Learn Organic Chem: 8 Best Organic Chemistry Classes Online

Best Organic Chemistry Classes Online

Have you heard people say Organic chemistry is a weed-out course? The common notion is students always struggle in organic chemistry. So, when you tell someone you are studying organic chemistry, the first reaction is – Oh! That must be difficult.


As a matter of fact, most students feel that the key reason for their poor GPA is organic chemistry. Well, we do not blame them. Organic chemistry is, in fact, a tough and challenging subject. But if you keep thinking on these lines, how will you change the narrative for yourself?


If a subject is complex, you must train harder towards it. To do this, you must enroll in a suitable organic chemistry course.

There is an array of courses on the internet to help you learn organic chemistry online. So, which amongst them is the best course for you?


Well, we did our research and found eight such courses. So, let us get started and address these courses one by one.


In This Article:


Best Courses and Classes for Organic Chemistry From Across The Globe

1. Organic Chemistry Online Course 15+hours lectures & examples – [Udemy]

Organic Chemistry Online Course 15+hours lectures & examples

Right at the top is Udemy’s top course for organic chemistry. In the course, you will work with the instructor to understand and discover the wonders of chemistry.


Enrolled1,004 students
Duration15 hours on-demand video
InstructorRahsoft Chemical Engineering Department
Return or refund policy30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The course is long. To justify the course duration more information should have been included in it.


Learning Outcomes

There is an array of things to learn in this organic chemistry online course. A few of them include:

  • General knowledge about the fundamental elements and the concepts involved in organic chemistry
  • Bonding schemes, orbital theories, stereochemistry, and physical properties of the organic compounds
  • Using these organic elements and concepts for different compound classes
  • Mechanisms of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alkyl halides, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, and derivatives, alcohols, and amines
  • Structure-reactivity relationship
  • Logic of chemistry
  • Reaction types




For these organic chemistry lessons online, you will need:

  • Knowledge of the high school chemistry
  • Clarity on fundamentals of high school organic chemistry
  • RAHCH101


Who should take this course?

  1. It is an elaborate and comprehensive best organic chemistry class online, ideal for students learning science faculty – biology, physics, and chemistry.
  2. Further, someone with fundamental general chemistry knowledge will also find the course helpful.


Reviews by Rick M:

Very good course. Easy to switch between desktop at home and learning on the go with the mobile app. Material is easy to follow and instructor presents at a good pace. Would recommend for anyone trying to learn or refresh on Ochem.



2. Organic Chemistry: Spectroscopy Master Class – [Udemy]

Next on our list is one of the highest-rated online courses by Udemy. This Udemy’s best organic chemistry training will take you through four key spectroscopic methods.


Each of the four methods is detailed, and there is ample practical learning involved across the course. So, whatever you learn theoretically will also be practiced practically by you.


Enrolled1,069 students
Duration8.5 hours on-demand video
InstructorJason Crumpton
Return or refund policy30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
ConsThe course is too elementary, even for beginners.


Learning Outcomes

If you take this course to learn organic chemistry online, you will be studying the following:

  • Generalized NMR theory via metaphor and visualization
  • Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy (Theory and Problem-solving methods)
  • How to game Hydrogen (1H) NMR problems through practical problem-solving methods
  • Mass Spectrometry (MS) (Theory and Problem-solving methods)
  • How to game Carbon (13C) NMR problems through practical problem-solving methods



A few requirements for this organic chemistry training program are:

  1. Basic knowledge of molecular structure (Covalent bonds, single, double, and triple bonds)
  2. Knowledge of basic functional group nomenclature – alkene, ether, ketone, amide, etc


Who should take this course?

This organic chemistry online course is meant for:

  • Organic Chemistry I or II students
  • Students studying spectroscopy
  • Students who are rusty at spectroscopy
  • Anyone who needs a refresher course on the fundamentals of spectroscopy
  • Anyone who enjoys puzzles


Reviews by James LeNoir:

This has been a great review of spectroscopy. I hope there are plans to develop more advanced spectroscopy courses.



3. Organic Chemistry – From Beginner to Rockstar in 1 hour – [Udemy]

Organic Chemistry - From Beginner to Rockstar in 1 hour
Regardless of how difficult it may be, organic chemistry can be made simple if you have the proper guidance. This is what this organic chemistry class online aims to do for you.


In this course, the instructor provides you with a direct and effective way to learn the material, so you can begin using it immediately. So, regardless of your progress at school, learning from this course will surely help you better your grade.


Enrolled469 students
Duration1 hour on-demand video
InstructorDr. Jason Dinsmore
Return or refund policy30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
ConsMore practical questions should be included in the course.


Learning Outcomes

It is a great course to learn the following:

  • Breaking down the reaction scheme to understand what is the most crucial component
  • Knowing the top 3 questions for every kind of exam
  • Learning how the periodic table is your hidden “cheat sheet.”
  • Understanding resonance
  • Learning about “The Rule of 3”
  • Discovering that knowing just one reaction is adequate
  • Knowing how every functional group will react



There are no prerequisites associated with this organic chemistry class online.


Who should take this course?

Broadly, anyone who wishes to learn organic chemistry online can take up this course.


Reviews by Alice Albrinck:

I’m taking these classes as a refresher since it’s been decades since I had O Chem and I need a crash course for a new position. Good starting place for a reintroduction into the subject.



4. Organic Chemistry – Become a Mechanism and Synthesis Expert – [Udemy]

Organic Chemistry - Become a Mechanism and Synthesis Expert
Ranked at number fourth on our list is again one of the best organic chemistry lessons online. This is another short-best organic chemistry class online by Dr. Jason Dinsmore that attempts to teach you more in a short time.


Enrolled336 students
Duration1 hour on-demand video
InstructorDr. Jason Dinsmore
Return or refund policy30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
ConsSadly, the course is very poorly organized. This can make it confusing for the learners.


Learning Outcomes

Some things you will learn in this organic chemistry online course are:

  • Top four things that are prevalent in every organic reaction
  • Three key phrases, which will better your understanding of reaction mechanisms
  • Learning to break down elimination and substitution into two categories
  • Finding some reactions, which will help you commence the most synthesis questions
  • Learning two key things, you must bear in mind when you work with synthesis questions
  • Understanding that there is just one reaction mechanism you ought to know



When you decide to learn organic chemistry online with this Udemy course, the good thing is that there are no prerequisites whatsoever. So, you can take it, sans any background.


Who should take this course?

These organic chemistry lessons online will be beneficial for anyone who is presently studying organic chemistry.


Reviews by Marius van Niekerk:

This is a fantastic course. The lecturer explains and simplifies the concepts of synthesis easily. I wish this course was available when I was a student.



5. Mastering Organic Chemistry From the Start – [Udemy]


One of the best organic chemistry training is that it has been designed to help you overcome your fear of organic chemistry and build a foundation in the subject. In addition, studying with the instructor will go a long way in bettering your grades.


The instructor will also ensure that you revise all that you have studied in the university or college courses through this organic chemistry online course. There are several drawings and models in the course to help you learn most simply.


More so, the instructor has included several 3D animations. This will bring the molecules to life and make things all the more engaging. When you learn pictorially, you will begin seeing the molecules in your head, and this will be incredibly helpful when answering questions and quizzes.


Another aspect of this amongst the best organic chemistry class online is that the instructor teaches everything here step-by-step. So, you will learn better and faster. In addition, all lectures in the course are graded from basic to advance. So, you will learn most naturally without feeling overwhelmed, even when the subjects get tough.


Across the course, the instructor will focus on building real understanding. So, you will not just learn some rules; you will actually be made to understand the why and how behind each aspect. Once you learn organic chemistry online via this course, naming molecules will be your second nature.


Also, the instructor in the course will provide you with notes. Using these notes, you can create your own summary. This summary will be of big help during revision. If you use them right, they will dramatically improve your grades and boost your chances to help you make way through the college or university of your choice.


Enrolled178 students
Duration2 hours on-demand video
InstructorAngela Mascini
Return or refund policy30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
ConsMore practical exercises should have been included in the course.



This is the best organic chemistry online course. A few prerequisites associated with the course are:

  • Knowing how to print notes included in the course so you can write on them
  • Lots of pencils and pens
  • Fundamental understanding of the Periodic Table


Learning Outcomes

This is a good course to learn organic chemistry online. A few things that you will know with this organic chemistry training are:

  • Homologous series, their functional groups, drawing the structure of molecules and naming the molecules in the series using IUPAC naming rules.
  • Fundamentals of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, branched organic chain molecules, alkyl halides, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, alcohols, and esters.
  • IUPAC nomenclature
  • Clarity on the introductory organic chemistry


Who should take this course?

These are some of the best organic chemistry lessons online, perfectly suitable for:

  1. Students from high-school, learning chemistry
  2. Anyone seeking a refresher course in introductory organic chemistry


Reviews by Clifford E Carnicom:

Course is exactly at the right level with some substance to it. Also it will cover enough material to be practical. On the right track, thank you kindly, from Clifford



6. MicroMasters® Program in Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability – Offered by Wageningen University of Research – [edX]

MicroMasters® Program in Chemistry and Technology for Sustainability - Offered by Wageningen University of Research

We live in a rapidly evolving world that is progressing from fossil resources to sustainable biobased ones. However, making the biobased resources or alternate energy sources viable to be genuinely sustainable is pivotal.


This can be made possible if corporations can navigate the opportunities and challenges in this dynamic field. Check out our selection of best Biochemistry courses too.


When you are through with this organic chemistry class online, you will be in a position to discover new resources and even enable your company to make a switch from fossil to renewable resources. It is a MicroMasters program with organic chemistry online course that will fetch you a certification only after you complete all the courses in the program with a paid verified certificate.


Of course, you can take the edX organic chemistry courses for free. If you like them, you can opt for a paid certification and then the program. Free learners must know that a section of the course content is accessible only to verified learners.


Offered byWageningen University of Research
Duration6 months (14 – 21 hours per week)
Return or refund policy30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
ConsFree version has no certification.


Learning Outcomes

A few things you can expect to learn in this organic chemistry class online are:

  • Knowing the complexities involved in switching from a fossil source-based economy to a biobased economy
  • Evaluating ethical, economic, technological, and societal consequences involved in the production of biobased products
  • Learning the techniques involved in the conversion of the biobased feedstocks into desired products
  • Performing functional analysis of potential methods for refining a resource
  • Knowing how to refine biomass without damaging its valuable components
  • Understanding the right way to identify raw materials
  • Knowing the drill to create a valuable new product
  • Approach towards chemical and biotechnological production of energy carriers, polymers, chemical building blocks, and materials from renewable resources and waste streams



For this best organic chemistry online course, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in technology, engineering, chemistry, and process engineering.


Who can take this course?

This course is meant for those working in the chemical, biotech, or energy industries and switching to a more sustainable practice. However, this edX organic chemistry is sadly unavailable for learners from the countries such as Iran, Cuba, and the Crimea region of Ukraine.


Of course, edX has constantly been trying to seek licenses from the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to provide the courses to learners in these regions and countries.


However, the licenses available with edX are still not broad enough to deliver the courses in the listed locations. However, with constant attempts, they will soon be available for all, regardless of their geographical location.


Bonus Courses

1. Organic Chemistry I – Offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology – [MIT Open Courseware]

Organic Chemistry I – Offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Your instructor for this MIT organic course is Dr. Sarah Tabacco and Prof. Barbara Imperiali. This is the MIT course number 5.12, as taught in Spring 2003. It is an undergraduate-level best organic chemistry class online.


With this best organic chemistry online course, you get lecture notes, assignments with solutions, and some practice questions, sans solutions for you to solve, and assess your thoroughness with what’s been taught.


This course is an introduction to organic chemistry. The course focuses on the fundamentals of organic chemistry and helps you understand the reactivity and structure of organic molecules. Further, you will also study the elimination and substitution reactions.


There is also coverage on the chemistry of the carbonyl group. Lastly, you will be introduced to the chemistry of aromatic compounds.



2. Organic chemistry – [Khan Academy]

Now, we have arrived at the last organic chemistry online course. This course by Khan Academy introduces you to the fundamentals of organic chemistry.


Learning Outcomes

Some things you will learn in this organic chemistry class online are:

  • Reactions chemists use for crazy carbon-based structure synthesis
  • Analytical methods for characterization of carbon-based structure
  • Reactions occurring on the molecular level with reaction mechanisms


Topics Covered

  • Structure and bonding
  • Resonance and acid-base chemistry
  • Alkanes, cycloalkanes, and functional groups
  • Stereochemistry
  • Substitution and elimination reactions
  • Alkenes and Alkynes
  • Alcohols, ethers, epoxides, sulfides
  • Conjugated systems and pericyclic reactions
  • Aromatic compounds
  • Aldehydes and ketones
  • Carboxylic acids and derivatives
  • Alpha carbon chemistry
  • Amines
  • Spectroscopy


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So, these are the top eight best organic chemistry classes online. It has been our sincere attempt to include every little detail about these courses in this guide. However, certain aspects, such as the course fee, enrolment date, reviews on the course, and the instructor bio, are vital parameters but have not been included in this guide.


You can browse through the annexed links of these organic chemistry online courses to know about these details. You need to know these details before picking any one course from the listed courses.


However, be rest assured that you will not regret the choice regardless of the selection you make. It is because they are all excellent courses. This is all from us.


Best Organic Chemistry Classes Online Reviewed by 10 Organic Chemistry Experts 4.8

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