Wiley CPA Review Vs Becker – Which Course Is Better & Why?

Wiley vs Becker CPA
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Though pricier than Wiley, Becker is worth the money with its engaging video lessons.


If we compare Wiley and Becker CPA against each other, you will know they are very similar, but as you dig deeper, you will find some qualitative but subtle differences.


Between Wiley vs Becker CPA, Wiley has an extensive selection of practice questions, but Becker takes the cake in the content quality as their practice material, live class work, and video lessons stand out. However, there is no surprise that Wiley ranks better in price. Their sessions are a few hundred dollars cheaper than comparable courses. Thus, you get a better bang for your buck. 


Both companies offer textbooks in hard copy and digital formats. However, comparing Wiley and Becker, the latter’s books are somewhat better than Wiley’s in our rating system.


A praiseworthy thing about Becker is that they continually take the time and effort to update the topics, acknowledging the latest industry trends.


Further, pitting Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker against each other in user experience and interface, we see a tie, as both companies have an easy-to-navigate and modern interface. Their platform is simple and clean while still being sleek and professional.


However, the simulated exams are unique to Becker as they offer twelve full-length exams with new content. Every segment has three practice tests comprising questions you have not seen in other sections.


Hence, you get a chance to experience an actual exam-like situation. It comes across as a huge pro in Becker’s favor. Lastly, both Becker and Wiley offer an unlimited content access window in the standard courses. So, there is a tie.


Big 4 accounting firms endorse the programs from Wiley and Becker. However, that does not make a selection between Wiley CPA review vs Becker any easier.


So, to help you make an informed choice, we have put together a detailed review of the offerings and the courses from both these companies. We hope you will have clarity on which option works best for you to crush your CPA exam by the end of this review.


Is Wiley CPA Better Than Becker? – The Overview


Features Wiley CPA Becker CPA
Price $2499 $3799
Video lessons Over 140 hours Over 700 hours
Practice tests & questions 12,000 plus MCQ  and 600 plus Simulations 9,000 plus MCQ  and 500 plus Simulations
Adaptive study Yes Yes
Books Hardcopy and Digital Hardcopy and Digital
Apps Not as good as Becker One of the best CPA prep apps
Flashcards 4000 digital flashcards and 1000 printed flashcards 1250 printed and digital flashcards
Access duration Unlimited access Unlimited access
Instructors & mentors Can be a little boring Engaging and interactive
Success Guarantee Available Available
Exam planner Yes Yes
Updated as per CPA Blueprints Yes Yes


Wiley Vs Becker CPA – Which Has Better Features?

Let us dive right in as we compare these two CPA prep course providers on various metrics to help you choose one that best matches your needs and requirements.


A. Pricing and Course Options

Becker is somewhat costlier than Wiley.


Becker has three CPA products:


  1. Pro
  2. Premium
  3. Advantage


The Advantage is their starter pack, which comprises practice material and video lessons. However, it has no live sessions and typically has few practice questions than the other more expensive alternatives.


You will pay $2500 for this class, which is expensive, especially when pitted against Wiley’s analogous course. However, unlike Wiley’s package, this one contains video lessons.


The Premium and Pro packages from Becker are broadly the same. However, the Pro is their most expensive package and comprises in-person sessions and a few private tutoring lessons with the Becker CPA expert.


The Pro course costs $3800 whereas the Premium one runs $3100. Overall, Becker’s sessions are somewhat more expensive than Wiley’s. So, if you need a budget-friendly option, you can look outside Becker and Wiley.


Wiley provides two options, both relatively more affordable than Becker. You get differing resources, access, and content level in Wiley’s packages. The two options include:


  1. Platinum Review
  2. Pro Review


Platinum and Pro courses have several similarities, but the former comes with access to Wiley’s CPA 11th Hour Final Review course. It allows students to cramp some targeted practice sessions and video lessons a few days before the exam. Their packages cost $2500 and $2200, respectively, meaning the review course costs $300.


B. Live vs recorded class

Becker has more engaging live and recorded sessions.


Becker proudly claims they are the only CPA review company that offers a live classroom-style learning experience. So, if you enjoy a traditional learning experience, you get that benefit with Becker.


Their live instructors are experienced professionals who know what the student must learn to ace the CPA exam. If you choose their Pro class, you get free one-on-one five academic tutoring sessions via Webex. It indeed makes Becker a highly trusted brand in the business.


On the contrary, Wiley provides three formats for CPA learning – virtual classroom, self-study, and online learning. You get a blend of live and pre-recorded classes in the virtual session. However, they cannot compete with Becker in quality.


C. Wiley vs Becker CPA practice questions and exams

Wiley is an undisputed king in practice questions and exams for CPA review courses. 


You get an exquisite blend of true or false questions, MCQs, and task-based simulations with Wiley. All of this comes to nearly 19000 questions. Hence, you get a dense collection of practice material that lets you assess what you learn.


On the contrary, Becker has around 9000+ MCQs and 500+ task-based simulations. Even though Becker continues to increase this number now and then, Wiley is still miles ahead.


D. Flashcards

Wiley has a higher number of flashcards, but the inaccessibility, because of their technical glitches, gives Becker the win.


Sadly not every CPA course provider offers flashcards that enable the student to find success in the CPA exam, but Wiley and Becker both provide them. Becker offers physical and digital flashcards at no added cost. You can get their digital flashcards in digital edition via their mobile app or Kindle or print them.


On the contrary, Wiley’s flashcards are not available for print. They present around 4000 digital flashcards, but the app they employ to offer the students the flashcards is susceptible to general functionality and disconnect issues.


So, comparing Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker, even though the number is high with Wiley, you might be unable to access the seamlessly.


E. Technology

Both providers have fantastic technology that proves beneficial for students.


Wiley has a FOCUSME adaptive technology. It scrutinizes your aptitude and alters the question’s difficulty levels to match your requirements. It is a beneficial technology that helps you understand the time you must dedicate to the specified area.


It also accentuates your efficiency as you do not have to spend much time on easy questions. Hence, it eliminates the guesswork from the CPA preparation, which shows in your test results as top-notch scores.


Becker has an Adapt2U technology that makes you a boss of your studies. It employs Big Data Analysis for formulating a flexible module that accounts for your performance as you improve at every level.


It is a revolutionary technology that helps you plan your study and achieve top-notch scores. Unlike the other providers, it prepares you beyond the CPA exam.


F. Instructors

Becker has more qualified instructors than Wiley. Wiley’s educators are not bad, but they do not stack up against the competition.


Becker has a noted team comprising qualified instructors. The instructors have years of experience in the domain and teaching. Every expert with Becker holds at least one degree and a decade-long teaching experience.


Wiley’s teachers are also good but not as well-qualified as Becker’s. They may have good teaching experience but lack on the professional front. Consequently, you will note that many educators lack real-world knowledge on the subject. Hence, Becker ranks higher here.


G. Extra resources

Wiley has better and more resources.


Comparing the extra resources in Wiley vs Becker CPA, we think the battle is close, but Wiley’s additional resources are superior to Becker’s. The company provides a one-on-one monitoring session with CPA experts.


Students can use this as a platform to clear their doubts. Beyond this, they also offer a personalized exam planner, CPA webinars and blog articles, printed Focus notes, an additional 1000 printed flashcards, 24/7 support assistance, and task-based simulation reviews.


Even though some of these resources are present in Becker, it does not match Wiley.


H. Mobile app

Becker is a clear winner as they let you seamlessly switch between the devices. Unfortunately, Wiley cannot match that convenience level.


Both Becker and Wiley have mobile applications, but they vary in functionality. With Becker, you can seamlessly switch from studying on your PC to mobile. The switch is seamless and effortless. Their apps are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Hence, there are no limitations either.


Moreover, their desktop and mobile version are in sync. Thus, you can start from where you left off on either platform. It can save a lot of time in hindsight.


Wiley, too, tries to offer a comparable experience, but their execution is somewhat different. The mobile app from Wiley is dedicated to studying digital flashcards and practice questions. Wiley app is also compatible with iOS and Android, but it sadly does not have the content you will find in the desktop version.


Thus, the app is only a companion to the class and not its essence. Further, students commented that Wiley’s app is susceptible to crashing and experiences many connectivity issues, curtailing access to its already limited features.


I. Books

Books are indeed a vital aspect of CPA study material. So, when comparing Wiley CPA review vs Becker books, we believe that Becker is a clear winner. 


Books from Becker are full of the essential information necessary to ace the CPA exam. They are also more comprehensive, structured, and organized, with sections typically longer than Wiley.


Hence, they are an excellent resource for CPA students who need to understand the topics in greater detail. But that also means that students who need a textbook to fit into their busy schedules might be unable to appreciate it much.


The textbooks from Wiley are bland and concise. They do not have proper formatting or detailed graphics. It implies you will have more space in the books to take notes in-between paragraphs. Thus, even though we love their lecture material, their guide-style books are not as likable and informative.


J. Guarantee and Renewal cost

Wiley’s guarantee is unconditional. Thus, it is a winner.


As for the renewals, Becker offers a 50 percent discount. Hence, you will pay $1199 on the Advantage plan. But if you worry about the renewal fee, you must opt for the premium or pro plan.


On the contrary, Wiley offers unlimited access till you clear the exam. Hence, there are no renewal fees.


K. Access

Whether you opt for Wiley or Becker, they offer unlimited access to their CPA courses. Thus, it is a tie between them.


Becker and Wiley do not require you to pay an additional sum for extending the course access. So, you can employ their study material from when you pay for the class to when you finally clear the CPA exam.


It is a blessing in disguise because it cuts the rush to skim through the study material, and you can progress at your pace. Moreover, they also regularly update the study material. So you will never have to learn from outdated material.


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Is Wiley CPA Any Good?

Yes, Wiley is a good platform for CPA aspirants.

Wiley CPA Any Good


Like Becker, even Wiley has a long history to its name. However, the company’s beginnings were different from Becker’s. It started as a publishing house two centuries ago and published American literature.


Over time, they expanded their focus, and presently they are one of the most respected companies to distribute technical and scientific journals in the academic field. The company has formulated a series of digital learning accounting assessment tools.


They also have similar tools for medical and scientific fields. Efficient Learning acquired Wiley in 2012, and the company today offers various courses for professionals. They are reliable and provide unlimited access till you excel on the CPA exam, which makes them admirable in every respect.


Pros Cons
  1. Realistic CPA practice exams.
  2. Flashcards are customizable, a pro for busy professionals
  3. Well-rounded curriculum
  4. Top-quality practice material


  1. Becker has better books.
  2. On-demand video lessons are not as engaging.




Is Becker the best CPA review?

100 percent!

Becker the best CPA review

Becker CPA review has a long-standing history. Founded by Newton Becker, it is one of the very first CPA review courses to have existed and has been around since 1957. From then to now, Becker CPA courses have persistently received praise and admiration from professionals globally.


At present, it is the bigger review course provider and has earned many accolades in its name. Between 2007 and 2020, more than ninety percent of the Elijah Watt Sells Award for top CPA exam scores employed Becker.


It is admirable and impressive in itself. It is not surprising that it is one of the top choices for Big 4 accounting firms and serves 100 reputed accounting firms in America.


Pros Cons
  1. Their live classes make learning interesting.
  2. Better quality books than Wiley
  3. Superb quality video lessons with many interactive features
  4. Interactive online platform with many streamlined learning modules.
  5. Comprehensive CPA prep curriculum.


  1. Expensive
  2. A vast number of study materials can feel overwhelming for some.




Wiley Vs Becker CPA – Which One Should You Choose?

Becker and Wiley are the industry’s best alternatives for CPA prep courses. They offer sample exams, study planners, an adaptive learning platform, and various TBSs. The average price point for Wiley’s courses is lower than Becker, and they have engaging video lectures that come with access till you crack the CPA exam in all the packages.


Despite it all, many argue that Becker’s approach is worth the additional money you pay. Their plans have more hours of video lectures. In addition, they also offer explanations for all the MCQs and simulations.


Becker’s instructors are better qualified and constantly update the classes. The company provides several ways for you to reach the mentors, and this personal touch can impact the company’s success.


In addition, Becker’s courses come with in-person and live CPA classes, one-on-one tutoring sessions, an interactive learning game, Accounting for Empires, and one year CPE subscription.


Lastly, their claims that ninety-four percent of exam-ready students ace the exams is also drool-worthy. Thus, it is apparent why Becker is a superior choice for most learners.


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