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Best Online Botany Courses
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The scientific study of plants, such as conifers, mosses, lichens, fungi, algae, ferns, and flowering plants, is Botany.


Do you aspire to make a career in the field of plant science? Is your goal to make a positive impact in evolving the environment? Did you ever ponder the diversity of the plants in our environment? What actually goes on with a plant?


Well, if you need answers to all this and more, it is time you enroll yourself in one of the best online botany courses. The internet has a wide range of courses. So, to save you from the effort, we browsed through the different available courses and hand-picked six of the best available options.


So, let us get started and address these courses one by one.


Best Botany Training Programs With Online Classes

  1. Understanding Plants – Part I: What a Plant Knows – Offered by Tel Aviv University (TAU) – [Coursera]
  2. Understanding Plants – Part II: Fundamentals of Plant Biology – Offered by Tel Aviv University (TAU) – [Coursera]
  3. Botany – [Oregon State University]
  • Bonus Botany Training Courses
    1. Botany I – Plant Physiology And Taxonomy – Offered by ACS Distance Education – []
    2. Getting Started With Botany – [Royal Botanic Garden Edinburg]
    3. Botany Courses – [Alison]


    8 Courses To Learn & Master Botany Online

    1. Understanding Plants – Part I: What a Plant Knows – Offered by Tel Aviv University (TAU) – [Coursera]

    Understanding Plants - Part I

    About the course


    Rating 4.8
    Offered by Tel Aviv University (TAU)
    Enrolled 85,202 already enrolled
    Duration Approx. 11 hours to complete
    Instructor Professor Daniel Chamovitz, Ph.D.
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 14-days from the date of payment
    Paid Yes
    Cons Even though the course is excellent, its testing structure is terrible and confusing. There are multiple typos in the quizzes, which makes it even worse.


    Ranked at the top is this excellent Coursera course to learn botany online. It is a detailed course, but if you wish to learn more on the subject, you can take Daniel’s follow-up course, Fundamentals of Plant Biology.


    Taking these courses together and passing the academic campus exam can fetch you academic credit. A vital benefit of this will be employing the availed grades to apply for intensive degree courses.


    What will you learn in these best online botany courses?

    Some of the few things that you can expect to learn with this best online botany certificate course are:

    • How plants experience the world – be it in the form of sensations or the colors
    • Understanding of the latest genetics research
    • Meanings of consciousness and memory
    • Questioning life and learning what defines us as humans
    • Comparing how our senses are pretty similar to the plant’s senses, primarily oak and sunflower
    • Learning how plants understand their surroundings
    • Knowing how much a plant understands its surroundings
    • Learning about the plant senses – balance, taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing
    • Fundamentals of plant biology
    • Introduction to the scientific method and the biological research


    Who should take this course?

    This is one of the best botany training courses for someone who desires oneness with nature. Anyone who aspires to know about the evolution from the historical sciences to the modern research in botany will find this an excellent basic botany course online.


    Overall, it is a beginner-friendly course. So, anyone who wishes to learn botany online will find this a good pick.


    Why should you take this course?

    It is a 100% online course with flexible deadlines. So, you can start and finish these online botany courses within your timeline. Further, these are the best botany classes online because of the incredible learner career outcomes associated with them:

    • Twenty-two percent of students who took the course enrolled in a new career post-completion.
    • Twenty-two percent of students who took the class received a tangible career benefit post-completion.


    Review by CH. :

    “It was very interesting to learn about research on plants and their abilities to detect and respond to a variety of stimuli and to relate that to people and our sensory experiences. Thank you!



    2. Understanding Plants – Part II: Fundamentals of Plant Biology – Offered by Tel Aviv University (TAU) – [Coursera]

    Understanding Plants - Part II

    About the course


    Offered by Tel Aviv University (TAU)
    Rating 4.8
    Duration Approx. 6 hours to complete
    Enrolled 35,835 already enrolled
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 14-days from the date of payment
    Instructor Professor Daniel Chamovitz, Ph.D.
    Cons Unfortunately, Daniel’s online textbook for readings is not the most organized.


    Next, we have another one of the best online botany courses by Coursera. It is a follow-up of the previously listed botany classes online. It is one of the most incredible botany certificate programs online, for it has quite a lot for you to learn. If you want the academic credit for this online botany certificate course, you must clear an exam.


    What will you learn?

    This is the best course for you to learn:

    • How plants grow and develop
    • How complex structures like flowers are formed
    • Formation of sugars for us to eat
    • How plants absorb the CO2 from the air
    • Understanding photosynthesis
    • Knowing how plants pick water from the soil
    • How plants make oxygen for us to breathe
    • Genetic engineering in agriculture


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    Who should take this course?

    It is an intermediate-level course to learn botany online. So, before you take these botany classes online, it is recommended to complete Part 1. But, broadly, this online botany certificate course is meant for people to understand the fundamental sciences around plant biology.


    Why should you take this course?

    It is one of the most flexible online botany courses. You can start it at your timeline and finish it at your pace. Also, the course is 100% online.


    Review by Gabriela CF.:

    “IAn interesting and informative course. A little challenging at times for those of us without a background in biology, but well presented and carefully explained. A very positive experience.



    3. Botany – [Oregon State University]


    About the course


    Offered by Oregon State University
    Credits required 180
    Cost per credit $331
    Spring term starts March 28
    Summer term starts June 20
    Start terms 4 per year
    Offered by Oregon State University


    It is a B.S. in Botany course offered by the Oregon State University. As a matter of fact, Oregon is the first-ever university to provide you with a botany degree online. However, it is not the only degree program with best botany classes online. You can easily find a range of similar online botany certificate degree courses.


    Through this one of the top botany training courses, the institute has amalgamated its cutting-edge learning format with the top-notch delivery method, ensuring that the learning experience is beyond excellence.


    What will you learn?

    It is an excellent course to learn botany online. A few things you can expect to learn with this one of the top-rated botany certificate programs online are:

    • Fundamental expertise in plant biology
    • Preparing you for an academic or career path in botany
    • Understanding of plant biology, biodiversity and ecology
    • Impact of adverse human behavior on the environment


    Why is this the best basic botany course online?

    These are the best courses as herein; you will be studying with several other 21st-century plant scientists who will develop innovations in yielding fiber, food, and medicine to cater to the globally expanding population.


    Further, these online botany courses are compiled and developed by the top-class OSU faculty, famous for their innovation and research.


    Who should take this course?

    Anyone interested in learning about plants and botany in detail will find this course helpful.



    Bonus Best Online Botany Certificate Courses

    1. Botany I – Plant Physiology And Taxonomy – Offered by ACS Distance Education – []

    Botany I - Plant Physiology And Taxonomy – Offered by ACS Distance Education

    About the course

    This is an elaborate 100-hour course to learn botany online. In this course, you will be discussing botany in-depth with experienced tutors.


    What will you learn?

    These best botany classes online will teach you:

    • Everything about taxonomy and physiology, including general anatomy, morphology, and botany.
    • Relationship between scientific principles and horticultural practices
    • Learning the function and role of the seeds, different vegetative parts and the reproductive parts
    • Impact of tropisms and other plant movements on plant’s growth
    • Ample knowledge about the Plant Kingdom
    • Describing and identifying the kinds of plant tissues and cells, their function and structure
    • Role of water, photosynthesis, and respiration in plant metabolism
    • Risk assessment to the different learning outcomes
    • Movement of solutes assimilates, and water


    Who should take this course?

    This is one of the best botany training courses for:

    1. Someone working with plants, such as plant scientists, agriculturalists, horticulturalists, and environmental managers
    2. Anyone who seeks a job in:
    • Horticulture, Gardening, Landscaping, Parks
    • Crop Production, Farming
    • Environmental assessment and management
    • Ecotourism, Scientific Research, Teaching, Writing and Media



    2. Getting Started With Botany – [Royal Botanic Garden Edinburg]


    About the course

    This is a short, online botany certificate course, but it is detailed and comprehensive. It is one of the best self-guided botany certificate programs online, which comprises nine units, and fetches you absolute tutor support.


    We regard this as one of the best online botany courses as this course can be a foundation of multiple certification courses available online.


    Please bear in mind the topics covered in these botany classes online are a part of Unit 1 of RHS Level 2, “Plant classification, structure, and function.” The course costs £80 and comes with six-month access.


    What will you learn?

    There is quite a lot for you to absorb with this course. So, if you take this course to learn botany online, you will learn the following:

    • Introduction to plant diversity, plant processes, seeds, roots, stems, plant reproduction, leaves, and botanical classification
    • Knowledge of all the investigative skills a botanist requires
    • Insight into plant identification


    Why take this course?

    This is one of the best botany certificate programs online because it has a range of practical activities and tasks to practice what you learn. These are the best online botany courses that are not theoretical like the RHS Level 2 course.


    More so, you get six months of access to the class. You can also fetch a Statement of Participation after passing the quiz at the end.


    What do you need?

    This is a beginner-friendly online botany certificate course. So, no prior experience is needed for this course. If you have the necessary motivation and enthusiasm, you can start the course.


    However, you will need time (20 hours) for completion). Therefore, spending 2 hours every week for ten weeks can be an excellent way to take this course.


    Further, you will need a wildflower key and a hand lens for the course. There will also be seeds required to sow and dissect, such as onion, sweetcorn, pea, or French beans.


    In addition, a computer with good internet access is also needed. Lastly, having a PDF viewer and an updated browser is also mandatory.



    3. Botany Courses – [Alison]

    About the course

    We have reached the end of our course suggestions, and now we present to you some of Alison’s best online botany courses. They are free botany training courses that aim to teach you the structure, physiology, ecology distribution, genetics, classification, and economic importance of the plants.


    Further, you will also learn about plant life in different geological periods, habitats, and regions. Finally, you can browse through the available botany classes online and pick one that matches your needs.

    So, these are the top six courses for botany. Our sincere attempt has been to mention every detail associated with these courses.


    However, if you wish to know more about any of these courses, you can click on the annexed link and read more. Regardless of the selection, you make, be assured it will be the best pick, as these are all excellent picks. Happy Learning!


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