaints regarding their inability to read the digital textbook when taking the lecture and the unreliable synching.


On the contrary, Roger incorporates an experienced and large product team that facilitates mobile app development.


The app is fully featured, implying that every aspect of the desktop version of the course, such as MCQs, task-based simulations, flashcards, SmartPath Predictive Learning Tech, classes, etc., is in sync with the mobile version.


Further, Roger tries to ensure that switching between mobile devices and desktop is seamless and that your data is well-synced. Hence, it is easier to start where you last paused.


I. Video lesson quality between Roger CPA review vs Becker

Roger does a better job.


Roger differs from Becker in both content presentation and subject information. Even though Becker has multiple things working in its favor, especially in their Pro package, their videos are not as good as Roger’s.


Moreover, the price you pay for Becker is also more. Roger’s video lessons have a personality that can make even the most boring sections engaging.


J. Do both of them offer live classes?

Sadly, no! Only Becker provides live classes and is a clear winner here.


Since Roger does not have any live classes, we cannot even compare the two on this metric, but with Becker, you get live sessions with the instructor where you can clear your doubts.


K. Customer support

Roger has a better support mechanism.


Some students have experienced a delay in responses and non-responsiveness from Becker because they do not work weekends. Many students even call their support subpar because they never received a response to their queries in time.


Roger, on the other hand, does take customer queries seriously. Their integrated support buttons offer instant feedback on everything. Moreover, their Study Hub is available 24/7. So you can get an instant response to your queries. You can also contact the coaches via phone for easy and quick assistance.


L. Roger vs Becker CPA pass rate

In this, we have a tie. Both have comparable success rates.


Roger has guided more than two million students to prepare for the CPA exam and has a 94 percent pass rate. Hence, their teaching mechanism is a work of brilliance. Even though they are new in business, their pass rate is comparable with Becker’s.


In 2020, Becker’s exam-ready students cleared 94 percent of all the exam sections in the CPA, equivalent to 33 percent of all sections. Hence, Becker lives up to its reputation.


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Is Becker CPA The Best?

Is Becker CPA The Best

Yes, Becker CPA is an excellent choice and one of the best for preparation. Multiple attributes make them a winner:


  1. Becker constantly updates their books, keeping in view the updates in the exam. It results in well-drafted prep books.
  2. They have a 94 percent pass rate, one of the industry’s best.
  3. Their access window is relatively longer, about two years.
  4. Becker has more practice tests and questions for an easy review.
  5. The study material released by them is extensive and full coverage.
  6. Their Adapt2U technology is indeed beneficial for student learners.
  7. They offer live classes, something you do not get with Roger.


Pros Cons
  1. They have the most comprehensive curriculum among all providers.
  2. Their study tools and streamlined learning modules are a good choice for students.
  3. Their live classes are a game changer.
  4. Becker’s books contain helpful content.
  5. Their superior video lessons amplify engagement.


  1. It is expensive.
  2. The vast study material can leave students overwhelmed.




Is Roger CPA Worth It?

Is Roger CPA Worth It

Of course, Roger’s CPA is worth the money. They have several things that work for them:


  1. Roger can be a good pick if you wish to save some extra bucks, as they are cheaper than Becker.
  2. Their Smart Predictive Technology is one of the best in the industry.
  3. The support representatives of Roger are more quick and responsive.
  4. They have a good pass rate, which amplifies your chances of finding success.
  5. Their videos have a personality, which makes them more engaging and intuitive.
  6. The mobile app is easy to navigate around and syncs easily between devices.
  7. They have some of the best instructors taking the lessons.


Pros Cons
  1. They have engaging video lessons with their high-energy founder.
  2. Roger does an excellent job with problem explanations and model solutions.
  3. Their mobile app is good.
  4. Customer support is top-notch.
  5. The spaced repetition flashcards help with memorization.


  1. The curriculum can be better.
  2. The inclusion of more practice problems can do the trick.




Final Verdict: Roger CPA vs Becker – What must you choose?

Becker is indeed the superior of the two choices. They have an unparalleled dedication to teaching you everything you must know to ace your CPA exam. However, it does not mean that Roger is no good. They are solid and beneficial for many of your educational needs, especially if you are on a budget, but in several ways, Roger outperforms Becker.


Becker’s study material and practice tests have a level of care that competitors cannot match. So, their high price seems justified in most respects. But we still recommend taking the free trial for both before you put your money into either.


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