Top 11 Best Paid and Free Online Cello Lessons

Best Online Cello Lessons
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Learning to play Cello is an impeccable way to connect with your artistic side and yourself. It helps build a set of unique abilities that push the boundaries of what you are capable of.


If you are a newbie, there are beginner Cello lessons for you to get trained. With these courses, learning the Cello becomes effortless. With an online class, it is easier to enjoy learning at your pace, from the comfort of your home in your time and schedule.


You never have to look for an instructor to teach the skill. There is no need to drive miles or take the next subway to attend the class. Whether in USA, China, Russia, India, or Alaska, you can learn from any corner of the world.


Are you still contemplating? Why? Please take a look at our top 11 course recommendations to learn cello online, and enjoy getting skilled at this dynamic and unique artform.


11 Best Online Cello Courses

  1. Cello for Adult Beginners – [Udemy]
  2. Cello 101: Bootcamp for Beginners – [Udemy]
  3. Cello Course for Complete Beginners – [Udemy]
  4. Complete Cello Course for Busy Beginners – [Udemy]
  5. Intermediate Cello Course – Best Etudes by Sebastian Lee – [Udemy]
  6. Online Cello Lesson Classes – [Skillshare]
  7. Study Cello Online for Free – [Cello Academy]
  8. Learn to Play Cello – A Course for the Adult Beginner – [Cello Discovery]
  9. Cello with Mike Block – [Artist Works]
  10. Online Cello Classes – [Olga Redkina]
  11. Online Cello Lessons – [Sage Music]
  • Conclusion

    How Did We Select These Paid + Free Online Cello Lessons?

    We had an incredibly objective way of selecting these best online Cello lessons. So, we commenced the process by browsing the web and looking for cello classes. We individually screened every course and compared them on five parameters:

    1. The learnings and offerings from the class.
    2. Price you pay
    3. Certification included?
    4. Teacher’s background and experience
    5. Reviews and testimonials


    It helped us choose the 25 top advanced, intermediate, and beginner lessons. But, we did not want to confuse you with such a vast list. So, be reached out to the top cellists from around the world for further analysis.


    Based on their inputs and screening, we finally reached this list of the top 11 best online Cello lessons. Now, let us get started and discuss these courses one by one.


    11 Best Beginner Cello Lessons + Intermediate Level Courses

    1. Cello for Adult Beginners – [Udemy]

    Cello for Adult Beginners

    About the course


    Rating 4.3
    Who should take this class? It is an excellent course to learn Cello online for:


    1. Adults who love the Cello
    2. People aspiring to be well-versed with Cello basics
    3. Anyone wishing to know how to play some Cello pieces from home

    Anyone looking for free online Cello lessons will have to look for another alternative.

    Enrolled 3,996 students
    Duration 5 hours of on-demand video
    Instructor Benjamin Fryxell
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons Vibrato is an essential aspect of Cello. It is missing in these online Cello ourse.


    In these beginner Cello lessons, you will study with a pro instructor, Ben Fryxell. He is a professional cellist and Cello teacher with over 15 years of experience.


    One of the best things about this course is that you will receive constant feedback from Ben. This class will 100 percent bring in both intellectual nourishment and emotional fulfillment.


    In these online Cello classes, you will have Spanish subtitles available. There is also a downloadable warmup packet and method book, exquisitely designed for the learners of this course. So, go ahead, enroll, and start learning.


    What will you learn?

    In this online Cello course, you will discover the following:

    • Basics of playing Cello, regardless of your experience with an instrument
    • Playing beautiful music – two études and five pieces with video accompaniment provided when applicable
    • History of the Cello
    • Tips about getting a Cello
    • Fundamentals of rhythm, music theory
    • How to read music


    What do you need?

    These are not free online Cello lessons for beginners.  In addition, you also need:

    • A love for music
    • Inquisitiveness to learn the Cello
    • Cello, bow, and a few inexpensive accessories


    Review Mark.

    A very well presented course with lots of great helpful tips. Highly recommend.



    2. Cello 101: Bootcamp for Beginners – [Udemy]

    Cello 101: Bootcamp for Beginners

    About the course


    Rating 4.8
    Who should take this class? These are the best online Cello lessons for:


    1. Beginner Cello students looking for online instruction
    2. Students with no prior music experience
    3. Beginners interested in reading music
    4. Students with moderate experience seeking a boost in their practice and playing
    5. Anyone looking to learn Cello online for a supplement to their weekly learning
    6. Learners in need of a comprehensive, step-by-step guide
    7. Students seeking assistance in creating a practice routine
    8. Anyone struggling to progress from their beginner phase
    9. These online Cello classes are for visual hands-on learners
    10. Cello teachers looking for a reliable, results-based method
    11. Cellists looking for a straightforward guide to technical foundations
    Enrolled 503 students
    Duration 2.5 hours of on-demand video
    Instructor Claire Solomon
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons Claire is a fantastic instructor and has compiled this excellent course. But, this online Cello course happens to be one of the most expensive ones out there.


    You will learn to play Cello naturally and enjoy the process in these Cello lessons. It is the first class to learn playing from the three-part series and presents an innovative method to learn Cello online.


    It has video lectures offering the Cello fundamentals, a 70-page Cello handbook, and play-along practice sessions in these online Cello classes.


    It is a detailed class that takes you from finding a Cello to performing your first pieces. One of the best things about this course is that you will learn everything at your pace from your home environment. You can use Udemy’s easy-to-use file uploader and get feedback for your work across the class.


    What will you learn?

    Even though these are not free, they are informative and beneficial. You will enjoy every bit of these Cello lessons. Some things you learn in these beginner Cello lessons are:

    • Understanding position and posture, the two foundations of a powerful sound
    • Fundamentals of left and right-hand technique for playing Cello
    • Practicing with results-based practice techniques and tools
    • Over 100 musical terms
    • Pronouncing the musical terms
    • Finding your first Cello
    • Setting up the Cello
    • Introduction to music theory
    • Cleaning & caring for your instrument
    • Left-hand setup
    • Positioning the Cello
    • C and D Major scales
    • Holding and balancing the bow
    • Getting started with six pieces
    • Playing with a metronome
    • Bow distribution
    • Intonation
    • Rhythmic foundations
    • Introduction to notes
    • Ear training basics
    • The parts of the Cello and bow
    • Tuning
    • Basics of pizzicato and arco are covered in these online Cello classes
    • Setting fingerboard reference tapes
    • Open string bowing variations
    • Building your practice session spreadsheet
    • Developing great posture for a great sound
    • Introduction to bowings & articulations


    What do you need?

    For these best online Cello lessons, you require:

    • Nothing – This is the course for all levels, even beginners
    • Prior musical experience may help, but it is not necessary
    • Owning a Cello is not mandatory when you begin the class.


    Review Greg C.

    I like the personal approach of the teacher and her skills at teaching.



    3. Cello Course for Complete Beginners – [Udemy]

    Cello Course for Complete Beginners

    About the course


    Rating 4.2
    Who should take this class? These beginner Cello lessons will benefit:


    1. Amateur learners
    2. Students who have just started playing Cello
    3. People who have no former knowledge of music, rhythm, music theory, or playing skills
    Enrolled 534 students
    Duration 4 hours of on-demand video
    Instructor Nihan Demirkapı
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons Some things to improve in this online Cello course are:


    1. There could be some tips and do’s and don’ts added for beginners.
    2. In section one, you will find several videos with non-English audio playing in the background. It can be distracting.
    3. It feels as if the instructor rushes through the content in some places.


    A renowned cellist prepared these cello lessons for students aiming to learn all about Cello from scratch. In this class to learn Cello online, there are 18 lessons with bonus content.


    What will you learn?

    Even though they are not free online Cello lessons for beginners, it is worth your money and teaches you the following:

    • Elementary music & music theory
    • Sight-reading skills
    • Playing well-known classical & popular pieces from Bach to Game of Thrones
    • Holding the Cello right
    • Basic bowing techniques
    • Bow and hand positions
    • Tuning the Cello
    • Finding the notes on the fingerboard and the dynamics
    • Choosing the right Cello


    What do you need?

    For these online Cello lessons, you need:

    • A Cello
    • Time
    • Patience
    • Money because it is not a course to learn Cello online free


    Review Darius O.

    Very great course for anyone looking to start playing the cello. She takes you through each lesson thoroughly and provides plenty of resources and exercises to continue playing in your own time



    4. Complete Cello Course for Busy Beginners – [Udemy]

    Complete Cello Course for Busy Beginners

    About the course


    Rating 4.6
    Who should take this class? These are the best online Cello lessons for:


    1. Beginners and students interested in getting adept at reviewing their technical skills
    Enrolled 226 students
    Duration 7.5 hours of on-demand video
    Instructor Cellopedia Courses
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons Even though Udemy offers several free online Cello lessons for beginners, it is not one of them. It is hard to find a con with it as it covers an introduction to vibrato, missing in all other beginner classes. Also, the instructor follows a good pace but does not rush through anything.


    It is another one of the bestselling beginner Cello lessons in our list, designed to keep the busy Cello enthusiasts in mind who wish to learn a new skill but do not know how to start.


    What will you learn?

    You can take this course to learn Cello online. A few things covered in these classes are:

    • Knowing what it means to practice in an efficient manner
    • Learning to use the finger patterns and the smooth bowel movements to play Cello effortlessly
    • Learning the make of a bow and Cello and ways to maintain them in an excellent working condition
    • You will have the experience of chamber music by playing many Cello duets
    • Performing with other musicians
    • Learn selecting your Cello with this online Cello course
    • The notes on a fingerboard – Left-hand technique
    • Making a beautiful sound. Right-hand technique
    • Major scales you need to know.
    • Cello method by Dotzauer
    • Familiarity with Chamber music skills
    • Performing duets by Kummer, Breval, and Offenbach and melodies like Happy Birthday, Joy to the World, and Christmas carols


    What do you need?

    For these lessons, you require:

    • No past familiarity with Cello
    • Cello and a bow
    • Love for Cello
    • Patience and desire to learn


    Review Judith W.

    This is an excellent course. For a beginner it moves along fairly quickly to maintain interest. The course is also excellent for an intermediate student who wants a refresher on the basics. I am VERY happy that I took the course.



    5. Intermediate Cello Course – Best Etudes by Sebastian Lee – [Udemy]

    Intermediate Cello Course - Best Etudes by Sebastian Lee

    About the course


    Rating 4.8
    Who should take this class? These online Cello classes will benefit:

    1. Intermediate-level students of all ages
    Enrolled 186 students
    Duration 3.5 hours of on-demand video
    Instructor Cellopedia Courses
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons There are some concerns with the placements in this course, but you can solve them by watching this course on a relatively larger device.


    Did you possess basic knowledge of Cello and hope to take your musical understanding to a new level? Have you played some repetitive exercises and wish to advance your growth?


    If yes, this is the top course for you. But, if you want to, for free, learn Cello online free, this class is not meant for you.


    What will you learn?

    In this online Cello course, you will discover the following:

    • Improving your right-hand technique
    • Developing the broad style of bowing
    • Achieving better sound quality
    • Exercise on the legato
    • Paying attention to intonation
    • Staccato technique
    • Playing effortlessly in different keys


    What do you need?

    It is not one of the free online Cello lessons. So, you need money to take these classes and also possess fundamental note reading and Cello skills.


    Review Valerie E.

    Easy to recap and to take notes. Great explanations. So easy to repeat and recheck while learning. Great experience with some advantages over a face to face lesson in real time.



    6. Online Cello Lesson Classes – [Skillshare]

    Online Cello Lesson Classes

    About the course


    Skillshare is one of the top platforms to find Cello lessons for beginners. Irrespective of your prior knowledge or experience, interested learners will find this online Cello course beneficial.


    Many best and recognized professionals offer these advanced, intermediate, and beginner lessons. You can browse the available courses to learn Cello online and make your pick.


    Some of our top courses are:

    1. Fluid Acrylic Pouring: How to do a Dirty Cup Pour and Create Cells
    2. Beginner Cello Lessons. How to Play Cello.
    3. Japanese Cell Shading (part 1 of 3): the Basics



    7. Study Cello Online for Free – [Cello Academy]

    Study Cello Online for Free

    About the course


    Do you need free Cello lessons for beginners? If yes, this can possibly be the best search result under  learn Cello online free. Presented to you by Cell Academy, these lessons provide you with comprehensive information. They start from scratch and cater to all levels.


    Cello Academy has courses suited for beginners, advanced players, or even professionals, depending on your standard of playing.


    Across these lessons, you will study with Hans “Enke” Zentgraf. He is a fine soloist, chamber musician, and pedagogue. His vast experience reflects in his teachings.


    With these free online Cello lessons, you will learn to play some simple pieces with the piano. An average class lasts for about 15 minutes . So, if you have good Internet connectivity, you can enjoy these Cello lessons from any part of the world.



    8. Learn to Play Cello – A Course for the Adult Beginner – [Cello Discovery]

    Learn to Play Cello - A Course for the Adult Beginner

    About the course


    Next, we have another online Cello course. As per the claims on the website – It is not like any other ordinary course. In this session, you will learn to play cell with a hybrid method comprising interactive music scores, video lessons, and thoughtful, personalized feedback.


    It makes it an affordable but comprehensive and unique program to learn Cello online.


    In this course, you will receive expert instruction most straightforwardly. You can buy these Cello lessons at only 20 USD per month. If you feel you need to end your subscription, you can cancel it. Yes, it is that simple!


    The class has several step-by-step video tutorials, interactive and engaging online music scores, and a unique music curriculum. You can learn everything included in these beginner Cello lessons at your time and pace.


    Though not free online Cello lessons, they work as a fantastic supplement to your in-person Cello lessons.


    What do you receive?

    It is a detailed class. Hence, we have included in our best online Cello lessons list. So, when you enroll in this session, you receive:

    • 100s of sequential, detailed video Cello lessons
    • Interactive Cello music
    • Downloadable fingering charts
    • Downloadable music
    • “In-House” Community for doubts and feedback
    • Personalized feedback from Carolyn Hagler



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    9. Cello with Mike Block – [Artist Works]

    Cello with Mike Block

    About the course

    Next, we have another excellent online Cello course presented to you by Mike Block. It is a comprehensive video class comprising a free book of Cello etudes, play-along backing tracks, and 100s of multi-style Cello lessons online.


    Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose from the 3, 6, and 12-month plans. This portal to learn Cello online allows you to submit a video for review using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform.


    Mike will personally review every submission and offer video feedback and guidance. It makes it one of the top-worthy beginner Cello lessons.


    What will you learn?

    We had to include this in our list because with this session, you learn:

    • Classical to contemporary styles
    • Shifting & bowing tips
    • Sheet music & backing tracks


    Who can take this course?

    As stated, these are not free online Cello lessons. But, if you are ok with paying for this skill, it will be worth the experience. These lessons in the session are suitable for all students, regardless of experience.



    10. Online Cello Lessons – [Olga Redkina]

    Online Cello Lessons

    About the course

    Get ready to learn from a world-renowned cellist, Olga Redkina. In their advanced, intermediate, and beginner Cello lessons, you will experience Olga’s passion for music, art, and performance through online Cello education.


    So, go ahead, make enrolment in these Cello lessons, and enjoy learning. It is a paid class. So, this may not be the pick if you wish for free lessons. But fortunately, Olga has affordable plants for one, three, and twelve months. Depending on your budget, you can make your selection.



    11. Online Cello Lessons – [Sage Music]

    Online Cello Lessons

    About this online cello course

    Now, we have arrived at the last online Cello classes. The instructor does not focus on helping you learn to play a song in this class. Instead, they try to make you well-versed with the skill to play any song you like.


    They wish to empower and enable you to play music how you like it. But, you can find beginner, intermediate, or advanced sessions, and even special classes for kids.


    It is one platform with beginner Cello lessons where you will 100% learn more music in a shorter period with greater security and skill. Moreover, you receive detailed notes every week that helps the instructor keep a tab on your performance and help you get better.


    They personalize their sessions to cater to your skill level and background with Cello. Sage Music has multiple offerings. So, browse through the available online Cello courses  to make a selection.


    Regardless of your choice, the instructor ensures you learn in the most entertaining, engaging, and fun manner. So, depending on your requirements, make a selection, and start learning the fun way.


    You might also wish to get trained in other musical instruments like: Violin | Saxophone |Piano | Guitar | Drums| Trumpet


    Even though all these courses are excellent picks, we particularly recommend Cello 101: Bootcamp for Beginners – [Udemy]. These are detailed beginner Cello lessons. They take you step-by-step through the process and also educate you on Cello’s five building blocks –

    • Posture
    • Position
    • Sound
    • Intonation
    • Phrasing


    Further, the comprehensiveness, structure, and ease make it our top recommendation for an online Cello course.


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