Software Engineer vs Software Developer Role & Skills Compared

Software engineer vs software developer
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If you are from the information technology field, you must be well aware that one of the most heated topics of the industry is – is software developer and software engineer the same? Many tech guys and enterprises regard it as the same thing. However, many even consider it as two different entities.


However, in all honesty, people have failed to establish the software engineer vs software developer difference in the last couple of decades. Even the employers and the industries, which are an active part of the sector, cannot list down the difference between developer and engineer.


This guide will try to establish the difference between software engineers and software developers with the help of the nature of their jobs.


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  1. Software Engineer Vs. Software Developer – Key Differences
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  3. What Is Software Development?
  4. Is Software Developer And Software Engineer Same – The Difference Table
  5. Real-Life Examples To Distinguish Between The Two
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Conclusion


Software Engineer Vs. Software Developer – Key Differences


  • A software developer will do everything that a software engineer does but on a relatively smaller scale. Hence, a developer has greater flexibility to be more creative and develop innovative solutions to problems as they crop.
  • On the other hand, a software engineer can do everything a software developer does, but the two follow different design philosophies.
  • Typically, the software developer will commence the app development process by figuring out what the software should be about. For this, they will have detailed communication with the clients.
  • On the other hand, the software developer will cater to the bigger picture, focusing on the overall software system structure – getting rid of technical debt and the designing.
  • Software developers spend less time in school, whereas the engineers have to perform a more in-depth analysis, so study more.
  • A software engineer will have a higher salary compared to a developer.


What Is Software Engineering?

As stated, before we address software engineer vs software developer differences, let us first understand who is a software engineer and what is software engineering?


Software engineering includes learning and applying engineering principles for creating useful software. Hence, software engineers are a pivotal part of the software development cycle.


They bridge the client’s requirements with the requisite technology solutions. Therefore, a software engineer will carefully design processes to offer specific functions.


What Does A Software Engineer Do?

We shall now discuss the roles and responsibilities of a software engineer.


Primarily, software engineer uses their learned principles towards the design and development of the software. They further use their software skills in testing, maintaining, and analyzing the software.


To sum up, we can say that between software engineer vs software developer, engineers have a formal role, majorly focusing on the structural design of the software.


For example, a software engineer will evaluate the trade-offs needed to be applied to the system architecture and the other auxiliary parts while building scalable domain-specific languages and data pipelines.


What Skills Do Software Engineers Need?

A software engineer is hugely proficient in catering to a complex system. He will be able to develop a fully functional application and know-how to design it so that it is self-documenting, easy to refactor, and, consequently, easy to debug.


A software engineer can contribute to individual projects in many capacities to achieve its strategic goals. Depending on project needs, they could lead the project or be there as a consultant.


They also possess analytical skills to look ahead to upcoming opportunities. In addition, a proficient software engineer is also well trained to take care of resources and supervise the project plans.


The role of a software engineer is often inter-departmental. They will often work with the development teams, operations, and IT staff to successfully fare through the software development cycle.


Moreover, a software engineer takes measures to ensure that front-end development is such that you don’t lag behind in the days to come.


Broadly speaking, a software engineer is supposed to possess the below-listed skills:

  • Technical expertise and experience in a broad spectrum of projects.
  • Adeptness at pattern design to build fault-tolerant and resilient systems
  • Familiarity with automation tools
  • Ability to maintain and create IT structure cloud-based systems
  • Knowledge of creating scalable deployment methods
  • Ability to work effectively independently and in remote teams
  • Understanding to oversee complex systems analysis, development and design programs.


What Is Software Development?

Software is a set of programs or instructions which instruct the computer on what it is supposed to do. Software is independent of hardware and is utilized towards making the computers more programmable.


As clear from the name, the software developer develops the software. Software development involves many computer science activities, such as supporting, deploying, designing, and creating software. Unlike software engineers, developers have a relatively less formal role.


However, they do have an essential part in the specific development areas, such as writing the codes. Moreover, a software developer is the driver of the whole software development cycle.


What Does A Software Developer Do?

Now, taking this guide on the difference between software engineers and software developers, let us understand the role and responsibilities.


Software developers build software, which runs across different kinds of computers. They write the code from scratch for various apps, like web apps (Facebook and Twitter), desktop apps (Photoshop), and mobile apps (Instagram).


In addition, the software developers also build the application components.


Broadly, between the software engineer vs software developer, software developers are supposed to execute programming software and development plans, juggle between the tasks from different development stages at the same time, and keep a tab on the projects from the start to the end.


Skills Needed By Software Developers

We will now address the difference between developer and engineer skills. So, of course, a software developer should know how to write code, but their role does not end there. They are also responsible for reviewing the current system, giving improvement ideas, and implementing any effort.


Typically, a software developer is expected to work with marketing executives, analysts, and designers. In addition, at all times, a software developer ought to ensure that their code works well by testing it, using real and controlled situations, before going live.


A good developer will have an eye for perfection and always strive for more when it comes to revisions and bug fixing in a program to better operational efficiency.


Any good software developer will be creative and possess the technical expertise to think of new and innovative ideas to help customers overcome their problems. Further, they are also proactive and tend to foresee many issues and have a backup fix.


Moreover, they must keep an eye on the changes that keep happening along the development process. Hence, a software developer will constantly keep a check on bugs & issues and be on schedule at the same time.


Broadly speaking, a software developer is supposed to possess the below-listed skills:

  • Expert knowledge of different computer languages, such as PythonJava, C++.
  • Excellent analytical skills to compare the needs with software capabilities perennially.
  • Solid attention to detail as minor errors might result in big problems
  • Excellent communication and feedback skills 
  • Experience in using GitHub or other open-source tools
  • Understanding the logic of code, even in the languages that they are not well-versed with
  • Ability to manage different projects from various development projects parallelly.


Software Engineer Vs Software Developer – The Difference Table

Now that you have understood the individual roles, responsibilities, and skill-set of the software engineer and a software developer, let us address the difference between developer and engineer.


Parameter Software Engineer Software Developer
Education The software engineer will need a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering. They will need specialization in computer programming to be adept at IT.
Working Process The software engineer is involved in the whole lifecycle of the software. A software developer will only be a part of the project’s development stage.
Kind of activity This is a team activity. This is a solo activity.
Tools An engineer will design the tools necessary to create software, such as Eclipse and Visual Studio. A software developer will use the designed tools to develop apps.
Working style They will work on components with different engineers and draft a system. They write the whole program.
Scale They solve issues on a larger scale. They will do everything that an engineer does but on a smaller scale.
Career Path Software engineer, or Lead Software Development Engineer, or Principal software engineer Software Developer or Software Architect
Remuneration (in the US) $105,861 per year $92,380 per year


Difference Between Software Engineer and Software Developer With Examples

Example 1 – Think of the software developer as a professional chef. So, his responsibility is to cook some delectable gourmet dishes while studying their taste and delivering the same.


To make the customers happy, he ought to use his creative approach and utilize all the resources to satisfy his customers.


Similarly, a developer will employ the same approach to create top-quality software while understanding their requirements and the available resources and tools.


Example 2 – Now, think of a hotel with four restaurants, and all of them depend on a single kitchen. There will be a head chef in this kitchen, and he has a role as that of a software engineer.


Meaning he would have to ensure that all four restaurants receive top-quality food.


So, wherein the professional chef of a single restaurant (software developer) manages a single restaurant (task), the head chef (software engineer) will handle all the restaurants, sans any quality compromise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Is an engineer better than a developer?

Ans. An engineer will earn greater than a developer, and a developer will earn more than a software programmer. So, yes, from the financial aspect, an engineer makes better, but workwise both are equally important.


Ques 2. Can a developer become an engineer?

Ans. Web developers are software engineers too. They are adept at designing exquisite web apps. Hence, an engineer might not always be a web developer, but a developer will always be a software engineer.


Ques 3. Which is better, software engineer or software developer? Or which one should you pick?

Ans. This is a subjective choice and depends on your professional aspirations. For instance, if you enjoy finding creative solutions and working with people, you should become a software developer.


On the other hand, if you enjoy working in a vast spectrum of engineering principles, you should be a software engineer.


Ques 4. Who makes more money, software engineer or software developer?

Ans. In the United States, a software engineer earns $105,861 per year. On the other hand, a software developer earns $92,380 per year. Hence, an engineer makes more than a developer.



Is software developer and software engineer same? We want to conclude the difference between software engineers and software developers by stating that these terms are not interchangeable. So, despite popular belief, you cannot use one instead of the other.


From our above-stated difference between developer and engineer, you must have established that a developer may have the technical skills required to develop meaningful projects and always know how to code.


On the other hand, a software engineer will follow a streamlined process of collaborating with stakeholders, understanding the client’s requirements, and finally designing a product that fulfills the client’s needs.


In addition, a software developer works alone, whereas an engineer is a part of a bigger team.


Hopefully, with our software engineer vs software developer guide, you can now differentiate between the two. If you have any queries, feedback, or points to add, please share the same with us in the comment box below.



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