Wiley vs Roger CPA – What Guarantees Your Success?

Wiley Cpa vs Roger
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If you need a guarantee on your success, Wiley must be your choice. Wiley also has detailed content, printed and digital flashcards, concise and guide-style books, and affordable rates. However, if you enjoy learning via visual prep tools and seek supplemental material, opt for Roger CPA.


Usually, the choice between two e-learning platforms is challenging because of how similar they are, but such is not the case in Wiley CPA vs Roger. They are two platforms with differing strengths and weaknesses. So, making a choice shall be easy, provided you know your individual expectations from the class.


Both Wiley and Roger have excellent study materials and curriculum, but Roger gives more importance to video-based lessons that are impossible to neglect. However, if you are on a budget but want detailed courses with a pass guarantee, you can go with Wily courses, as they give many discounts, deals, and offers that make their sessions more affordable.


We do not think either of them has worthy textbooks but Wiley still has an edge courtesy of their concise, guide-style books over Roger’s traditional-style books.


Further, we like the practice examinations by both platforms equally, but in user experience and interface Wiley has an edge with its contemporary look and feel.


Also, Roger Review provides an array of supplementary resources that Wiley cannot match. Lastly, Wiley offers unlimited access to their sessions, while Roger has an access window of only eighteen months.


How to Make A Selection Between Wiley vs Roger CPA?

In all honesty, selecting between Wiley and Roger CPA can be pretty daunting. Upon closer examination, you will know both have their share of strengths and weaknesses. While one has flawless video production quality, the other has video instruction that lags.


Similarly, one has top-grade practice material, other only fares an average grade. It would not be wrong to see Wiley and Roger are the stark opposite of one another in a few aspects.


So, how can one choose between Roger CPA vs Wiley when they have such polarizing attributes?


Fret not. With our detailed comparison, it should be easier to find a class that best matches your personal preferences and interests. Let us address the two in detail below and help you pick one over the other.


Wiley CPA vs Roger – Which Review Course Is Best?


Attribute Wiley CPA Roger CPA
Price $2199 $3599
Refund No Yes
Practice tests & questions 12000+ MCQ and over 500 simulations 6000+ MCQ and over 200 simulations
Books Guide-style books Traditional-style books
Flashcards Included in all packages Only included in the Elite-Unlimited package
Mobile App Yes Yes
Access duration Unlimited Eighteen Months
Pass guarantee Available on all packages Only included in the Elite-Unlimited package
Instructors Not as engaging Very interactive and engaging
Learning technology More likable Less likable
Customer service Good service and better options to get in touch Fewer options
Video instruction 140+ hours 100+ hours
Live classes 20+ None


Detailed Comparison – Wiley CPA Vs Roger, Who Is The Winner?

Let us pit Wiley and Roger against each other, compare them on different metrics, and see which one stands out:


A. Pricing and course options

Wiley courses give you better value for money.


With Roger CPA, you get three different choices in courses:


  1. Elite Unlimited Plus
  2. Elite Unlimited
  3. Premier


In the Premier package, you get only the basics, unlike its name. Herein, you will get digital prep books, practice problems, and video instructions, but not much beyond that. You can get this class for $1600 (provided some discounts are running).


Hence, in terms of pricing, it ranks somewhere between Wiley’s popular Pro review course and Platinum review course.


Their flagship Elite course has a slightly higher price at $3000. However, it has the same general features as the Premier package with some additions like unlimited access, private tutoring, hard copy books, and other supplementary options.


It is around $500 more expensive than Wiley’s costliest offering, yet offers almost similar resources. Lastly, the Elite Unlimited Plus package costs an additional $3300 but comes with a $250 pass guarantee for every CPA section.


On the contrary, Wiley provides the students with two-course options to pick from. These differ in the type of content, attributes, and level included. The two packages are:


  1. Platinum Review
  2. Pro Review


The latter is Wiley’s most popular plan and often the student’s go-to package. It comprises 20 hours of live sessions, 140+ hours of video classes, simulations, practice questions, printed textbooks, and some hours of tutoring. In addition, it also includes valuable study tools and comes at $2200.


Their most expensive package, Platinum Review and Pro Review are more or less the same. However, it includes Wiley’s final review cram session that increases the price by $300, taking it to $2500. However, this one is a fantastic deal compared to Roger’s courses.


B. Free trial

Comparing Wiley vs Roger CPA, the former’s trial period is more generous than the latter.


Roger offers a 7-day trial window for their four-part review course, wherein you get digital flashcards, QBanks, and their exquisite SmartPath learning technology. You do not need a credit card to access their trial period. With the smart sync feature, you can upgrade to the complete package and progress where you left off.


On the contrary, Wiley has a 14-day trial window that provides several features, comprising access to online study text, over 60 hours of video content, more than 2400 knowledge checks, around 5000 MCQs, 10+ WCs, and their mobile application.


Again, you do not need a credit card to access their trial period and can upgrade to the complete package during or after the free widow ceases.


C. Practice tests & questions

Wiley wins not only in quantity but also in quality. However, Roger competes well in the quality, and one area where Roger stands out is the text explanations for the questions. 


It is a clear win for Wiley as the company offers more than 12000 MCQ problems, 2200+ pages of CPA study material, and over 500 simulations that Roger or probably no other competing provider can come close to.


In addition, they also have over 40 written communications and more than 5000 true and false practice questions. Thus, the density of practice material is unprecedented. However, as mentioned, we like it more than its vast quantity.


Their question quality is fantastic, clear evidence that the company has put in many hours of hard work and time crafting the CPA questions that mimic the real exam as closely as possible. The same applies to their simulations, too.


Wiley indeed does a fantastic job at closely matching the characteristics and types of the task-based simulations you will find on the test day.


On the contrary, if we compare Roger CPA vs Wiley practice questions, the former does fall short. It has 6000+ MCQs and over 200 simulations for practice work. As is apparent, the number is not close to Wiley, but their quality is just as good. Roger’s professionals know what they are doing and do it well.


Hence, like Wiley, even their questions resemble the actual CPA exam questions. Thus, quality is nowhere compromised. Moreover, we like their text explanations more than Wiley’s. They are easy to comprehend and digestible for students taking the tests.


It’s a tie. If you need quantity, Wiley should be your pick, but Roger is just as good in quality.


D. Access period

Wiley has unlimited access to content in all three packages, which makes them a winner.


All three-course options in Roger CPA have a different access window. If you opt for the single-section form, you get a six-month access window, but the premier package has an 18-month access duration. However, the access duration is unlimited if you pick the Elite-Unlimited package.


Comparing the Wiley CPA vs Roger access duration, the former’s access window is in stark contrast to Roger’s. They offer unlimited access to all their packages. So, you can keep using the material till you clear the examination.


E. Video Lessons

Roger’s video lessons are more engaging than Wiley’s.


Roger CPA’s video lessons are second to none. Their founder, Roger Philips, delivers more than 100 hours of interactive and awe-inspiring videos. Hence, their videos put them on par with the elite CPA review courses.


Thus, unlike the other preparation courses that comprise monotonous sessions, Roger presents every lecture with funny anecdotes, which make them fun and engaging for learners. Students call Roger’s lessons infotaining (a blend of informative and entertaining).


They are full of relatable examples and well-researched topics, and Roger’s pleasing personality is the cherry on the cake.


Further, the lectures have accompanying texts that make it easier for the students to take notes along the way. Even though Roger’s lessons are longer than Wiley, you will not feel bored even for a second. But, we must point out their production quality needs a little work.


Wiley provides around 120 hours of video content, but they are not as engaging as Roger. However, their production quality is excellent.


F. Live lessons

Wiley is a winner because Roger does not have live classes.


Sadly, Roger does not have any live lessons, but Wiley offers around 20 hours of live webcast sessions, wherein the instructions will dive into the particular topic for easier understanding. You can ask your doubts during the live class and get instant replies.


G. Books

We do not think either has the best textbooks in the industry, but Wiley still has an edge courtesy of their concise, guide-style books over Roger’s traditional-style books.


Roger offers digital books in all three courses but printed textbooks only in the Elite package, whereas Wiley provides digital and printed material in all their packages.


Roger’s books are an afterthought to the video instruction, available for additional content review. They do an excellent job of conveying the necessary material but do not have the brevity and detail that Wiley possesses.


Moreover, the conveyance style also varies. Wiley keeps it brief and concise, and Roger has a more traditional format.


H. Apps

Both have mobile apps for iOS and Android users.


I. Flashcards

Wiley’s flashcards are any day superior.


Flashcards by Wiley can help reinforce the crucial topics and ensure that you understand the text well. However, they are convenient to learn while on the go, primarily because you can access their digital flashcards on their companion mobile app.


You get around 1000 curated and printed flashcards in each of Wiley’s packages.


On the contrary, Roger only offers flashcards in the Elite-Ultimate plan and not in their premier package. So, if flashcards are vital, you must go with Wiley.


J. Instructors

Roger has more engaging and interactive instructors.


There is no debate about it, Wiley may have the best production quality, but its instructors are somewhat lackluster. Hence, students often feel bored faring through the vast study material, but such is not the case with Roger, where you will enjoy the learning experience.


K. Pass Guarantee

Only Roger offers a pass guarantee.


Comparing Wiley vs Roger CPA guarantees, we found that Wiley’s biggest con is that do not have a pass guarantee. They claim that nine out of every ten students who use their class pass the CPA exam, but they do not offer any refund if you fail. However, you will have access to their study material till you finally pass the exam.


L. Learning tech

Roger’s SmartPath Predictive technology can be more beneficial than Wiley’s FocusMe Technology.


Wiley might be older than dirt, but they employ the most cutting-edge technology, which is undoubtedly impressive. With their FocusMe Technology, you enjoy an adaptive learning experience that helps generate custom study schedules for every student.


Under online and downloadable features, students can analyze their proficiency with the CPA exam concepts as they graduate with the material. The results of this analysis help them alter students’ schedules to help overcome their shortcomings. Of course, it is not different from other preparatory companies but does not disappoint.


Roger has a SmartPath Predictive technology that can help you monitor your performance. They also have some additional performance trackers for monitoring. It is an innovative tool that can help you assess how your current knowledge stacks up against the candidates who aced the CPA exam before.


The tool pits your data against the successful students at a given point and offers an estimate of your chances of acing the CPA exam. Hence, if you work on your score up to the predetermined threshold, you have almost a ninety-one percent chance of passing.


Beyond this, Roger also has some generic and excellent performance trackers. Their charts and graphs can help you track the elementary data and put them into a visual form. It gives a percentage view of the questions you did wrong and correct and your timing in the examination. It can be valuable data.


M. Customer support

Wiley has better support than Roger.


Roger has a homework help center forum wherein you can post questions about the content. Roger’s team comprises CPA moderators who offer you detailed answers to the questions within the next twenty-four hours. In addition, if you opt for their Elite-Unlimited package, you also get email, chat, and phone support.


Wiley has live classroom sessions wherein you communicate with the lecturers in real-time, as in the traditional classroom setting. Their Ultimate Membership bundle also provides email support and review sessions. You can also contact their support representatives via email if there are billing or technical issues. They will revert within 24-48 hours.


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Is Roger CPA worth it?

Roger CPA is indeed worth your time, effort, and money.
Roger CPA is indeed worth your time, effort, and money

The company is known for its passionate and energetic founder Roger Philip and his engaging and interactive video lessons. Philip bounces around on the screen enthusiastically, simplifying even the most complex topics and jotting notes on the whiteboard for easier understanding by students.


He aims to provide the students with an entertaining and engaging learning experience and finds success at it. His video lessons comprise well-drafted practice questions that help you revise what you learned.


Roger has been around for almost two decades and has several students ace their CPA exam. They contain unlimited resources, especially post the recent acquisition by the test preparation giant, UWorld.


Since then, the company has only grown like wildfire. With Roger CPA Review, you get detailed, solid preparation packages that work well for almost every student. However, beyond their top-grade practice problems and video lessons, we think their review courses are merely average. So, you can look for better alternatives in the market.


Pros Cons
  1. Top-quality engaging video lectures with high-energy Roger Philip.
  2. Digital flashcards for learning on the go.
  3. Excellent practice problem explanations with model solutions for easier understanding.
  4. Money-back guarantee with Elite Unlimited Plus.
  5. Better AI technology than Wiley
  6. Last-minute CRAM session in every package


  1. The curriculum could be vaster.
  2. They could add some more practice material.
  3. Textbooks are not at par with competitors.



Does Roger’s CPA Expire?

Yes, Roger’s CPA subscription can expire unless you have the Elite-Unlimited package.


The Premier bundle has 18-month access, and the single review section has a 12-month window. But you can extend your plan for an additional sum of money.


The subscription extension is available in increments of one, three, six, and twelve months. However, you must extend the access window before the plan expires.



Is Wiley CPA Any Good?

Wiley CPA Any Good

Wiley CPA is one of the best providers in the company.


Known as the Wiley Efficient Learning, Wiley has been around for longer than you can probably expect. They have been in business for almost two centuries. In 1807, Wiley had a humble beginning as an academic publishing company.


In the next two centuries, they have evolved and become a powerhouse for contemporary education that offers an array of high-skill courses.


It is one of the renowned names amongst the learners interested in CPA, courtesy of its humongous preparatory materials that mimic the real exams and helps the students prepare better.


Their detailed textbooks and live lessons are other pros in their favor. Wiley courses give you better value for money. Considering the diversity and depth of their lessons, you will not regret spending any penny. Their video lectures may be a little bland, but the production quality is unprecedented.


Learning becomes faster and on the go with their guide-style books and several flashcards. Their support representatives are also good. Lastly, their live lessons make learning more traditional and classroom-like.


Pros Cons
  1. Vast study material
  2. Easy access to instructors
  3. Humongous content library
  4. Top-quality practice material.
  5. Well-rounded curriculum
  6. Live option available
  7. Customizable flashcards
  8. Realistic and adaptable practice exams


  1. No guarantee
  2. The video lesson feels dry and bland.



What Is Wiley’s Pass Rate?

They claim that 9 out of every ten students who use their class pass the CPA exam,


How Long Does Wiley CPA Last?

You get unlimited access to the material till you pass the exam.



Roger CPA Vs Wiley – Which One Should You Pick?

There are noteworthy differences between Roger and Wiley CPA. While Roger has an edge with its  content that is more interactive and engaging, Wiley has vaster content.


Roger also lacks in the video production quality where Wiley shines. Wiley also has several practice questions and clearly beats Roger in the department.


Beyond this, we have discussed every element of their packages above, and you must inspect them individually to decide between the two. It will help you find the closest to what you need.


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