How To Become A Good Screenwriter & Start Off?

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Did you ever hope and pray to attend a Hollywood premiere for something you wrote? Do you love creating writing and movies? We know hundreds of people around us who tell fantastic and gripping stories and can make excellent screenwriters if they try. But, it is always the getting started part that is often the most challenging.


What if we tell you there is a tried and tested approach, and you can learn how to become a screenwriter in a few simple steps. Well, this guide is all about that.



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What Does A Screenwriter Do?

Let us first understand the roles and responsibilities of the screenwriter. Typically, a screenwriter builds the world we see on the screen.


They are the heart and mind behind some of our most beloved characters and write moments that do not leave our minds for days. A screenwriter will write the screenplay for a show or a movie that the director and crew shoot to what you finally see on the screen.


Typically, there are two kinds of screenwriters.

  • Those hired to write the script.
  • Screenwriters who write the script with no monetary compensation decided beforehand.


The former is hired and is already a part of the team. Such screenwriters will contribute to the ideas and give notes on every script written for the show.


What Do You Need To Be A Screenwriter?

1. Qualification Mandatory or Not?


If you keep wondering how to become a screenwriter? Do I need a fancy college degree? Calm down and continue reading further.


As a screenwriter, you do not need any specific educational qualifications. There are also no specific age criteria for screenwriters. So, regardless of your prior academic background, if you possess the creativity, skill, and talent, you can get into screenplay writing and make a successful career.


But, if you wish to pursue a degree course before getting into screenwriting, you can enroll in a postgraduate diploma program or a degree course. That will only benefit your writing.


2. No Experience! – How To Become A Screen Writer?

Like qualifications, there are no specific experience requirements to be a screenwriter. However, with experience, you also make contacts, network with people in the same field as you, and understand the industry better. We may say it or not but media houses generally prefer hiring professional screenwriters with experience.


3. Skills Needed To Become A Screenwriter

Here is a list of all the skills required for a successful screenwriter:

  • Keen observation skills
  • Consistency
  • Familiarity with regional languages
  • Passionate
  • Imaginative
  • Persistence
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Conviction
  • Creative
  • Knowledge
  • Disciplined
  • Determination
  • Ambition and desire to succeed
  • Industry knowledge


Steps To Becoming A Screenwriter

You have acquired the knowledge and experience. Now, how to become a screen writer? Here are the steps you need to follow to become a better screenwriter:


1. Do you have the talent – assess yourself!

There is no point in learning how to become a screenwriter, if you are creatively not equipped to write screenplays? Do you enjoy it? If yes, you must stick to this talent and take it forward. You can make a successful career out of it if you like screenwriting.



2. Learn to screen write

There are multiple ways to make the contemporary screenplays structurally appealing and communicate your story well. So, how to get into screenwriting? Before jumping in to write movies, plays, or stories, you should learn to start writing.


Acquiring knowledge of screenwriting will help you know about screenplay beats, which aid the story move along and understand how the character grows.


Writing scenes in the screenplay need both negative and positive charges to build interest and tension. There are also defined standards of how long the sequences and plots should be.


You need to learn the art form beforehand. Then only any hard work done on how to become a screenwriter will pay off. You can read screenwriting books or enroll in online screenwriting courses to know better.


3. A degree will help but isn’t mandatory

Having a degree is a plus but how to become a screen writer without one? Of course, it is not mandatory to have a degree, but it surely helps. You can pursue a bachelor’s degree in screenwriting. You can find schools that offer Master in Fine Arts Screenwriting programs. It is an incredible way to learn about the form and structure of screenwriting.


4. Read the scripts of certain movies you admire

To have practical understanding you should read some screenplays and learn how some top and renowned screenwriters wrote some of your most-loved scripts. It is one of the non-negotiable steps if you wish to become a famous screenwriter.


You may also read some scripts and watch their movies to know how it looks on screen – whatever you write.


5. Keep writing

Do you want to learn how to become a screenwriter? Well, practice makes a man perfect. So, just as you would approach any other career option, in screenwriting, too, you must dedicate some time daily to get adept at the craft.


You should also continue writing to get better. You should be working on the first draft of something at all times. Hence, anytime you have a new script or idea in mind, start working on it. It can help build your portfolio.


Now, when you continue writing, you will be capable of making your work look more polished and professional.


6. Fix your scenes to have a tight screenplay

A tight and gripping screenplay makes a movie so much more interesting. So, build on the scenes and develop the characters. Develop every character’s trend, traits, and decisions, but do not make them bland.


Almost every time someone sees a movie, a play, or a film, they like one particular character there who becomes their favorite. So, consider how your favorite character will respond to the scene when writing a screenplay. It will help you create tight and gripping plots.


7. Keep the dialogues relatable

Do not try to make the scenes appear unrealistic. Keep the dialogues and responses relatable to ensure the viewers find them relatable. If people can relate to a character, they start liking them.


8. Join a writing group to build a network

Struggling to become a successful screenwriter? Be ready for some wholesome criticism and feedback. For improvement, we all need some feedback on our work. Hence, joining a writers group can be beneficial. It is an excellent platform to acquire, discuss, and debate ideas associated with the latest films and TV shows and understand each other’s perspectives. You can also collaborate and create something unique together.


9. Discuss with your mentor how to become a screenwriter

In addition to the support groups, having a mentor can also be helpful in the process. It gives you a foothold in the industry. Your mentor should be capable of holding you accountable for your writing.


They will constantly motivate you and keep your spirits high with constructive criticism. If you fail to find a mentor to guide you, try the NBC Universal Writers on the Verge Program and CBC Writers Mentoring Program.


10. Have a script ready

For a successful run in the business, you need something to show. Always have your script handy. Hence, anytime you meet someone who’s into films, you can present it to them and seek feedback or discuss its making. It can accelerate the whole process.


11. Move where the business happens

If you want to pursue screenwriting seriously and make a career, you must take time and look where the maximum work happens. In your case, it can be Los Angeles, an epicenter of the Hollywood film industry. You can find production companies, studios, and agencies there.


Another place where you can find many agencies and production companies is in New York City. New York can be your go-to place if you wish to work on talk shows and independent films.


12. Get a screenwriting-related internship or job

If you wish to know how screenwriting works closely, get a screenwriting internship. In internships, you will not have to put in a lot of pen and paper work, but across the course, you will make invaluable connections and see how to make a TV show or movie come to life. It can give you an incredible learning experience and prepare you to make a TV or a movie yourself.


13. Build your portfolio

Merely having your script handy is not going to pay your bills. You want someone to hire you to write for them. So, build your portfolio to have something to show when someone asks what you have been working on. In addition, you also need query letters and synopsis ready for all your projects. It can help them review your creations.


14. Make short films to prove your talent

You can always learn how to become a screenwriter, if you yourself review your work. Confused? Let us explain – you can start with making short films. Once you see your screenplay into action, you can always realise where it lagged and improve further.


You might also like to check out the best cinematography courses online.|What do cinematographers do?


15. Send out scripts

Several film making & writing competitions happen every now and then. So, research about competitions that accept the genre you write in and start applying to them. You can also attend a film festival to meet new people from the industry.


Alternatively, you can also share your screenplay with multiple filmmakers and media houses to try your luck.


16. Wait and try patiently

Once you have sent your screenplays, you have no option but to wait for the response from the people. Of course, you can continue collaborating with other people and write more scripts, but do not lose patience because if you are good, sooner or later, opportunities will come knocking on your door.


17. Be ready to face rejections

Before your big break, there will be many rejections. Look at it as part and parcel of the screenwriting career. So, be prepared for NOs, but do not let them bow you down. Keep working hard with your unique style and voice, make your work better, and in no time, good news will follow.


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How To Get Into Screenwriting, Improve and Succeed….

1. How To Become A Better Screenwriter?


Practice makes a man perfect. So, keep practicing and write more and more scripts. Read other people’s screenplays, and see what makes them stand out. Once you finish writing any new script, reach out to your mentor or someone reliable for feedback. Their honest opinion on the subject can help you improve your writing.


2. How To Become A Successful Screenwriter?

If you want success, become a part of the business. So, attend parties and events where you can meet filmmakers and directors. In addition, try to network with them and give them a small bite of your story. You must always leave your contacts with them and request their card so you can approach them with a script. Alternatively, you can join a media house or an internship to learn the rules of the trade to get successful.


3. How To Become A Famous Screenwriter?

Networking and producing great work is the easiest way to get famous as a screenwriter. You can participate in some screenwriting competitions. Naturally, it will bring you in front of hiring agents. Further, get an entry into a famous film house. Naturally, fame is not very far from you if your script gets accepted by the film maker.


4. How To Become A Good Screenwriter?

You can be a good screenwriter by learning the rules of the trade. So, study some books and read the standard practices and traditions associated with screenwriting. In addition, you can also enroll in some courses to help you get proficient in the art.


Also, make some short films and videos to improve your skills. When creating videos and movies, always make it a point to write gripping characters with relatable dialogues.


5. How To Become A Professional Screenwriter?

Do you wish to be a professional screenwriter? Get a professional degree and move to where business happens. For instance, Los Angeles can be an excellent go-to place. Maximum film-related work happens there. There are big production houses and media houses there. Hence, it is easy to get access to them and work as a professional screenwriter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How hard is it to become a screenwriter?

Ans. In all honesty, it is indeed challenging to become a screenwriter. Even though there are too many people writing scripts, not many end up making movies. So, you have to be real good at the art of finding success in your career as a screenwriter.


Ques 2. How much does a screenwriter make in a year?

Ans. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the national average salary for screenwriters is around $67,120 annually.


Ques 3. Is the scriptwriter the same as the screenwriter?

Ans. Yes, screenwriters and scriptwriters are the same. Their primary job is to write screenplays and practice screenwriting. They write video games, television programs, and films.


Ques 4. Where to search for Screenwriting jobs?

Ans. To land one of the best screenwriting jobs:

  • Be where the action happens – Hollywood or any top city.
  • Take a writing masterclass
  • Apply for fellowship
  • Find a mentor
  • Join an internship
  • and send scripts


You can associate with media groups and stay in contact with film agents to land the best screenwriting jobs.


Ques 5. Do I need a mandatory degree in screenwriting?

Ans. It is not mandatory to have a screenwriting degree to make a career in screenwriting.


Ques 6. How do I become a screenwriter with no experience?

Ans. If you have no experience, it is best to train yourself. You can:

  • Read books
  • Scripts and screenplays of other writers
  • Join online courses
  • Be a part of the writing support group
  • Intern under a senior


While you train yourself and gather the necessary expertise, you can create your short films and shoot/edit videos. It will give you something to add to your portfolio.


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